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Full text of "A Bibliographical Evaluation of the Copyright Records for the US District Court of Massachusetts, 1800-1809"

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faculty of Li 




The author wishes to make grateful acknowledgment to the many 
individuals and libraries who have aided her in this investigation* 
Special thankc are due Mr* Verner H. Clapp, of the Staff of the Li¬ 
brary of Congress vrho first emphasized to the writer the biblio¬ 
graphical importance of the copyright records; to other members of 
tho Library of Congress staff, especially thoso in tho Rare Book 
Room and the Union Catalog; to Mr* Clarence S* Brigham, Director, 
American Antiquarian Society; end to the staff of the American Im¬ 
prints Inventory Project in Massachusetts, all of whom have been 
most cordial in their cooperation. 



The Docordc of Copyright in the United States Prior to 1870 • 

The Value and Usc of the Copyright Records .•. 

The Reasons for this Invest!gation 

The Scope of thi s Inve stination ... 


Background ..... •••••••*«....... 

Copj-right Lavs and their Administration, 179Q-1S70 
Interpretation of the Copyright Records, 1790—1870 ••••••«••• 

Provisions of tho Act of 1790 .. ....... . 

IT- Trs paper Notice • 

Copyrirat Hotice in the Work .. 

Sub j ect Hatter of Copyright .. 

C opyright of Foreign Works 

Certified Lists ....... 

] records o i the Department of State 
icords of the Patent Office 

Records of the Depository Libraries .. 

Surrnry ... 


Original liypothesis and Plan •••••«..* .... 

Lodified Hypothesis and Plan ..... 

Copying of the Copyright Records for the District Court of 

ilassachusotts, 1800-1809 ....... 

lixzirLinat i on of the Register of Copyri gilts Received by the 
Department of State ... 

Location and Examination of the 342 Copyright Entries ....... 

The Union Catalog at the Library of Congress .. 

New York. Publio Library. Inprint Catalog 

Aiiiei’icnn Inprints Inwsntory Files ..... 

Libraries, Library Catalogs, and Bibliographies ... 

Search for Unlooatcu Items ... 

Compilation of tlie Transcript of tho Copyright Entries for 
the District Court of iiae^uehusetts, 1800-1809, and 




Analysis and Interpretation of the Statistical Data ......... 

Number of Copyright Entries and Copyright Titles 
Relation between Number of horke Printed in Massaohueette, 
IB00-1808, and Number of Titles Copyrighted 
Relation between Number of Titles Copyrighted and Numb 
o f lorki* Loch tod . , . ..... 

COKTfeKTS (oont.} 


* * * 

Relation bo two on II umbo r of Titles Copyrighted and. Number 
of works Deposited at the Department of Stato •.»••••••» 

Relation between Humber of Works Examined in One or More 
Libraries tuid Number Found in the Union Catalog and/or 
in the American Imprints Inventory 
Number of Works Examined in One or More Libraries Not 
Found in either the Union Catalog or the American 
Imprints Inventory « 4 . 

Ana lysis of the Kinds of forks Copyrighted, by Subject and 
Form ........ .. . ... . . 

Subject Analysis ... ••••*•»••«* . 

Analysis by Form of Material •*•»••••••..««•»••••••••«•••«• 

Analysis and Interpretation of the Bibliographical Inforrmti on 
Contained in the Copyright Entries for the District Court 
of Massachusetts, 1300-1309 

Evaluation of the Accuracy of the Copyright Entries .... 
cope of the Transcript of the Copyright Entries for the 
District Court of Massachusetts, 1800-1809, in regard 
to Authors, Places of Printing, and Dates 
Kinds of Bibliographical Information Included in the 
Copyright Entries 

Interpretation of the Copyright Date 

Analysis of the Discrepancy between Copyright Date and 
Known Printing Date 

Value of Using the Original Copyright Entry in Establishing 

the Approximate Dato of Printing. 

Value of Using the Department of State Records in Establish¬ 
ing the Approximate Date of Printing ................... 

Value of Using the Original Copyright Entry in place of the 

Copyright Notioe in the Work ...,. ......... 

Value of the Original Copyright Entry to Obtain Biblio 
graphical Information Not Foitrd in the Printed Work 











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A. Introduction to Transcript of the Copyright Entries for 

the District Court of Massachusetts, 1800^1809 

Number in Brackets at Left Margin .... 

Copyright Date 
Copyright 0laimant 

Characterisation of the Title Deposited ... 

Author Heading ••*•••**.•.«..«•*•. 



* • * # e 

• • m e e 

• m m * m 









CONTENTS (oont.) 


0 . 



Copyright Notice ...• 

Explanation of tho Source rj Noted Bo low the Imprint 
Transcript of tho Copyright Entries for tho D.l otriot 

Court of Massachusetts, 1800-1009, with Bibliographical 

Notes .. ••.•».»t«*M*M*(*Mi***«* 

Author and Proprietor Index to of the Copy¬ 
right Entries for tho District Court of Mn nsaohusotte, 

1800-1809 ... 

Classified Subject Index to Transcript of tho Copyright 
Entries for tho District Court of Kannaohunotts, 

1800-1809 .... 

List of Sources Used in Gathering Data for tbl Tranoorlpt 
of the Copyright Entries for the District Court of 

!lacaachucjotts,. 1800-1809 ... 

Copyright Records ..... 

Union and Imprints Catalogs ..... 

Library Collections .. 

Bibliographical fourcos .. 





19 C 






I, Kunber of Copyright Titles in the Copyright flecorde 

of the District Court of I'aosaohuBotts, 18O0-48O0, 
by Year ... . .. . .. ?JS 

II* Helatlon between Humber of Titles Copyrighted and Hanbo r 

of T.orkc Located, Km.iber Printed but not Located, 

Humber apparently not Printed, and Humber Deposited 
in the Department of State . ***•»»••*«»«••• 20 

He la ti on b otv/con Humber of Works Examined and Humber In 
Union Catalog, Hunt or in American Inprints Inventory, 
and Humber in 3;oither Source ... 4 .. 20 


The Records of Copyright in the United Stages Prior to 1670 *— Th& 

: look Collection of the Libra ry of Congress includes approx irately C15 
volumes which contain the existing records of copyright in the 1 nited 

States from May 31, 1790, the date of the first federal copyright law, to j 

July 8, 1870, the date at which tho Librarian of Congress became the 
Register and Custodian of Copyrights* These records are of five kinds* 

(1J the original registers keot by the clerks of the United Staten jis- 

' * O Jr V 

trict Courts; (2) the clerks* certified lists of titles, or duplicate 
title—entry records, which were transmitted to the Department of State 
from 1831 to 1359, and to tho Patent Office from 1359 to 1870; (3) the 
records of the Department of ftate, and the Patent Office; (4) the records 
of the other depository libraries, Smithsonian Institution and Library of 
Congress} and (5) miscellaneous records pertaining to copyright boforo 
1870. 1 

The Value and Use of the Copyright Records *- The late J’artin A. 
Roberts, formerly Chief Ass^i stant Librarian, Library of Congress, in a 
paner doliverod before the joint session of the Anerioan historical Asso¬ 
ciation and the Bibliographical Society of America held in Philadelphia, 
December 30, 1937, stated t 

That the so records contain a wealth of information fundaments 
to the bibliography of the United States needs no emphasis ,«, 

They are the basic sources for a hi story of our literary and 

Yl The "Records of Copyright in the United States" were located in the 

Copyright Office from 1870 to 1939 when they were transferred to 
the Rare Book Collection of tho Library of Congress. They will 
hereafter bo referred to as “the copyright records* 11 


records ii 

■typographic arts for the period which saw those arts spring 
fro~ the swaddling clothes of the eighteenth century to the 
T-C-nt stature of the nineteenth. At a rough astinato these 
rcc cris may contain 159, 000 entr i e s. And this v/ealth of 
raterial is substantially untouched*^ 

Roberts* monograph, the first to describe in detail the copyright 

1790 to 1370, continues with the following statement con- 


irranr • •• drew upon the single decade prior to 1800 for Litles 
and annotations of entries for his monumental vrork* A Record 

of Virginia Copyright Entries (1790-1844) with an Introduction 
by J* TOii tty" was published by the Virginia State Library in 
1911* The records of the District Courts of Michigan from 
1624 to IS 70 have been published by Hr* V/iIlian L. Jenks of 

ron Huron in the Michigan History lagazine from January 1927 
to *«.ir.~er 1931* The entries on accountancy were dravm off by 
Miss Ruth S* Leonard for her and Mr* H* C. Bentley*s Bibliog¬ 
raphy of V.'orks on Accounting by American Authors (Boston, 

13 34-357* But of any further publication of the records I am 

. And yet for more than half a century the crying 
need of American bibliography has been a complete account of 
the national literary production*^ 

; our additional published records of the copyright entries have been 


Douglas C* hekurtrie. barl y Illinois Copyright Entries, 1621-1850 * 

(In Chicago historical Society* Bulletin, v* 2, no. 2, p, 50-61, 
June, 1936; v, 2, no. 3, p. 92-101, liar, 1937) , 

Charles F. Eeartman* Mississippi Copyright Entries, 1850-1870* (in 

The Journal of Mississippi History, v. 2, p. 79-87, Jan.-Oot. 1940) 

Louis C. Karpinski. Bibliography of Mathematioal Works Printed in 

America through 1850. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 
1340* Includes section listing 105 "entry titles, 11 taken from 
the copyright records, whose publication is "problematical: ** 

p* 551-564. 

2 * 

3 * 



19 39 . 

?J A 

it * JV. 


p. 13* 

Records in the copyright office deposited by 
district courts covering the period 1790-1870* 


Edith Margaret Coulter* California Copyrights. 105 1-1856* Kith Note s on 

Certain Ghost BooksV C 17 ^Callfornia Historical Society Quarterly, 

*v* 22, no* 1, p* 27-iO, Mar*, 1043)* 

An analysis of the publications noted above indicates that five are 
published transcriptions of the original district court copyright records 
with notes and explanatory matters that Evans* American Bibliography, 
volumes 8-12, 17S0-1799, contains titles and bibliographical information 
taken from the copyright records of the 1790 decade; that the Bentley- 
Leonard Bibliography of Works on Accounting by American Authors, volume 1, 
contains titles and bibliographical information taken from the copyright 
records, 1790-1900; and that the Karpinski Bibliography of 1 athematical 
Works Printed in America through 1850 contains titles taken from the copy— 
right records. 1790-1850* 

These publications, limited in scope though thoy are, have demon¬ 
strated the value of the copyright records in the compilation of national, 
local or regional, and subject bibliographies. Yet the existence of the 
original copyright records has not been generally known, and their biblio¬ 
graphical significance has not beon appreciated* This is not to say that 
the copyright records before 1870 have not been used occasionally by bib¬ 
liographers or that reference to thorn has not been made by members of the 
Copyright Office staff and the Library of Congress staff to answer certain 
specific requests for bibliographical information. Their use lias boon 
confined chiefly, however, to establishing the date of copyright of iso¬ 
lated items, priority of copyright, place of copyright, and to determining 
whether a certain title had been copyrighted. And their use has been 
comparatively infrequent.^ 

1^1 The statements in this paragraph have been verified by Vomer W* 

_ Clapp, of the Library of Congress staff* - July r 1945* _ 




* * 

s r 

Irrtfti^ttiOTU^ It Is recoT^itfld that either 
. _—. -,.,■■■ , — —~ 

: ? ::? 

. ~ 7 \. 5 j 

old be published, or that transcriptions and in 

» ■* 

ht r? 2 r r . 3 or. 03 775 z .0-7 1 : be ", ir oreer that 

rrs frea 

* - r* 

31 v 1 

■i Im « w 5 ^^. • v • 

0 3 3 

bibliography of the Unitod 

- j; 

~ 4 « 

re -. - _ r r: 

acoesc ble for use by bibliographers* Sine#, 

m I; * 

3 matins 

rs to 

be contemplated by the Library of 


v • 

.r rrr'ro agency. It is the 

sis of the writer 

* : t 

« r? o r ro s _r . * 

are 3c Collection of the Library of 

be used to -reat adraz 

as sources of bibliographical 

% M * 


-o ri ad a b ve red 1 '.. - -1 

is ?Txdv is 7 



« 1 1 4 

as an at tenet to sake the oopy- 

; here and to investigate how and 

•* w c »*§£ n ^ 

— _jI w ^ 4 ■■ 

ear red in bibliographical undertakings 

nted ir. This 

^ f* 

1790 to 1870. 


rrre : urreart. 

% ^ ^ ^ ii 

_•. - r_7 

It would obrriou *iy be impossible 

existing copyright records for the 1790- 

'/* * * 

I: r 

.orefore decided to the 

7 . : r - : r r: CMi -- rib 1.2 rap': leal InfflFltf^g 

:::i and interpretation of the copyright records pertaining 

* ™ 

- 2 

_ .. * & Tf* _ 

. _ as 


for the period 


* ^ - - - 

' ’721 _ I _^5 * 

. ^ w * ^■^5 . 
f 2.=. s “ 

* P 

w .«# 

r r 

~ y 

B sgrosst 

! a -? V 

1 -* 

cy caused by the 'Torid 

Library of Congrea* 

•e -^ur is :Ter. - Ct77^nent re cel red 

the copyright 


t he 

<= 1 -d* 

• ' 

The study it limited to the Massachusetts 

(fill f<ir U*g 

period because the copyright registrations of the District ';o // . of* 

chusetts for this period have been completely ^reserved and no general 

bibliography of imprints for thi» area at thl« period hae been published> 

The beginning date 1800 in used becauae the gap In & oral bibliography 

in the United States etarta when vans* American Bibliography ends 

1799 # Furthermore, the 242 copyright entries In e Massachusetts oopy** 

right record books between January 1, 1800. and Deeember 81, 1800 seem a 

sufficient number to vx r e an adequate »':aly«irj ond Intei'omtfl t' an of the 

copyright records for this period. 

It ray be assumed that the copyright records in the other United 



tatecDistrict Courts did not 


car t wny, either in 

form or in scope. 

A complete evaluation of the copyright records would include on 

analysis and interpretation of the changes of bibliographical significance 

in the records for the entire period, May 31, 1790 - July 8, 1070. It woe 

the original intention of the writer to include a ten-year Interval survey 

of the copyright entries for Massachusetts, covering the years 1798, 1000 

1019, 1880, 1849, 1869, and 1889, which would record and interpret 

the changes in the character and scope of the copyright records pertaining 

to the District Court of llassachusetts between 1790 and 1870, This phase 

of the Investigation proved to be an impossibility because of the llndta* 

; or O# t Sam Md present teaccoeolb'ri'ty " the copyright records. 

H o w eve r, the following action, which describee and Interprets the 

entire set of o ->yright records resulting from the various acts pertaining 


to copyright up to 1870 indicates to aoce e xte nt the changes in the 

character and scope of the records 

is hoped that this explanation of 

the copyright records will serve not only as bac;~ round information for 
tnis study but also as an interpretation of value to bibliographers and 
future investi'T&tora of the comrirht records. 

db • 



* fa 0 ouxid ♦ - In 19 o4, the writer v/as attempting to mako a complete 

record of* every work on accounting copyrighted prior to 1901 under tho 

sponsorship of Harry C, Bentley, President of the Bentley School of Ac¬ 
counting and Finance, Boston* In order to find bibliographical Informa¬ 
tion concerning editions of works on accounting not located through the 
Union Catalog at tho Library of Congress, or through the use of innumer¬ 
able library catalogs and bibliographical sources, an inquiry was at 
tho Copyright Office* Tho late Caspar Gregory Dickson, of the Copyright 
Office staff, in addition to pointing out tho author indexes to works 
copyrighted from 1870 to 1900, introduced the writer to a disordered array 
of dusty volumes and boxes which he said contained the copyright record* 
from the various United States District Courts from 1790 to 1870, A pre¬ 
liminary survey of these volumes revealed titles and editions of works 
on accounting not found elsewhere and eventually led to a page by page 
search of all the copyright record books and records from 1790 through 
1900 (more than one thousand volumes in all). The value of this search 
can best be determined by an examination of the Bentley-Leonard Bibliog¬ 
raphy of Works on Accounting by American Authors , Volume L 1796-1900,® 

Part One, the main chronological bibliography of vrorks on accounting, 
contains valuable bibliographical information, added to many of the entries 
which was obtained from the copyright records. In addition. Part Four is 
u supplementary bibliography of 248 copyright titles on accounting, 

8, Tfentley, H. C,, and Leonard, R, S, Bibliography of work* on account- 

ing by American authors ••• volume 1 1796-1900, 1934* 


existence oX Y wliioh could not bo proved. 

The writer’s experience in using the copyright records lod to an en¬ 
quiry into the copyright lairs and their administration in ornor to explain 
the rosultant records, and to an analysis of the copyright record 3 , the 
result of which is sot forth in the Introductory Chapter to the Bentley- 
Loonard Bibliography,^ The realisation that this v/ne an inadequate ac¬ 
count of the onnvri r*h*h n n r>r\ n * -hVift+t hi -ur* lv little is knOYm about 


investigate further the usefulness of the copyright records as a biblio¬ 
graphical source, 

To far as is known, the Introductory Chapter to the Bentley-Leonard 
Bibliography^ contains the first published description of any of the 
copyright records fron 1790 to 1870, Roberts’ monograph^ contains the 
only adequate general description of these copyright records, as tad 11 as 
a conplete inventory of the records novr in existence covering this period* 

e ^ 


i nco the records have been adequately described by Roberts and a complete 

inventory made, they will not be described again. However, such informa¬ 
tion as is deemed necessary for a proper understanding of this investiga- 

ti on v/i 11 be given• 

svu'ima ry 

their adminlstration which affected the copyright records is given below. 

C opyright Laws and their Administration, 1790-1870 ,- A knowledge of 
the copyright laws and their administration is essential to a etudy and 

0 , 







oxt • 

o it. 

p. fxij-xxi 


an appreciation of the copyright records. It is neoesanry to know at Inaat 
tha provisions of the aots and the various changes In the law whioh af¬ 
fected the records of copyright before 1070* Much has boon written con¬ 
cerning the significance of the copyright law and it a acini nl strati on Co r 
authors, printers, publishers, and lawyersj however, two publications 
only * have attempted to point out the significance of the law and its 
administration from a bibliographical standpoint, and to desorlbo the 
records of copyright resulting from tho provisions of the various aote# 
These two studies, in addition to tho texts of tho nots,^ have been uaod 
m the preparation of tho following summary of tho provisions and ohanjjjea 
in the copyright laws, 1790-1870, whioh have significance for bibliog¬ 
raphers. This summary provides a necessary background for nn understanding 
and interpretation of the copyright rooords* 

X* Subject latter of Copyright 

Date of Act 

Subject Matter 

May 31, 1790 
Apr* 29, 1G02 

Feb. 3, 1831 
Aug* 18, 1858 

Mar* 3, 1865 

Maps, Charts, Books 

Historical and other Prints, designed, 
engraved, or etched* 

Musi cal Gompooit i ona 

Dramutio Compositions, with right, of 
publio performance granted to authc 

Photographs and Negatives 

II, Rights of Copyright Secured 

A* To citizens or resident* of the United States 


12 . 



fXl j-XXl , 

Bentley-Loojnard* X)p. oit* p 
Roberts* Op* oit. p# 7-11* 

0|8 # Copyright offici.* Copyright enaotiiierits |# the United States, 
1783-1906. 2d od. rev* 

D. Length of Torn 

1, For tom of 14 years, with privilege of renewal l'"- ' an 

additional 14 years - 1700 - Feb. 2, 1831 

2. For tom of 28 years, with privilege of renewal ior an 

additional 14 years - Feb. 3, 1831 - 1870 

Conditions and Requirements of Copyright 

A. Deposit of Printed Titlo - 1790-1870 15 

1. fCopyright olaimantj shall before publication deposit a 

printed copy of the title of such map, chart, book or 
books, in tho clerks office of the district court 
where the author or proprietor shall reside. *6 

2. Tho clork of such court is hereby directed and required 

to record the same forthwith, in a book to be kept by 
him for that purpose, in the Y/ords following, "District 

of —— to wit $ 3© it remembered, that on the 

day of-in the --- year of the independence of 

the United States of America ——— of the said district, 
hath dopositod in this office the title of a map, chart, 
book or books, (as the case may be) the right whereof 
ho claims as author or proprietor, (as the case nay be) 
in the v/ords following to v/it: there insert the title j 
in conformity to tho act of Congress of the United States 
intituled ’An act for tho encouragement of learning, by 
securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the 
authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times 
therein mentioned. ' 

Clork of the District of --I 

B. Newspaper Notice 

1. ( Tho 3 author or proprietor shall, within two months from tho 

date thereof r date of deposit of printed copy of the 
titloj causo a copy of the said record to be published 
in one or more of tho newspapers printed in the United 
States for the space of four weeks* 1790*1831. 

o provisions in regard to the deposit of the printed title remained 

in force from 1790 to 1870, except that additional aubjeot matter 
v/ar; added, and various prinked forms were provided for recording 

the tible. 

U.r,. Copyright office. Op. oit, p* 33. 
Op* oit. p, 33. 

Op* oit* p. 34. 

2. The act of 1831 repealed the above requirements but required 

the newspaper notice as above in case of renewal of copy¬ 
right, within two months from the date or renewal. T Lo 
provision vm$ in force until 1370. 

Notice of Copyright Registration in the Article - 1302-1870 

The act of April 29, 1802, added the requirement bha b tho fol¬ 
lowing notice of copyright registration be inserted at full- 
length in the title-page or in the page immediately following 
the title of every book; and if a nap or chart, be impressed 
on the face thereof: 

“Entered according to act of Congress, - day of 

(he re insert the" date when tho same was deposited in the 

office) by-— of the State of --(horo insert the 

author 1 s or proprietor^ none and tho ft ate in which 



D. Deposit of Printed Uork 

Date of Act 

Lay 31, 1790 


Feb. 3 , 1831 

Aug. 10, 1846 

One copy to be deposited vrith Secretary of 
State within six months of date of publi¬ 
cation. (In force until 1831) 

One copy to bo deposited in the District 
Court wherein the author or proprietor 
resides within tlireo months of date of 
publication; copies to be transmitted 
yearly by the clerk of each District 
Court to the Secretary of State, (in 
force until 1870, except that copies 
were to be transmitted to the Commissioner 
of Patents after 1859) 

An additional copy vras required to be de¬ 
posited in the Smithsonian Institution 
within three months of date of publica¬ 
tion, (in force until 1853) 

A tiiird copy was 
in tho Library 
months of date 
until 1859) 

equired to be deposited 
of Congress within threo 
of publication# (in force 

Fob. 5, 1859 

All tho recordn, doposits and functions of 
the Department of Dtate with regard to 

19. Op. cit. p. 35. 


% t 


V -V 

• V 

1 f 6o 

copyright were trtnaftrrad to tbi Depart 

ier the burisdic— 


r of Patents* 


went of 

t i: o 

I n te ri c 

iion of 


f er*. oi s s 

V .fc * - V ,* v* 

e \u 

^ f 

*, r 

the sa 

4- ' - 

V * 

-e the a 

A \ 

' J 


v' s 1 o ; o f : ’ ; o 181* C 1 ttr rc anir i' . ? r. ~ c a 


0 :. 0 '• vrk oc 


■; . 


% » % 

son*an lnstfcution ana tne 




"0 cot'". 

- * 

to be dcoos 


Congress within ■ 

> p o +: t t v>* i T*\% 

4 ^ V »* W , % V . f 4 XU 4 V 


01: til 



imt- ^ * 

' ^ 

ry ox 
:f :u 



i * 

* * ^ ~ 

’•* * 

0 T 


X C? O Jl 8. C X. 

* m V. * 4 Jfc W’ 

\ > ^ "**“■ **-* v.x 

1 4 vU V V t , v 

at least 

once & , ear a certi 



t.x' Titles so reco 

dition to 

^ ' books or other 

Atat©, to 

be ore served in hi 

cie rV 

0 * coc 

«* * 



n * 



% • K * 


■ ■ 

r.: s 

A i* V- V f 




? i>ecre 

i td or of ti>e Copyright Records 

i w 

- T* -V 
v- ■ ~ * 

"** /*%'+'+ 


« copyright law described above resulted in aan 


recorcs which are discussed and interpreted in t e follow! 

np soctr 

Provisio ns of the Act of 1790*— Three orovisi oils 





copyright law of 1790 


.,re s- .;: 

’ fleant i (1) that th 



must before publication deposit a 

copy of 

q f sue h Ml 

r • 

chart, book or books; (2) that such deposit be 

in the clerk's office 

of the district court where the aut >r or proprietor r 

®Wh da 

that the cleric of such court be required to record the 
be kept by him for that purpose. 


and (3) 

-n a 

suits of the first provision are the recording of 

>* - 


" . ; 

entries for works which never saw the printer’s stick * 

* t < t 


discrepancies botvroon Copyright dates and publication dates* 

The second provision resulted in the recording of copyright entries 
in one district court which were actually printed within the inrisdlotion 
of another district court* Also, many works vnore copyrighted in ncro than 
one district court* 2 ^* A work might be copyrighted by the author in 'he 
District Court of Massachusetts, for example, and then, wit ' the consent 
of the author, the elates would be sent to a ->rinter in Now York Stnto to 

9 JL ^ 

be reprinted. It night then be copyrighted in that state by the printer, 
as the copyright proprietor* 

A result of the third orovision is some 515 norr in existence 
which record the original copyright entries of tlie several distriot 
courts* The records of some of the district courts were lost, burned, or 
destroyed prior to 1870 when the law provided for their removal to the 
Library of Congress* Entries in these Copyright Registers were entirely 
in manuscript until 1802, when the wording of the copyright certificate 
changed. At this time the clerks of the several distriot courts had the 
legal form of the certificate printed on each pa~:e tier oaeh entry and the v 
merely inserted in writing the date, the narto of the copyright claimant 
and the title deposited for copyright. In general, the copyright record 

books contain one entry only on each page . 22 

Newspaper Notice.- The additional provision for the newspaper 


notice, in effect from 1790-1831, is not of special importance to the 
bibliographer, since the law merely required that a copy of the copyright 

ITH Evidence obtained from a page by page search of the ve 

court record books in 1934 by the writer. 

22. Bentley-Leonard. Op. cit* p* (Xij-xxi, 

23. U.S. Copyright office. Op. oit* p* 34. 


record be published in a newspaper* Thin notice is not evidence that the 
work was published* It may be observed in passing, however, that this 
provision probably prompted the advertising of the published work, and 
that such newspaper advertisements constitute in some cases the only evi¬ 
dence of printing* Ono must, however, be sure that the advertisement is 
for the published work, not the copyrighted title* 

Copyright Kotice in the Work*— Ho specific requirement concerning 
the copyright notice in the work was made until 1802 v/hen notice of copy¬ 
right registration was required to be inserted in the work.” The ma¬ 
jority complied with the law during the period under investigation by in¬ 
serting the notice exactly as it appeared in the copyright record book* 

If no publication date is given, this notioo may be the only clue to the 
date of publication* 

Subject Matter of Copyright*- The various provisions for additions 
of copyrightable material are significant in indicating tho change in the 
scope of the records* Ho waver, it is of interest to note that musio, 
both collections in book form and shoot musio, v/ere copyrighted as books 

in the first two decades of copyright - long before this class of material 
was specifically designated as a subject matter of copyright. Prints 
dramatic compositions, and photographs were also copyrighted before they 

were legally copyrightabio. 

Copyright of Foreign Dorics.- Tho privilege of copyright was express¬ 
ly withheld from foreigners. Many foreign work* wore therefore reprinted 
end copyrighted in this country in the name of the printer or publisher 

W, Op. olC p. 35. --— 

who reprinted them* This provleion of tho law enoouruged pU|iAlllll> a* 
well as tho printing of many editions of foreign works which woro copy-* 
righted as H Amer1oan works,** 

Cortl find Lists.- Tho not of February 3, 1031 (a complete rovioion 

? fi . 

'* ;ho copyright law of 1790), requiring the olork of each district 
court to trans it a certified list at least yearly to the Heorotary of 
■tato, resulted In the copyright rooordf being kept In duplicate from that 
tins to 1U70# Thoro are noarly •’500 volumes, tho majority In unbound form, 
which constitute "tho oortiflod Hats and duplicate titlo-ontry records 11 
sent to tho Department of Ntuto, later to tho Patent Off loo# Thoir im— 
portanoe lies in tho faot that for some district oourta they represent the 
no e record, olnoo tlio origlrmlw hnvo disappeared# 

Kooords of the Department of State.- Tho various provisions for the 
deposit of the printed work aro significant to bibliographers* Heoord of 
deponlt establishes proof that tho work wan printed and the date of de- • 

posit may be helpful In determining the approximate date of printing# 

Among tho volumes and rnoords resulting from the requirement of deposit of 
the printed work are the "Hogi iters of Copyrights Received in the depart¬ 
ment of State," 179G-1B4H, in eleven volumes# Tills set of volumes con¬ 
stitutes what amounts to a National Library Catalog# Although a compara¬ 
tively small proportion of tho works copyrighted were ever deposited, 
these volume* are an immensely valuable source of Information regarding 
works printed in the nineteenth oentury# (Probably not more than five 
person* outside tho Copyright Offloe and Library of Congress staffs have 

85# U# 0# Copyiij hi <>/Tloo. Op. uit. p. 37*41. 

over consulted them*) For works deposited which can nob he found today, 
this may bo tho only aouroo for bibliographical information, beat do Urn 
original copyright ontry* 

Tho Department of State was tho original depository until lflM* flWB 
tho aot of that year provided for tho deposit of the |/r ; nfced work 5 n bho 
local district court, with yearly transmittals to the Secretary of fits to* 
This was in forco until 11170, except that trnmiml t tit Is vm re nedo to th« 
Patent Offlco after tho 1059 aot wan paused* It will bs noted that the 
extant Department of State Copyright Registers cease with the year 1042# 
There is included also among tho Department of State records one volume 
for tho returns made by tho olorks of tho district courts, 1853-1008* 

Records of the Patent Offioe*- An important lodger exists Which 
records chronologically, by year, with alphabetical arrangement within 
eaoh year, tho copyright works transferred to the Patent Office from thn 
Department of i>tato. Seven thousand flight hundred and forty-nine titles 
are thus listed and make, in offoot, another important "Nations! Library 
Catalog," existence of v/hioh Is practically unknown# This volume gives a 
olue also to the faat that many works deposited for copyright from 1790 
to 1859 did not survive at tho Department of State Depository end wore not 
available to turn over to the Patent Offioo* The Patent Offioe recorded 
from 1860 to 1070 its copyright nooaoatono in two volume*# chronological ly 

as they wore received. 

Records of tho Depository Libraries#- lb was not until 1846 that the 
: idea of soouring copies of oopyrlght works for use, rathftV than merely 
for record, was put into offoot. At this time both the Smithsonian Jtn- 
| stitution and the Library of Con, rose wore designated as depository 


libraries for copyright works, Saaond and third copies rrero required to be 
deposited, but the records reveal an ovon smaller proportion of copyright 
works cent to those libraries, than were sent to tho ^opartnent of ftate or 
the Patent Office. Tho lavr of 1846 was repealed in 1859. In 1865 t ie 
Library of Congress again became a copyright depository. The Smithsonian 
records of copyright works deposited wore not among those required by low 
to bo transferred to the Library of Congress in 1870* However, annual 
ports of the Smithsonian Institution for certain years contain the current 
accessions under the copyright law* The Library of Congress record 
include two volumes listing the "copyrights" received, 1046 - 1802 , and 
1C65-1370. Other groups of copyright material comprise letters, title- 
pages, and other manuscript material pertaining to copyright business, all 
of which need sorting. They my be referred to as "KIscellanea. ! 

Summary.- Evidence of publication 26 of the copyright works may be 
obtained from tho records and catalogs of the various depositories prior 
to 1870. The depositories of copyright articles from 1790 to 1370 wares 
The Department of State, 1790-1859j the Patent Office, 1859-1S70; the 
Cnithsonion Institution, 1846-1859; Library of Congress, 1S46-1S59 and 
1CS5-1870. The district courts nay be considered original but temporary 
depositories, since the law required yearly transmittals of copyright 


Whether or not the term* "print!: y !l "arid ^'publication* are synonymous 
iso moot quoGtion even among experts in the printing and publish¬ 
ing fields. One viewpoint is tliat anything printed, whether in an 
edition of two copies or two thousand; whether given away or sold; 
whether copyrighted or not is published. Another viewpoint is that 
a work privately printed with fow copies distributed is truly 
"printed for privato distribution" and not "published," Hereafter 
trie term "printing" will be used to designate oopyright works which 
are knov/n to have been printed. 

__ _ 10 

urfciolos by tho clorks in tho several district courts to the Department of 
State, later to the Patent Office. 

Tho aot of July 8, 1870 centralized records and deposits under the 
onre of the Librarian of Congress, and required that all records and de- 
posits of copyright material in tho Patent Office and in the district 
courts be transferred to his custody. The deposits, numbering 23^070 
volumes, wore absorbed into the collections of the Library of Congress and 
the records were likewise sent to the Copyright Office at the of 


Some explanation is in order in regard to the discrepancy botv/eon 
the number of entries in the copyright records, estimated at 150,000 and 
the number of volumes, 23,070, turned over to the Library of Congress in 


1870, The reasons for this discrepancy are theses. 

1, Many entries were for articles other than books, 

2, Many items copyrighted were never printed, 

•5. The copy required for deposit was never submitted for deposit, or if 
deposited, never reached the Department of State or the Platent Office. 

4. There were inevitable losses due to lack of provision for adequate 
custody and space, ravages of war, fire, and removals. 

5. Lack of interest in the deposits as mere deposits of record. "A con¬ 

serving interest could have been expected only from a custodian to 
whom the records would have been also of use." 28 

27. Adapted from Roberts. Dp. cit. p. 15. 

20. This interpretation of the copyright records has resulted from the 

writer's uue and analysis of the records in 1934 In connection with 
hor research for tho Bentley-Leonard Bibliography (See Footnote 8)j 
her re-examination of the copyright records in 1940j and tho infor¬ 
mat on contained in tho Roberts' monograph (See Footnote 2). 



Original Hy pothesis and Plan*- The writer T s experience in using the 
copyright reoords for tho Bentley-Leonard Bibliography of n'orks on Account* *: 
ing led her to tho hypothesis that they could bo used as a urinary source 
in the compilation of a general bibliography of nineteenth century American 
inprints. In accordanco with this assumption it was decided tc determine 

the value of tho copyright records from 1790 to 1370 as a primary source 
of bibliographical information by use and interpretation of the copyright 
records for tho District Court of Massachusetts. For this purpose the 
copyright entries for the District Court of Massachusetts from 1300 
through 1809 were copied with tho intention of using this list as tho basis 

for a bibliography of Massachusetts imprints for this period. 

However, a preliminary exploratory search for the copyright titles 
in the American Inprints Catalog in the Hare Took Collection Reading Rocks 
of the Library of Congress revealed the fact that many more works vi-ere 
printed in each year of this docade titan were copyrighted. For the year 
1C JO alone the Rare Book Collection had 164 Massachusetts imprints whereas 
twenty-two items o .ly were copyrighted in that year. Obviously then, tho 
original hypothesis tliut the copyright ontries constituted a prime re¬ 
source of bibliographical information in the compilation of a gen 
bibliography of nineteenth century American imprints was invalidated, 

: odlfied hypothesis and Plan .- It was decided to proceed, neverthe¬ 
less, with tho investigation of the copyright records with tho modified 
hypothesis that in various ways the copyright entries yield ^bibliographi¬ 
cal information not otherwise available, and are useful aa a supplementary. 


if r.ct primary, source of bibliographical information* A revised procedure 
for evaluatin'- the copyright records in this 1800-1809 period ms planned 
to i.:delude a bibliographical analysis and interpretation of the 342 copy— 

: rigrt entries in the copyright record books for the District Court of 
Ha s saohusetts * 

Copying of the Copyright Rec ords for the District Court of Massa- 
J chusetts, 1800—1809,— The copyright entries for Massachusetts for the pe¬ 
riod 1500 through 1809 appear in Volumes I, II, and III Of the file of 
1 assachusctts Copyright Record Books* Volume I includes tho copyright 
records from July 10, 1790 to January 26, 1804; volume Ii includes the 
copyright records from February 10, 1804 to July 11, 1806, and volume III 
from August, 1806 to March, 1814* 

A copy of the first entry in Volume I shows the form of entry for 
each title copyrighted* 


Se it remembered that on tho tenth day of July in the fiftoenth yoar of 
the- Irde* erdc-ce of the United States of America, the Rev. Jodidiah Morse 
of the said District hath deposited in this office the titles of two books 
the right whereof he claims as Authorj - of one in the words following, to 
wit “The American Geography; or a view of the present situation of the 
i United States of k erica illustrated with two Sheet haps; one of the 
southern the other of the Uorthom States, neatly & elegantly engraved & 
-ere correct, than any that have hitherto been published - to which is 
added a concise abridgement of the Geography of tho British, Spanish, 

Vouch A Dutch Fordnions in America of the host Indies, of Europe, Asia 
h Africa." f her© is omitted the second title; 29 

In conformity to the Act of Congress of the United States entitled 
"hr *ct -"or the encouragement of loaming by securing the Copies of Maps, 

Charts and books to the Authors & proprietors of such Copies during the 

times therein mentioned* 

I IT. Goodale, Clerk of the District 

of Massachusetts. 

29 ^—The normal copy right entry i no ludes one title only. " “ 

Beginning with Volume XI, each entry is on a separate peps with the 
legal-form words printed and the spaces left for inserting the requisite 
information in manuscript. 

Tvacn entry in the copyright record books for the District Court of 
1 s.SGG.chuootts for the years 1800 to 1803 inclusive was copied or. a 4" x 6 

card exactly, including capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. The 
essential inforration concerning the date cf the entry; the ruuue of the 
person, or persons, firm, society, or association making the claim of cop 
right as proprietor or author; and the designation of the iter us a hook, 
chart, map, or engraving was also given. 

The method of reckoning dates in the ILassackuEetts Copyright Record 
Books during this 1800-1309 period requires explanation. The date given 
for each copyright erxry was reckoned according to the number of ‘'ears of 
the Independence of the United States, beginning July 4, 1776, rather 
than by the calendar year. It was therefore thought desirable to rake a 
list of the years of independence numbered from July 4, 1776 viuh the 

corresponding calendar years in order to insure correct reckoning bv cafe: 




is noted 



year of independence: 







20 th 

It T i 










1 1 t 










ti If 






Til 1 v r 

I* Jm / 


— ft 

X W| 

23 th 

II it 










* 3 


29 th 

n h 








* A 



it it 









31 a t 

if tt 








* > 



it n 











ti it 









ti ft 









r > 

• *mu u *ml. l ou of tho lioc, i tiler ol' Copyrtghfn Ifrif*1 vnd by tho l/njfiin rtjW Wtt 
* h\vr tho poj*l'»it ui Itlor O«‘iipldol , h UJ OH, Vo In oft 1 {XyUtl—ltlZf*,) oi Uni 

'' ;Uton 0.1' Copyrlj libs dooelvod hy him l>npnr l.mnnL of lltubo WftW Irfu OTlXy 

volume whloh WftQ nonennnry bo to detOfinlnO 

of Uu> 1 bom* if' 

"the 512 huvl boon deport l tod ftt* the bunnrl iimnl, ol • b» t n n 00 oi’» 11 of* ho low, 

hoi ry of mi Atom in thin nounyo Ammo din tin I y proven Idiot tho work was 
>r luted 'Ci'vmx) tlu' dtito on Whloh the work v/fto recorded ti,t\ roool ved, al mO# 
t ho \iorv during Milo period mcjulrnd t.lm deposit of the printed work within 
six meat he of duto 01' publloutAon, Mlnno the items rnooiVod ivb ten bo— 
'urtnont of ftnto wore bhS Copyright Works dnpunlicd Iri all the district 
oou rta, f ho recording of which vma ohronolOgioul in thli first volume 0f 
the? I^epartnirnt of State rog Inborn, lb was Tioooflssry to SOrutlnlS# each 
entry In order to eliminate from oonsLdoretl on the deposits from oil th# 
dlstriol oourto except Hit ftnaohu setts. A brief ohook list of tho remnl ril ng 
items was nuulo In order to compare this Hat with the 348 copyright It sms 
copied from iho District Court of Panrmtihurte tts. Tho dr to of dopost b of 

the print ml work at the Department of Mtnbo vms added to the card contain** 
ing the copyright entry. If tho ltom mu found In the Department of Stats 

register * 

LoontA on and examination of tho 342 Copyright Entries*** In addition 

±r - 



of the Department of Stubs records as a source of supplementary 

bibliographical Information eonoornlng the titles entered for copyright, 

v.ih uy libnu*;, catalogs and blbHogrnphVon wore ouunu.lbed* The aim was to 
finil and examine each of tho .>18 Items whioh wore copyrighted In order to 
prove tlmt they were printed, and to verify 
tlmt found lu the copyright entry. It was hoped tliat euoh an examination 

I w. % 

; tt-r'inr. ■‘w 


would reveal how and to what extant bibliographers might find the informa¬ 
tion given in the oopyright entries of value. This pursuit vO verify e&oh 
item has extended over & goriod of three years, trith Many interruptions • 

For the purpose of Making this bibliographio&l analysis and Ln«* 

: —— 

protation of the oopyri tat itor s by o xmminat ion of the printed 
title-page of e&oh was compared with tho copyright title, and the oonplewe 
imprint of tho work and other pertinent bibliographical facts were copied 
on the original card ior the copyright Item. This information has 
added to each item listed in the Iransoript of the Copyright : 


the District Court of .assaoliusetts, 1300-130S. (See Appendix p. 6S) 

The sources and procedures which were used are explained in the iollowin^ 


Tiie Union Catalog at tho Library of Congress.- The first step in 
j locating each item in a library collection or bibliography was begun by 
| arranging the items in alphabetical order by author or other main heading, 
for use in oousulting tho Union Catalog at the Library of Congress* Since 
it is not the purpose of this essay to identify all copies of each item, 
no t all loo* tioris notod in the Union Catalog wore listed. Only the chief 
111 arias accessible to tho writer were given, unless the w>rl was found 
to bo in one or two libraries only. Since riany items were not in the 
Union Catalog, other sources for location of oopieo had to be used. 

Dew York. Public Library. Imprint Catalog*- The next log!cal stap 
aiter consulting the Union Catalog at the Library of Congress would have 
been the examination of the copies ut the Library of Congress. However, 
it was necessary for tho writer to return to return to Columbia University. 
During a •emnstor’B rouldonco the How York Public Library's Iaprlnt 


Catalog ■was used to supplement the Union Catalog at the Library of Congress 
and sonc few items looated at the New York Public Libraiy were exa nl nod * 

American imprints Inventory Files*- The next stop was the examina¬ 
tion in 1941 of tho file of liassachusetts imprints in the process of being 
prepared by tho "American Imprints Inventory Project In Mas sachu setts 
from material furnished by tho Historical Records Survey in all the 

The existence of tins file requires explanation* The Historical 
j Records Survey of the "Works Progress Administration (later the Work Pro— 
j jects Administration) undertook in 1957 among its various activities an 
"American imprints inventory" to cover books, pamphlets, and broadsides 
printed anywhere in the United Status before 1821, with the date limit ad¬ 
vanced for material printed west of the Atlantic seaboard,^ The American 
Imprints Inventory Project for Massachusetts included the editing and pub-* 
lication of checklists of assnehusetts imprints from 1801 through 1810* 
i For this purpose the records of Massachusetts imprints for this period 
were sent from tho central file of the Historical Records Survey in Chicago 
in 1940 to the Boston headquartors for the Project in Massachusetts*^ 

This file of Massachusetts imprints was arranged on manuscript sling 
alphabetically by author or other main heading under each year from 1801 

30. The quoted designation of the organisation responsible for this file 

is taken from the title-page of its first checklist of L&ssa- 
ohusetts imprints* Soe Footnote 52* 

31. Kidder, R. W* The historical reoords survey* activities and publica¬ 

tions. (In Library quarterly, v* 13, p. 13S-15S, Apr. 1943) 

32. Work projects administration. Service division* The American fm- 

prints inventory project. No. 40 1 a checklist of Massachusetts 
imprints, 1301. 1942. Preface, p. iv. 


through 1010, and proved to bo a valuable source to use In locating items 
not found in tho Union Catalog at the Library of Gangrene and In diocovor- 
inp additional locations of itonc in tho vicinity of Boston. This filo 
v»ao oxamlnod in 1941 and again in tho eurc^or of 194 3, nftor it had boon 
moved from tho lioadcuartora of tho Projoot to tho I.'assaohucotto Ctntc Li¬ 
brary, Unfortunatoly, tho file of Boston imprints for this poriod had not 
boon sont to Boston in 1941 vrlion tho search of thio file was bo gun, and 
tho filo in 1943 oontainod tho Boston imprints only through the year 1906, 
In 1942 tho American Imprints Invontory Projoot In faasachusotts 
published tho firct two of tho proposed checklists of !lassachuootto im¬ 
prints for tho years 1601 and 1602. Thoso -wore oxonlned in liou of 

the manuscript file for theco years in tho surunor of 1943* 

Another valuable file of imprints which was prepared by tho American 
Imprints Invontory Project for Paosaohusotts, and which Is now located at 
tho 1‘assnchusotts Ctato Library, is tho so-oallod "Author .lie," This 
alphabetical flic of author entries for works printed in 1assachuootts 
from 1639 to 1076 proved to bo a -ood supplementary souroo to uoo for tlio 
Boston imprints not loontod in tho olironologioal filo (1001-1910). 

Libraries, Library Catalogs, and Bibliographies.- Viaits to many 
librarioa, in addition to tho Library of Con *roos and tho ’low York Publio 
Library, already notod, wore made for tho purpoco of examining and verify¬ 
ing the items found through the Union Catalog and tho American Imprints 
Invontory. Tho list of libraries used is given in Appendix E, p. 194. 

33^ borks projects administration. Service division. The American imprint* 
inventory projoot. Op, oit, 

34, No. 4St a ohooklist of Massachusetts imprints. 1602. 

— 1942. 


A special scaroh was also nade for the unlocated titlec each li^--ry* 
Through special catalogs and indexes to the collection^, as well as a 
search of uncataloged collections, works were located which had not jocn 
previously reoorded for the Union Catalog or the American Inprint* In¬ 



graphics. Every iten listed as a located item has oeen examined in sons 

Search for Unlocatcd Itons.- An additional tine—consuming tasir has 
been tho pursuit of the items not found through the bibliograpnical 
sources and libraries noted a'oovo, Among the sources used were second¬ 
hand book dealers* catalogs and American Book— .*rlco3 Current . Letters 
were also sent to libraries which were k own to have special collections 
in music and naps for the mlssing items in those two classes cf -uric. 

Compilation of the Transcript of the Copyright Entries for the 
District Court of Hassaohusett s, 1GCX)-18Q9, and Indexes .- After the data 
concerning each copyright entry wore gathered, the fbm for presenting tho 
entries as a bibliography was decided upon. Each entry '.vug then typed on 
a '’half-shoot* (B a " x 5^") to facilitate the analysis of each entry in the 
biblio raphical evaluation whioh was to follow. The "Transcript of tho 
Copy aright Entries for tho District Court of .lassachusetts, 1600-1309, 
with Bibliographical Eotes” is in Appendix 3, p. 69. f ollowing tho tran¬ 
script is the index by authors and copyright proprietors and the classi¬ 
fied subject index. (See Appendix C, and Appendix D) 

Certain deductions, analysoe, and interpretations wore then rads con¬ 
cerning the copyright entries fbr the District Court of Maasachusetts. 

1800-1309, basod on tho data f.athorod in tho oonpilntlon of th© Troncoript 
of tho Copyright Entries* Tho rosultG havo boon sot forth in the Section, 
Analysis and Interpretation of tho Copyright Entries for tho District 
Court of liascaohusotts, 1000-1809, which follows. 




Analysis Mid Interpretation of the Statistical Data .— Summaries of 
tho statistical data authored in compiling the Transoript of the Copyright 
Entries for tho District Court of Massachusetts, 1800-1809, with Biblio¬ 
graphical Notes, ^ aro presented below in tho form, of three tables. It is 
hoped tliat they will servo as an introduction to tho analysis and inter¬ 
pretation of tho statistical data which folloyr. 


Number of Copyright Titles in tho Copyright Keoords 
of tho District Court of Massachusetts, 

1000-1809, by Year 


Number of Copyright Titles 

















30 a 



a. In this year, two titles wore copyrighted as one 
entry, making a total of 342 copyright on trios 
for this period. 

35, Hereafter referred to in tlda Section as 11 1lie Transcript, '* 

tabu; ii 

Relation between Number of Titles Copyrighted and Number of 
Works Located, dumber Printed but not Located, Number 
apparently not Printed, and Number Deposited in 

the Department of State 


.. * . M ■ I 

i\»r Cent 

No* of 

Titles Copyrighted 
located and examined 





printed but not loontod 




apparently not printed 




deposited at Dopt. of State 




Relation between Number of Works Examined and Number in 
Union Catalog, Number in American Imprint* Inventory, 

and Number in Neither Source 


Per Cent 

No. of Works Examined 


No* in Union Catalog 



No. in American Imprints Inventory 

No* not found in either tho Union 



Catalog or tho American Imprints 
Inventory _ 



w i n* - m r^r . **■ 


Number of Copyright Entries and Copyright Title*,- ftootion three of 
the original copyright aot 0 / May 31, 17Q0, provided Mint, thn author or 
proprietor deposit a printed oopy of tho title of ouoh map, ohorb # book or 
books in the olerk*s offioo of tho district court ,,, and thnt tho olork 
be hereby dirootod and required to record tho same forthwith, In a book 

to be kept by him. for that purpoeo ., „ 


In accordance with thl s prov.l 

cion, each title v/as registered in tho copyright rooord Itoolrii an a /separate 
copyright entry*” There woro 342 ouoh copyright In volumes X, II| 
and III of the Massachusetts copyright rooord books, from January 1, 1000, 
through December 31, 1809, However, in one cane (1801 - two titles 

wore entored. This accounts for tho fact that there were *43 tltlon copy¬ 
righted, although there woro only 342 copyright entries. 

Relation botvrocn Humber of Y/orko Prlutod in MfessaohuaeIts, UUX)- 
1609, and Number of Titles Copyrighted,- Tho number of titles copyrighted 
in the ton-year period under consideration ranged from twenty-two to Cl ft y 
per year and the average number copyrighted each year was thirty-four. 

There is no significant trend noted in tho number of titles oopy righted 
each year in this period. However, it is significant that of the estimated 
number of works printed in Massachusetts between 1800 and 1806, 3430 
10 per cent only were copyrighted. 

First tho estimated figure of 3430 must ho explained, Dvnnw® 1 * in- 
cludod 329 Massaohusetts imprints among the 2,000 or more item* whloh he 



Iv 4 ■ 


38 . 

U. S, Copyright ofi'ioo. Op, ait, p. 

The number following the year date elands for the number of the entry 
within tho calendar year imlioated, KutrUm In the Transcript are 
arranged numor.loally under ouoh year* 

Manuscript notoo for 1800 imprints, located at iho 

Evans , C harlo a, 

American Anti quarinji Soolety, ho rocs tor, l inos. 


had Kathcrod in preparation for oontinuinn hio Anorioan Bibliography 
through 1000* Tho ohook Hots of Massachusetts imprints published by the 
Amerioan Imprints Inventory Project for Massachusetts for the ye&rs 1001 
and 1802***’^ total 701 items# Prom theao two eouroos the total number of 

works printed in Massachusetts, J.300-1802, ray be estimated at 1030* As¬ 
suming that publication did not incroaso botv/cen 1803 and 1809, tho avor— 
ago number of works printed on oh year would be 840, or ten tieiv the aver¬ 
age number of works copyrighted each yoar during this period. 

This estimate is admittedly tho minimum possible* It Is probable 
that ^vans failed to rooord all tho Massachusetts Imprints ;'or 1800, and 
it '/ill bo shown in the analysis of the American Imprints inventory that 
some copyright items vforo omitted* It is probable also that tho number of 
works printed in Maosaohuaotfcs increased between 1803 and 1809* However, 
since no definite figures are available for these years it soomed best to 
choose the average number for the first throo years* A safo assumption, 
based on the meager information avuilublo, is that certainly not more tlian 
10 por cent ol the works printed in Massachusetts between 1300 and 1001) 
ive re copyrighted and that probably 9 per cent is more accurate* 

The fact that less than ono-tonth of the workB printod in Massachu¬ 

setts between 1800 and 1809 were copyrighted might lead one to the super¬ 
ficial conclusion that tho copyright records have Uttlo value* Quantita¬ 

tively considered, they appear worthless* for tho copyright item® represent 

such a minor proportion of tho state*o printin' * 

39* Ytork projects administration* Service division* The American imprints 

inventory project. Op* cit* (Checklist Wo* 40) 

40. op, oit. (Checklist Wo* 45) 

B|j. However, it seemed worthwhile to investigate how and to whftt extent 
j the oopyrxght entries night bo used in bibliographical undertakings. For 
I this purpose certa in data have been gathered which seen worth analyzing. 

Relation between Humber of Titles Copyrighted and Humber of Y.'orks 
Located.- Since the intent of the copyright law and itc administration 
vms that a title be copyrighted before the 7 /ork was printed one of the 
purpose c of the investigation was to find out which of the titles copy¬ 
righted were printed. Every effort v/as rado to locate each one and verify 
the fact that the v/ork examined represented the copyright item* Throe 
hundred and too, or 80 par cent, of the 343 titles were located and identi¬ 
fied in ono or more libraries or book collections. It has been proved, 
therefore, that at least 302 o ' tho 343 bitlec were printed and exist to— 


day in one or more copies. 

Coulter"^ oalls tlie twenty-two titles registered in the northern 
District of California from 1851 to 1866 which she was unable to identify 
Ghost Books, 11 or Pliant on s. The v/ritor v/ould like to classify the copy¬ 
right titles, which sho was unable to locate into: 

1. Copyright titles which were notjrinted, or printing of which is 
extremely doubtful, and 

2. Copyright titles, printing of which is certain, or probable, but 
of which no copies v/ero found. Those are the ghosts which haunt the 

writ or - but oontrnry to popular feeling about ghost a - she hopes they 
**U turn up. Perhaps publication of the list will aid in their coning | 

-!• Coulter, Edith Margaret, California copyright*, 1351-1356, with 

notes on certain ghost books. (In Caliiomia historical society 
quartorly, v, 22, p. 27, 32, Mar. 1943) 

I 2 

forth v 

* * 


'■ 4 


9* *■ 



- r *■ w 

■*** * JFjmmr- 

«# 4 T 

^ “ 


' * / * o t r t % 

/ / # 

- - * 

V AJ- 

; v 


r • - f 

■* . - I M 

r r r 

^ # # 

* *X~~ £* 


- _ 

14 « 


r _. r 4 / f f rv 

V , 

-r <# 

r vt c 

1 im *- 

-^-j * 

’ ' “ , » 

- - v z * 

r r. * ' f ^ 

„ ,|l / - 

» * r 

# ■» ' J* 


* r ' * f * 

J* > - # w P 1 p* 

■p —i —. 

mr. ^ 1 ^ '- » 

■ ' 

£ ^ 

p 4-^ 

* — f 

* - f « 

1 < r ^ 

i * ♦■ 


- 3 

*± * V * 

Vp ^ 

r .* 

, t. 

x e 

.p ^ .p ■ 

v " 

- * r 3 

# ’ * 


3 ^ 

* * 

rjr ? 

*“ r r f 

* “*4 

* m 
J * 

" e* ' ,r- 

« p« * *■ 

f r f 

r *-■ - P 

4. ' * ‘ . 

' P ' 4 p # 

> ' V I 


; r >7 


i: ( 


# .-^ > ■ *r - 

/’’ ’ 4* Pi p X- •* 4 


p f* ’ P P ’ * 

^ # -p * iUH 

# J 

f P 

V v 

l " 

<■ * ■rift 

* r 

* -- p *■ 

12 . f - 

V or. c t f 

' i 

► r *■ r Pi 

i I ti *i 6 5 s 

- * 

„ r 

■ ^ z~ 

f ^ " 

i, *1 p*4 


«■ * 



_ - 

i ? " 



- *' ns 




R 7" 

\ Z- 


‘ ^-(Li ^ 

* • 

» * 

5 T 

p — 

n:x-t: ' 

- A 


i ; '- 

E ' : e 

: v *_: . 

r zrz-z c 

t! - . 



• * 

• ^rr 

;* L Z U 


rjg - * — 

^ ^ 1. ^ 7" S^ i— 


^ ^ r 

“ ' • 

- * 



* - 

** 2,jl£C X 




4 - 





i ^ ^ 



Jaque s, 'Mol 



'.rrit, Thr. ileus Mnnn 


Views of Harvard University. 

An anonynous enpravin^ of Harvard 1 
University dated 1907 appears to 

lr “ — 

onsT.-cr the description of this title, 
but there in no moans of posit 

The Hatural 
Earlier and later 
been located* 

of the 


^ vV 

", ?anuo 1 

A »aluabio 
n looat 

As si 

b to 

s *\ 

-v. <%. 'k. 

V ' 


>x. Gilbert 

a w roix, 
lot de 

His 'neollenc/ Janes S 
rv.Tm»vi r? * identified 


v v 


■3. US) 



ana Regou 


V-f * V _ 

scs and ■ 

Sr 3 '. Infer tr 

i or tr.o n 
es of the 

f v 

A later edition has been located 

Jk T' ■ |U| f ^ . rt f* 4* V A ' 

sis o: v .3 

Lrty-one iters which have no evidence of pub li¬ 

st ion, or which 

r.v; r.rt er. found, reveals a wrist of interesting 



alone, either as author or oopyrlght proprietor, was r 


Bponsible for seven of the thirty—one itens wh5 

* • • 

_ave not bs 


? - :d 1 

eton, re&cner 

of 14ft then 

ios, Boston 11 

cor pi led four vol« 


w ^ * 

W* r+.« one 

• « 
r > 


>s on navigation ' ich seen to 

all a' pts at looation, although four additional works of his wore found 

th r ee naps and one volvane of pilot charts• It is p 



J ' 


;•;. ; ; .i _ t r.Mvcs, I- ? i r iff Q|| ' 3.- r - mm* 

4 1 

becare worn oat or lost* 


* * 

W * C 

title (Bo. 314) 

was a plan of the Mill Pond in 

Boa ton 


y ^.-Arlos : 


ft** jfel 

« # 

*. n; it : VHT (fltende t. , _■ ils^B 

and exists today in its pristine fom In the amhlvas of the City Clark's 


Office, Bo»ton, Other© which rovoe^l internal evidence that they wore never 

printed aro the following! 

Item No* 



Southaok, Jolrn 


Jenkins, John 


CroGieall, William 

Evide nce TI mt They Wore Not Prlnbod 

Tho naino title was oopyrlghtod again in 
1809 and printed at that time* It is 
probable that thin title wan planned for 
publlcation In 1804, but It did not ma¬ 
terialise until 1809# 

Tho 1813 edition of this work states 
that ill health and want of funds pro- 
vontod publication for morn than* twenty 
years* (Tho first edition wan pub:ioh- 
od in 1791*) Thoroforo, this 1808 
edition was copyrighted but ruwr pub¬ 

Another work by this author oontaine 
tho statonont that thin work was pro¬ 
jected in 1805 hut that ho oould find 
no ono to publioh it oithor in tho 
United Staton or Elngland. 

Ko doubt other titlos among tho thirty-one itome not located woro 
copyrighted witli tho Intent to publish but the required funds failed to 
r..aterialire. It was tho praotiae in this early part of tho ninotoonth 
ccnturv to distribute proposalo for publication and to solioit oubnorip- 
tions for the work in order to insure sufficient aalo to warrant tho ex¬ 
pense of production* 42 This practice of marketing books resulted in many 
titles being copyrighted which failed to bo printed. Examples of euoh 

in addition to items 116, 148, 196, and 314 noted above, ur© the 



Tho f.ubcorlption method, 
Amorioa, Part I* 'took 
Cm broth, p. 48-62) 

(In Lohnuurn-i taupt, He llraut* 
1 >rod11o l lor a j id distribution 

The book in 
* * by Law ivmoo 


Itom Ko » 















A classification of the forty-one 




Rules and tables 






Grove s 

Introduction to the 
art of 'writing 
The I'inor novo Hist 

unlocated itens (except for the 

Bui finch item which ms located in manuscript) follows* Sucn a listing 
may urovo an incentive to bibliographers for further searching tor the 


itens in the fiolds in which they are interested. Moreover, seens im¬ 

portant as a contribution to tne bibliography oi these several xields uo 
have a record of the "unfulfilled ideas” of the authors in those fields, 
Since registration of a titlo for oopyright presumably records the author's 
intent to publish the •work, it follows that the work was usually in a fom 
ready for printing at the tine it was copyrighted, would it not be worth¬ 

while for historians of the culture and social life of this nation to have 
a record, not only of the works which were produced, but those which were 
written but failed of publication? No better source oould be used 


the copyright reco 

rds of the nineteenth century to reveal this information* 

It is possible 

algo thf.t some copyright works which were published were of 


ruoh a nature that they did not normally find their way into library col¬ 
lections. Such copyright items are nevertheless Important to bibliographer 


Classification of the Forty-one Unlooated Copy rlgh t Titie1 

(Modelled aft or Evans )‘^ 

biography military art 



316. Ia Croix 





Inst ruction Books 





264 . Drummo r 1 a a a sistant 9 

Maps and Chart a 

Instrumental Music 



312. Solmffor. 3 ll 





Sacrod Music or Psalmody 



261. Pomoroy 

101 . 


Sours or Song Books 

120 . 




66 , Holyoko g 1 



IB6. Jonks 



Eng1i s h Languago 



T fi 1 liamaon 

OS. Rules and tables 



Astronomy - Maps or Charts 


160. Pool 



196. Croswell 



Dr ram 

2Y. Carloton 

33. Carleton 

1 G6. 




Economics - Banking 


Fai rb aides 

235. Dean 


Minor novel list 

43, Evans, diaries. 

subject index. 

Amor Loan bibliography* v* 12, 1798«*1799. Classified 





306 * 






^ ^ b ft 

of writing 

to tho art 

Gatechi sms 


197. American primer 



I—- - Jn * M V > 

119. Walsh 

134 . 
2 37 . 






Relation between Number of 1 fit lee Copyrighted and Number of tforks 
Deposited at tho Department of State*— Section four of the original oopy— 
right act of Hay 31 f 1790 provldod that "tho author or proprietor of any 
such map, chart, boo’: or books shall, within six months a-tor the publish¬ 
ing thereof deliver, or cause to be delivered to tho Secretary of Stato a 

copy of the same, to be preserved in his office* 


This provision re¬ 

sulted in a scries of Department of State "Copyright Record Books 11 or 



eg is tors of Copyrights Hcceivod by the Department of Stato," the pos¬ 

sible value of which was investigated. 



yr erc deposited as printed works, it is pertinent to question the 
this supplementary copyright record. It is obvious that record of the 
author and title of the printed work, with date of deposit in the Depart¬ 
ment of Stato, proves publication of the copyright title. In oases where 
no oopy exists today, suoh a record Is of special value* One auoh example 
is among the 343 copyright titles being investigated* Churchman 1 a 

— - *- 

44. U. C. Copyright office. Op, olt, p, 34. 


Variation Chart (No* 26) has not boon located, although the Department of 
Stato Register indicates its deposit November 18, 1801, 

The value of the records of tho Department of State eve an aid In es- 
tablishing the approximate date of printing may a loo be demonstrated* 

This hag been included in tho Seotlon, Value of Using tho Department of 
Stato Records in Establishing the Approximate Date of Printing, p# bC* 

Relation between Number of Ytforks Exominod in Ono or Lloro Lidmrloif 
and Number Found in the Union Catalog and/or In tho American Imprlnte hi m 
ventory,- Since less than ono-tonth of tho works printed in Massachusetts 
between 1800 and 1809 were copyrighted. It is obvious that tho copyright 
entries cannot be used as a basis Tor any general bibliography of I aaea-* 
ohusetts imprints* It ir. obvious, also, that tho oopyright entries for 
all the district courts cannot be used ao a basic source for a general 
bibliography of nineteenth oentury American imprints. However, it seemed 
worthwhile to investigate tho possible need for using tho copyright rec¬ 
ords as a supplementary source in the compilation of any general bibliog¬ 
raphy of American or regional imprints. 

For this purpose it v/as possible to find out, in the process of lo¬ 
cating the printed works which represented the copyright titles, tho items 

which wore not recorded in tho Union Catalog at the Library of Cong 

re s c 



sources which must eventually be usod in tho compilation of a general bib 


exam! ned 

deposited for copyright, fifty-five, or 18 per cent of the 302 Items, art 


not in the Union Catalog at tho Library of Congress* /.Ithough it is not 
within the coope of this essay to Inquire into the reasons why fifty- five 
works examined hy the writer are not in the Union Catalog, it may be in¬ 
teresting to make a few remarks based on the writer*a observation and ex¬ 
perience in locating the items , through other means than the Union Catalog* 

In the first place it is, of course, possible that a faw items vrere 
missed in the Union Catalog because of misfiling, misunderstanding of the 
filing, or because of an entry under a heading not thought of# The 
searching of the Union Catalog was done in 1940, whereas the majority of 
works were located in the gunner of 1943* Some of the items nay in 194 3 
be m the Union Catalog, although they were not in 1940. Some items aro 
located in collections which are not represented in tho Union Catalog; 
others hnvc been incompletely cataloged or indexed and the cards have not 
been sent to the Union Catalog. A few are items which are not usually 
represented in general library catalogs* There are many reasons v^hy a 
library's complete stock is not represented in the Union Catalog. Not 
even all the items in the Library of Congress collections are reoresentod 
in the Union Catalog. 

Since so many Ihissaohusetts imprints for the period 1800-1809 would 
be ni v sed if the Union Catalog alone were consulted, it v/as thought v/orth- 
while to classify the iUens to see if any deductions could bo made oon- 
oeming possible reasons ‘or their exclusion. Tho classification follow* 
the Classified Subject Index to the Transcript of tho Copyright Entries, 
(Appendix D, p. 185) 

Classification of the Fifty-five Items Not 

Found in the Union Catalog' 

* " ™ i - - ■ — - — _ _ _ * _ * _ . _^ 



221 . 







(Modellod after Evans5 

115. Burroughs 
189* Wheeler 


Latin Language 
^Including works in Lati 




102 . 










and Charts 




Juvenile Literature 



100 . 








Miscellany of Literature 










English Language 


2 . 

Big lair 

Instruction Books 






Raws on 









Instrumental Music 

112 . 


















46. Op. oit. Claooifiod subject index. 


Snored Music or Psalmody 


98. Cooper 

141, IIo ly oko 


64. Alexander 

169, First church collection 

204, Holyoke 

293, Read 

296. Sanger 


302, Holyoke 

236, Flotchor 

341, Goddard 

290, Boned!ct 

Songs and Song Books 


(Except Sacred Music ) 


69, Von Hagen 

VI. Von llngon 

158. Howard's 

72. Von Hagon 

74. Graupner 

302. Now German text 

178. Granger 



225. Field 

Crime and Crimnals 

140. Battus 

It is obvious from this classification that the following categories 
of material nay not nomally bo reprosentod in ontalogod book collections 
and thoroforo may not be expected to bo fully represented in the Union 

Haps and Charts (2 items) 

Pilot Charts (1 item) 

Songs and Song Books (5 items) 

Engravings (1 item) 

This accounts for nine of tho fifty-four itons. llowcvor, a bibliog¬ 
rapher would normally expect the subjects and forms of material represent© 
by tho romaining forty-six iteiu3 to bo in the Union Catalog, for example 
the fields of English language, geography, law, and literature should be 
well represented in the catalog, Tho foregoing analysis, limited though 
it is, indicates that some Massachusetts imprints of bibliographical 



ir-porUnco would bo l.^d if th. Colon Catalog .ion. -ere oonaulted 

The African 

a activity of the iiiotor- 


7 tiW *"*• ?ro Cr«e» Adni-lrt ration (later the Is 



Projects Administration) fron 1937 to 194 



lrorintt throurh 187 6 j awl 

for the eight western state., through Ij'jO. Later the projeot «■ enlarged 
to Including the recording of all inprlr.ta in th. United State* to 1376. 


a, In brief. 

to eend workors to the libraries of the region or state to obtain copies 

tho regional or otnto aupervia 
brary’a catalor or shelf list. 

rt* l n 

7 n c trios vnro oopled fron each ll~ 

i dl ted 

tho Chicago feud quarters of th* . J r t :t r r l •.claslon in tr*> .'aastor file 
of Aaerioan imprinto. The files so oowplled are now (1943) owned by the 

Librixr k of Confroos and are housed 1 
Society of VJisoonsin at 1 adison. 


be building of t*;e State Historical 


Bibliographical Sooloty of Aaerioa has recently announced 40 
aid o*‘ a rrant by the Rockefeller Foundation, and the coopera¬ 

tion of tho Library of Congress which owns the* filea, it has undertaken 
th. resumption of editing and publication of the field note* of th. 
Anerlosn Inprint. Inventory. The title of th. pub Host Ion. will be 


of An arioan Imprint * .* 1 * 

— ___ r ** 

th. file*, whether 



1944. p. 5. 

society of A: erioa. Vow* sheet. So. 63, January 1, 

they be In nanur oript fom or edited and published as regional or state 

checklists of inprints, form the basis for a general bibliography of 
American inprints* 

It is the thesis of the writer that the copyright records for each 
district oourt should be used, in addition to the library catalogs and 
r>helf lists in each state or region in order to have a checklist oi pos¬ 
sible imprints to verify in each catalog consulted or in each library or 
co Hoot ion visited* This would insure a more oonprehonoiT© coverage* 
Obviously it is easier to find a work if one knows the author or title* 

The value of using the copyright titles as a reruns of discovering 


Inventory” con be donionsti’atou* 

It has already beon etat*d that the file of laasaohuaetts imprint* 
from 1801 tlirou/rh 1810 was sont to 3oaton for the purpose of editing the 

entries for publication as a sei 

ies of checklists covering those years* 

Boston Headquarters for the American Inprints Inventory Project for Ua***. 
ohusetts had aleo an "Author File" of entries, covering imprint, of other 

which were 


comparison of the two 

right items loentod in one or 







entrie s 




not included in the ohronologloal filo from 1801 through 1809* This 

leaves a total of twenty-eight Massachusetts imprints from 1801 through 
1809 which liave boon found in ono or more libraries but which aro not lo¬ 
cated in the American Imprints Inventory* Ten copyright titles located 
as published vrarlcs in one or more librariec, 7/oro recorded as newspaper 

advertisements only in tho two checklists of Massachusetts imprints cover- 
ins the years 1801 and 1802. 40 * 49 

llumber of 7/orks Exominod in Ono or More Libraries Hot Found in oloher 
the Union Catalog or tho American Imprints Inventory.- Twenty-four of the 
fifty-five items not listed in the Union Catalog were also not found in 
the files of the American Imprints Inventory. This means that nearly 8 per 
cent of the 502 copyright items, proved to have been printed and extant in 
one or more copies today, would be missed if the Union Catalog and i»he 

American Imprints Inventory were the only sources consulted. 

These twenty—four items include throe printed outside ..assaohusetts 

and two Boston imprints. Since the majority of items printed outside | 
Massachusetts and the Boston imprints were found in the American Imprints 
author file, it seems fair to include among the twenty-four the ones which 
could not be found in this source. Each of the twenty-four works is in¬ 

dicated below by its number in the transcript, tho author's name, the date 


and number of the item within each year, and tho symbol- for the library 


libraries where it v/ao found. 

40 . 



' m 

^cey 'lro the symbols. Appendix A, p. 64. 

. The American imprints 


Yr. & No. or Pub 

Iten No* 


in feaoK Yr, 

Library Location 








MB and M\YA 














Von Hagen 




Von Hagen 




Von Hagen 


















CtY-IlS and MBHa 


Howa rd 1 s 














CtY-MS and NN 


























Nott German text 








of tho Kinds of Works Copyrighted, 

by Subject and Form, 

Sinoe such a small proportion of tha works printed in Massachusetts wore 
copyrighted, it may be of bibliographical interest to analyse what works 
were thought worthy of copyright protootion. It is of course admitted tiiat 
this analysis by itself, without statistics of nil works printed, is not 
very significant. It is presented as a contribution toward further re¬ 
search, when a oomplote bibliography of Massachusetts imprints for 1800 - 
1309 becomes available. The following summary has boon made from tho in¬ 
formation oontainod in the Classified Subject Cndex to tho Ts-ansoript of 
the Copyright Entries for the Distriot Court of Massachusetts, 1800 - 1309 , 
Appendix D, p. ICS. 

Subject of the Copyright Titles 



Funeral Sermons 

Geography and Travels 
Haps and Charts 
Pilot Charts 



English Language 
Latin Language 







Juvenile Literature 



Miiscellany of Litoraturo 


Military Art 


Instruction Books 
Instrumental Music 
Gaored Music or Psalmody 
Songs and Song Books (except 
Sacrod Music) 


Political Science 

Recreative Arts 
Games and Magio 
















Subject of the Copy rig ht Tit les 




I'.apa and Charts 



oclal Soionoon 

Crino and Criminals 
Economic a 

Tables or Duties 
Rooial othios 

Money, ota 


Catoolilemn (Primers) 

Useful Arts 
Building and 
Penman o Id p 


Forms of Hutu rial 
the foregoing 
Conoral E 

Engravings and Designs 
Total ... 

(not classW U>d In 
analysis by aubjoat) 


- * 

IJmsb or 

m i •r* - 
























Subject Analysis 

The above analysis of tlio copyright titles by 

oubjeot brine® out a variety of lntorMttnK faotl, 'Dm «ub>Ob whloh la 
roproBontod by the largot niwW of oopyrl C bt tltloa la Mualo, with a 

six Items• 

Of tlilo number, fifty are aolledtione of snored muslo 

psalma eot to mus 

lo Tlio next largest field represented Lfl Tlieolofly, 

no Von 

tie a or 

Item#. Togotlior, Ilioology *ud 0»or*d Muala uouounfc for 10 V 
31 per oent of tho total. Univinr.** Study and Uton.i,urt h»y* 

Bixty-sovon titles or 19 per oont of tho total. Thuo, ono half of the 

tit las are in the fields of Religion or Religious Activity and Language 
Study and Literature, 

Analysis by Form of Material,-* Since several forms of material wore 

specifically designated as oopyrightablo, it is of interest to analyze 

..aps and Charts,- Although naps and oharts became copyrightable in 
the original law of 1790, only ten were copyrighted during the ten-year 

period under consideration. This number excludes six '‘books” each of whiol 
contained a collection of pilot charts. 

Engravings and Prints,- Tho act of April 29, 1302 extended the 

benefits of copyright to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching of 

prints. Between 1302 and 1309, however, only six engravings or designs 

were copyrighted in tho District Court of Massachusetts, 

Books,- "Books” have always boon tho subject matter of copyright# 

De Wolf defines the tom as follows* 

ThiB is a very broad class, including practically any article 
consisting of words which lias the requisite originality to be 
copyrightable and is not otherwise classifiable. The size or 
form of the work is immaterial, A single page, paragraph, or 
evon a single sentenoo may be a "book 11 ... It may bo said 
that it is the kind of authorsliip, the nature of tho faculties 
employed in the creative act, which determines the classifica¬ 
tion of the work itself. Thus a compilation of musical compo¬ 
sitions, or of engravings, is classifiable as a book under the 
copyright law, vriiere tho basiB of tho claim of copyright is 
not the music or pictures, but their collection in a certain 

During the period 1300-1009 many leaflets and pamphlets wero copy¬ 
righted as “books’' as well as bound volumes. Periodicals wero registered 

Cl, De Wolf, R. C. An outline of copyright law. 

t ol926, p, 0G-97, 


for copyright as "books" also. It is interesting to note that, although 
nusical compositions did not specifically become tho subioct matter of 
cop:,-right until February 5, 1831, sixty-six items classifiable as "husie" 
were copyrighted in the District Court of Massachusetts from 1800-1809. 
They were all registered as "books," 

School Books.- The Classified Subject Indox (Appendix D, p. 135) 
and the analysis above do not bring out tho fact that many works copy¬ 
righted were “School Books," that is, works on a variety of subjects pre¬ 
pared especially for use in schools* It v/as thought worthwhile to make a 
special analysis of this form of material* The following analysis indi¬ 
cates the number of "school books" in the various subjects represented. 

Language Study and Literature *.. 41 

Arithmetic .. •»...*•• .. 11 

Geography ...... . 8 

Penmanship . & 

Hi story. 5 

Bookkeeping. .......•••*•*.. • • 1 


Other works in the lint of copyright entries wore prepared especially! 
or incidentally, for the use of young people, but may not have been used 
as "school texts." They have therefore not been included in this analysis. 

Analysis and Interpretation of the Bibliographical Information Con¬ 
tained in tho Copyright Entries_ 

1800—1809.— In addition to tho evaluation of tho copyright records •-3 a 
source for discovering imprints, and tho analysis of tho kinds of wort™ 
copyrighted, it v/as thought worthwhile to analyze and interpret tho bib¬ 
liographical information contained in tho copyright records. For example, 
it i D pertinont to inquire into tho accuracy of the oopyright ontrloa. 

their scope, and their value as a source in establishing date of printing 
and obtaining other bibliographical information* These points are dis¬ 
cussed in the following sections. 

Evaluation of the Accuracy of the Copyright Entries.- Bibliographers 
ray inquire concerning the accuracy of the cooyright entries recorded in 
the Copyright Record Books. To determine this point each entry was copied 
exactly. As each work ms examined a comparison of the wording in the 
title was made with the wording on the title-page* In comparatively few 
cases was the wording found to be different. Thirteen changes in wording 
have been recorded in the transcript by adding in brackets the word or 
phrase omitted; or by inserting af;or tlie original wording the word or 
pnrase whic.i was different on the title-page* Eighteen spelling errors 
have been recorded by adding in brackets the spelling as found on the 

title-page. Words were often abbreviated in the copyright entries, but 
they were written in full in the transcript. 

The original capitalization and punctuation have been retained in >|| 
listing the copyright entries, except v/heri the meaning would he made 
clearer by making a change. It was thought that it would be of incidental 
interest to bibliographers to retain the original capitalization and 
punctuation found in the copyright entries* It may be observed that the 
twentieth century library custom of not capitalizing common words in tran¬ 
scribing titles for oard crtalogo is one which the early nineteenth centu- 
r 7 court clerks followed. However, there is no consistency whatsoever in 
tno capitalization used in the copyright entries* It is supposed - with- 
out any possible evidence of proof - that tho authors who submitted their 


titles for copyright in Manuscript form followed no consistent ruloo of 
punctuation. Ic was left to the pri iters who sot the title-pages bo do— 
to mine the proper capitalization and punctuation* 

The copying of the titles by the district court olerks was found to 
be essential ly accuratej and tho handwriting was very legible wi th few ex¬ 
ceptions. Since abbreviations, punctuation, and capitalization have no 
significance in correct identification of tho title, these factors may bo 
ignored in evaluating tho accuracy of tho entries. At least several of 
tho thirteen changes in wording may have been the result of revisions 
made by the author after tho title was copyrighted* file eighteen errors 

in spelling aro minor. 

Scope of tho Transcript of the Copyright Kntries for tho District 
Court of h Rosnchusetts, 1800-1809, in regard to Authors, Places of Print¬ 
ing, and Dates.- Because of tho peculiarities of the copyright lavr 'which 
have already been explained, the scope of the transcript considered as a 
biblioi raohy is somewhat broader than it appears to be from its title, 
for example, because of the possible discrepancy between copyright date 
and publication date, vrhioh is analyzed below, one work was actually 
printed in 1799 and four bear tho imprint date 1810. 

Since tho lav/ required only that the copyright claimant be a resident 

vrithin tho jurisdiction of the district court in which ho filed the claim. 

some wo rk s oopyr5.ghtod in tho District Court of Massachusetts wore printed 
outside Massachusetts. The transcript of the copyright entries is not 
strictly, therefore, a bibliography of Massachusetts imprints. 

Of the b02 itone examined whoso place of printing is known, twenty 



wore printed outside Massachusetts; fourteen in Nov/ Hampshire (nine in 

Exeter; two in Amherst; one each in Concord, Portsmouth, and Walpole); 

two in Rhode Island (Providence) 3 and two in Hew York (one each in Albany, 

and New York City); one in Maine (Portland); and one in New Jersey 

Since the copyright claimant need not be the author, it follows that 
vrorcs could be copyrighted in the District Court of Massachusetts which 

written by authors residing elsewhere and oven by foreign authors. 

provided the copyright claimant were a resident within the jurisdiction of 
the District Court. Ho exact figures have boon compiled to show to what 
extent the works were actually the product of authors rosiding in Massa¬ 
chusetts* No doubt the majority were. This observation is especially 
important to bibliographers who may use the copyright entries in compiling 
llocal or regional bibliographies* 

Kinds of Bibliographical Information Included in the Copyright Pan¬ 
tries*- Bibliographers may expoot to find the following bibliographical 
information for each entry: 

1. The full date of the copyright registration, expressed as a 
particular day of the month in a certain year of the Independence of the 
United States* 



with 111 3 dfl 8 ignation 

author or proprietor. 

3, Tho designation of the title ao a map, chart, engraving or book. 
Cc. The titlo of tho work, including abatement of edition and tho 
quotatione, if «ny, oopiod in full ae given on tlio titlo-page. 


fi # The author f s name copied as found on the title-page, with his 
position, degrees, affiliations, other works written, etc* if tlus infor¬ 
mation lias been included on the title-page. 

Interpretation of the Copyright Date,- In order to evaluate the use 

of the copyright date as a possible substitute for the imprint date, sev¬ 

eral facts must be interpreted. 

During the period 1800—1809 the copyright date was expressed 

as a 

particular year of the Independence of 

United States rather than a 

particular calendar year. An understanding of the method of reckoning tne 
year of Independence of the United States is necessary in order to inter¬ 
pret the copyright date correctly. (Seo the section on Procedure, p. 2J» 
for the table which the writer compiled.) Examination of several ox «he 
works included in this investigation revealed that the copyright dates 
and approximate dates of printing had been erroneously assigned by cata¬ 
logs and bibliographers because it was not understood that the beginning 

of each year of independence is July 4, and not January 1. 

Analysis of the Discrepancy between Copyright Date and Known 


sTlhUlTZIlg L'Sl'W* J 

of th. titlo (o=l,) publication of the »or* no. on, of the Condi- 

tion. of copyright. It therefore foiled that the WW - 

. on . dot. protlou. to tholr printing date. Th. Intorrol 

were copyrigirtc^ on a 1 

- 4 possible to determine when they both fall within the 

between bho bwo is ivspos -• ; hBBK 


same calendar year a* iU 

icnnvrighted the latter part of a particular 
If, however, the title was copyrig 

„ortc boor. OB imprint duto of tho no* o.l.ndor 

yc&r, in many cases Due 


for the 
On tha 

year following tho calendar year in which they were copyrighted. 

other lmnd, copyrignt protection \ms sometimes scoured alter tho work v/tie 

printed, contrary to the intent of the law. Among tho 3^3 copyright 

titles, ten works were found to boar an imprint date ono year provloiia to 
the year dato of copyright. 

Value of Using the Original Copyright Entry in Establishing tho 
Approximate Date of Printing*- Although the copyright dato la usually 
previous to the dato of printing, reference to tho original copyright an- 
try has special value for bibliographers when tho printed v/ori: includes no 
evidence of its publication date. Of tho 302 items examined, thirty-six 
did not include tho date of printingj and twenty-three of tills number 
lacked also the copyright date. This noons that the original copyright 
entry would be an important sourco to use in determining tho upproximfit© 
date of printing for nearly 8 per cent of the 302 items examined. Thir¬ 
teen of the thirty-six items which lacked the date of printing included 
the complete copyright notice or at loast tho ciate of the copyright 


Since the act of April 29, 1802 added the requirement that the 
notice of copyright be inserted nt full-lenstl, in the ™ri= it *(M >» 


after 1802. 

It «t found, honsever, that this provision of the law 


example, eighteen of tho twenty 


1009 . 


_ ___ 86 

Value of Using the Department of State liocords in EatabHaliing tho 
Approximate Date of Printing.- Of tho eighty-two works deposited at tho 
Department of State, sixty—four, or 7G per cent, wore received within ulx 
months of tno da’oe of c opyright » Tho .aw required deposit within six 
months of the date of publication. Although it is impossible to ’enow 
aotly how many of tho remaining eighteen works woro deposited in oompl i- 
ance with this law, since the month of publication within a year is not 
usually given, only six obviously wore not. They reached tho Department 
of State from sovon months to sovon years (0 nftor tho year date jof print¬ 
ing, Seventy-six of the eighty-two works (or 93 per cent) wore roooivod 
by the Department of Stnto either within six months of bhe date of copy¬ 
right or within six months of the dato of printing. It may bo npnumad, 
therefore, that an approximate date of printing may bo dotonainod, when 
tho date is unknown, by reckoning that it will fall within six months pre¬ 
vious to the deposit of the printed work. 

Among the eighty-two works deposited at the Department of State, 
three were undated. The first work, Story (No, 9) was copyrighted May 21, 
1800 and deposited at the Department oC State July 12, 1800, This mu 
obviously, then, printed in 1800 between May and July, Tho second work. 
Churchman (No, 26) was oopyrighted January 14, 1801 and deposited November 
18, 1001. It is safe, therefore, to establish the dato of printing ao \ 

1801. The third itom, Tho Fi£br*s Companion No, 1 (No. 153) way oopy¬ 
righted May 24, 1805 and deposited March 25, 1806, This mu probably 
printed in 1805. 

Value of Using tho Original Copyright Entry in place of the Copyright 


jjotioc in the Work.- As e&oh work v/as examined a record rna made concern- 
ing the notice of copyright. Until the act of April 23, 1802, no notice 
v/&s required. However, such phrases as n Copy right Secured^ 11 !I Copy Right 

secured according to Act of Congress;” ’’Published according to Act of 
Congress; Copy rights secured according to law;’ 1 tl Published agreeably to 
Act of Congress’ 1 were used on the title-page or on its verso. These ex¬ 
pressions continued to be used in place of the legal requirement for the 
full notice of copyright registration in many cases during the period 
under consideration. Fifty-four works copyrighted between May, 1802, and 
December 51, 1809, were found to have this indefinite notice of copyrights , 
others contained no notice of any kind. Reference to the original copy— 

right, entries is therefore necessary to obtain complete copyright infor¬ 
ms, ti on . 

Some attention was paid to dote raining the accuracy of the copyright 
notices when they appeared in full in the printed works* Of 126 copyright j 
notices examined, fourteen, or 11 per cent, did not agree with the oidg- 
inal copyright entry. Owing to typographical error or misunderstanding 
of the date of the registration, the discrepancies varied from one to ten 
^8, except for three notices in which the year of independence di ffered 
ty one year. Although the discrepancies noted are minor, reference to 
cne original copyright entries provides the safest source for accurate 
°°pyright information* 

Value of the Original Copyright Entry to Obtain Bibliographical 
information Not Found in the Printed Work*- In addition to tire uue of the 
°niginai copyright entry as a means of establishing tho approximate date I 


of printing, there are other mys in which the copyright entries nay have 

value as a bibliographical source 

Among the copyright items 


the course of this investiga 


badly mutilated copy in which part of th 


well as the 

date could be supplied by reference to the copyright entry* One copy only 
was found for Item 72 and that lacked the title-page* Again reference to 
the copyright entry v/ould bo the moons of supplying the imprint informa¬ 
tion, as well as the complete title. In the case of Item 293 tho only 
copy located had a mutilated title-page* The copyright entry would supply 
for this book the complete title and the date* 


examined wore issued anonymously, or 

pseudonymously. The copyright proprietor, in such cases, usually proved 
to be the author or compiler, "Whenever there is doubt in regard to au¬ 
thorship, the copyright entry may supply the needed information, Exanples 
which luxy bo cited from this transcript aro tho following items: 79, 108, 

150, 152, and 231* 

2 <t l Q 0 f interest also to know at least who ?/as responsible for tho 
publication and distribution of an anonymous work, even if the authorship 
is not known* The names of the proprietors supply this information in 
Item* 92 118 147, 153, 163, 180, 205, 255, 256, 260, 267 , 269, 521, 325. 

9 ' 0 * 

The mine of the copyright proprietor is one item of bibliographical 

information v/hioh cannot be found in any other bibliographical 


ormation nay serve several purposes 

may identify the rae o 

Mh ffn the work doea not aupply the name. For 

r * * * ' f 


' '.aAtwattcr. of the printer is riven for Item 518. The proprio 

MM '.9 ;-;ivon la the copyright ontrv as Ephraim C. Beals vrho is 

*Mps» to bo a yr inter (see .tow Ct‘2), Ths aotivitlea of little known 

pr'.stsrs, pros SOS. or publishers ussy be gleaned from a study of tho copy 1 

* m v * 

' ** a * la V’ 

* &• £ * Althou,y v n eo ip 1 ©t s a: a ly s i s of tho copyr ight pro nri e 

tors has Mt bwa nade to shew how this information could be usod as ft 

’' tributioai to t ho s i cry of printing and publishing, the following in- 

' * - <■ - : o ccpyri t propri ctors were t 

V. 1 


A .... - _ 




Authors ^vrho called themselves 

"rrorrvos or? ,l 


Publishers or 3ooksollors 
Re la tires o;' Authors 
^ pons o:*i ng 0 rgnni s&tl on 

o ■- s , . . a tie:: s hi p t o i to rk 


Total . 







* ♦ 

« 4 

c hi 

d ei ~hty titles were copyrighted by the authors, who in 
hirt;^-seven oases chose to be designated as the "proprietor” instead of 

*he "author*'* Oam hundred thirty*-five titles were copyrighted by the 
publisher, bookseller, or printer of the \tork« These copyright proprio- 
are of special interest in connection with the study of tho history 
of local presses, publishing, and bookselling practices* 




The analysis and interpretation of tho copyright records for tho 
District Court of Massachusetts, 1800-18G9, have shown that tho oopyright 
entries have sxgnifioonoe for bibliographers and may bti used for a variety 
of purposee* In spit© of tho fact that loss tlian one-tenth of tho Mnsau— 
chusetts imprints for tho 1800—1800 period wore copyrighted, it is possible 
to find, by means of tho copyright entries, published works which tiro not 
listed in two of tho basic bibliographical courooc for a general blbllag- 
raphy of nineteenth century imprints, that is, the Union Catalog at tho 
Library of Congress and tho filos of tho American Imprints Inventory* jBlj 

Although some titlos wore copyrighted which wore never printod, it 
is of bibliographical and cultural interest to know what ideas were formu¬ 
lated in the minds of authors whioli did not reach tho n pr.inter , s stick.” 

Of tho 343 copyright titles, 302 v/oro located and examined as printed 
work s» 

The bibliographical importance of a supplementary copyright record 
the ^Registers of Copyrights Roooivod at the Department of Statu,*' wus 
shown. It is useful to provo that the work was printed when no copy ie 


now extant and also to aid in establishing tho approximate date of print¬ 

Tho analysis of tho copyright entries further showed that approxi¬ 
mately one-half of tho titloe copyrighted wore in the fields of religion 
language, and literature. There wore seventy-two sohcol books copy righted 

an d uixty-six items classifiable as music. Uibliographoru in thou© flolds 
would find tho copyright reoords especially useful* 


It was found that bibliographers may rely upon Llm essential aooura 
ay of thl tepyrlght entries mul Curtlwnno re use thorn In establish* ng the 

approximate date of printing whom no oino As given In the work, However, 
it la necessary to understand the possible discrepancy between the oopy- 
right date and the Imprint data. The copyright proprietor*! name in tlie 
oopyright entry may identify* tho author, printer, or publisher* Further— 
more, a study of the copyright proprietors may bo woeful In bracing the 
activities of printoro, presucta, pub] Uihara, and booksellers* TJ10 copy¬ 
right entries for tho District Court; n i niotaohuBotti rovsalod the fact 
that soma titlos copyrighted wore printed outside Maormoluir etta and that 

not all authors wore real dent a of the state* 

On the basis of tho data gathered caul the analyses and interpreta¬ 
tions i:vido, it ic 00310luded that tho copyright ontrlou vrould a id in a 
variety of ways in bibliographical Undertakings relating to nineteenth 
century imprints. By compiling a transcript of tho copyright entries for 
tho District Court of Massachusetts whioh Included a comparison of the 
title with the publinhod work, It wiu poonlb).* to iiliow (l) t.lmt, clvon tho 
author mid oopyrlftht tltl* iuim work* oould b* found which have hithorto 
b**n unrecorded outoldo h; r. I r own loor.Umi, uml ( 2 ) that oortaln bibllo- 
t'.mpliioal information oould bo OOBtrlbutod by rWWlf of th. OOpyW K hb 



Tlxlo invootigation Indian too ilml; tho copyright rooordo of tho vn — 
rlouB district courts and all tho other copyright rooorda prior to 1870 
should be used no a oupplei > >ntary bibliographical uouroe In the oomplla- 
tiou of a nonoral bibliography of Amur loan imprints to t‘111 b) to gap bo- 
twoon Kvanand tho American Catalogu e 5 * 5 which started in 1876* The re¬ 
sumption of editing and publication oX' tho finer loan Imprint® Inventory 
iLcld notes by tho bibliographical Sooioty of America will result in a 
series of checklists of imprints in tho various slates, to bo known under 

tho collective title of Diblio 

o f Amo rj 01 u x Imp r i nt s 


Thie project 

of tho Bibllographloal Sooioty of America is encouraging as a step toward 
fi llLng the hiatus In American bibliography# However, bo ignore tho copy¬ 
right rooorde i n this undertaking io to ignore one of the moat valuable 
sources tlint could bo unod to fill tho gup in nineteenth century bibllor- 

Or B 


All bibliographer h of regional imprints should X'lnd tho copyright 
records of particular into rout, ospoaially for certain types of works 
which arc not normally recorded in library catalogs* 

bibliographers ol' apodal aubjoote or forrne of mtorlal will find 
search of tho copyright entries productive of uuah information not other¬ 
wise available. Sven though they may find entries for tit lea which wore 
novor printed, yut tho act; of copyrighting tho titles indlontou iuv 



68 * 


Op* oit* 

American catalogue • »# of books in 
Bibliographical soolety of Amerion 

print *•« July 
Op* oit* p* 


6 . 

1076 , 

intention to publish irtiioh i 3 

Further rosoarch nea^is + ^ Vr* 4 . 

aBUS^tt w im to prove tne value or the 00 

right records. For exar.plo, studies 

•^tht be 

» 1 v* ■> 

to prove the usefulnes 

of tlis records as a source f 




. : t hi stow of the 

* 'W 

UKtion) as a souroe for indicating the trmds in literary and artiertio 
production; and as a source for analysing the subject natter of copyright 


crying need, however, is to h 

* a 

-ho oop;Tigr*t 


nately accessible, through their publication or V 

^soriiifci oa 

on cards in a file which will bo centrally 


located for use hv biblio 



Th* description of vho copyright entries in the Copyright Reoord 
Boo’cs for the District Court of Massachusetts, as given in the section on 
Procedure, indicates the peculiarities of form and the scope of biblio- 
graphical information included. For the Transoript of the Copyright Kn- 
tries for tho District Court of Massachusetts, 1800-1809, which follows I 
| in Appendix B, it was necos sary to devise a form of entry suitable for con¬ 
veying the special 'formation found in the copyright entry and to pro— 

v ide I or tho additional bibliographical information obtained from other 


sources* The various parts of each entry in the transcript are explained 




Number in Brackets at Left Margin,- The items have been numbered 

I Sw.y / * ‘ 

oonsooutively from 1 to 342* 

Copyright Date *- In order to save space, the record of the date of ! 
C0 Pyright lias not been copied completely* The top line of the heading for 
each entry records, in abbreviated form, tho day, month, and year of Inde- j 
pondence of the Uni ted States in which tho title given immediately below 

^8 deposited for copyright, thuss 
I c* 14 Jan*, 24th yr. of Ind. 

At the right of t!ds information is found the calendar year. Each iton 

h uu been nunbnred oonaeoutively within each calendar year, thus* 1800 - 1 

* J 

1§Q0 — 2, otc* It must be understood that in any on© calendar year tho 
number of tho year of Independence changes after July 4. An explanation 

q£ the mothod of reckoning the cale ntl year when the year of independence . 
only Is known io given in the section on Procedure, p. 21. | 

C l^mnt»- The second lino of tho ho ad inf; is used for the 
nano of tho copyright claimant who deposited tho titlo, tho copyright of 
which ho claimed ao "Author” or "Proprietor.” Tho "claimant” or "deposi¬ 
tor may bo an individual or a firm or socloty. The "Proprietor" rep¬ 
resents tho individual or firm who has assumed a "proprietary interest" in 
tho titlo ontorod for copyright. 

_C1ia motorization of tho Titlo Deposited . - l5aoh entry in tho copy¬ 
right bool; do si gnat go tho titlo as a "Book," "Chart," "Map, " etc. Sine© 
moot of bi tilloG dopooitod for oopyright in this period v/oro designated 
ao books, thio fact han boon omitted. However, if tho titlo has been en¬ 
cored as a "Chart," ft Map, 11 or "Kngraving," the appropriate designation 
ime boon included immediately following tho name of the copyright claimant. 

Author Heading .- Tho copyright ontry in the copyright record books 
■noludoo no ouch heading. To conform to conventional practice in bibliog¬ 
raphy and to make identification of titles easier, ontry has boon made 
under author. Thin heading has been determined by uso of library catalogs 
and bibliographies* In a few cases, the conventional practice of entry of 
adaptations, abridgments, and translations, under the original author has 
Wn vlolutod, in order to givo credit to tho person primarily responsible 
t'or tho work for which ho claimed copyright. 

Title.- liaoh titlo liaa boon copied oesontially as found in the copy- 
rtght record book. The original punctuation and capitalization havo boon 
detained, exoopt whero changes vrere necessary to make the meaning olear* 


Histshee ir. spelling and wording, found by examination of the title-pages 

I of the ncrhOj, have boor, indicr.tod by placing tho corrected mttor in 
brackets. Quotations included in the ont ry are no rely indicated oy using 
tha tern "Quotation," 

Ir.print .- Following tho title is tho inprint information and any 
othor pertinont bibliographical facts found in tho wor: itself. The in¬ 
print has been copied exactly as fotind on the title-page, except hr "or.e 
or.lssions, Tho symbol in: .ed lately preood.r" the inprint stands for tho 

library in whioh the work vms exanined. 

Copyright Notice,- The wording of the copyright notice in tho work 

has been retained. If tho wording a roc a wit - original copyright 

entry, the note following tho lspr.-t reads Copyright notioe as above." 

I If tho notice appeared on tho title-page preceding the imprint, it pro— 

cedcc the imprint information given in t w cr.tiy. 

Explanation of tho sources ho tod Below the Imprint .- It has been 

ermlairrd in the sootion on Procedure tha- no a^-e-ipk. '.u3 ade to locate 

all copies of the oop;-right titles, and that tho 11 stir- of the libraries 

where conies nay be located is not intended to bo complete or conprehen- 

» * * * * 

sive. The symbols used to stand for the libraries where copies nay be 
found correspond to those used by tho Library of Congress Union Catalog 
and the American Inprints Inventory. The list ollowss 


CtY-I'S . .Yale University. School of Ihisic Library, hew Haven, Conn, 
rirt Tin rarv of Congress, hashing ton, D. ~« 

U.’lassaohueetts State Library, Boston. 

V3 ......Boston Publio Library, Boston. 

KBit ....Boston Athenaeum, Boston. ^ 

,f 52a ^arvrrd Husical Association Library, ooston. 

i Historical Society, Dedham, Bees. 



11 + 

• « f « 

UH-AH . 

.ilnrrard Univorai fcy # Li b i*a ry , Onml/rlfif'u, Mans, 

*Andover-llarvard Theological flemlnary, Oiu<il»ridi®| Waaa* 

MTVrid • T • Hftrv ifctnl ^nivnrBlty, Lduon 1,1 <m roxbhook Clo 1 leo 5 ll 

Cambridge, Lines, 

T-L . • •, Uanm rd lluivarsi ty, Iaw 


bn* i 

t t 

<!* ‘M’t.tfO, 

I I 

i* w w | 

» • I 

■ Pas ,.. 

^ O' 

J I 

I • • « 

MeB mi 
KH . 

' T _ 

nuns ... 


TxT T . 

* * * 

ft « 


Historical doolnty. Boston, 

.Kssrx Iiifttltuintj Malang huh# 

.American Antiquarian Sooloty, V*oro««h»tr, > ass* 

• ikwiloln Collof'o Library, brunswloh, l <*, 

Mow York Publio Library, I/ew York, 

•Haw York "oolcty I-il*rmi^ # )1 «h Vurk, 

•University or Uouhttaber, hi%i|ti mu hnhooL • • i iMueto Ltbim , 

Rooho u t<* r, N, Y, 

•Western Ifeuorvo Historical Looloby, (;L«*volend, Ohio, 

•drown Unlvorsity, John May Library, /mvl deuce, li, t, 

• John Carter Brown Library, Providence, it. L, 

.University of Texas Library. Austin. f«K« 

Bibliographical ftouroos 
A,T,I, Author flirt, 

Filo of Massachusetts imprinto and other Imprint* found In Max a a- 
ohusotta libraries, arranged alpliabetloally by author j prepared by the 
Amorioan Imprints Inventory Projoot for Massachusetts (under the direst t 
of the Service * vision of tlio Work Pro Jolty Ad linietmtMn), n u now 
loorted at the Laaortohusatta Btatu Library (ibid). 

I 4 * 

A#I*I, Lines, imprints, 1001. 

Work projects ad:.ilnlstr«tin .. ‘.irviuu dlvlglen t The 
inventory project. Ho. 40t a checklist of MaBliOhUMttl 
Boston, 1912. 157 p. 

Prepared by tho Anerloon Imprints Inventory i r<»Jout 
fros material furnished by tho Hictorloal Uncords Hurvay 

A ier i • v«v i l nil I* 1111 si 

Imprints, Mol, 

for Maaimohuxebbl 
lu ni \ ih u M ( H i 

l«hl, Laeo, imprints, 1002. 

Work projects administration* fiorvlo* division, tho 
-> ve tii-y project. Lo. -I8i u olioukllnt of I a isuohtutuhta 

1LU p. 

Aiberiowit imprint* 

&>aton # 1942. 

ii• m ut 


tee, ods. 

One of the purposes of tho • rlmm liippiiiti Inventor, p l< .t_,.i 

r * # j 4 • Mjouy lv| f 

wassaohusetts was to propujtj m.d publish oheokllftts of Uassaohusetbs i 

prints fra* 1001 through 1010, Cheakllsts for the years Mol and 1M| 
been published, TJ-o file of Wassaohusetts 1 iprlnts fin, k l io.’i i. 

1 S1 10 i§ in manusoript fora on oi is snd slips arranged alpW loaliv 
*«thor under eaoh year. File now loot ted at tlie Massaehuset ts State ^ 

farnry (1U4S). 


s, ods, ( Boetoit) 
Beparate file of the t kioton 
i-lcally under eaoh year. MOB# 

imprints iu nanussrlpt at reused alptxa# 


. quart rv; 

. ", ,>.» ’ that 

muniIdrtpt ,U1%M for 1800 JUruMutu, t.^.io.l 

l< '* ' ' ' T "*a touted tliii i ui- ' ‘ 1 )to 

* u ' " #0 ^ ttl oopyrl;ht taiml hookt)* 

at hh© Awex 

O >}v r l ■ ;h l 

"I.ljt of j«oka or nurtd nualo prints, t , the United .MaU*# from 

. ‘ .?* ^ Mitioalr. A typed MMtoi?r»i'!iv looatod 

> -\Monn Antiquarian , TihaniV f , V , . 

l ' J i * u k oox^Tiy 11P43J, Looatlcm« included, 


"is^rlj' American ohll,han't A.S.1V. Rooonlmoh. 1933. 



”Plotl onar\ 


t'aoh t U hi \wn 

cmtn k in "ft* Mu* 

o f hooka tv* 

up In w $aM 

In j* 

; to Anerloa by Joseph fUibln «•« 

If found ere* tho number of thl 

St&u ffer. 

M <V. ic'rtonu 

om.rswor* upon oopper end ntaol," by David UaNeely Stauff,* 

Tup! f*y. 

M by Harriot Sylveater Taploy. 1»J27 


oontainod a a mo ll.lht'.v 


Union liat of Boriala, 

n liat oi 

Catalog. In the Library tu won, vrtUoJv in 1941 
o«rd« representing tho collections of many 

d od, 1943 

Uopoaitod Dopt • of Stntet. 

Thn Ponartmont of State Pop,tutor 
onroliod to ooo whether tho 

of - 

aooording to law, 

uopoait of the printed work la noted. 

«** ' vts S®Mivtd (Volume 1) 
ff ht «,u Wro deposited at the ' 

i they 

un-o, thu d 

of the 

A complete liat oi’ tho oouroou used in tho oompilatlon of the 
•orlpt of tho Copyricht Bntrloa will bo found In Appendix £ 

^ a 





f l 5 c* 14 Jan., 24th yr. of Ind. 1800 - 1 

By Thomas Paine, as Author 

Paine, Thomas. (Aftorward, Paine, Robert Treat, 1773-1811) 

An eulogy on the Life of General George Washington who died at Mount 
Vernon, December 14, 1799 in the sixty ninth year of his Age* 'written 
at the request of the Citizens of Newburyport and delivered at the first 
Presbiterian fPresbyterianj Meeting House in that Town, January 2nd 1000 
By Thomas Paine, A.11. 

HNs Printed at Newburyport, by Edmund M. Blunt, 1800, 

DLC, Mil, MHi, MSaE, MWA, 

Union catalog. 

A,I,I. Author file. 

Evansi 176th Mass, copyright. 

Sabin: 58199* 

f2j c, 18 Jan., 24th yr. of Ind. 1800 - 2 

By Barnard B* Macanulty, as Proprietor 

Biglow, Y/illiam. 

The Child’s Library, Part first; containing Lessons for spoiling and 
reading, stops & marks, numbers, &c. By William Biglow, 

KSaE: Salem* Printed by Joshua Cushing. 1800, Sold at the Book Stores 

of T. C. Cushing, and B. B. Maoanulty. 

A,I,I, Author file, 

Evans; 177th Mass, copyright. 

Deposited Dept, of State, July 1, 1000. 

r3j c. 21 Jan., 24th yr. of Ind. 1800 - 3 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Author 

Hblyoke, Samuel. 

llark! from the Tombs, &o. and Beneath the Honors, &o. adapted from 
Watts, and set to music. By Samuel Holyoke, A.M. Performed at 
Newburyport 2d January, 1800; the day on which the Citizens unitedly 

their unbounded veneration for the memory of our beloved 
m ' Copyright secured. Exeter fN.H.j Printed by H. Runlet ( n.d 0 


lktoalf # 

D fJon catalog, 
g* 1 * 1 * Author file. 

J »&n8: 178th Mass, copyright. 


t 4 > 

o, 25 Jan,, 24th yr. of IncI 
By Solomon Hone, as Author 

1800 - 4 

i:, .As 

By Andrew Virights “ For the 

jlovjo, Solomon. 

The l'orshippcr's Assistant. Containing the rules of Music, and a 
variety of easy and plain psalm tunes; adapted to the weakest capacities, 
and designed xor extonsxve utility, as an Introduction to more critical 
an d curious Music. By Solomon Ilowo, 

Copy Right secured according to Act of Congress. Printed, typo¬ 
graphically, at Northampton, Mass. 

Author. Sold by him ... 1799, 

Preface dated Greenwich, Mass. Feb. 14, 1799. 



Union cat alog. 

A.I.I. Author file. 

Evnnsi 179th Mass, copyright, (v. 12, 35643) 

Deposited Dept* of State, Sept, 20, 1800* 

f5 j 

c, 3 liar., 24th yr. of Ind. 

Bv John Russell, as Proprietor 

1800 - 5 

Russell, John Miller, 

Washington 1 s Political Legacies, to vtfiich is added an appendix contain¬ 
ing an account of his Illness, Death, and the national tributes of respect 
paid to his menory, 'with a Biographical Outline of his liie and character, 
]j\'i A funeral oration on General Georg© Washington# By John filler idis— 
cell Esa * Boston, Printed by John Russell, for Joseph Rancrede. 


A different title, but probably it is the work which was deposited 
for copyright under a dixferent oible* 


Union catalog, 

A.I,I. Author file. 

Evans; 180th Mass* copyright, 
abint 74348. 



t G i 

c. 25 Mar., 24th yr. of Ind. 
u.r f!11n vO nft Pm Surrnor. as Aut 

1800 - 6 

•^urnnor, Charlos Pinckney* . . 

Eulogy on tta Illustrious Boor,™ v.nshin c ton pronouno.d ut Hilton, 

tuonty sooond of February, 1800. By Otari.. Plnoknoy Swam, 

Dedliamt Printed by H. Mann. 1000, 

Medication dated Iiilton, 11 Maro , • 

Jj w . M, MB, iiBAt, m, NN. 

,, nion catalog. 

^ v &na» la let Maes. oopy light. 

‘^Mnt 93693. 

^®P°sited Uept. of State, May 1» 1600. 



, 01 M*t%, M l till yr. nr Lml H 

n»M»l |l, Mnoimll I t,y 9 (in |Topi"lolrt»l" 

I il(K) •- 7 

•i [ i \ ovv . U' t M mil, 

fl\t* pUtM 1 * I.Hmhi'v 

I'll * tl U» 'It t-IVl II I l If-' ft Kt> 1nil 111 • Ml of 1 Mil II O/l D 

II. .fill 11 bOCOM 

(\m njH'V l to , v omit 

vi«- unit upon 

tit - tty 

\i \ 1 11am lll| lnw. 

U1-, J * to'-H t’l' l utn* 

it 1*\ jHhUntv 

rviatit m 

lllOO* Hold Itl 

0(‘ T, d* v'urthtHff, mivt It* 

It, Muimuu 1 ty, 

l! *M Maaii* 

Oi»p\ v 1 1 M , 

|V'nv|t t io\t t'vUpti, oi' 

1 1 1 1 ti 1 1 ^ Jnt v 

l, lMOO, 


o, ti Apr, 

, i! t tih y t , 

or ttvd* 

{P * ‘ 1 o ha o l 

\Krt Irtll, mi 


Vat pH, VdotmoU 



\ wt'\\ i ot‘ Minvmibtlo ArlUimuMu mUtpi.od tin tllio Comumroo oi trip 

V Hint Pinion t H \tw iVtM t lo 11 { to iv ml l\ v t'fi l j"u l iv t I Mini• With Jo ruin oi 
Amvimia nuvt oil. v* wrltlupn ununlly muunrlngj tu Irmto* Dy Wlolinol Wftlah 

T.Vulmi yi'su t i tvintmt by iMmuml iL Mlimti (I'roprlft'bor) fcold l>y tit m, 

‘ o. Jt M mTi*-; t iMpt , runl b\ ( h«» prtimtpnl llooUmi Horn to t-11« Uultod 

lUat O* , li^Ol « 

p,.< <Wo dated January l, 1001 p Nowlmryporl.. Itoaommcmdittloitn dtvi -.i 



l,Ot*M it MU* 

X 9 lUlK), 

\ t nV'' ou t a to r,* 

Uann, 1 wijirt ut w, MOll l ttdd* 

Kyaivui ltU\l Matin, oopy r tf .t‘ l * Ulvon Imprint vlnt.c* 

tiOUl* f** tv PH* 

Pawwitod root, of NtatP, May 4, XOO'U 

I'rtOordrUt . 

ao lllOO, hub 

no loon- 

t 11 * 


I I 
L 1 V 

3 ’l Pfiv *MUi yr* of l nit 

jo iHi'ti Siorv, a« Autmor 

U100 - 0 

Story, Jo up plu 

th» iv> ,■,• .<(' ••inihio, •> lu , |,W1 ' 

■ Ronton, IVlnUnl I'.V ■ 1 

MHi „ 

1 * 

natal op* 

A, V. \ , Au thor (H lo * 

Kviui 104th tin***. oopyi if h k* 


‘‘Ppoil* tied iVptl, of 




■ * 

y.tato, vf\i ly l 

\ * 


l UK) 



a, «« M*y, Mtlv y >•. I' 1 ' l "' 1- 

Rut hnnnoJ Kwmnnii, ■»" Aiil.lio* 

vh : l.ory 

WOO - 10 

v Kntlimnifl . ..-luolulon mill Uootrlu«« oO l'nm Moll pi on, 

JfiMani on ,i»uo of M‘«* ' ' " ' oimi-Oh Vm PrunVcUn, ItoM. 

K»< Uni no) Ki<vion* ( I'. **“ ’’ , M . Wroulilmm, llmm. IVluttni by 

lr,.vU.l,*d woorMin,: «» »< 0, "" l , 1 

H«th«nl*l mid honjMdn IU*«fcon, 1,1 • 


MH-AH, MH1. 

Union catalog. 

A.1.1* Author file. 

Evan 01 IS5th Maos. copyright. 

Deposited Dept, of ftato, Aug. 14, 1800. 

o* 31 May, 24th yr, of Xnd. 1800 — 11 

By Jonathan Leavitt, as Author 

Leavitt, Jonathan. 

A ooncico view of the now Covenant under the Adonic, Abmhanio or 
Mosaic, and Christian Institutions, in four Sermons on Phi t 2d, 12th, 
loth, am two addroHGOG to tho Church in heath; in which aro pointed 
out the true door of Entrance into the Christian Church; tho churches 
fchurch's) duty to all hor Honbers and tho oseential and funda'.ontal 
duties, both of opinion and practice, of pure Christianity; and exposing 
some Errors, both in faith and practice, which, at thie day, are very prev¬ 
alent among nominal Christians; and is calculated for tho use and bonofit 
of Heads of families and other pious professions of tho Oospel of Christ. 

To which v/ill bo addod a discourse upon 1st Thoasi 5th, 9th shewing Divine 
Grace to be free, but sovereign. iy tho Rev. Jonathan Loavitt, A.U. 

M31 A concise vie?/ of tho now covenant; tho church 1 s duty; and of divine 
appointment, or doc roes. Printed at ’Jorthampton, Haas. By Andrew 
Wright. 1801. 

Tho copyright title entry is included in this wor'c under Contents in 
approximately the some words, p. fill -iv,. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Maso. imprints, 1801j Tten 160. Locations recorded. 

Evans* 186th Mass, copyright* Northampton, A. Butler, 1800? 1 o locations 


f 12j o. 12 June, 24th yr, of Ind. 1800 - 12 

By R. Fields, as Author 

Fields, R. 

A practical Treatise upon the Bunlrrupt Law oi tno United State 
R. Fields, Attorney at Law. 

Dili Boston* Printod by >• Ldes & Son. 1->0J. Copy right ^ooured. 
Advertisement voroo titlo-pago dated May ol, 1300. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Author filo. 

Evans* 187th Mass, copyright. 

Sabin* 24302. 




c. 22 July, 25th yr. of Ind. 

By Thomas Pike Lathy, as Author 

1000 - 13 

*thy, Thomas Pike. 

Reparation; or, the School 
Jts, By Thomas Pike Lathy. 

for Libertines. A Dramatic Piece in three 

fiAt As performed at 
for tho benefit 

DEC, MB, MH, Mitt, NK. 

Union catalog. 

the Boston theatre with groat applause, 
of tho author. Boston, Printed by John 



A,1.1. Author file. 

Evansi 188th Mass, copyright. 

o, 14 Aug*, 25th yr. of Ind. 

By iGtiiah Thomas & Ebonezor T. 
Andrews, as Proprietors 

1000 - 14 

Alexander, Caleb. 

The Columbian Biotionary of tho English language in which many now 
words peculiar to tho United States and many words of gonoral uso not 
found in any other English Dictionary aro inserted. The words aro divide 
as they are pronounced, and aaoh word is aooontod according to tho most 
approved Authors and Speakers; with abbreviations used to denote each part 
of Speech. All tho irregular verbs are properly arranged and made plain 
to the render. The whole is calculated to assist foreigners in acquiring 
a just pronunciation of tho English language; and to be used as a School 
Book, by any who wish to study tho Languago grammatically* To which is 
prefixed a Prosodial Grammar containing a short dissertation on Vowels 
i and Consonants. To tho v/hole is added Heathen Mythology; or, a Classical 
! pronouncing Dictionary. By Caleb Alexander, A.M. 

I MW A i Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Boston, by 
j Isaiah Thomas & Ebonozor T. Andrews... Aug. 1800* 


|Union catalog. 

A.1,1. Hass, imprints, 1801i Item 325. Record of newspaper advertisement 


Evans: 189th Mass, copyright. 

J Deposited Dept, of State, Sept, 10, 1800. 

f 15j c. 30 Aug., 25th yr. of Ind. 1800 - 15 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Author 

Holyoke, Samuel. 

The Instrumental Assistant, containing instructions for tho Violin, 

Ceman-flute, Clarionett, Bass-Viol, and Hautboy, compiled from late 
European publications. Also a Selection of favourite Airs, Marches, &o. 
Progressively arranged and adapted for tho uco of learners. By Samuel 
Holyoke, A.M. 

MWA: Published according to Act of Congress. Volume I. Printed at 

Exotor, If.II. by Ii. Ranlet, and Sold at his Book-Store - Sold al ao 
by most of the Books©,.. 1 .lore in tho United States, ^n.d.j 


I/n8s. imprints, 1801: Item 357. Record oi now paper advertisement 



Kvmin i 


190th Maes* copyright. 

Newburyport, Angier March, 1800. No locations riven. 
"Agreement between Samuel Holyoke, Boxford, and Iionry 
Exeter, N.H. for printing, dated Nov. 11, 1600." 

o. 30 Aug., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By Daniel Belknap, as Proprietor 


1800 - 16 

Bolknap, Daniel. ^ 

The Evangelical Harmony containing a great variety of Airs, sui e 
ior Divine Viors'nip; besides a number of favourite piooes of musio selectee, 
from different Authors; oliiefly original. To which is prefixed, A concise 
Introduction to tho grounds of Music* 3y Daniel Belknap, Author of the 
Harmonists Companion* 

HYJAt Printed, typographically, at Boston, for the Author, by Isaiah 

Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews, Faust's Statue, No. 4b, Nowbury 
Street - Sept. 1800. 

MH, MHi, NN. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mass, imprints, 1801; Itom 328. Record of newspaper aavertisemen - 


Evans: 191st Mass, copyright. 

Deposited Dept* of State, ITov. IB, 1000. 


o. 30 Aug., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By Benjamin ’Waterhouse, as Author 

1300 - 17 

V/aterhouse, Benjamin. , „ , . ,. * 

A prospect of exterminating the Snail Pox; oeing the ..i story 01 t 

Variola Vaccina, or Kine Pox, commonly called -she Co.j Pox as it .as 

appeured in England; with an account of a series o * °'atorhonM n 

formed for the Kine Pox in Masiaohnsotts. By Benjamin Waterhouse M*D, 

Mlow of the American Philosophical Society, Academy 01 Arts and Science. 

Massachusetts Medical Sooiety, and RoyalMedicalSooietj.London... 

HM. Cambridge. Printed for the Author at the /T*”* y Klllian 

Hilliard ... 1600. Copy-right secured according to law. 


Union catalog, 

A.I.I, Author filo. 

Evanet 192d Kaes. copyright. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Dec. 2 , o . 

( 18 ) 

o. 9 Sept., 25th yr. or Ind. 
tv,# w4 i ii«m Andrews, as Propr 

1800 - 13 

The rules oi' 'work, 
moct accurately 
the Town, 

of the carpenters in the town of Boston Comedy 
corrected, by a large number of the first worxnen 



lionLtmi Printed. I t 

^Aj Published agreeably to Act of* Confront, 

Proprietor®, 1800. 

Print or* a device on Uvc tttle-papo mmmi'n to i.n t.hnb «>f* MhiHcIij* 

wa, npjco. 

Union catalog. 

Kvfm b : IB 3d Maas, copyright. 

Deposited Dopt. of Shat®, Jan. lb, 1801. 


o, 9 Sept,, 25th yr. or ind* 

By I mi l(ih Them®® | Jun *r, an Proprietor 

UHH) - l'> 

Smith, Amnan, 

A short compendium of tho duty of ArtUlorl ntnj rdioWing thO mtthmtn of* 
Kxorolo® with light field plnaoaj of Anmu l.a I n i uj; tho true Linn of* d l rmi— 
tion and olevnti on, OOrranpondtng with tho boro of a Gunj with n dmiorlp— 
tion of tho InatnunantB for th® process®. Alao iui ©any method oi* finding 
tho distance of an Objoot, by ft plain Tuhloj with it® particular <U»tior ip** 
tion. Also observation® on experimental tiunnory. By Amnnu filth, Major 
of Artillery in tho Militia of tho United Staton* 

NNt Woroostori Publiohod according to Aot of Cringi-tau'., !>y Inalah 'fhonmn, 

Jun., Proprietor of the Work. Sold wholesale and retai2 by him - 
Sopt. 1500. 


Union catalog. 

A.1,1. Macs. imprinto, 1001; Item o84. Rooord oi* newspaper adverb lnoinent 


Evan® t 194th Mass, copyright, 

Sabin; 82327. 

Deponitcd Dopt, of State, fob, 17, 1803. 

f 20, 

o, 20 I'opt., 25th yr, of End 
By Goorgo Chipman, au Author 

1800 - 20 

Chipman, George, ooinpilcr. 

Tho Amo rl can Moralist) oon tain lug a variety of Moral and rniLpltju® 

% ■ ii 

lessons together with humorous and eutortu i Ming plucoti doulgnotl nrlnol- 
pnlly :or tho uoo of schools, by George Chipman, 

RNi Published according to Aot of Congress, VlfronUuim (Mas®.) Printed 
Nathaniel Heaton, Jun, for tho author, - 1801. 

Preface datod Apr, 20, 1800, Bridgewater. 

Union catalog. 

A. Mas®, imprints, ldOli Horn uY, Location® rouordud. 




c. 4 Doo,, 25th yr, of lud, 

By Nathaniel Iluuton, jun,, i\q Author 

1000 - 21 

Heaton, Nathaniel, Jr. 

The Columbian Preooptor, containing a variety of now pieces in 
Foetry # arid Dialogue®! with rules for reading «-*--* * - 
Approved Authors for tho uso ?!***««!« 

•thanlel Heaton, Jun. 

- Molooted from the 

of School® in the United Bin to®, tiy 

fro no 




Published according to Act of Congress* Wrontham, (Mass.) 
Printod and sold by tho Author; sold also by D. TIoaton f Prov¬ 
idence , and v.i I'ious other Book— 30 I lor s in the United S tat os — 
January, 1801. 

Preface dated Nov. 27, 1800. 

Union catalog* 

A.X.I • Hass, inr rints, .‘ CL* Item 129* Locations recorded* 

Deposited Dept, of State, June 8, 1001. 

f 22] c* 213 Kov* , 25th yr* of Ind. 1000 — 22 

By John West, as Proprietor 

Stani Co rd, Dani el* 

Tho art of Reading; containing n number of useful rulos, exemplified 
by a variety of felected and original pieces, narrative, didactic, argu* - 
mentative, poetical, descriptive, pathetic, humorous, and entertaining* 
Together with Dialogues, speeches, orations, addresses and harrangues; 
CR.lculG.ted to improve the Scholar in Reading and Speaking with Propriety 
and Elegance; and to impress the minds of youth with sentiments of virtue 
and religion. Designed for the use of schools and families* By Daniel 
Stani ford, A.M*, author of M A Short but comprehensive Grammar •" 

This title vras recorded as the sixth entry in 1801 bub was dated 

25 November, twenty-fifth year. 

if 'A: Boston: Printed by John Russell for John West, 1300* 

Preface dated Boston, November 1, loQO. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I. !iass . inprints, 1801s Item 336. 

Record of newspaper advertisement 


Evans: 202d Hass, copyright* Incorrect. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Hay 11, 1^01. 

See above. 

o. 6 Jan., 25th yr* of Ind* 

By Thomas C. Cushing, as Proprietor 

1801 - 1 

Xinbal 1 Jac o b, Jr • . M < ti on in throe and four Parts 

. B» E..« Hamony. “ 'f I*™**.' 

uy Jacob Kimball, Jun., * ** , 0 f Coruross. From tho liusic-Prosa of 

Wit Published according to Aot «[ ^^ for T . 0 . Cushing and B. B. 

ijssz » i-y- «■ — imo - 

Preface datod Topsfield, Oct., 10 • 


Union catalog* 

A.I.I. Mass, imprints. 

1001s Item 359, 


Sabin: 37756. . iq 

bopoeitod Hcpt, of State, -oy j 


1'iecord of newspaper advertisement 


( 24 i c, G Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 2 

^ Thomas C. Cushing and Joshua. 

Cushing, as Proprietors 

Cleveland, C liarle s * 

Tables exhibiting at one view the different Duties ad Valorem arising 

on u mero ^ a *idise. In such foreign Coins and Currencies as are 

established by an Act of Congress of the United States, of July 2d, 1799, , 

i by Charles Cleveland, Deputy Collector for the District of Salem and Bever- 

0 ' 10 . is a List of Duties payable on all Goods, Wares, and 

Merchandise imported into the United States after the 30th of June, 1800. 

With other information necessary for merchants, masters of Vessels, &o, 

MSaEs Published according to Act of Congross. Salemi Printed by 

Joshua Cushing, and Sold by Thomas C. Cushing. 1800, 

DLC. | 

Union catalog, 

A.I.I. Mass, imprints, 1801* Item 338. Record of newspaper advertisement 1 


Evans* Seme title, 1800, cl801. 

Deposited Dept, of State, May 19, 1801. 

r 25 l o, 8 Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 3 

By Samuel V/orceeter, A.M., as Author 

Worcester, Samuel. 

Six Sermons on the Doctrine of future punishment. By Samuel Worcester 
A.M,, Pastor of the Church in Fitchburg. * 

■ WAs Printed at Worcester, Massachusetts. By Daniel Greenlenf 1800. 

At ond of work: Copy right secured according to law. 

Preface dated Fitchburg, 27th October, 1000. 


Union catalog. 

Evans* 199th Mass, copyright. 

(26] o. 14 Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 4 

By John Churchman, as Author 
(Title of a ohart) 

Churchman, Johh. 

A Variation Chart, by John Churchman, Imperial Russian Academician, 

No oopy located. 

A.I.I, Mass, imprints, 1801s Item 337. Advertised in the Columbian Ce ntrrtttfr 
and Mass. Federalist, Apr. 29, 1801, as "Lately published... 

Deposited l)ept. o f State, Nov, 18, 1801. 



o. 27 Jan., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By William T. Clap, as Proprietor 

1801 - 5 

Carleton, Osgood. 

The new American Seaman’s Daily Assistant; containing easy rules £; 
oxtmipiog for working the cases in plane parallel, middle Latitude and 
Creator 1 * Sailing by the tables of difference of latitude and Departure 


and by the Gunter's Scale vrith every necessary to be known in the practice 
of keoping a Journal at Soaj the whole exemplified ir a Journal fVom Cap© 
Henry to the Havnnna, to which is prefixed easy rules for measuring Bales, 
Boxes, Guaging Casks, Tonnage!ng, Ships, Uo with many other matters 
requisite to be known by Mariners in general; oompiled on the principles 
of John-Hor.iilton Moore's last edition of Daily Assistant, Revised, cor¬ 
rected, and enlarged by Osgood Carloton, Teacher of Mathematics in Boston, 
to which is added some general instructions to Merchants, Masters ox 
Vessels, and others concerned in Navigation, respecting the mode of doing 
business at the Custom house, &c. 

Ho copy located. 

A.1.1, Mass, imprints, 1001: Item 373, The now American seaman's daily 

assistant William T. Clap, Proprietor* Advertised in 

Independent Chronicle , Boston, Feb* 9, 1801, as "Now in the press 
and will be published in a short time* 11 

[28] o, 6 Feb,, 25th yr, of Ind, 1001 - 6 

By Samuel Hall, as Proprietor 

Tenple, Samuel, 

The Child's Assistant in the Art of Reading, being a collection of 
pieces suited to the capacities of Children in the early stages of Educa¬ 
tion, Designed as a medium between the Spelling Book and the American 
Selection of Lessons, American Preceptor and other Books of a similar 
kind, by Samuel Temple, AJi* Author of tho Introduction to Arithmetic, 

RP3: Printed by Samuel hall. No, 53, Cornhill, Boston, 1601. (Copy Right 
secured according to Law,) • .... t i *** ** 

Verified by letter, 

A, 1,1. Mass, imprints, 1801: Item 588. Copyright entry quoted from 

advertisement in the Colu mbian Centinel and Has sac hu s etts Federalist 
Fob, 21, 1801, No copy located. 

r 29] o, 21 Feb., 25th yr* of Ind, 1301 - 7 

By Edmund March Blunt, as Proprietor 

Bowditch, Nathaniel, 

The new American practical Navigator; being an epitome of Navigation 
containing all the Tables necessary to bo used with the Nautical Almanac 
in determining tho latitude and the longitude by lunar observation; and 
keeping a complete reckoning at Sou: - illustrated by proper rules and 
examples: - the whole exemplified in a Journal kept from Boston to Madeira 
in which all the rules of Navigation are introduced, also the demons tm- * 
tion of the most useful rules of Trlgonomotry with the substance of in¬ 
formation every Candidate for tho American Navy ought to bo acquainted 
tfith, previous to his being appointed; this with tho Sea Toms uro par¬ 
ticularly roooinmonded to tho attention oi all young gentleman designed t’or 

or belonging to the Sea, Compiled from the best authorities and enrich'd 
wi ‘i;h u number of nov/ Tables with original improvements and additions to 
the old; and a largo variety of now and important matterj also many 
thousand errors corrected which have appear'd in every System of Navigation 


yet publish d# By Nathaniel Bowditoh, Follow of the Amorlown Academy of 

MHt First edition* Printed at Newburyport, (Marti*) 1602, by Edmund )*. 
Blunt, (Proprietor) ... Hold by every book-col lor , nhlp-ohsmdlor, 

and nathenatical-instrument-ma or in the United ::i;atfte and Wesb- 


Jnion catalog. 

‘.ass* imprints, 1302: Item 64. 

■.1 ^ & 

i T 

A • * • * 


- - > -- ^vwii v^c* LooatJonn rooordod with note or 

variant issues of this edition, which all boar Imprint date, 1602. 

Mass, imprints, 1801; Item 53. Third, edition* Uewburypori* Pi - 

lished by Edward Little and Company Norris and Company, Printers# 
cprof. 1301 1 

*»OuG under Item 63 records an 1801 Newport edition. This note 

should read* first edition. Nowburyport, Maos* Printed by K, M* 

Biunt f 1 ewburyport, ^ass., for W, Ft. Wilder, Newport, 1002. 

Located at DLC. 

This is a variant issue of the first liowburyport edition noted 
above, located at UH. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Mar. 5, 1002. 

j 30 j 

2 Mar. 25th yr. of Ind. 

West & Greenleaf and John Dost 



as Proprietors 

1001 - 0 

Biglorr, Willi an. 

The elements of Latin Grammar. Abridg'd from Adam's "Hudimente of 

Latin and English Grammar.^ And designed for an Introduction to that 

work. By William glow. Teacher of a Privato Academy in Salem Massa¬ 
chusetts. * 

* As Boston* Printed by E* Lincoln for Yfoot & Groonloaf, Ho. 56 Co ra¬ 
id II; and John West, !Io. 75, Comhill# 1801. 1 

and other libraries have entered this work under Blglow, V/l1ii 
Preface* n It is not intended to aupursodo tliat work (Adaia'o . ) 

but to servo as an easy introduction to it. 11 

Mass, imprints, 1801; Item 1, under Adam, Alexander. Locutions 

% r r 71 
- - - j\ 


c. 12 lor., 25th yr. of Ind. 

By Y.illiam D. Y/illiamson, as Author 

1601 - 9 

"i Ilians on. Yfilliam D 

The Youth's Accidence, being a concise and 
J^Clish Grammar, by Yfilliam D. Y illiamson* 

Ko copy located* 

comprehensive Dyotoi of 



c. 21 Mar*, 25th yr, of Ind* 
Bv --- Fiske, as Proprietor 

1801 • 10 

^ 8 ke, Nathan* 

hft Moral Monitor; or a collection of Essays on 
scojmnodated to the State of Society in the United 

various subjects 
untfts of America, 

pioplayinC tha 

gooio .1 virtue* 

jifil Published 
Union catalog. 


I3v the Into 

enforcing th© observance of indlvidnnl end 
Uovorond Nntlmn Fisko, D*D» of Brooki’Lold, 

according to Act of Con; i^oss# Printed at V/oroestor, Masse 

Isaiah Thorati, Jun. January - 1801 


A,I#I#, imprints, 1801* Item 108, Locations recorded, 

Sfvbini 24549, 

f ^ 5 

c # *50 Mar,, 26th yr. of Ind, ,Jf - 

Hy Osgood Co. riot on, an Author 

Carlotan, Osgood. 

i Tho American Navigator, being a oomplote solootion of all that Is 
neooesary vf th Tneo^y arid Praotloe of navigation, - illustrated by a 
sufficient number of Precepts and Examples, in evory part of tho Theory 
and Practice of Navigation; and containing all Tab 1 os noooscary for the 
fitudy and Practico of that useful Science. By Osgood Carloton, Touchor 
of Navi gation, <5cc, 

No copy located, 

r34j c, 8 May, 25th yr. of Ind. 1801 - 12 

| By David Gurney, as Author 

Gumoy, David. 

The Columbian Accidence; or a briof introduction to the English 
language. Attempted on a nevr flan for tho uso of Children, with an 
Appendix containing a Hot of irrogular Nouna and Verbs, observations on 
punctuation, liuloe for tho uso of Capitals, observations on forming 
derived words, and examples of Parsing, ‘.ty David Gurney, A.M, 

-■•At Published according to Act of Congress. []oston* Manning & Loring, 

Printers, 1801. 

Preface dated Middloborough, March 2, 1801, 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mass, imprints, 1801* Item 117# Locations recorded, 

, f36j o. 0 June, 25th yr. of Ind. 1Q01 - 13 

13 y Hezokiah Packard, as Author 

Packard, Hezokiah, 

The Christian f * 3 , Manual; containing somo thoughts on tho following 
subjects, viz. I. On the Articles of the Christian Faith, with a concise 
fona of tho Covenant annexed, II# On Baptism, A Dialoguo, 1 1 . l. On the 
Lord'o auppor. IV. On Prayer, with some V, On Civil Government, 

b y question and answer# To which is added a part of a celebrated Sonaon 
° n tho neglect of public Worship, the whole designod for the use of 
ft ^ilio 0 / By Hozokiah Packard, A.M. A Minister of tho Gospel, 

Published according to Aot of Congress. Printed by Samuel Preston, 
Amherst, N,H. March - 1801, 
tt Preface dated January, 1801. 

« n l°n catalog. 

rse i 

o. 2Q Juno, 25th yr. of Ind, 

By Thnddeus Mason Harris, as.Author 

1801 - 14 

Ilarrio, Thaddous Mason. 

Discourses delivered on public oooasiono, illustrating tho Principles, 
displaying the Tendency and vindicating tho dosign of Froo Masonry. 
Thaddoua Maoon Harris, Past Grand Chaplain to tho Grand Lodge, and Chap** 
Inin to tho Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts. 

\IHA: Iriutod ;i l Chiu-lostoini, Bjy Samuel Etheridge. (Copy right scoured.) 

Anno Luois, 5801. 

Union catalog* 

A<t.T, Mass, imprints, 1801* Itom 121* Locations recorded. 

Sabinx 50514. 

|37j c. 2 July, 25th yr. of Ind. 1C01 - 15 

Heaton, Nathaniel, Jr. 

Easy school dialoguesf original and selected. Designed to instruct and 
improve the minds of young persons in reading and speaking. And Tho 
pleasing Library, containing a solootion of humorous, ontortaining, 
elogant and instructive piooos in prose and poetry, from the most cele-* 
brnted writers. By Nathaniel Heaton Junior# 

Two titles havo boon onto rod no one copyright ontry* 

Easy school dialogues ... 

JAVA* Publishad according to Act of Congross. VJrentham, (Mass.) Printed 

and Bold by tho Author; Sold also by David Heaton, Provldonco 
Oliver Farnsworth, Newport, Ephraim Goodnlo, Hendon, &o. - 1802. 
Union catalog# 

A.1.1. Mass, imprints, 1802* Item 170. Locations recordod. 

Tho pleasing library ... 

1 WAi Published according to Act of Congress. Vrenthom (Mass.) Printed 
and Sold by tho Author; Sold also by David Heaton, Providence, 

Olivor Farnsworth, iJov/port, Ephraim Goodalo, Hendon, &c. - 1801. 

Union catalog. 

■^*1*1 • Mass, imprints, 1801i item 130. Locations rcoordod. 

f 30, 

o. 20 July, 26th yr. of Ind. 
By Samuel Holyoke 9 as Author 

1301 - 16 



Motcalf # 

^nion oatalor,. 

C. 23 July, 26th yr. o 

f 39j 

&¥ llilliaa 3iglcnr, as Author 

Biglovr, william* 

An introduction to the asking of Latins selec 
exercises and adapted to the Rules of Admr’s S- 
joined the second part of Lyne 1 s lati - ^ 

of an Academy in Salem, Massachusetts 

MWA: Published according to Act of Congress. - 

Cushing, for Cushing & Apoleton, loO 1 
Union catalog* " 

A*I.I. Maas, imprints, 1301: Item 39. location*: 
Deposited Dept* of State, Aug. 15, 1301. 


0 • 29 Aug, 25th yr. of 
By American Academy of 

and the Massachusetts j 
as Proprietors. 

(Title of a h 


c s 

is to 



Carleton, Osgood. 

Map of Massachusetts proper, coaoiled free, acr 

of the General Court and under the ins action of 
inent. 3y Osgood Carleton, 

MBi Published and sold by 3. & J. Lorir- over J 
Street, Boston. 

On map vi gnet t e: hng rave a by J o s e oh Z a' I - ~ - ? 
Boston, 1301. 

DLC, BBAt, Hh. 

Union catalog, 

A. 1 . 1 . Mass, imprints, 1301s Item oc 4 . Record o 

(only; of this map* 


c, 29 Aug., 26th yr. of I 
By American Academy of Ai 
and the Hass. Historical 
as Proprietors, 

(Title of a Mac) 

j- * 


Carleton, Osgood* 

iap of the District of Maine Massachusetts 

0 /® ra f <ie °y order of the General Court and unde 
v . ft their appointment. By Osgood Carleton. 

* Doaton, Published by 3. A J. Loring, 1302. 

^BAt ™® r4Ve< ^ e? 08 e P 1 ' i Callender and Samuel 

- r * 

I"i°- catal °g* 

e* imprints, 1301: Item 534. Record o 

Man (only) of this r.ap* 

°ac lusotts historical society. Proceedings, \ 
obtains a resolution of the tenoral Court 



abov6 named sooiotios bo given the right to print, publish, and vend 
the map of the Commonwealth, This explains the faot that the copy¬ 
right proprietors fbr items 40 and 41 aro tho above named societies* 


o. 15 Ail/';*, IJGth 
Iiy Ma * 11 *aohu a ott g 
as Propriotor 

yr. of Ind* 
Historical Cooioty, 

1801 - 20 

Sullivan, Jtuuo a* 

The history of Land Titles in Massachusetts* By James Sullivan, L L 
Attorney General of that Commonwealth. 

yy/Ai Printed at Boston, By I* Thomas and B* T* Andrews, for the Author* 

August, 1801. 

Profaoo datod Boston, July, 1801* 

Union catalog* 

A,1*1* Macs, imprints, IBOli Item 273* Looationo recorded* 

Sabim 9 3498* 



o, 9 Copt*, 2Gth yr. of’ Ind 
By Daniel Adams, as Author 

1001 - 21 

Adams, Dnniel. 

The scholars f sio.| Arithmotloi or, Federal Accountant, containing, I* 
Common Arithmetic, the rules and illustrations* II* Examples and Answers 
with bll onk opaco s, eu ff i o i out for t 10 i r opt j rat i on by the 8ohole \ r • III. 

To each Rule a supplement, comprehending. 1, >uostious on tho nature of 
the Buie, its ueo, and the manner of its operations. 2. Exorcises. IV. 
Federal money, with rules for all tho various operations in It - to reduce 
Federal to old lav/ful, and old lawful to federal money. V. Interest cast 
in Fodoral money, with compound multiplio uti on, compound division, and 
practice wrought in old lawih 1 and in i'odoral mono^ , tlio came (questions 
boing in separate columns, on the same pa go, in eaoii Idnd of mono^/, 

V which thono two modes of account become contrasted and the great advan- 
ttvg© gained by reckoning in Fodoral money easily discussod. VI. Demon¬ 
strations by engravings, of the reason and nature of tJio various steps in 
tho extraction of the square and cube roots, not to be found in any other 
troatise on Ar thmetio. VII* Forms of Notes, Deeds, Bonds and other in¬ 
struments of writing* The whole in (a Fora and mothod altogether new, for 
the ouso of tho Master and tho greater progress of the scholar. By Daniel 

Mams M D 

KYIAi Published aooordirif; to Aot of Con G re B a. Printed at Looiniiiater, 

Uas 6 aohuaott 3 , by Adams o- tildor. 1Q01, 

Preface duted Leomlnstor, (Macs.) Sopt. do, lbOl. 

^Alon oatalop, 

*•1.1. Mas.. UaprintB, 1U01* Item 2. Locations recorded. 


, 1 Sept*, 2Gth yr. of Ind. 
By Joseph Lathrop, as Author 

1801 - 22 

throp # Joseph* 

A view of the doctrines 
0jr tynine jsic,]disoourses 

and duties of the Christian Religion in 
on Paul'* Eplable to the Kphe.iane. With a 


preliminary discourse on the evidenoos of the Gospel, o 
derived fror the conversion, ministry and writings of that Apostle# By 


Joseph Lathrop _ _ 

1 P#A: Worcester, Massachusetts* By Isaiah Thomas, Jim 

the work according to Law.) September, 1801# 

ospecially those 

Pastor of the Church in V/estspringfiold 

(Proprietor of 

Union catalog 

A. 1.1* I-ass# imprints, 1301: I tom 150. 
Deposited Dept, of State, Feb. 17, 1803# 

Locations recorded. 

( 45 3 

c * 3 Sopt., 26th yr. of Ind# 

8 y Russell & Cutler, as Proprietors 

1801 - 23 

Fairbanks, Jason, defendant. 

Report of the Trial of Jason Fairbanks on an Indictment for the murder 
of Elisabeth Pales. - At the Supreme Court, holden at Dedham in the county 
of Norfolk, on Thursday the 6th, and Friday the 7th days of August, 1801. 
8 B: Copy right secured. Boston, Printed by Ibis sell and Cutler, Proprie^ 
tors of the work. 1801. 

Union catalog. 

A.1.1. Mass# imprints, 1801; Item 100. Locations recorded. 

S&bin: 23C72 (2d, 3d, 4th eds., each 1801). 

T 46, c. 23 Sept., 26th yr. of Ind. 1801 -* 24 

By Thomas and Andrews, as Proprietors 

(Tenney, Hrs* Tab it ha (Gilman)) 

Female Quixotism; exhibited in the romantic opinions and extravagant 
advontures of Dorcasina Sheldon. In two volumes# 

m:At Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Boston, By 

I. Thoms & JJ. T. Andrews# Sold at their Bookstore, Faust's Statue, 

No. 45, IJewbury Street. Juno, 1301. 2v. in 1. 

Union catalog. 

Hass, imprints, 1801 1 Item 2. f 1 9 ^Enoneouo en^ry, lexmy) 

Sabin: 94816. 

deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 14, 1801. 

(47, c. 17 Oct., 26th yr. of Ind. 1S01 - 25 

By Joseph Nano rede, as Proprietor 

f ullivan. James 


A Lissortation upon 


MB i 

the constitutional freedom of the Presa, 

tatee of America, by an impartial Cibiten# 

Boetohj Printed by David Carlisle, for Joseph Nanorede, No# 

J/ar Thorough Street. 1801. 

J ni° n catalog.^ 

^•^*1* Mass, imprints, 1801t Item 272. 

e *bin: 20289. 

Locations rsoorded. 

in the 

c. 21 Oct*, 26th yr* of Ind. 
By Hannah Adams, as Author 

1301 - 26 


Ad&#s, Hannah • 

A view of Religion 


parts* Part I* Containing an alphabetical 
compendium of tho various Religious denominations, which have appeared in 
tho world, from thr? joginning of the Christian Era to the present day* 

Con'caining a brief account of the different schemes of Religion 

part II* 

novr embraced among Mankind 

ancient and modern* 

n*A: Third edition, \ri_th large additions* 

Congress* Printed by and for Hanning 
Cornhill, Boston. October, 1801* 

Union catalog* 

A.I*I* Mass* imprints, 1801: Item 3. Locations recorded. 
Cabin i 

The whole collected from bhe best Authors, 

Published according to Act of 

No* 2, 


Deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 3, 1802* 


o* 19 Nov*, 26th yr. of Ind* 

By Ebenezer Fairbanks, Jr*, as Proprietor 



Fairbanks, Jason, defendant* 

The solemn declaration of the Into unfortunate Jason Fairbanks, from 
the original manuscript, composed and signed by himself, a very short time 
before his death. To which is added some account of his Life and Charac** 
ter, the whole collected and public.. r d by f>ocji©z<3i .iG.iiDan.rcs, Jun. a 

Parmer of Dedhairu 

EVA : Copy right secured* Dedham: From the Linorva Press of H* ilann, and 

sold at his office, and by E* Fairbaxu_s, Jun. l^Jl. 

]^ A identifies Kbenezor ihirbanks as the murderer's older brother. 

A*I*I, Hass* imprints, 1601: Item 101. 

Locations recorded• 

t 50 


c* 25 Nov*, 26th yr. of Ind 
By John best, as Proprietor 



m j fil ^ 1 & IfTI^ "-if , 

__ new Latin Primer} containing first Lessons for construing and which exemplify .11 «- <* ,.!T^. 

Extracts (Vnm thft f/inor Latin Classios, with literal translations - Tm: 

«• «rat part of Lyno • a La tin Prtaer, .elected and arranged ty Wiliam 
DA .i ,* * nn Qpiern Massnohusetts* 

M r°L 10 e °* *”n™ to^Aet of Congress. Boatoni Printed for John 

*' ^llshod according to .. Offloo, 1801 . 

^’ost. No* 75, Cornhill* 

°n catalog* 

1 ‘^*1* lass, imprints, 1801? Ttsta 40, 

Locations recorded* 



o. 25 Nov., 26th yr. of Ind. 
Bv Samuel Webber, as Au or 



!hbe r, Samuel 

-J^'kheiDat i c s 


and intended to be the 
tb«Ro Sciences in the 

University at C unbridle. Under tho direction of Sanuol Y/ebber, A.U. # 

A,A.£., Hollis Professor of Mathematics and natural Philosophy. In two 

!5;A: Copy Rifiht secured. Bostons Printed for tho University at Cam¬ 
bridge, by Thomas & Andrews. 1801. 2v. 

Union catalog. 

'-ass. imprints. 1801: Item 500. Locations recorded. 

(52, c. 15 Doc., 26th yr. of Ind. 1301 " 30 

By Henry Hunt, as Proprietor 

The life of Jason Fairbanks, a novel, founded on fact; with some account 
of the trial and execution. By a gentleman of Massachusetts* 

No copy located. No evidence that it was ever printed* 

A.I.I* Mass, imprints, 1801: Item 346. Same title, with addition of the 

following: Written by a gentleman whose productions have obtained 
much celebrity in the literary world, and who is fully competent 
(having obtained every document relative to the parties concerned/ 
to doing ample justice to the publication*" - Advertised in the 
S alem Impartial Register, Dec. 17, 1801, as a "New Hovel* Pro¬ 
posals for printing by subscription.* 1 

c* 16 Jan., 26th yr. of Ind. 1802 - 1 

By Herman Mann, as Proprietor 

Thache r, Thomas « 

The danger of despising the Divine Counsel; exhibited in a discourse 
delivered at Dedham, third Precinct, September 13, 1801, tho Lord’s day 
after the execution of Jason Fairbanks, by Thomas Tlmcher, A.LI., Minister 
of the third Parish in Dedham. 

- 1/A * Copy Right secured. Dedham: Printod and Sold, by Herman Metnn. 1802. 
Union catalog* 

A.I.I. Hass, imprints, 1802: Item 331. Locations recorded* 

f54j c* 26 Jan., 26th yr. of Ind. 1802 - 2 

By Caleb Alexander, as Author 

Alexander, Caleb. 

A new and compendious (Complete) system of Arithmetic; intended for the 
of schools and Academies* By Caleb Alexandei*, A.M., author of 
Virgil f s works translated into literal iunglish prose, the Columbian 
dictionary, an English, Latin, and Greek grammar, "the young Gentlemen and 
ladingi Instructor" and a spelling book on an improved plane* 
lf;; At Published according to Aot of Congress. Albany* Printed by Whiting 

& Leavonworth, for Thomas, Andrews & Penniman (Proprietors of the 
work) Sold by them at the Albany Book-store, No* 45, State Street, 
1802* On last unnumbered page is a o°py copyright entry in 

. the Massachusetts District Court, as indicated above* 
e Po sited Dept, of State, July 12, 1002* 


r 55j 4 Fob # , 26th yr. of Ind. 1002 - 3 

i>y ^amuel Worcester, as Proprietor 

i Worcester, Santuelj 

Facts and Documents, exhibiting a summary view of the Ecclesiastical 
affairs, lately transacted in Fitchburg; together v/ith sorae strictures 
' oti the result of a late party council, in said town, and general observa¬ 
tions: ti*e whole designed to vindicate the rights of tho churches, and to 

illustrate tho subject, and enforce the importance of Christian dicipline 
tdisciplinej • 

rrXA: Published according to Act of Congress# Boston: Printed by Manning 

k Loring. Jan. 1802# 

, Union catalog. 

A*I#T# i-tass* imprints, 1802: Item 872# Locations recorded# 
i Sabin: 105304* 

f 56 5 c* 19 Feb*, 26th yr* of Ind. 1802 - 4 

By V/il' ! iam P. and Lemuel Blake, 

• as Proprietors 

lie child 1 s first book; being an easy introduction to spelling and reading# 
DLC: Boston: Printed for Vi. P. & L« Blake, at the Boston Book-store. 


Union catalog* 

A.I.I. Idass* imprints, 1802: Item 82. DLC, only location recorded* 
deposited Dept, of State, July 30, 1802* 

f57j c. 19 Feb., 26th yr, of Ind, 1802 - 5 

By Peter Cochran, as Author 

Coehran, Peter. 

The Columbian Grammar; or a concise view of the English Language, by 
Peter Cochran, A.B* 

• "'A: Published according to Act of Congress. Boston: Printed for tho 

author. 1802. 

: Union catalog. 

1 Hags, imprints, 1802; Item 09. Locations recorded# 

* 5 3j c. 27 Feb., 26th yr. of Ind. 1802 - 6 

By Jedidiah Worse and Elijah Parish, 

as Authors 



0?ri0 # Jedidiah, and Parish ^ an. 


astern Continent, or a geographical dictionary 

yi Xil Z, m aipnaueuioax oruei, 

^fGdoms, states Cities, Towns, Principal Rivers, Lakes, Harbours, Moun- 

gge. Arc, Arc i„ K urope , Asia, Afrioa, and their Adjacent Island*. Gare- 

ij Com Piled from the beet authorities, by Jedidiah Merse, D.D., A.A.S., 
»i* 8, ^thor of tho American Universal i.uo,>;raphy, and American Gasetteer 
^ Elijah Parish, A.M. Illustrated with eighteen maps, designed a* 

8 ®cond volume to tho American Gasetteer. 


• A 


PHflr^estowzu Printed ana Sold by Sanuol Ethoridgo• 1^02* 

ilJ-A* 0Jia T 

i-^on catalog* 

^ ]^ass« imprints, 1802: Item 246* Locations recordod* 
posited Dept, of State, Apr. 5, 1802 

,53 5 

c, 17 Kar*, 26th yr. of Ind* 
W William Biclovr. as Author 



Billow, » » i 11 iarti* p ■!>-»« 

°The rudiments of English grammar * extracted oluefly from Adam s 
aents of Latin and English Grammar* By William Biglow, teacher of an 

academy m S rlsiiij !.g s s * _ 

s Published according to Act of Congress* Salem* Printed by os u 

Cushing, x'or Cushing & Appleton* 1802, 

Union catalog, 

A*I#I* Hass* imprints, 1802: Item 50, Only location recorded* 


, 60 , 

c* 24 Par. 26th yr. of Ind* 

By Joseph Rancredc, as Proprietor 

1302 - 8 

Bloomfield, Robert* 

Rural tales, ballads and songs. By Robert 
flamer*s boy. 


Boston, Printed '‘or Joseph l-Janorede, Ko. 

Bloomfield, Author of the 
49 Marlborough Street. .1802 

r 61 j 

c. 31 liar. 26th yr. of Ind. 
By Caleb Bingham, as Author 

1802 - 9 


* r, 

Chateaubriand, Francois Auguste Pone, Vicom 
Atala; or. The love and constancy of two 

lated from the Frenoh of F. A. Chateaubriand, -j r":* 15 :""'* . . 

:'.A: Publi shed according to Act of Congress, Boston* Printed by avid 

Carlisle, for Caleb Bingham, ho. 11, Comhill. 180... 

Advertisement dated Boston, Api ., 1802. 

Union catalog. , . , . 

A, 1,1. liass. imprints, 1802: Item 81. Locations recorded. 

Sabin: 12240. 

It# 4.b6Tv m / \ 

Deposited Dept, of State, Mar. 13, 1809 UJ 



o. 1 Apr., 26th yr. of Ind. 

By Jonathan Grout, Jr., as Author 

1802 - 10 

For the use of schools* 

The pupil •^guide to practical arithmetic, containing all iherul. 

w *uch occur in common business, oaicuxuoou ^ 

pounds, shillings and pence, and federal money. 

' W *”Km.hS U !;.orfLg to Act of Ooncross. Print* «t «oro..t.r, 

(Mass.) By Daniel Greenloaf. 1802. 

Preface dated V/o rooster, May, 1802. 


UfliOrt catalog• 

. I # I. Mass# imprints, 1802: Item 157* Locations recorded 
repo si tod Dept. of State, Jan. 24, 1803. 

r 63j 

c* 7 Apr., 26th yr. of Ind. 

By Samuel Eolyolce, as Proprietor 

1802 - 11 

Selected from European and 

Including the 

Eo lyoke > S amue 1 • 

The Columbian Repository of sacred harmony. 

Airerioan authors, with many new tunes not before published 
whole of Dr. Watt’s fWatts r j Psalms and Hymns, to each of which a tuno is 
adapted; and some additional tunes suitable to the particular metres in 
fate and Brady* s and Dr. Belknap r s collection of Psalms and Hymns, to 
which a large introduction of practical principles is prefixed. ?ho whole 
designed for the use of schools, Musioal Societies, and Worshipping As¬ 
semblies. By Samuel Holyoke, A.M. 

KT'A: Published according to Act of Congress. From the Music-Press of 
Henry Ranlet, Exeter, N.H, f n.d, 3 

Union catalog. 

Sabin: 32674. 



c. 20 Apr., 26th yr. of Ind. 

By John Tlosely Dunham, as Proprietor 

1802 - 12 

(W;i 1 la rd, S amue 1 j 

The UVanklin primer, containing a nev/ and useful selection of moral 
lessons. Adorned with a great variety of elegant cuts; calculated to 
strike a lasting impression on the tender minds of children. By a 

Friend to youth. 

MB: Boston: Printed by J. M. Dunham, 1802. The second edition* 

Union catalog. (Second edition.) 

A*I.I # Pass, imprints, 1302: Itom 366* Second edition. Locations recorded* 
Itosenbaoh: Boston: J. Dunham, a 602. i’irst edition. 



o. 22 Apr., 26th yr. of Ind 
By Caleb Bingham, as Author 

1802 - 13 

ugharn, Caleb. 


of the 

A Historical Grammar; or, a onronuiu^^* a 

'y. To which is added an abridged chronolocy of the most remarkable 
scoveri es and inventions relative to the Arts and Sciences, Ac. De- 
Tied principally for the use of schools and academies. Translated by 

■y Peacock from the 7th edition of the French of La Croze. Revised 
__ j , . . , __*»_ a Bingham. A*U*. Au 

U | — c 'j — - 9 V 

ion Orator. American Preceptor, 

(Published according to Act of Congress) Boston: Printed by David 

Carlisle, for Caleb Bingham, Ho, 44 # Comhill* 1802. 

°n cfAtalop*. , , 

•I. Mass, imprints, 1802: Item 195. Locations recorded. 

Entry under Laoroze, Joan Comand da. „ 

"MH files ,this entry, under La Croze, Uatlmrin Veyaaler. da. 



°* 27 May, 26th yr, of Ind. 

% Barnard 3. Uaoaaulty, a a Proprietor 

1802 - 14 

.per ham, Benonij 

imsrioan Precedents of Declarations, oolleoted ohiofly froai manuscripts 
of accomplis ed pleader ( sj; digested and arranged under distinct titles 
and divisions; ana naapted to the most modem practice; with a prefixed 

digest ol rules ana oases concerning declarations* 

HVA; Boston; Printed by Manning & Loring, for Barnard 3 . ilacanulty, 

Salon, June, 1802* 

Preface dated Sept*, 1801. Pencilled note by MVIA fives Benoni 
. Perham as compiler, assisted by Joseph Story. 

Union catalog. 

A«I*X* Mass* implints, 1802s Item 276. Locations recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 1 , 1802. 


c. 28 May, 26th yr. of Ind. 

By William Parker, as Proprietor 

1802 - 15 

Hanson, Andrew, 

A treasure for children; being a small spelling book containing a 
selection and arrangement of vords in common uso, interspersed, with 
moral lessons and fables. To vrliich are added some sketches of Geography* 

By Andrew Rawson, A.B. 

DVA; Published according to Act of Congress. Worcester; (Mass.) 

Printed by Searall Goodridge, for William Parker, 2d. 1802. 

A.1. 1 . Mass, imprints, 1802: Item 296. MWA, only location recorded. 
Deposited Dept, of State, Jan. 24, 1803. 

( 68 j c. 17 Aug., 27th yr. of Ind, 1802 - 16 

By Nathan 'woodward, as Proprietor 

Ikiraons, Nathanael* 

A discourse delivered July 5, 1802 in commemoration of American Inde¬ 
pendence. By Nathanael Lmnions, D*D*, Pastor oi tho Church in cVardclin. 

- H,A : Copy right secured, hrentliain, (hass.) Printed by Natha y iiel Heaton, 

Jun. 1802. 

Union catalog. ; 

A.X.I. Mass, imprints, 1802: Item 114. Locations recorded. 

Sabin: 22525, Note. 

( 69j 0# 21 Aug., 27th yr. of Ind. 1802 - 17 

p. A. Von Hagon, Q-s Proprietor 

Von ^ a gon, Peter Albrecht. ... . M 

Kies the brim and bid it pass. A now song written by Mrs. Rovrson, the 

JX * 10 composed by P. A. Von Hagen. 

RPjcg, imprint information, givon below, venfiea by tetter from 

the Harvard Musioal Association. 




Boston« Printed at P, a. Von TT n -„ . „ 

Old Hassaohusette Hunk iqoo ^’f n 3 ^ mo Porte hare Ilouao No, 4 
"Oat® assigned from tho foil * < ^° 0tv ^ 0n8 as above. 

Centinel, Sopt. 1, isos, m.Af' advol “ti somont in the Columbian 
friends, that as tho son ** f n Hagen respectfully informs his 

tion of tho boot thooro-t-Y «o i * * n ° roo ° vod by lottor tho approbn 
him to make another* 4 < ■ oasor8 • ••» this has encouraged 

Sid It Rise, tho wordfbv ^ ll ° f is Kiss the i3rim and 

G *■! ‘«"S. Uovreoa ... Sept. 1, 1802'." 

?/ * Sop h’ 27th y r * oP Ind. 
!>y Smto °1 Holyoke, a s Author 

1802 - 18 

Holyoke, Samue 1 * 

y, suitable fo^Thanksriti^^oofv,^ ^* hem ' a L y rio Poom - and a Doxol °' 
Holyoke, A.U. S Vin €, composed xn a familiar style. By Samuel 

Benry Ranlet^SSfr^VlU laOS’! 1 ^ 1 ' 088 * Fr ° m th ° Uusio ~ PreB8 of 



Union oatalor. 

Q * 


c. 10 Sept., 27th yr. of Ind. 

Hy P. A. Von Hagen, as Proprietor 

1802 - 19 

Von Hagen, Peter Albrecht. 

«4«‘ d °S aT.'S.’S^n/ “*’'***“ " ;i “"■* *«» — 

- Boston, Printed at P. A. Von Hagen’s Piano Forte Ware Bouse No 4 
Old Knssachusetts Bank, and to be sold at Daniel Howes Husioal 

Magazine, No. 19 Marlborough Street. Also at G. Gilferts N, York 
(etc. etc., * * » 

(Entered according to lavr) 

In pencil: Adv. Sopt. 13, 1802, as "just printed." 





c. 25 Sept., 27th yr. of Ind. 

By P. A. Von Hagen, as Proprietor 

1802 - 20 

Hagen, Poter Albrecht. 

monody, written by Amyntas, author of Anna 
y ^ music ooiaposed by 1 J . A. Von Ilngen. 

8opy lacks title-page. 

Zephyr, Lay morning. 




c. 2 Oct., 27th yr. of Ind. 

By banning & Loring, as Proprietors 

1802 - 21 


, ^ abridgment of L. Murray 1 ® English grammar. With alterations and 

deal-nod for thf uou of the younger olMI of loanuirs. By 



Teachor of Youth. 

Tj Improvemontn ooourod according to law* flrrJ: Boston 
to atom Printed and Bold by Manning & Goring, Go* 2, 

tept. 1002. 

ill* Mats, imprint*, 1802 s Item 241), Locations rooordod, 
r^ooElted of r.tote, JTov. 3. 1.802. 



r i d i 11 on • 

OorilhJ 11 * 



c. 4 Out., 27th yr, of Ind. 

By Oottliob Craupnor, a* Proprlo 

1002 - 22 

Graupnor, Gottliob* 

Tho Attic Bower, original ode, written by Tho/na n Pal rw, Kcq# and 0 ,j ng 
i,-r ;!rs# Graupnor at tho anniversary celebration of tho Bouton Pomelo 
Asylum, Peptembor 24th, 1802. basic composed by Got’.lleb ( roupnor# 
j^t, (Entered according to Law) Boston* Printed and sold by G. Graupnor 
at hie Conservatorio or 7'usioal Academy. Ho* 6, Franklin Street, 


noar the Tontine Buildings, rn.d.) 

Verified by letter. 

c. 22 Oct., 27th yr. of Xnd 
3y Jo Jin Flake, ao AutJior 

1002 - 23 

Pioko, John. 

The Hcw-England spelling-book calculated for OOsmoon use amon;< children 
of both Boxes In tho Hovr England states, upon tho same no nemo, as to 
pronunciation, as Porry^s attempt 1 ng , hov/cver, raatorial ifliprovwfionts by 
arranging the work in proper order for the pupil, disencum rinp it of 
the useless. with which it aboundn, and adding thereto tho profitable. 

By John Fieke, A.M. 

FfA: Brookfield, Maes., Printed by H. Morriam & Co. Jan. 1003. 

Copyright notice ae above. 


j Hj ffion catalog. 

w so. cde., 1803. 

f 7C 


c. 8 ilov., 27th yr. o* Ind, 

By v.bonozor Chaplin, ao Proprlotor 

1802 - 24 


I A treatise on the nature and importance of the gaorumonts in throe 
P»rtg. Part I. - On saenunonte In general* .hovung their nature neoeg- 
•ity un lBlporb ance. Part II. - On baptiwu Attempting to illustrate 
">»t the religious meaning and de.lgn of it are. Who are the proper 
#ub J®otg. And what 1 b the proper inovo. Part III. - On tho guoruments, 

V oomooted with the covenant b. V/ith a nummary and applioatory oon- 
® lu, lon. All founded on the fcripturoB. All ii oompoood on a new plan. 
5 «Wthor i. referred to. pro or con. Nor any person or party dl.put.d 

the whole treat loe. By Ebenogor Chaplin, JJ*. 
horoegter (Uaggachugottg.) Printed by Daniel Oroenleai. 100«5. 

Copy right Loured gooordlng to Act of Oongreee (verso title-page). 

l»f A« 

| Anion catalog. 

. j i, Mass, imprints, 1802t Item 79. Locations rooordmi. 

•v- posited Dept, of State, May 1G, 1003. 

( 77 , 0. 15 Nov., 27th yr. of Ind. 1° 02 “ 2B 

By Herman Mann, as Author 

Harm, Herman* 

The Columbian Primer; or, an easy, systematic introduction to the 
English Language j intended for the uso of Schools in the United ru !■■••• 

By Herman Mam* 

jfflAi Dedhamt Printed & Sold by H. Marrn. 1002. Published according 

to Act of Congress. Sold also by the Booked lor s in Hon ton, 

Salem, Worcester f otc. oto.j 
Preface dated Dedham, August, 1802* 

A. 1*1. liass. inprints, 1802* Item 217* Locations rocordod. 

( 78j c* IS Nov., 27th yr. of Ind. 1002 - 20 

By Daniel Belknap, as Author 

Belknap, Daniel. 

The Middlesex collection of Sacred Harmony, containing X» A oonalso 
introduction to the grounds of music. II. A largo ooj Iciotion of Psalm 
tunes and favourite pieces of Music; adapted to all (thoj metres in Dr* 
Letts T and Dr. Belknap’s Psalms and hymns* By Daniel Bol' np. 

Published according to Act of Congress. Printed, typographically, 
at Boston, for the Author, by Isaiah Thomas and Ebonozor T* Andrews, 
Faust’s Statue, No. 45, Newbury-Street. Nov. 1802, 

Ketcalf * 

Union catalog* 

A.I.I* Mass. imprints, 1802* Item 42. Locations recorded, 
deposited Dept, of State, Dec* 20, 1802, 

f79j c, 3 Doc., 27tli yr. of Ind. 1002 - 27 

By John M. Dunliaia, as Author 

^ . fc ‘ r,, *^ . |l mmum 

iDurJiam, John Moseleyj 

Tho vocal companion and Masonic Hegistor* In two .units, I art I* 
consisting of original and selected Masonic 3Qn,s, A^itliorus, Dirgon, l ro-* 

loguaa # Epilogues!" Toasts and Sentiments, Charges, Prayers, Funeral pro- 
I cession etc. Part II, A concise account of the origin o f masonry in 
America; with r list of the Lodgos in tho six Northern B Luton, vir., f 
1 ^seachueetts I levr-Harap shii*e , Ithode-Island, Oonnootiout, tow-York, ;uul 
v °mont. With the names of the officers and tho number of inombora of 

each Lodge consists* , 

Boston* Printed by Brother John M* Dunham, A*L* 5002 ** A.I>. lOOll. 

2v. in 1* 

u ^ Pro face by J. M. Dunliam. 

^ion catalog , 

• X * r » ilaoc, iinprinto, 1802i Item 107, Location recorded. 

^^piler’e noi^e supplied by DLO* 

“ lai 100660, 


o. 10 Deo., 27th yr. of Inch. 

. By Yiarwi ok Pal fray, as Author 

1802 - 28 

* _ * 


<^0 Evangelical Psalmodist: an original vrork, consisting of plain tunes, 
* ire8j and set pieces, in three and four parts; suitable for Schools and 
gljjgia- Societies, By Warwick Pal fray. 

Printed at Salem, by Joshua Cushing, for the Author, 1802* (Published 
according to Act of Congress,) 


Union catalog, 

A. I,I. '.ass, imprints, 1002: Item 267, locations rocordod. 

c * 




13 Dec,, 27th yr, of Ind. 
Thomas and Andrews, and John 

1802 - 29 


Brown, Bartholonevf, and others, 

Columbian and European harmony; or Bridgewater oollection of Sacred 
music. By Bartholomew Brown, A*M*, and others, 

Frinted at Boston, by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenosor T, Andrews* Sold 
by said Thomas and Andrews, and John West, Proprietors of the Work, 
at their respective bookstores, Deo, 1802, 

Preface dated Bridgewater, Dec, 16, 1802, 


Union oatalog* 

A.I.I, Mass, imprints, 1302: Item 69. Locations recorded. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Feb* 7, 1803, 

c. 25 Dec., 27th yr. of Ind* 

By Joshua Cushing, as Proprietor 

1802 - 30 

-he Essex harmony, Part II. Consisting of original pieces, by Kimball, 
Holyoke, and others; and a selection from the best Authors, Ancient 
and modem; in three and four parts, 

• 'fc-J: Ur.lent Printed by Joshua Cushing, and Sold by Cushing & Appleton 

at the Bible and Heart. 1802, 

he teal f. 

VtiLon catalog. 

'■♦^•1, Lass* imprints, 1302: Item 120, llf.&E, only location recorded* 

i title-page: ’’The first part of tho Essex Harmony (being 
solely the work of Mr. Kimball) has been v/ell received *.* 

The following ... affords a greater variety than can be ex¬ 
pected from a single author .** M 
See 1801 - 1 for tt The hirst Part, 1 * 

,8 h 

c, 28 Doc., 27th yr. of Ind* 

By Ldrnund March 31unt, as Proprietor 

1802 - 51 


and tablea with pniotioal oxamples, deal 
1 1 0 ^ first rudiments of simple Arithmetic 

00 Py located. 



,84 j 

c. 31 Dec., 27th yr. of Ind. 

J3y Angler -h.rch, as Proprietor 


- 32 

Dana, Daniel. 

Memoirs of nently pious 7soiaon l who were ornaments “to their sc-c — 
blpcsings to thoir families — and edifying examples to the church and 
world. Abridged fron the large work of Dr. Gibbons , London. 

I;ana, A*U* 

j leBx Newburyportj Printed for the Subscribers by Angier March. 1803# 

Verified by letter. 

Union catalog. 

By Daniel 


A.I.I# Autiior file: i 
Sabin: 18405, Uota. 

> * 

■ "v 


m ■* § * * 

Other locations recorded. 

f 85j 

c. 24 Jan. 


27th yr. of Ind. 

1803 - 1 

Benjamin Waterhouse, as Author 

Yfatcrhousc, Benjamin. 

A prospect of exterminating the snail pox. Part II, being a continuation 
of a narrative of facts concerning the progress of the new inoculation in 
America; together vath practical observations on the local appearance, 
symptoms, and inode of treating the variola vaccina or kina pock; including 
some lettors to the author, fron distinguished characters, on the subject 
of this benign remedy, no.7 passing with a rapid step through all ranks of 
society in Europe and America. By Benjamin Waterhouse, H.D., Professor of 
theory and practice of medicine in the University of Cambridge. 

'Mkt Cambridge. Printed for the Author at the University Press, by 

William Hilliard. 1802. Published according to Act of Congress. 
Dedication dated Cambridge, Hew England, Nov. 1302. 

Union catalog. 

A.I,I, Lass. imprints, 1802: Item 340. Locations recorded. 

Sabin: 102064. 

Deposited Dejrfc. of State, Mar. 11, 1803. 



c. 27 Jan., 27th yr. of Ind. 

By Isaiah Thomas, Junior, as Proprietor 

1803 - 2 

^ollikofor, George Joachim. 

Exorcises of Piety; or, meditations on the principal doctrines and 
d uUos of Religion* For the use of enlightened and virtuous Christians. 

*y C. j, Zol like for, la to Pastor of the rofomed Church at Leipsic in 
GfJ'xiany. Translated from the French Edition by James Harming, Pastor of 
United Congregations of Dissenters in Exoter, Great Britain. Abridged, 
^rreotod, and recommended by Thaddeus H. Harris, Pastor of the Church at 
Chester, Mass., North America. 

,J '» Publichod accoi’ding to Act of Congress, at Wo rooster, -Massachusetts, 
by Isaiah Thomas, Jun. Sold by him, and the various Booksellers in 

^ho United States. February ~ 1803. 
ir n 3rofmj^ to f j rnt American edition, dated Dorohester, Jan. 1803. 


UniG n catalog. 


A I# I. i'ss. cds 

pcposited Dop^. 
(B7 j 

, 1803, 
of State 


24, 1803, 

c. 23 Deb., 27th yr. of Ind 
By John Hubbard, as Author 

1803 - 3 

, together 

rubbard, Joan* 

The rudiments of geography; bei;^ a conoise description of the various 
kingdoms, states, en.plros, Countries, and Islands in tho nor 
7 , 1 th the latitude f thoir latitudes], longitude rs 3 , extent, boundaries, 
rivers, lakes, air, climate, soil, produce, manufactures, chief towns, 
population, religion and learning; with an Introduction explaining the 
astronomical part of Geography; to videh is added a chronological table 
of the most important events which have r*appened from the creation of the 
trorld to the present day. By John Hubbard, Esq* 

A: Published according to Act of Congress• V.alpolo, N.B. Printed for 
Thomas & Thoraas, by David Hewhall, 1803. 

Preface dated Deerfield, Mass. 16th ?eb,, 1803. 

A.1*1. Author file. 

Sabin: 33435. 

Deposited Dept, of State, June 23, 1303, 


c. 1 Mar., 27th yr. of Ind. 




By Benjamin holt, Jun., as Author 

tion in 

Holt, Benjamin, Jr. 

The New England Sacred harmony. Being principally an original compos! 
three and four parts. Adapted to the various metres in common 

use. By Benjamin Holt, Jun. 

D7»! Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Boston, by 

Isaiah Thomas & Ebenezer ?. Andrews. Sold by them at No. 45, New¬ 
bury St., by the Booksellers in general, and by the Author, head 

of Russell St., Boston - 1303, 


tnion catalog, 

Liss. cds., 1803 (Boston) 


o. 7 Mar., 27th yr. of Ind. 

*jy I tanning and Loring, us Propiietors 

1808 - 5 

Andrews, Elisha. 

A candid exon 
Salvation, as taught by its 

* Church in Templeton. ■ 

> moral tendency of the Doctrine of Univor— 
advocates. Qy Elisha Andrews, Pastor of 

*** Published according to Act oi Congress. 
ht by Lining * Loring, So, 2, Cornhill. 1303 

A* Uc . MHl. 

r \°« catalog. 

Mss # cds., 1803 (Boston) 

Boatont Printed and Sold 


f 90j °* 23 Mar., 27th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 6 

By Caleb Bingham, as Author 

Bingham, Calob, 

Juvenilo letters; boing a correspondence betv/een childron from eight 
to fifteen years of age. By Caleb Bingham, A.M., Author of the Child's 
oompa^ion. Young Lady's accidence, American Preceptor, &c, 
lflfAi Publi shod according to Act of Congress* Boston* Printed by David 
Carlisle, for Caleb Bingham, No. 44, Comhill. 1803. 

Other libraries have this work v/ith second edition on the title- 
page. MWA lias both editions. 

Hosenbacht First and second oditions. 

Union catalog. (Second edition) 

A.Z.I* Mss. ods., 1803 (Boston) 

Deposited Dopt. of State, May 4, 1803. 

*91] o. 27 Apr., 27th yr. of Ind. 1303 - 7 

By Abiol Abbot, as Author 

Abbot, Abiol. 

An essay on the Pentatouch in questions, notes and reflections of a 
practical nature; designed particularly for tho young. By Abiol Abbot, 
pastor of the first Church in Haverhill. 

Ko copy located. This work is not included in " Publi cations of Dr. 

Abbot," in Sermons by tho late Rev. Abiel Abbot, D.D. of Beverly, Mass. 
vdth a memoir of his life by S. Everott. Boston, Wait, Greene & Co., 

13 Court Street, 1831. p. fLXXI, 

* 92 ) c. 3 Mar., 27th yr. of Ind* 1803 - 8 

By Ebenezer Morriam, as Proprietor 

The Parent's gift; a present for every little boy and girl that wishes to 
be wise and good; containing the rudiments of spelling and reding 
rreadingj composed by a very particular friend to Children and af-Poc- 
tionately dedicated to their parents. 

N3t Train up a child in tho way he should go. (Added to the above) 

Published according to Act of Congress. Brookfield, Massachusetts 
Printed by E. Morriam & Co. January, 1803, 

HHi, RPB. 

Union catalog. 

Mss. Ods., 1803. 

r93 > c. G May, 27th yr. of Ind, 1803 - 9 

By Daniel Adams, as Author 

Adajn s, Daniel. 

. 'thorough Scholar; or, the naturo of language, with the reasons 
q £ nc iples and rules of English Grammar rendered accessible to tho under- 

°f youth. Coiap re bending I. fho nature of language - skotohos 
0 origin, rise, progress, oc. II. The nature of Sounds; of the 


yoioo, of letters, vowels, and consonants accurately and plainly 
fined, different sounds of the letters, rules for spelling, particularly 

• ’ re words. III. Analysis of speech# rtf* English 

Lrnt-ed, punctuation, oo. On a plan wholly original 


grounds and dorivati 

Jjjir cle arly iUttst ; , . .. , n 

rt nd new* By Daniel Adams, M, 8#, Author of the 8eholar f s Arithmetic, W 
* Leominster, Massachusetts. Printed by Adams and YJilder, for 
Author! and sold by him at Leominster, - August 13, 1803# 
Copyright notice as above. 

J* A t 


l % j * # 

Itoion catalog. 

A.I.I. Nss. otis., ISOS 

c. 12 May 3 27th yr. of Ind. 

as Proprietor 

1803 - 10 

By William Noman, 

#. l * 1r Tfcm WM A ^r HP- ■*- ‘■brf VI f ‘■fcT I II JPlk^t — - -- 

To which is added directions for finding the time of high¬ 

er r let on, Osgood. 

The new improved st India pilot containing 1. Sailing directions i 
tho Gulf of Florida, Bahamas, Vlndw&rd islands, Spanish Maine, and Bay of 


r ~ J-- - — -- — — - - t/ ' 

pilots, . - . m~ III 

’smter at any place. Likewise directions for those who are not fully ac— 
attainted with the us© of charts* and a table of the Latitudes and Longi— 
tudes of the principal headlands do* as determined by astronomical ob*" 
serrations. 2. A general chart of tho West Indies. 3. A chart of the 
Berrrudas or Summer Islands. 4, The Peninsula and Gulf oi Florida, or 
'Jew Buh*™ Channel, with the Bahama Islands. 5. A plan of the River 
Mississippi, to which is added the entrance at i’ort lalrsl©, on a large 
scale. 6. ’ n.iK* onri Jamaica- with oart of the Bahama Banks 





with several passages from tlie 

^ast end of Cuba and the north part of St. Domingo. ># The Best India 
or C&ribee Isl a nds from tho best authorities! by ,'Jilliam Heather. 9. The 
Spanish I aino from Paria to Carthagena. 10. lue coast ox Guayana from 
Rio Oronoko to the River I-eraeraraj containing the hutch colonies of 
’'oum.ror. Esseauibo and Demerara; also the Islands of Tobago and Trinidad. 

* a n TO P4 -U4- 


The’ coast ’of’Guayana from river Herbice to Cayenne. 12. Eight plans 
of the principal harbours in the West Indies. The whole revised and cor¬ 
rected by Osgood Carloton, Esq. as appears by the following certificate j 
I have examined all the above charts and found them correct. Osgood 

Carleton Toaoher of Mathematics, Boston. 

Bostons Published and sold by Willi** Herman, Book and Chart Keller, 

1803. Ja*a».i nf,i on of the twelve charts. 

n - 




13 May, 27th yr. of Ind. 
Samuel Holyoke, as Proprietor 

1303 - 11 


, Samuel, 

^*aonio mueio selected and compofl0d 

jwok Lo 



for the Installation of the Merri- 

iav< rJii J 

MassacliuflettB. By Samuel Holyoke 

c °py located. 


c. 9 Juno, 27th yr. of Ind. 

By Joseph Croswcll, as Author 

1003 - 12 

Croswoll, Joseph. 

A tiow world planted} or the advonturos of the forefathers of Lew— Eng** 
land, who landed In Plymouth, ^©comber 22 f 1620. An historical drama ■* 
in five acts. By Joseph Croevroll. 

pLOi Boston! Pri >ted for tho authorj sold by E. Larkin, No. 47, Comhili. 
1303. From tho Press of Gilbert & Doan. 

This 1803 edition v/as found to bo located in tho Library of Conrress, 
1940, but is now in storage. Verified by letter from the Rare Book 
Collection, Library of Congress, July, 1943, 

Union catalog. 

Boston) . . '* "‘ _- v 

|97j c. 7 Juno, 27th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 13 

James White & Company, as Proprietors 

Minot, George Rio hards. 

Continuation of tho history of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from 
the year 1748 to 17G5. Yiith an Introductory sketch of ovents from its 
original settlement. By George Richards Minot, Fellow of the American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Mentor of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, Vol. II. 

p:A« Published according to Act of Congress. Boston; Printed for J* 

I White & Co., Proprietors, by Hanning & Loring* Juno, 1803. v.2 

Tho first volume v/as printod in 1798, 


Union catalog. 

A.1,1, Mss. ods., 1803 (Boston) 

Sabin: 49321. 

f9Qj o. 12 July, 28th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 14 

By Manning and Loring, as Proprietors 

Cooper, William* 

Original sacred music; consisting of I. A dedicatory anthem, which 
v/i H also be suitable to be sung at Ordinations. II. An anthem for Christ¬ 
as. III. Psalm Tunes. By William Cooper, Author of a Thanksgiving 

“The Lord hath done great things for us, 11 &c. 
ctY -hS* Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring, and sold at their Book Store, 

No. 2, Comhill. rn.d.j 
,, Verified by letter. 


Author file. 

,9e > o. 26 July, 20th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 15 

By Isaiah Thorns, Junior, as Proprietor 


idr*'**. a novel founded on Incidents m real life* By n young 
J of /,0 rcester County. 



Published accord Inf- to Act of Congress. Korea uteri Printed and 

cold wholesale and retail, by XfalaH Thomas Jun. Proprietor of 
the work. Juno, 10CK5, ' ' 

MW A °°Py ha ® pasted on fly-leaf the following explanation of author 
ships The author of this work was Bukoy Vickery of Jjoioeetor^ 
Mass, according to 1 Reminisconcea of leioeiter, 1 by Joneph Denny, 
as printed in tho Worcester 8py, November 22, It73, Incorrectly 
attributed to Eliza Vioery by Dr. C. L. Nichole in hie bibliography 
of Worcester, and oopiod by Vogel in, Rabin, and Wright#" 

dug, mb, mh, m. ' ' 

Union catalog, 

A.I.I. Mae. oda., 1803. 

Sabins 9;‘422. 


30 July, 28th yr. of Ind. 
by b* H« Preston, ac Author 

1603 -16 

Preston, Daniel R. 

The juvenile instructor; or, a useful boof 1 for children, of things to 

I _ * & ** * 

be renembered. In familiar colloquial discourses between a parent and 
child. Ey D. Pv. Preston. 

MBs Boston: Printed by John f. Dunham, lio. 24, State Street. Copy right 
secured, rn.d.j 

LIB has established date as (1800] . 

HI imprints catalog and A.I.I. nice, cds. 1803 (Boston) have entry 

taken from Coodopoed’s catalog no. 252, item 240, which established 
date ac f 1803?j• 

flOl 3 c. 1 Aug., 28th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 17 

By Osgood Carleton, as Author 

Carleton, Osgood. 

The Columbian Pilot; containing new and correct charts of the sea 
coast of North Africa, from the River ft. Gary’s to the banks of New¬ 
foundland, inclusive, tho Straights of Soli ale and River ft. lavrence, 
tho principal Harbours, &c., \7ith sailing directions, drawn from tlio 
latest surveys, most approved sea-journals, and astronomical observa¬ 
tions of the most celebrated havigators upon tho true Mercator* s 
Prinoiplec. To which is added a new and corroct chart of the West Indies 
including the Gulph r sio.j of Mexico, and Bay of Honduras; collected fron* 
[the latest Charts, Journals, Surveys, and astronomical observations of 
| the most celebrated navigators, eo. by Osgood Carleton, Esq. Teacher of 

'^1 '# * Jr 

I -'Athematics in Boston. 
it0 C0 Py located* 

ll0 h c. 3 Aug., 20th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 18 

By Thoms and Andrews, as Proprietors 

‘^oinan, Samuel, 

probate directory; or an assistant to Probate Courts, Executors, 
Tl ini e trators and Guardians, Being the laws of the Commonwealth of 


, -aohusotts respecting the? natnhon of Testators, Intestates, nnd bai c 
fo which aro added a variety of forms, for tho uao of Probate Courts, an 
1-ioh persons a 3 may have business to transact tho rein. Together with a 
comprehensive, alphabotioal index to the laws and the forma, dy Sanuo 
rfoonan, Ksq. Kegistor of Probate for Lho County of Cumberland. 
jlKAi fooond edition, greatly enlarged and improved. Published aooor ng 
to Act of Conrrors. Printed at Benton, by T. Thomas and b. f« 
Andrews, Pro;)rietors of tho Copyright. Sold at their Bookstore, 

1 o. 45 Newbury-ft root, and by tho Other Booksellers in Town and 
Country. Aug. 1, 1503. 

DLC, MB, MH-L, MHi. 

A.I.l. Ncs. cds., 1803 (Boston) 

Deposited Dept, of State, Oct. 5, 1803, 

t 103] 

c, 10 °opt. ( 28th yr, of Ind. 

’ an.nohusotta Baptist Missionary 
Toclety, as Proprietors 

1303 - 19 

The Massachusetts Baptist ini scionary * * 2 i n^j. 

V. L: Published for tho benefit of tho Society 
Hanning A Loring, and Sold at thoir Book 

(Volume I, Septenbor, 1803) 

Union list of serial6; 2& ed # 134 3. Locations rocordod. 
Union catalog. 

A.I.l. Mss. ods., 1803 (Boston) 

Vol* I. 

Postons Printed by 
Storo, No. 2, Comhill 



c. 17 Copt., 28th yr. of Ind 
3v Edward Clark, as Author 

1303 - 20 

Clark, Edward. 

A view of Abraham's Covenant, and of Circumcision, and tho Churoli 
under tho lavr, and tho Church under the Oospol, in aovoral lottora to 
friend. By Edward Clark, Minister of tho Oospol in Framingham. 

MWA; Printed at Providence, by Nathaniel ' aton, Bun. 1803, 

Copyright notioo as above. 

';l£, Mi, HPJCB. 

"nion catalof;. 


( 106 , 

o. 19 Sopt., 28th yr. of Ind. 

By Cushing 4 Appleton, us Propriotors 

1803 - 

0 iflow # WllUftBl, 

7 he youth's Library. A selootion of lessons in reading. Intended < 
J »«quel to "The child's library,” by Willlu B low. v. 1. 

'■Rd.Ti • rlem t Printed by Joshua Cush , | bold by Cushing and 

Appleton, at tho fign of the 01 bio, 180 Published aocoi*dii 

r* n to Act of Congress, 


. ‘I 0 " °f'Ulo,'. 

* J « 0.1®., 1U0». 

c. 26 Sept*, 28th yr, of Ind* l 803 “ 22 

By halter Janes, aa Author 

j&nes, Walter# 

^lie Massachusetts Harmony, consoorated to Devotion# In four parts* 

2 An introduction to the rudiments of music ^ by way of question and 
anG wer. 2 * A variety of useful lossons to exercise the learner in the 
uS e of notes and for the tuning of his voice* 3. A large number of 
Junes, adapted to the various metres and keys usually performed in 
Churches* 4, A number of pieces adapted to particular hyrano, together 
with elegiac pieces, Odes, and anthems* Never before published. Designed 
particularly for the use of the Singing Schools and Musical Assemblies in 
the United States* Ify halter Janos, a citizen of Massachusetts. 

HWAt Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring, for tho Author. Octo. 1803* 

Prefaoo dated Holland, Sept* 1803. 

LIB, Mil, MHi. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I* Mbs# cds., 1803 (Boston) 

f 107 1 c. 27 Sept., 28th yr. of Ind. 1003 - 23 

By Daniel Adams, as Author 

Adams, Daniel. 

The understanding Reader, or Knowledge before Oratory; being a new 
selection of lossons; suited to the understandings and capacities of 
youth, and designed for their improvement. I. In heading. II. In the 
Definition of words. III. In spelling, particularly compound and de¬ 
rivative words* In a method wholly different from anything of the kind 
ever before published. By Daniel Adams, M.B., Author of the Scholar's 
Arithmetic, Thorough Scholar, &o. 

MfrAi Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Leominster, 

Mass* By Adams & Vi'ildor, Sept. 29, lo03. 

Preface dated Sept. 29, 1803, 


Union catalog, 

A,I,I, Author file, 

fI08j 0# 14 Oct., 28th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 24 

By Vfilliaiii Norman, as Proprietor 

f : °m&n, William, compiler) 

Builder's Easy Guide, or, Young fiarponter's Assistant, containing 
ft Sreat variety of useful designs in carpentry and architecturej as tho 
Proportioning of the j^ive orders, mouldings, £o. at large with their on- 

j plana and elo-rations or Houses, for Town and Countryj designs 
9hinn0y«pi eoot; j shop fronts. Door cases, ft air cases, &o. Design for 

with plan and elevation) design for a Pulpit, Bridge, ec. eo.j 
. many other important articles and useful embellishments. Compiled 
' roz? i tho la tost and most approved European Publications. To which is 



Ud * llat »'f prion of cpontnr* | work, U tit* town of 'atim* 
fb« wbolt lllualrnlml nml MtdO pori'ootly o*ui by iWt/aOlfjMi Ooppor Pinto*. 

with t*pU»‘*bWmn. 

I\)bllnltetl dl\it(. to tot. 4 * f Oou inmi, ionium i t l t*»u *oiu 


J,\ v> l U t n l Moniftn, :'■«»!»;. Mnl (limit .ulUr. i. *> t * ltJO , 

v»*ri ftod by lobtor* 

Imn not oM l n'trt.l Ulllltut lot mi no U»» o 0 :tplior« 

Union OltutOf.* 

Mm, o»l«,, l (Mont Mil U , only loon lion inoniMod. 


o. 14 t ov,. 5|it h yr, uf Inti, 
At<l )*th r.tibuah, on Author 

l uo3 - 20 

Ptnlninh, Al» l j*h. 

TUo Piwlmullatio' ,' ( : ».«i utnut | oontalnlftf; im original 1 ' pOlitiO* 
oi‘ pnn In tu A Myinn |\mn« ( unit o l ii,-« on *hr» »until of iiunural l.ftdltln^loni 
to fcMnlt to l>ri»flu»t| on l « t tuOuol . > .» to Uto j rounda oi'nialo* y AMJtOt 

IIKAl PnMInhatl ooooisilni t o Aol ol lion ,r««t« Aoatoni Prl Nfi ^ Manning 
jb l,orlup, fov t b«* Author «• t opt, IciOA, 

Vot owlf. 

Union ontol OR* 

A, 1,1. Milt Oil*,, 1003 < Mont , n ) 

,110, 0* 10 1*o., ruth r. nr 1ml. *003 - 2lJ 

uy v.ont* h Or**»<il*»f. ** Propriobora 

■tUTIn, TtiHititiHiu MuiitOi, 

tin ni noi* nt<,iiUi|u>iMi| or, 0 *binot ol 1 onoral • * tl ’■ I a 

bill .i ■ Attn, :>oii*noo*, i*oii to l-i t v> rot ®fi» h nor u) i u u,B * 

ult. I* pnrW uompUod fro* tho *»»•. ruion uw Bore 

Tliatldmi* u, Hart tit, A * . , 

»u, Uuntuiu Printtd fwi oot 4 Oroonloaf, No. ftc, GorahUl* by aawting 

A Lorllift, r-ojit, 1UQ3. 
tirtjiyrlfjvb noltoo *■ ot'OVO, 

&U», UK, MUAt, Mill, 

Itaton onin log* 

A* 1 , 1 , twin , ( llH)^ t 'i)a I mi) 

till, o, U) l t» o, , tttlbh >i*. o' lml * - 3T 

Ity Amirow law, no Autt-'i 

Itt*^ Ami row, 

THi irt of tinging, in <t‘r»o u ‘ wU, « ll " mniiooi i*rUu i. 

{U tho uiiriul-lmi ..vy. tlS« ?»“> IV Andraw Uw, 

l' , MM 111 ini\ t t on itltill ndilitiiw* "Mil WiproioOOtttR printoi 11,‘1‘U a ROW plun 
♦■‘•Ai , U, u ,, .ordMit - Aot ... . l*i* Int nt «h rM.-n, by 

v. t liillliml, 1003. 

0 opyrlg 1 ii mo bloo »'« obovo. 

t,U} * Pn, mh wm, nn* 


Unlrtrt catalog, 

A.1.1. Moo. ° (ls »* 1003, 

pipoaltod Dept, of Hay 20, 1801, 

( 112j o. 21 Doo,, 28th yr. of Ind, 1003 - 2B 

By Tnniah Thomas, Junior, an Author 

Perry, William. 

Tho only ouro Guide to tho English tongue { or, now pronouncing f polling 
Book upon the aama plan an Porry'o Boyal Standard English dictionary, now 
nndo uno of in tho oolobrntod aohooln of Or oat Britain t Ireland j and 
AsioriOA. To which in tu'dod a largo ool loot ion jnro added a .ivnnar of 
tho I English language} and a ooloot mmibor of] norr 1 tulou and .'ableo, 

,,, Also Directions for tho different Bounds of tho consonants} boforo all 
tho vovrolo, with ovory oxooptlon that la to bo mot in our Language, from 
such gonoral rulon, Also a Comploto list of words In tho English 
Lwiguago, which though written differently huva a familiarity of ao\ind| 
of those substantive b and vorbr., which vary in their sound, either by a 

different consonant, or by changing t. o hard sound of that Consonant, or 
by changing tho hard aound of that Consonant into tlio ooi't sound, of thoao 
ndjootivoo and verbs alike Ln orthography but dlfforontly aoaontedt of 
those substantive a and adjootlvou o.'u.n lnj, tho sent of the aooont. SJy 
: William Porry, Lecturer on tho English language, in the Aoadowy of Edin¬ 
burg and author of novoral valuable school books, hi ftoonth Improvod 
Edition, carofully rev'cod, corrected ai d illuntmtod with several now 

I'T.’A: Printod at Worooator, Hastaohuoetts by Isaiah Thoi ’.la, Jon, (Pro¬ 
prietor of tho improvements, according to taw.) f old wholooulo 
and retail by him at his Bookotomo ln ’onfon arul Vorcoater ... in,d. 
At bottom of illustration on p. i2|i Thomao'a Y.orcocter Edition, 

This is tho only edition wMoh agrees with tho copyright entry, 

Afl.I. Has, ods,, 1803, 

(113, o. 24 l>oo., 28th yr. of Ind. 1803 - 20 

By Samuel Holyoke, na Proprietor 

Holyoke, Samuel, 

Tho Christian Harmonist j containing a sot of tunes adapted to all tho 
metres in Hr, Rippon'o Coleotion of Hymns, in tlio Colleotlon of Hymns by 
Joshua Smith, nnd in Ur. < att'o atta'j Psalms and Hymns. To which 
a ro added Hymns on Partioular Subjects, sot throughout} tiro anthems, and 
FUnoral Dirge} with a oonoioo Introduotlon of Practical Prlnoiples. 

Tho vholo In a familiar atylo designed for the uoo of tlio Baptist Churohos 
in tlio United Status. Dolcotod and Oomposod by Samuel riolyo'-o, A.H. 

Wlhij Publishod according to Aot of Con t ;i' tJ oo* Printod by Joshua Cushing, 
Salon, Haaaaohusotto, 1004, 

Copyright notice ac above, 

K8. RPB. 
jjwlon oatalog. 

Meo. odo., 1004. 

,lUi °* 20 30th yr. of Ind, 1003 - 30 

My Samuel Hopkins, an Propriotor 

Hopkins, Cornual, 

Twenty ono Mormons on u variety of Interesting subjects, sentimental 
and praotloal. lly Cornual Hopkins, D,P, Pastor of tho First Congregational 
Church in Newport (idiodo Inland) 

liWA-l Published aocmrdlng to /tot of Congronn. Haleru Prlntod by Joshua 
Gushing, for tho Author. 1003, 

IdLC, KB, mi, MSaE, 

Union oatalog, 
i A. I * X . Man, cdo,, 1003, 

fll B i °« 1° Jan,, 28th yr. of Ind. 1804 - 1 

My Luther Bingham, as Propriotor 

Burroughs, Otephon. 

Mmnoirs of Ctophon Burroughs, Volume JI. 

lil.i Copy right soourod, Mostom Printed by E. Linooln for Calob Bingham 
Ko. 44, Gornhill, 1004, 


A.I.T. Itoa, edn,, 1004 (Bouton) 

f^ c i o, 23 Jan,, 28th yr. of Ind. 1004 - 2 

By John Coutlinok, as Author and 

Bout) taok, John. 

Tlio Llfo of John Bout]mole written by hlnoolf. 

'* f) °<>Py located, Ho evidonoo tluit this work vma printed until 1800. 

Moo Item 313 (1009 - G) 

o. 24 Jan,, 20th yr, of Ind, 1004 - g 

By leaning (Uannlngj Ac Loring, as 


Cooper, Willie*. 

■Tho beautioo of Churoh L'uuioj und tho ouro guldo to the art of Qinrlnri 
°°ntalninc i* An Introduction to tho grounds of Praotloal Lmoio, or oasy 
th,i ^°wl-llur rulop for learners* II. A oursory dovolopoiiiont (dovelopraont 
p iha proportions of Harmony, for tho ueo of thooo v/ho would boooLie 1 

r °notent§ (do. j in oomposltLon, and thooo likov/itio who vrauld wioh to 
, oria 11 just ontlmato of tho merits of tho Pioooo which tlioy porfom. III, 

J Oiiolao oolleotion of Psalm Tunes, Choruses and Anthomn, from tho moot * 
Pprovod authors, adaptod bo t)io oapaoltios of Ixjnmoro, oaloulatod to 
^ u ^se urd delight the Connoiasoure, and particularly oultod to tho dignitv 
Jr solemnity of divine v/orchlp. My V/iIlian Cooper. 

1 Published aooording to Aat of Congress. Bostont Printed by '’umiLnr 
A Lorlng (Proprietors) A« sold, wholesale and rotail, at their Book"* 
'tore. Mo. 2, Cornhlll, f n,d,j 
Copyright notice aa ubovo. 

Dl£ t 2P-* 

I Keteal f • 

Union catalog* 

l # * s * 1304 (Boston) 

( 118j o. 24 Jan. 23th yr* of Ini. 1SC4 - 4 

3y Joseph £an.cred«, as Proprietor 

fhe pulpit Orator; being a new selection of eloquent pulpit discourses, 
acconpanied with observations on the csrpOsitim delivery ser- 
r.ons, and containing pieces not found in cortpilscicrs of this bird, 
rii.- Demons of Bossuet, ’assillon and Porteus;'s liir.ts to Public 
Speakers; Feminghana*s Essay on the eloquence of the Pulpit is England 
and Dr. Gregory's thoughts on the cocpositi?r and deliver; of a for or.. 
rfAi Boston: Printed for Joseph fane rede by David foriisle, ISOs* 

DUG, U3, HH. 

Union catalog* 

A,I,I, Use. odst, 1804 (Boston) 

(119 1 c* 24 Jan,, 2Sth yr* of lad. ISO* - 5 

3y Uichael Walsh, as Author 

TJalsh, liichael* 

A new syston of Book-keeping, adapted to various concerns, IMohael 
T.alsh, Author of the kercantilo Arithnotic. 

?Io copy located. Ho evidence that it was ever printed, 

(120j c. 26 Jan., 26th yr, of Ind. 1S04 - 6 

By TiiIlian Nonas, as Proprietor 

Carleton, Osgood* 

The South American Pilot, Containing I* A row end correct chart ex¬ 
hibiting the whole of the Atlantic or Western Coeanj wherein the re¬ 
spective coasts of Europe, Africa and of America forth and South with the 
Islands and Dangers of the two foas aro fully described. IT. A cl^art of 
the Coast of Guayana freer* Fio Oronoko to the River Deenerara, containing 
the Dutch colonics of Pounnron, Lssoquibo av.d Dene ram; also the Islands 
of Tobago and Trinidad. HI. A Chart of the Coast of Ouayona fron River 
Berbioe to Cayenne. IV, A chart of the Coast of South America, fraa 
Cayenne to the River Alagoa, V* A cnart of the Coast oi foutr. Ar erica, 
fron st. Salvador to Cape St. Gary's. VI. A chart of the River Plate or, 
a very large scale. VII. A new and inproved chart of Cape horn ir.cludin- 
*he Falkland Islands and the Coast of South, Ar»rioa, fron Cape St. Antoiuo 
Cape Horn on tho East (Five & Southj uest fron Capo Horn to the -sland 
°f Hooa. Tho whole taken frocn the latest and most approved European 
Publications revised and corrected by Osgood Carleton, Tsq. Teacher of 
Jbe iiathonatios, 3oston. 

0 C0 Py located. 

, 121 ] 

c * 10 : *’ eb ** 28th yr. of Ind. 
Thonaa Turner, as Author 

1804 - 7 

Turner, Thomas, 

pi _keeping by double entry, delineated on a scale 

rll t G U e ® ®- n< l comprehension of Senior school boys and youth; 

f n f rCan ^ i ^ e lino* Comprising systomatio and unerring 
rules f r he worming monthly statements of books, ns well as those for 

op. a ;j oon uo ing, a justing t and closing; them, vdth explanations of 

‘oj°^ f. 0t prao ^ ioe > rendered easy to tho smallest capacity, 

. ? ^. e ? at ®, r'. lGr ? * n C;1G i ;r ‘- lc Principles, and to make then 

per.ev. ^ j u es -y a little practice; to -which are added rules for 
keeping retell books by doublo entry, without altoring the process of 
single entry in the Day book or Journal, for all sales of Merchandise, by 

, c * a 8 7n *^^- n o ds ®.ved, and tho ledger exonerated from Items, 

n e GCi ^. a prompt and sure proof of monthly balances and annual profit. 

Ai8 ° a ° J nort Ga6 y and concise and safe iray of calculating any rate per 
“ and especially that of interest at six per cent per annum. By 
3 Turner, Professor and Teacher of Bookkeeping, Portland. 

Printed by Jonks and Shirley, for Thomas Clark (Proprietor) 

Copyright notice as above. 

U3. :rsf ■»- 


£ * 


IjL. w 



c. 27 Feb., 23th yr. of Ind. 
3y Jedidiah Horse, as Author 

1804 - 8 



. The American Gazetteer, exhibiting a full account of the Civil Divi- 
Z y* ns > Rivers , Harbors, Indian Tribes, &c. of the American Continent, algo 
tr.c ,ost India and other appondant Islands, vdth a particular descrip- 
-I 02 i of Louisiana. Compiled from tho best authorities. By Jedidiah 
-orsc, D.D., A.A.8., S.H.S. Author of the American Universal Geography 
‘Uustrated vdth Haps. Second Edition, revised, corrooted, and enlarged, 

“" * s Charlestown: Printed by and for Samuol Etheridge, and for Thomas 
a nd Andrews, Boston - 1804. 

Copyright notice as above, except 26 Feb. 

r \ m. m ^ . 


II. . » 

Die, aa 

- > i-n-r.v., 

; 4 ;°a catalog. 

f, 1,1 ’ "S'*, ods., 1804. 
p b} ni 60923. 

' 6 P°cited Dopt. of State, 

Apr* 2, 1804. 


c. 5 liar., 20th yr. of Ind. 
fry kill lam Borman, as Proprietor 

1804 - 9 

J>ton, Osgood. 

tv * ' ^ >brad or and Banks Pilot 
^ r -gland from Oouth Shoal to 

containing 1. A chart of tho Coast of 
Capo Cable, including George's Bank and 

| H ,, ,*f ttihMott Itnt'lmp, tf, A uhni'ii mi* Hovn MootMn, .. 0*M'w **" 

i* s \ InUtuW 0, \ JvUm ^ Mw* litWuul n i h*vMu mu u iiu, *# him* In* ^ 

Mlf Ki'MlV" 'uptuM 1 , lt\vrvv*yvit by *M\luv **llm tkWurtMH’ »*f‘ M‘»V* MiHln, 
y V .*U*t “ Uv* n»A >>m(. of (tut Uimitb of liuul, 1 n(* 11«1' »*|; 

<*,,» mlhw4»* oO h«hlo, mv*l 0*ttn 'h**tu'o. 0, A ohm ti oi IJim (Hi lT lit*, 

lio* UtOllhUll,. UlO ; t-Wh|Ut’M lU jv.Uu htlo, mill I In I wh»l,’ll* MiWinU *•( 

• « A i'Iim Ii »*i* l hi* (Kmttii of t nhinthn’ f poi'l Uiu rt!•*■*•<IJ H(«■ »»l 
;v\U* In l* tA * imAwloh ftiy, muioyoA hy ov*Un* »• (* t hr* lluvni nm* *•*’ how 
A'viHvH‘"'A* V*' WhlAh lit mUMiSint ** n hmiphloti, mml *1 utn|-; oo»j»lotit* 1 t- 

ivUil Iv'U* *\* I Mil *' r t ho n‘>ovo t’lmitn, 1*1’ ipt Util (Vo i mi l tint mii'vn.vw, ) uuUi 
••s fot-nomi o'h*l*t$Tlil Ky t ho ht> il m l t.y nml I tu* ohitorvnl limit of uirtiiy «*4*“ 

1*IIoIm, . o, \\wm Au,*i»M '\iii i\n, Mm I hum iif Wntwr 

nt rtUJ i*V">*»* IMtMoMomt l\»t‘ I hom* who rt!*» not (Nil ly mOQUmI 

K ||!t t ’ rt l*wn «»f I'hmltt, Mint h lilt! of M, hti lUniPOn i 1 n tin* tlllHIll Of A |»M 'OUJ 
i!*»‘ \.hol«* I '»■ >*n *h\*i i t h*< Intoot- mot iii’ it- h**i>i oviut i w* iiM|Hmu jimill lon I l nun, 
loylm-A iio.l ooi ivntml t\\ I'm oo»l v’m'lotion, Kntj, Totuilmr "f I ho ' nthoiiiit Ion, 


tin *n*|\y to*M\t>o*l, 

,114 1 O. 1A Um* M UiUili yx\ of Yiut« UlOd - 10 , 

<ty Kilnhnul f'mvh Ulunt, nit hHipi'lntidr 
,*V*mUtd\ KnthftH 1*\, 

Am iti'i*on*U v to t ho mov l IVmtMonl llioh iilmr, ooittit I nlttj; tuhlnd 

*S* oWm'ltM. (ho nppnlont A hit II on of t ho it MM noil flOOU f |Vu I t ||0 offoottl Ot* 
!Vi>iUiv\ * ul htf not lou h n n. v* i*ottio*l In y' 'oh oil t ho oort'ooiilotut mo 
Rihllt l vr , 

' At I'opi-!,* ( *ht itumuM.I noooisMu, to low, Ho*irbm*y,iortii IVlntml hy 
I'Amini U, hi vim t, N*i, A, Jit nit* Stfontl, ItHMp 
m, M, lm, MlUtv, MU MP«K* 
thvliMv owtnlo , 

M«», o*l\604« 

Tw,*!, of jit «iio, ilMly Y, 1004. 

o, 00 Mm*, , Sllhtv yf* of llul, UHM - 11 

% 1 rttlu'i* 0\m*t*o 4 n« iVoprl oUh* 

01(M*tin, John, 

Ml BOimi »i,-m t,* yviuu^ ,h< t*a*MtM, hy Uvo Into Hov, Jolm v'lnrtiu. It,l', 

WlwUtni* or n,f> VH t'nii OhuiMh lit ItoMtoM, 

J^' Ai h'dtovu I'MluinO h\ Mmuimo mul t-Vnoolit, for hull A lllllop ;,3 

OoimOUU, 1004, ' ' 

J*W| UtUti, MM, NN* 

0Mn\o r , 

m««, AiU,, 1004 (twnboit) 

f^Mui \MSA, Not*., of , toto, Only 1(104, 

* ^ 



SX V'T.. .'V':.' ;T„ «s! 

- ' - v -' Ifl'. VJ N —v 


* *>* a 

tWfgsX'X'-■» . 

?!♦ v W } ■ ■ -' f ‘ ‘ 7 

L 17 N*. c.V - :»c ,'j 

Mfc* J^wlfrartu s r j i 


7 t.VI -v'Ti.'w it ts.'T# 
Tl.\ V*, Ud«, \5. W* 

T&.VJC I,*-,-, 

U‘.» - % v " '■ 7 1 --. 


V ►> 

-- * 

^ * 

* * * 

, $ : * 

-- * * 

5 - . 7 , .V -tjl m 

(f i5 Vfe&lAl 9LT* C-f 7 

x m. 

& M «<r f w x — n ' 

It a a >4 * 3 1-Jf CJW„ *^\L ;! 

^ >7 * 7 ^ ' c t'cv * : : *" 

J-r r'^csit ^-L'i 


v ^ Jfc^v cccrr^vt-Xj 
s* r Jt . .. :*z- *, : * 

' * v n >: r ^ : s* i> c x ^. 

* ;Vr * : ;r 

.0 j. 

>v : 

* - ** * 

t 'V> fc 

1* ;t ?lit*; *l f*C 

mbMl : >u 

* V 

& ^ 
• 4 

TV/ -*$, ? ^'4, 

% **■ "s# 

« 4 - s« 

S' V 

^ 4 - 

■»' * 

" * 

'. :w*» >V :, '-tAtaas 

V'.l.'ty . .- . , :c; *JLr a.- 'ijs .1 - t* rv%i *“■ * 

‘ i -ws-lt-i *-.*.',x,\l„ .:t : ,'.!■ v - t a. 

l-V*. V ri»a»r. ’ Jfcsijt v —** 

*?t. jam, 

T'.v ? rv it .*.:*! .a. . r, 

> ' 

*v 7 ^: 

* * 

% % * } 4 ^ «* »''i V 


p- t 


_> Mb iSr^.V ":, *~s 

13CH - H 

.v: hi : 

: }' 

** J * ■ * • * j4 «■ ^ •• p * 

> V * * 4 ' •*- * — - M g , — * 'W 


^-V tf.v:,*.»: »'.' 

. » A ; 

. «•*! 

s. ;■ 

^ -* S.j * «• « *' ^ * 

4 ■* * 

m, 4 

,' ■: i 


4 * ‘ 
* 4 * 

««jci ^ t .' . t ,-ni vr-v-:^, ia rv - 

i*4, rttTr^-< llbM, gjcsr^dur-*, :,^v*vvi«w, W-ai^»OTl^r 

swac +* wri«. , .v.«, $«i«imiii '-> i 

* -- ^ -f " in. 

^UT CI r mtm 1 ?:*?»«• ^ ^v u *--' 3 - ^ ir ^* =L 

,'il - ^ KM '-t'v'v'. A:: .lit 

■f^wlgtoc 'll.' :_' v -VW ^ V.' -a 

4 --* 

'-V.* <s -.vii :v K» ' 

> '.v-'u. > :a- 

% Hit * * % % * * » 

' 7 

'. 4 ?.' c .-i# :-i '- 

11 s .':i.'ra -7 

l ?i«^T, >r J 

: t-' 


^ »N’rT ' 

4 H ^ 


J. S July, 23 

. c; 

S, £-S 

5 Z? ** 

truth arc excellence of gb* Christ! 

u. ^ o r* hA im r 

fj» t ^>”VJ> .B' J* . ~ •* *■*< 

* rig-j¬ 
it j.: 3cston 

"sli ;_ 

exhibited in two 

i«ic.i oi' the -risti 

' - _ 




rid Carlisle, Fzr 


' rit, -3 

* - r- 




sir v 

» —» 

ri jdt notice as ahcvs, 

, 3T5. 

iricr cansleg. 

* t --- 1 -^4 (3oston) 

A. ss. =ns.. 


c. 50 July f 2i~b ; r. 3 £ 

1304 - 16 

v 5 

_tc , s.5 ?rep 

2-6 err 

r ^r.zrcz'zzz'. 

7 c- , 

tre«tiaiai designed 
id s:is. 9y Caroline liatildb 
la cocv located, 

mi, B. 

Latdlda arrer) 
Accidence, corfcaiuirf a 

r, cocpilcd 2r:n 


t ap; 

. S 9 ."'ll 

3f v 


ic ci 

J , - * 



^ w 1 




c. SO July, 23th yr. of 
5" .Ilian 2" 1—c, as Proprieto: 


» » » 

n curm 


.-ears I 

ill and 

Austin. 7 j 1 Ilian, 
letters frun Lend 
'Jilliar* Austin. 

Ifii: Boston* Printed for 1* Palh^n, 13tH. 

Verso title-paces S, z..:ril~e 1 2. 3tebbins, miners. 

Copyright notice as above. 
ulS, MB, USeS. 
fcloo catalog. 

*-•« - . 2 . Is s. cds., lwC-4 ( osvon) 

-« posited 





:• r 


o. S Aug., 23th j r. of Lnd. 
By Caleb Mnrhan. as Author 

1S04 - 16 

Si *“ "• Vj 

aU ^ S “* wale f * . . . j- . short and easy introduction to English 

The vn onr .ad -'s accidence; o- a »«*» *» • 

-rsmnr'. Designed principally dor the use of young leamors, aoro es- 
filly those^f the ftir Sea though proper ftraither. Caleb ^Binghan, 

•M. Author of the Child's Companion, .African rreceowor, anu Columbian 

Orator. Quotation. The fourteenth edUxcn. 

**“•* ^shed acoordi^-vot of 

C m Lincoln For the Aow.*o* 9 * $ 

The fourteenth edition* 



Kfis tho 15th ed., 1804, with tho copyright notioo for the 14th 
ed., vorso title-page* 

ed., verso rime-page* 

Bnion catalog. Locates the ICN copy as "14th ed. 1804," but ICN reports 

it as "14th ed. 1803." 

f 133j 

it as "14th od. 1803. 

c. 1 Sept., 29th yr. of Ind. 

By Lillian Hilliard, as Proprietor 

1804 - 19 

[fbbea, Peresi . _ . 

A scripture catechism, or system of religious instruction xii the wo 

of ecripturo. Being a selection of the most plain and important texts, 30 
arranged as to give a systematic view of the principal doctrines and 
duties of our Roly Religion, Intended as an assistant to Cnrxstian Minis¬ 
ters Parents, and instructors in the religious education of children an 
youth. Adapted to tho use of schools and families. By a clergyman o 


Published according to Act of Congress. Cambridge, 

Sold by William Hilliard, and by the Booksellers in Boston. 1804. 

(Title entry) 

Jin, Id, IJH. MR establishes author as Perez Fobes. 

Union catalog. (Title entry) 

A.I.I. ties, cds., 1804. 

Sabin: 78495. (Title entry) 

Printed and 



1804 - 20 


c. 7 Sept., 29th yr. of Ind. 

By John Coles Junior, Painter, 
as Author and Proprietor 
(Title of a Design) 

Coles, John. Jr, . . . 

"The following is the description of on Engraving now about to bo pub¬ 
lished by suosoriptiou, Hue of boauty, so the oval of tho chain 

As the serpentine line is the line o_ joanuy, o 

is hieroglyphic of tho lustre of so pleaainc an Union of several States. 
Tho true emblem of "Peace" in tho oentro, designates tranquility at homo 
and good will abroad, oqually extending to all nations, ihuc . ay sho 
rise and progress until Empires shall roll away and be tne wonder and 

adjiiiration of the v/orld, 
m° oopy located, 


o. 13 Aug., 29th yr. of Ind. 
Tiy Jedidiah Morso and Llijan 
parish, as Authors 

1804 - 21 

** 20 , Jedidiah, and Parish, Elijah.designed for Schools and Drivate 
* compendious history of lie* P nrish , A.U. 

. dlies. By Jedidiah Morse, D.D., ana iiBV * 

“<*> Chariestowni Printed and Sold by Samuel Ethoridgo. led., 

Copyright notice as abovo. 

Prefaoe dated Aug. 8, 1801. 

DLC, H, U3At, MH. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mss. ods., 1804. 

3 &bin: 503 cO . 

Deposited b e pt. of State, Sept. 9, 1804, 

t 136 l c. 6 Sept., 25th yr, of Ind, 1804 - 22 

3y Isaac Backus, an Author 

Backus, Isaac, 

An abridgment of the church history of Hew-England, from 1602 to 1804, 
containing a view of their principles and practico, declonsiona nnd re¬ 
vivals, oppression and liberfcyl with a concise account of the iiptists 
in tho Southern part of America, and a chronological tabic oi tho whole. 

3 y Isaac Backus, A.M. Pastor of a church in Lliddlobo rough. 
yhA: Published according to Act of Congress. Boston: Printed for tho 
author by 5. Lincoln. Sold by harming & Loring, l.'o. 2, Comhill, 
and by E. Lincoln, Water-Street, 1804, 1 

Preface dated Isaac rfctckus, 'iddlo boro ugh, Aug. 30, 1804. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I, Mss. cds., 1804 (3oston) 

Sabini 2626. (Variant title, with no location given) 

f 137j c. 8 Oot., 29th yr. of Ind. 1804 - 23 

By Barnard B. I'aoanulty, as Proprietor 

Story, Joseph. 

Tho povror of solitude. A- pooci in two parts. By Joseph Ctory, 

: ?st Ax A now and improved edition. Salem Published by Jamard 3. 

!!acnnulty. 1804. 

Copyright notice as above. 

Verso title-page: S. Etheridge & C. Stobbina, Printers, Charlestown, 

D LC, la, MB, MHAt, LIS ah. 

Union catalog, | 

^•1*1. Mss. cds., 1804. I 

Sabin: 92216. 

Uepos!tod Dept, of State July 29, 1605. 

tlS 8 , 0# 5 iiov., 29th yr. of Ind. 1004 - 24 

By Andrew Law, as Autr.or 


Trio musical nagazinoj being tho third pai^t oi ^he ait ui Singingj 
containing a variety of Anthems and favourite pi goo c. a periodical pub¬ 
lication. By Andrew Law, fourtli edition, with additions and improvemonts. 
tinted upon a nev/ Dlan. Published according to Act of Gonrroos, Ko. 1. 
‘■I’* Boston: - Printed for the author, by E. Lincoln - loUe. 

Contains separate titlo-page vdth title: Tho musical magasinej 
being the third part of The art of singing ... no, 1* Printed for 


tlio author, by E, Lincoln. 

Vorso tliis titlo-parei Copyright notice as above. 

This work lias boon bound with the first two parts ojf The art of 
singingi Part I, Tho musical primsr, and Part II, Tho Christian 

DLC, mil, MNA, NN. 

Union catalog, 

A.I,I, Mss. ode., 1605 (Boston) 

Popositod Dopt. of rotate, Apr. 23, 1605. 

o, 8 Not,, th yr, of Ind. 
By John out, uc Proprietor 

1304 - 25 

iVaughan, hiIlian, editorj 

The narrative of Captain David T.'oodimni and four oo::ien, who lost thoir 
ship whilo in a boat at sen, and surrendered thoneolvos up to tho Malays , 
in the island of Co lobes; containing a:: interesting account of thoir suf¬ 
ferings from hunger and various hardships, and thoir osoa : o from tho 
h&laya, after a captivity of two years and a half* Use an account of tho 
Banners and customs of the oountry and a dor o riot ion of tho harbours and 
coast, co. together with an introduotion, and an appendix containing nar- 
iTtivos of various oscapes free.; shipwreoks undor great hardships and ab¬ 
stinence; holding out a valuable seamaids guide, and the importance of 
union, confidence and perseverance in the midst of distress, 

Jo copy located. Tho Union catalog locates several London editions 
ontered under tlio title, with note that billion Vaughan edited tho 

<^0, o, C Deo., 29th yr, of Ind. 

By Herman Mann, as Proprietor 

1804 - 26 


The oonfocsion of Jolin Aittus, a mulatto, aged 19 years and 7 months; 
^'ho mas oxocutod at Dodlurn, November 8th, 180-1 , for the crimes of a most 
®**ucl rap© and nurdor on tho body of Salome Talbott* of Canton, in tho 
fourteenth year of her ago. To which is added Ids writings during Ids 


“•‘At (Dedham, Columbian Minerva press, 180-1 j 

Editor 1 c introduction dated Dodliom, Nov. J f 1804, 

Badly mutilated copy, with inprint supplied. 

■ oaiiij Dedham. Columbian Minerva Proas, 1004. 

* Ia * odo., 1004. 


o. 7 foe,, 29th yr. of Ind. 
By Samuel Holyoho, as Author 

130-1 - 27 

***», Samuel. 

Co to dodio ^i°n soi*vico, containing tvro odoo, tSueo U^tuib, and u doxology. 
J^^posod for tho dedication of tho Hew South l ooting house in Salem, 
‘^ohusetts. By Samuel Ilolyoko, A«M. 

Published according to Aot of Congress* Printed by Joshua 
Cushing, Salon, Massachusetts. r n,d.j 
Copyright notice as above# 

Verified by letter. 

Locrtes a copy at 'II but it could not bo found (July, 1343) 

c, 1G Jan., 23th yr, of Ind, 1805 - 1 

By William Frederick Pinchbook, as 

Pinchbook, Ylillieaa Frederick. 

-ho expositor; or many mysteries unravellod; delineated in a series of 
letters, betv.*oen a friend and his correspondent, comprising tho learned 
Pig, Invisible Lady, Aooustic Tonplo, Philosophical Smut, penotrating spy 
{lacnec, optical and magnetic, am? various other ouriositios on similar 
principles: also, a few of tho nost wonderful fonts as performed by the 
art of Legerdemain; with ooeie rofloctions on Vontriloqulsn. "Jy willion 
Frederick Pinchbeck. 

H9i Boston: printed for the author. 1805* 

Copyright notice as above* 

i —, KH. 

Union catalog* 

A.I.I. Hss, ode*, 1805 (Boston) 
deposited Dept, of State, Apr. 20, 1806* 

fl43j o. 22 Jan,, 28th yr. of Ind. 1005 - 2 

By Barnard B. i'aconulty, as 


V.etcalf . 



A selection of Pleadings in Civil Actions, subsequent to tho declaration 
tilth occasional annotations on the law cu ^loading, 3y Joseph Story, 

S; lam Published by Barnard 3. Uaconulty. Jan. 1005. Hanning & 

loring, Printers, Boston, 

■^ Copyright notico as abovo* 


Kss. cdo,, 1006. 

‘•■opCBitod Dopt. of State, July 23, lUOb. 

dUj 2G Jan,, 23th yr* of Ind. Id05 - 3 

By Henry Brewer, as Proprietor 


J i-e Infirmities and ooaforts of old age. A sermon to tuu ( aged, 
f fly Joseph Lathrop, D.D* Pastor of the first church in hoot 


1 pprlngfloldi Printod by Henri" JJrowur. ,n.a.j 
^ A lias addod in 

^tlkor libraries have tmotmtl edition only 11 / 

Union catalog. 

A,I,I. Author filo. 

Sabini 39109, Kota, 

(145) o. 21 Jan., 29th yr, of Ind. 1006 - 4 

%■ Abnor Jonoe, as Proprietor 

Smith, Elias, and Jonos, Abnor, 

Ifymns, original and aoloctod, for tho uso of Christiana. l*y ! 11an 
Snlth and Abner Jonoc. 

13/A; Bostons Printed and Sold by Hanning A Loring, No, 2, CornMll. 1805, 
Copyright notice aB above, oxoobt 31 Jan. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I, Mss, oda., 1005 (Booton) 

Deposited l>opt. of State, July 29, 1005. 



c. 1 Fob., 29th yr, of Ind. 

By Thfiddouo ).uson iiarria, ns Anti,or 

1005 - 6 

Parris, Thaddouo Mason. 

The Journal of a Tour Into tho Territory Nortlnwat of tha Alleghany 
Pountainsj made in tho spring of tho ; oar 1003. With a geographical nnd 
Historical aocount of tho stata of Ohio, By Thnddouj Mason Harris, A,' . 
Member of the Massachusetts Historical Society. II lustra tod with 1. An 
original map of tho Alleghany, Uonongahela, and Yohlogany Hivera. 11. 

A nap of tho State of Ohio, by tho lion, ItufUs Putnam, j sfj. Surveyor 
General of tho United Statoa, made from actual 8 U rwy!!« 3 * A tun p o t* t ) ut 
Traot appropriated by Cortgroag for military oorvloosj on vriioh the ' motion 
Cre laid down and narkod by numbers, to. *1. A ground Plat jnto.) of tho 
city of liariotta. 5. A view of tho Ar.oiont Hounds and Fortl float ions on 
the Muskingum. 

Boston; Printed by Manning A Loring, No, 2, Comhlll. 1605. 

^BAt, Iffl HHi, 1 AY A • 

Jnion catalog. 

•I.I, Uaa. ode, 1005 (Boston) 

^bim 30515. 

^Posited Dopt. of State, July 2, 1805. 


o. 1 Fob., 29tii yr. of Ind. 

By Icalah Thomaa, Jr., as Proprietor 

1006 - d 

A ;Cumonto, natural, moral and roHgioua for tho im lortulitj of tho mml. 
* “Aj Woroostor, Printod and Sold by Isaiah fhamia, Jun. (Proprietor of 
tho Copyright) Sold also by Thomas A Whipple, Uowburyporb. 

llvt , January - 1806. 

n°? °^io E . 

•I. Mss, cda., 1806. 


,148 j 

o, 20 Fob., 29th yr, of Ind, 1805 - 7 

By John Jenkins, as Author 

Jenkins, John* 

The art of writing, reduced to a plain and oasy system; on a plan 
entirely new* In seven books. By John Jenkins, writing master. Book I, 
containing a plain, easy and fhmiliar introduction to the art. 

The 1791, 1813, and 1816 editions only have boon located. This pro¬ 
jected 1805 edition ms apparently never printed. The 1813 edition ©x~ 
mined at MH-Ed,T contains the following statements “The author r s first 
book, containing an oxplatiation of the first principles of writing vnxa 
published in 1791, In consequence of the author’s ill health and v/ant of 
funds sufficient to defray expenses of engraving and publishing, the fol¬ 
lowing books have been delayed for more than twenty years, u 

MSaE has a twelve-page pamphlet dated 1809 which is an appeal for sub¬ 
scriptions to raise enough money to have The Art of Writing printed in 
its entirety. This library also lias a broadside of that date, or later, 
containing a similar appeal, 

(149 3 c, 20 Mar,, 29th yr« of Ind, 1805 - 8 

By Cushing & Appleton, as Proprietors 

Sallustius, Caius Crispus, 

C, Crisp! Sallustii Belli Catilinarii et Jugurthini Historiae, 

: T 'A: falem, rassachusettensiian: Bxoudebat Josua Cushing, Imponsis T. C, 

Cushing et J* S. Appleton, 1805, 

Copyright notice as above, 


A,I.I, Mss, cds,, 1805, 

Deposited Dept, of State, Mar, 19, 1806, 

f 150; c, 26 Mar. 29th yr. of Ind, 1805 - 9 

By Thomas Green Fessenden, as 


(Fessenden, Thomas Green j 

Democracy unveiled; or. Tyranny stripped of the garb of patriotism, 

By Christopher Caustic, L,L*D, — &o* 6-c, to. c^c, cco, 

Coecum domis scelus omn© retexit, 

A r ou roguesJ you rogues I you 1 re all found out. 

And **170 the People” I’ve no doubt, 

•'ill put a period to your dashing 
And honest non will corn© In as hi on, 

J "Aj Boston Printed by D, Carlisle for tho avithor, 1805, 

J '' 

Copyright notioo as above, 

D l£, MD, HH. 

^nion catalog, 

Mse. ode., 1605 (Hoaton) 

“O-binj 24212. 

1805 - 10 

(151 j o. 1 Apr., 29th yr. of Ind. 

Benjamin jiatorhouse, as Author 

Waterhouse, Benjonin. 

Cautions to young persons concerning health in a public bocturo, de¬ 
livered at the close of tho Medical Course in tho Chapol at Cambridge, 

!.ov« 20, 1804; containing the goneral doctrino of chronic diseases j shew— 
ing the evil tendency of the use of Tobacoo upon young persons; inoro 
especially too pernicious effects of smoking oigarra f sio. , ) with ob¬ 
servations on tho use of ardont and vinous Spirits in general* By Bonja— 
ninTTaterhouse, h.O, Frofessor of the theory and practice of Physio and 
teacher of natural history in tho University of Cambridge* Quotation. 

h As [Ccnbridge] Printed at tho University Proas by !». Ililliard. 1805. 
DLC, Jl, USaE, HH. * 

Union octalog. 

A,I,X. Hss. cds,, 1305. 

Sabins 102056. 

c. 5 liay, 29th yr • of Ind, 1805 - 11 

i Sty* John V/iIlians, as Proprietor 

Rillions, John. 

v T* e ^2~ lt0niadj 0r ^ G3ctin C^lGlier for the royal faction of Uovr-Cng- 
> ith copious notes, illustrative, biographical, philosophical, 
critical, adnonitory, and political; being intended as a high-hcoled* ahoo 
-or^all linping ropublicans. By Anthony Pasquin, Esq. tpooud., 


* * Copy-right secured according to Act of Congress. Sold for tho 

Author, price 31 oents, at the Independent Chronicle Office Court- 
Street, Boston, tn.d.j * 

~ Preface dated Boston, Sept. 6, 1804. 

f printed by Adorns & Rhoades, 1804?, 

J®; mi , HSaE, IfifA. 

^ion catalog. 

g*?* 1 * L -cs. cds., 1004 (Boston) 

°ini 104279. Establishes John hiIlians as author. 

c, 24 l!ay, 29bh yr, of Ind. 1005 - 12 

By Cushing & Appleton, as 



lifer's companion no. 1 containing instructions for playing tho 1*M f 0 

^d a colloctton of music consisting of narohoa, airs &o, Kith their* 
h. ’ * onai # 

1 Salem [Mass., Printod by Joshua Cushing tn.d., 

Union ^ lottor frari tho :'uslo Divioion, Uevr York Publio IAbrury 

Pocitsd Dept, of State, liar. 25, 1006. 



o. 24 May, 29th yr. of Ind. 

^ lhoina 8 & Andrews, n 8 ProprUt 

1006 - 13 


Keenan, Samuel. 

The town offioerj or the nowor And dn^ n r * , 4 

Tovm a« _ _ .. r ana wltf of oolootmen. Town 

a vnrioty of forms for 

Gonnonwealthj and thereto 4 » profixod tho Constitution of said 

and Plantations a plain and ^ and duty ° f Town$ ' PnrLoh**, 

f fi vi p . a ^ \ n ^ 1 ocular mo Jo of hooping fo vm Accounts, and a 

■^ioa ard ottm** Punishments. Also an appendix containing some inspoo- 

MT “,n Ttl U "! It t rS *’ ” ith °‘ h " »~A>1 matter. 8y Lnuol trJZ 

* ’. ' ' ?** ° ® Massachusetts Juntioe, Probate Dirootory, and 

t a . u_ . cr " s , .‘^" az ^ nQ * Sixth edition - oortootod and enlarged, 

* S bli8hed hy Thomas & Androws, Fuat’s Statu*. No, 45, 

"3 MK-L*^ Mffl !!ay * 1G05, J * T « Buck Ingham, Printer, 

A.I, I* idss M cds., 1805 (Boston) 




c. 24 May, 29th yr. of Ind. 

B;' - 1 is ha Andrews, a g Autho r 

1805 - 14 


Andrews, Elisha. 

A vindication of the distinguishing sentiments of the Baptists arainst 
he writings of Messrs. Cowles, Miller, and Edwards. By Elisha Andrews 
A.-", Pastor of the Baptist ohurch in Torvploton. * 

Boston, Printed and Sold by Manning & Lorin r No. 


2, Oomhill - May, 


A. I,I 


Copyright notice as above, except 27 May 

l-ss. cds., 1805 (Boston) 

c. 8 June, 29th yr, of Ind 

B'j Joshua Spalding, as Author 

1805 ~ 18 

* j 

Priding, Joshua. 

olom. Quotation, 
i Printed by Joshua Cushing* 1005* 
right notice ae abovo* 

e » suoh as have 

S (Matts*, Psalm. 

at tho Branoh 

on catalog. 

h*?* 1 * I; **5o. ods., 1805, 

“•bin, 88889. 

°Posit.d Dept, of Btato, Jun* 

29, 180b, 



( ir>7. 

o. 1 ilimo, HUth yr, of 

Hy J«BMt A'-in, an Author 
(Titl* of a Hook of Platon) 

. 7.005 - J-6 

v furistsd Despondency * Volume lit 

IWtor# Tho Cook and tho Jewell* 

Akin, Jswes* 

volume It 1# Turkova* 2. Sailors Oloo* 8 f The lesson, 4* Tho contrast# 
j # gj r John Ealetnff, 6« Tho 1'ixepl ration. 7. A confidential Intrigue* 

edict from St. Petor, 9* The Invitation, 10, Tho monk who had 
: ho world # 11* Tho Baboon, 12* A description by Shakespeare, 13* 

1* Tho >st notable Lord Timothy 

kvw ._ _ „ Tho Serpent beguiling Eve* 4* A 

look inepeoted with tho Pip. £>* The Squire and his Cur* 6. The blind 
carrying the Lame* 7* A view of tho road to Portsmouth, 8* A martial die- 
piny. 9* The Philosophic Exporamontallot, 10, Magnanimity* 1* Cupici 
and Psyche* 12* A olnp of Thunder demolishing a maypole in the Isle of 


These volumes of plates have not boon located* However, two plates. 
Sailors Gloo, and Tho no at notable Lord Timothy Dexter were examined 
at m.'A, tho latter also at USaE. The copyright notice is on the back 

of tho Doxtor pinto. 




o, 14 June, 29th yr, of Ind. 

3y Thomas & Whipple, as Proprietors 

1806 - 17 

Howard*s largo and small round text oopies, %/ith new rules 
PV.Ai Nowburyport, published and sold by Thomas & tihipple, 

and Stationers, Market Square, May 1st, 1805* 

for learners* 




o, 2 July, 29th yr, of Ind 
3y Caleb Pool, as Author 

1805 - 18 

Pool, Caleb* 

ftems from heaven, by visions, 
plained by, Caleb Pool of Gloucester. 
n\Ai Salemi Printed for the Author. 180o. 

MB, MR ah. 

Union catalog. 

A. 1 . 1 . Use. cds., 1806. 

oommunioatod miraculously to, and ex- 



o, 18 July, 30th yr. of Ind 
By Caleb Pool, as Author 
(Title of a Chart) 

7.805 - 19 

• * * 

• # 

p O 0 l, Caleb. 

GO ncoondo 
GO minutes 
March 21st and 

*®t« at C o*o 

2 * 

• * « 

: inko 
: uika 

a « # 

1 minute 

1 hour 

k * p t!* 2 lst a the Gun rises at 6 o'olook in th* Eaat, and 
in tho West, 


; ‘\ ta • o,olo S ",!■ ; ho B ,,*tt itm 9 t vm riadi,* or th* 

J ^>nyitudee art* discovered by tho so 


<j*.vens, the rotation ol 'blio Earth; counting 180 dor,roes East, and as 

cany lisst * 15 degrees na.<e an hour of tine ** therefore count from the 
pridian both East and West, 

Tre discovery was nade by Caleb -Hool, of Gloucester, a 3 rovoaled to him 
by s velestial being from rljovo, and to be taught by masters oi.’ his choice* 
Sc copy located* 



c. 19 July, 30th yr. of Ind, 
Hannah Adana, as Author 

1805 - 20 

Adam, Hannah « 

Abridgment 01 the -lis'cory of New England ,fron its first sottloxnont 
tc -us present day; for the use of young Persons, By Hannah. Adams* 

A-A* rrintcc lor tuo autnor, and for sale by B, & J, Homans, and John 

est. A.Howell, Printer, Devonshire Street, Boston, July, 1805* 
Copyright notice as above. 
flC, IB, Iffii. 

Union catalog. 

A%I,I. Has, ods*, 1805 (Boston) 

XX. bin: ZC7 




c, 2o July, 30th yr, of Ind, 

3y Josiah Spaulding, as Author 

1805 - 21 

w , Josiah, 

Cni'TOrs.ilisia oonfounds and destroys itself; or. Letters to a Friend, 

-a icur parti. Part I, Dr, Huntington* s and Hr, Rolly f s Schomo, whioh 
^emos all future punishment, shewn to bo made up of contradictions, 

Dr. Ciiauncy's, hr, Winchester's Potitpierre r s, and medical Dr, 
iounp's sc ene vrhioh supposes ft limited punishment her©after J shown to bo 
-F of contradiotions, Part III. Everlasting forover, and ever, 
wurftlly and originally, mean duration without end. Part IV. The suf- 
•^ of the Atonement, for the sal-ration of all, consistent with the 
^struct ion of a part of mankind. Also the Second D oa th explained, 
3 d with direct arguments in proof of the endless misery of the 
id answers to the popular objections, of tho present day, 
the Doctrines of Grace, I5y Josiah Spaulding, A,K, Pastor of a 
^^p-ren m Xfeickland. 

Hrinted at Northampton, Hassaolaisetts. By Andrevr bright - For the 
Author. 1805. 

Copyright notice as above. 


* ■ * * 

^on catalog, 

2:ss * 1^05. 

blr - S3S01, 



o. 7 Aug., 30th yr. of Ind. 

Samuel Haylor, as Propriotor 

1805 - 22 

'A.-lor, Samuel, 

C Tm n ’n 


the Lunar method of finding Longitude nt Sea. First introduood Into 
the United States in 1793, by Samuel Naylor, and by him, recommended to 
the rnriners of the United. States as tho most simple and oasy method of 
clearing Lunar Distances of tho effects of rofraction and Parallax of 
tay yet taught (Marsett *3 excoptod) 

' r M Published according to Act of Congross. Boston* Printed for tho 
Proprietor* A. MewoH, Printer, Devonshire St. fn.d.j 
t lS05) in pencil lias boon added to the TfiiA copy. 

I KB. 

Union catalog. 

A.1.1, l'ss, cda., 1805 (Boston) 

(164 1 o, 24 Aug., 50th yr. of Ind. 1805 - 23 

j By Manning & Loring, as Proprietors 

Lerrill, P&niol, 

Open communion with all who hoop tho ordinances as C II Ii I S T delivered 
then to the Saints. Eight Letters on open Communion addressed to Rufus 
Anderson, A.U. By Daniol Merrill, A.I!. Pastor of tho Chur oh of Christ in 
' Sedgwick, 

Eh Bostont Printed and Sold by Manning <& Loring, Do. 2, Cornhill ... 

Copyright notico as above, 

•LiAt, MHi, RPB. 

Union catalog. 

A»I.I. Mss. ods., 1S05 (Boston) , 

Deposited D^p-t. of State, Deo. 31, 1806. 


o. 2 Sept., 30th yr. of Ind. 

3y Carolino Matilda barren, as Author 

1805 - 24 



0 r, Mrs. C a ro 1 i no Mat! 1 da (v/ar ron) 

The Ga octors; or Ruins of Innooonoo. An Original novel, founded in 
truth. By Carolino Matilda Warren. Quotation. 

Postons Printed fox- Thorns L Andrews, P. host, P, Larkin, White, 
Bux-dett L Co., C. Bingham, J. Lost, Pelham, Manning h Loring, 

3. t J. Homans, 0. C. Groonloaf, K, Cotton, & J. Mil liquet. 1305. 
David Carlisle, Printer, Cambridge Street. 

Copyright notioo au above. 

'roface dated Sutton, Sept. 1805. 


^ f %■■* 

14 Ff 

^ 0n catalogs 

Lsa. cds, 1306 (Boaton) 

Mftbinj - 



o. 6 Copt., 30th yr, of Ind, 

.Jy Matthew C. droves, ac Author 

1805 - 25 

Sr °V8s, Kattliow C. 


^ -- feast of tho Pilgrims) or the imigration to 

» at; ta. Va-itten by I atthov/ C. Crovoa, 

K ° °°Py loottted. 

S3oston, A play in 


(167 j 

o. 19 Sopt., 30th yr. of Ind. 
By An'l.r Mnroh. ni Proprietor 

w v > » £ 

l(JOt) - 20 

porry, KilllMi* 

Perry's Spelling Book) or tho only mire guide t > (.ho I i; Mnh tongue* 

On tho anno plan nn Porry** roynl Standard hngliah diotio inry# With wt 
•uiditlon of tabloaj galoot aonttmatna, In prone and vurao) a lJnl of v;ord,3 
elnllar In Bound, but differing in spelling; tnblea of ibbrtTiltlOji J of 
Arabic and Roman numbers; a now oompondlun of 1'ngUeh rail iarj oboorvu- 
tion 3 concerning tho nlisa, pngoo, tltlon i o. of book* j on i ending tho 
Bibloj mathod of inat ruction thnrofrovn, /o. .'a. ^o, Tho vrholo roviaod 
nnd so arranged na to bo moat conducive to tho Improve, icnt of youth nnd 
consequent pleasure of teachers. Quotation. 

Ko copies of till a edition, printed by An nr March, Mowburyport, hnvo 
boon locatod. 

ilSaK has a filo of Ilovrburyport 1 iprlntc which oontai r t the following 
copioct of two advertisement at 
Porry, William. 

New spelling-book. Juat publichod a id for sulo, at tlio 1 oolefltoro 
of Angler March, no. If, Market-: inry the firot tov/bury port edition, 
revised and improved, with valuable additions. A inir, neat typo and 
fine, white paper being oarontial roqulaltoa Lh school books. Tin 
publisher of this oditlon haw boon particularly oar«*ful to lrnvo tho 
typographical appimrenoo equal, at ltuat, to that oi any ■polling 
book extant ... — Advt. In ) n rrliaaok magaBlno and Ladle* 1 lite rary 
cabinet , Oot. 5, 1305. 

Now s poll lug-book. Tho attention of parontu and teachers io roe- 
poctfully invitod to a now and nuoli improved oditlon of Porry** 

Spelling book, juct published by Angler March, no. 13, I.arket-Squaro, 
Nov/buryport• - Advt. in Tho Independent republican, Aug., 1805* 


o. 20 Rapt., 30tli yr. of Ind. 

By 1.111 lam Pelham, au Proprietor 

1005 - 27 

Elements of ohossj a troatiHC combining theory with practice, and 
comprising tho whole of PhilodorU Gumou, and explanatory notes, new 
modelled; and urrang'od upon an original plan* 

‘•3{ Bostons Printed for W. Pollian, ho. hh, Comlilll, 1005* 

T Copyright notioo no above, except 2b Sopt* 

LLG i Mi, UHi, JAVA, 

hea. ode., 1805. 

epositod Dept, oi* State, Mar. 12, loOC* 

,l69 l 0# 28 Sopt., 30th yr. of Ind. 1806 - 28 

By J. T. Buokingham, as Proprietor 

Th eyirst Churoh oollootion of Soared Muololcj for tho u S o of Keliglou. 

s °oletio 8 . 


!.'ew» * * • 


Poston, Printed by J. T, fuckinyhan — October, 1305 
Copyright notice ns above. 

Verified by lettor. 

Later editions* 

cds., lc'05. TxfJ, only copy located* 

o. 27 Sept,, 50th vr. of Ind. 
By Ephrain Williams, as Author 

1305 - 29 





f Mas: 



■ -_ . 

m~* ‘ * 4 -* * ‘ U- 




Z ou rt 

4 #* i 


Printcr * 

Copvripht notice as above. 
Union cntaloy. 

A.I.I. Author file* 

Deposited Dent, of State. 'lov* 25, 

• A 9 9 

ptonhor, 180-1 to June, 1805 

A J - * 

g qu 1 ro. Vo luiae I. 

L. Butler. 1305. 

Tho: .a s 

2. ?o 

, 7 

v # 



c. 27 Sept., 50th yr. of In 
By Caleb Bingham, as Author 

1505 - 30 

B l ng h a a , Caleb, 

-ho o'iId 1 s companion; being a concise Spelling-Book; containing a 
selection o. ''ores, in modem use, proporly arre ^ed and divided in such 
c nanner at .dll r.ost naturally load the learner to c. riyht pronuncia- 
onj together with a variety of lessons for reading &o* Designed for 
use of schoole. By Caleb Bingham, A.l!, Author 

of ?ho • oun 



, t 

fccc.dence, American precoptor, 1 c 
2-tc.Tt The eleventh edition. 


lip hod according to Act of Con *ress. 

by him. 


**• - • •• Mss, oils.. 

Printed by fanning & Lor mg, for nhe Author; and sold 
44, Corriiill. 13C 


% * 




1305 (Boston) 

c. 5 Cot., 50th yr. of Ind. 
3y Carmel Austin, as Author 

1605 - 31 


‘ > j c* _ ^ 

,via i Ridel. 

^ exami nation of the repro son tat ions and reasonings contained in seve 

^ _ iefoc, :.</ the Rev. lar.icl Merrill, on tho node and 

of Baptisms in several letters au-rossod to *he Author; in wi 
* Attempted to shevr, that those representations and reasonings are 
founded in truth. By Samuel Austin, A. A. 
mKi Printed at Worcester: By Isaiah Thanes, Jun* October, 

^ v t end : Copyright secured according to i-ct oi Con^po^s, 

2 ?! ***** i--Af 

* *-• tat. cdp 

Z 42- w J ™ 


* isd iopt, of State, Nov. iiOt* 

history o: Aneriaa 
ZZZTl* In two ToI’jrvoa* i*y Abiol 

church in Cambridge* 
drod years. 

. Hilliard. 1305, 

J. 34 

1806 - 552 

from ite dla- 
.iolmefl, D.D #1 

1305 - 33 

ia nr*, Do dfran j and 
in dor;ton. 1805 . 

■ r 

British Sterling are 
d 7i r?ft aunxt to dollar* and 

%*iv cenvfc. To '«,ilch are 

arjl .'Any o .hnr oalnu- 

- #•, ra 

«• * ' * % 

Street - 1006 * 

o, 12 ; ov,, 30th yr. of Ind 
ft/ Samel C' pen, as Author 

1805 - 35 

f 176) 

Capon, SKnual. 

Tho Norfolk Ilamony, Ho. 1. Being an original composition of Anthcna 
and set plocoej vrlth a variety of notrco and airs suitable for DI vino 
worship, and for the uno of nualoal ooclotiosi corsistiny of three and 
Tour parts. ao which is added a concise introduction to tho [’rounds of 
Puslc, By Samuel Capon, 

m* Boston* : rlntod by Hnnninn & Loring, for tho Author, Nov. 1805. 


i'otcalf. ! 

Union catalog. 

I A,1.1. i'sn. ode., 1805 (Boston) 

(177] c, 15 !:oY tJ ."50th yr. of Ind. 1805 — 36 \ 

! 3y H. Willard, as Proprietor 

Wheeler, Lphraim, dofondant. ! 

Poport of tho trial of Kphrain . heeler, for a ! ; apc conrlttod on tho 
body of 3otoy Wheeler, hio daughter, a girl thirteen years of age. Be¬ 
fore tho Supreme Judicial Court, hoi dor, at Lenox, within and for the 
county of Boric a hi re, on the second Tuoedty. o September, 1305. 

’hl-Li Published according to Act of Con roc?:. tockbridyo - Printed by I 
H« Villard, Sold by hln - also by Tho: as h Yihipple, and L. ... 

Allen, Nawburyport. November -1505, 

J Union catalog, 

Loo. cds., 1606. 

Sabin* 103103, 

»178j o. 1G Nov., 30th yr. of Ind. 1805 - 37 

By G, Graupner, aa Proprietor 

Granger, Frederick, 

A soldier to ids own fire aide, a favorite song, sung by i'rs. Jones at 
the federal ftroot Hu atre in the vdfb of two husbands, ihiss oonpi by 
*y' 1 Granger, Boston. 

•* * Boston. Printed and cold by G. Jraupnor, at hie :'usical Acadeny 

**’o. G .ranklin Street, Franklin Place ... (Entered according to Lav/) 

I rn.d.) 

Vorifiod by lottor, 

» l7 9, 0# 23 Nov., 30th yr. of Ind. 1805 - S3 

j fly John West, as Proprietor 

^^son, Mrs. Susanna (Ilasirell) 

An abridf^nt of Universal Geography, together with sketcr.os of history' 

| ,gned for tho use of schools and Acade:dos in the United States, J 

t Itoweon. 

•H-hcl.Ti Boston* Printod for John best ho, 76, Cornhill. David Carlisle, 

Printer, Cambridge Street, (n.d.j 


Copyright notice as above. 

nK-Ed.V incorrectly established (1806] from the copyright data, 
as apparently did DI/3. 

UKAs ,1605, 

Union catalog, 

A. I,I. has. ods., 1805 (Boston) 
Sab in: 73602. ,1006, 

1805 - 39 

c, 23 Nov., 30th yr. of Ind, 

By Cushing & Appleton, as Proprietors 


Tho Salem Collection of Classical Sacred Hu sick; in threo and four parts; 
consisting of Psalm tunes and occasional pieces, selected fron tho 
works of tho most oninont composers suited to all tho metres in general 
use, to 7,111011 is prefixed a short introduction to Psalmody* 

U/Ai Salem: Printed by Joshua Cushing, and sold by Cushing & Appleton, 
at their Bookstore in Salem, and by J. Kparhawk Appleton, No. 1, 
Comhill, Boston. 1005. 

Copyright notice ao above. 

Ici3, MH, USaC. 


Union catalog. 

A.I,I, Hob. cds., 1805. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Apr. 2, 1806. 

1805 - 40 

o* 18 Deo., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By Hayden and Shoad, as Proprietors 

( 181 3 

Alline, Henry, 

The lifb and iournal of tho Rev. Mr. Henry Alline. 

HKAt Bostons Printed by Gilbert & Doan, at their Printing and Lottery 
Office, Ho. 78, Stnte-Streot, 1306. 

Copyright notice as above, 

1 ®, RPJCB. 

Union catalog. 

A*I,I, Mss, cds., 100G (Boston) 

Sabin: 924. 

|182, 0 . 31 Hoc., 30th yr. of Ind. 

3y Stephen Jorics, as Author 

1305 - 41 


IffledKi • 


Union catalog, 

A.I.I* Mss* ods*, 1006 

c P G Jan., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By Thomas ft Andrews, as Proprietors 

1306 - 1 

Alexander, Caleb. 

A grammatical system of tho English languages comprehending a plain 
and familiar scheme of touching young gentlemen and Ladies the art of 
spooking raid writing correctly their native tongue. 3y Caleb Alexander, 
A. II. 

I'iHii Eighth edition - corrected by the author. Boston: Printed for 

homes ft Andrews, Proprietors of the Work. Sold rrholesalo and 
retail at their book store, ho. 45, Newbury St. J, T. 

Printer. Juno, 1805. 

No copyright notice given. Preface dated 1795. 

MH-Ed.T., HWA. 

A.I.I. Mbs. ods., 1805 (Boston 

fH»Ed.T* Ninth edition - corrected by the author. Boston: Printed 


J. I 

Thomas ft Andrews, Proprietors of the work. 

Printer. July, 1807. 

No copyright notice given. Proface dated 1795, 

The 1805 and 1807 editions are tho same. It is impossible ‘ 

dotoimino whether tho titlo for tho eighth or ninth edition was 

the one deposited for copyright. 

^3, MWA. 

Union octal or. {(Ninth edition) 

( 184 , 

c. 3 -ob., 30th yr. of Ind. 

By G. Graupnor, as Proprietor 


Hall, co:j 

Soliaffer, F. 

Aeolian Harp Sung by Mrs. Graupnor at liis Concert, uoncert 

5®"^ by K. Soliaffor, Boston, 

■ JOston. Printed and Sold by G. Graupnor at -Is musical Academy, No. 6 

Franklin Street, i’Vanklin Placo ... (U.d.j 
i* . ^ ji; itered according to Law, 

Un ion catalog. 

,lB5 } O. 17 J.’ob., 50th yr. of lad, 1806 -S 

3y Mercy barren, as Author 

! t ? n * Mrs, Mercy (Otis) 

tl ‘ u story of tho Riso. Progress and Termination of the American Revolu- 
l n °?? ^ ll ^°nsporeod with Biographical, Political and Joral Obier\*atio 
hroo volumos. By Mrs. Mercy barren of Plymouth (Mass,) 


j’nAt Boston i Printed by Hanning & Loring, For E. Larkin, No. 47, Comhlll. 
... 1006. 

Copyright notioe as above, oxoopt 11 Pob. 

Prcfaoe signed Moroy Varron, Plymouth, Mass., Maroh, 1805. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.X. Mss* ods,, 1805 (Boston) 

Sabin: 101484. 

(186) c. 4,, 5Gth yr. of Ind. 180C - 4 

By 5, Jonks, ns Proprietor 

Jonks , 5tcphon . 

The Jovial Songster Ho. 11 being a selection of como of tho moot 
favourite arc sentimental Songs. Bono of which aro original, set to 
nusic, chio fly in two parts. By S. Jenkn. 

I Mo oo py located. 

rlC7j o. 7 Mar., 50th yr. of Ind. 1006 - 5 

By Isaiah Thomas, Jr,, as Proprietor 

Lethrop, Joseph. 

Lemons on various subjects. Evangelical, Devotional and Practical 
adapted to the promotion of Christian piety, family religion and youthful 
virtuo. By Joseph Lathrop, D.D. Pastor of tho First Church in host 


r. At Printed at Worcester, by Isaiah Thomas, Jun. (Proprietor of the Copy' 
right) fold by him in oroestor and Springfioldj Thomas A V, 'hippie, 
Kfm-buryport, and by Thomas &■ Tappan, Portsmouth. March - 1806. 

DLC, MB, MBAt, MHi, HH. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mss. ods., 130C. 

I (136) c, 7 Mar., 30th yr. of Ind. 1006 - 6 

By H. Mann, as Author 

(be Sritalne, William) 

Hunan Prudence or the art by which a nan and a woman may bo advanced 
to fortune to peJvnanent honour (honor,, and to real grandeur. Adapted 
to tho genius of the citizens, and designed for the use of schools in 
tiie U, First Ar.;orioan from the eighth London edit Lon, with many oor- 
rootiono, translations, and additions. By Honmn Mann. 

!k»dham - I'aasaohucettoi Printed by H. Harm, and for sale at hi, 
Booketoro ... 1006. (Entry under tatin) 

Coovrip-ht notioo as above, 

c ftioe to tho first American edition dated Dodham, Fob, 7, 1006. 

* HE, MBAt, mi-Ed.T. v 

on oatalog. (Entry under (ho Brltair.o, *iliitu.\); 

Mne. odo.. 1800, 





c* lo !*o.r,, '50th yr. of Ind, 
By H. Willard, as Proprietor 

130G - 7 


189 3 

Wheeler, Ephrain 


A narrative of the Life of Ephraim Wheeler who was 

Vtssochu setts, February 20th 1806. For a rape on the 

daughterj penned from his nouth and oi E ned by him the 
execution* J 

(Copy-right secured.) Stockbridgei Printed by 


A,1.1. Mss. cds., 1306, 

Sabin: 103183, Note. 

executed at Lonox 
body of his 
evening before hi 3 

H, Dillard. - March, 

tl30j °* 2G Mar,, 30th yr. of Ind, 130G - 8 

By J• Heed, a s Author 

Reed, John, 

1 An apology for the rite of infant baptism and for the usual modes of 

baptising, in which an attempt is made to state fairly and cioarly the 

arguments in proof of theso doctrinesi and also to refute the objections 

and ^reasonings alleged against them, by the Rev. Daniel Merrill and by 

Baptists in general. By John Reed, D.D. Pastor of a Church and Comrrora- 
tion in Bridgewater. 

m * Providence, Printod by Heaton l. Tiilliams f n.d,j 

Copyright notice as above, 

blC, ME, Established da to as jlOOG] 

, Union catalog, 

A • I«I, Author file. 

c. 9 Apr,, 30th yr, of Ind. 

By Hanning & Loring, as Proprietors 

1306 - 9 

B*nil, Daniel. 

Twelve Letters addressed to the Rev, Saiuel Austin, A.H. in which his 
^indication of partial washing for Christian Baptism, contained in ten 
letters, is reviewed and disproved. By Daniel Merrill, A.M., pastor of 
y /* e Church of Christ in Sedgv/iok. 

1 Boston: Printed h Sold by Manning l: Loring, Do, 2 , Comhi L l. ’ n 
Copyright notice as above, except 11 Apr, 

Preface dated Doc. 25, 1005, 

^nion catalop. 

c. 2C Apr,, 30th yr. of Ind. le06 _ 1Q 

By John Sullivan, Jr., ao Proprietor 
(Title of a Map) 


r A of the United States of America including part of LouUiamx, 

Ca ^ fr0m tile authorities. Revised and oorrooted by Osgood 

** i.sq # Teacher of Mathoniatics, Boston, 

Boston* Published and sold by John Sullivan, Jun., 1806* 
published according to Act of Congrona. 

Roller map. 

o, 14 Juno, 30th yr, of Ind, 

By Munroo <V. FrtuioLs, a a Proprietors 

1306 - 11 

Tho Christian Monitor: a religious porlodiocO work. By n Goo lot,/ or 
promoting Christian knowledge, pioty and oharity* 

MV,A: Boston: Printed and published by Munroo & Francis, ldO(>, 

Union list of serials 5 2d od. 1043, Looationn rooordod. 

Union catalog* 

A,1*1. Mss. ods,, 1806, 

c, 27 Juno, 30th yr. of Ind, 

By Nathaniel Bowditoh, an Author 

1006 - 12 

Bowditoh, Nathaniel. , 

Directions for sailing into tho harbours of Snlon, Marblehead, Beverly 

and honchostor. By Nathaniel Bowditoh, A, 11, A.A,E• 

tfilht Printed by Edmund H. Blunt, Newburyport - 1806, 

Copyright notice as above, 


Union catalog, 

A.I.I. Kps. ods., 130C, 

S&bint 699G. 

Deposited Dept, of State, Nov. 2, 180/. 

f 195j c. 27 Juno, 30th yr. of Irid. XB06 - 13 

By Nathaniel Bowditoh, as Author 
(Title of a Chart) 

Bowditoh, Nathaniel. 

Chart of the harbours of Salem, Marblehead, Beverly and hanoheotor 
from a survey taken in tho years 1804, 5,& 6 . By Jutlianiel Bowditoh, A,M 
A.A.S., assisted by G. Burolimore and ... Hopes* 

MB 1 Entered according to Aot of Congress the 27th day of Juno, 1800, by 
Hath!. Bowditoh of the Stato of Massachusetts. fSalem, 1806, 

Map, oizo 20 3/8 x 24 ?/o inches. 

A.I.I, 11 ss, ods*, 1800, 

^posited Dopt. of State, Nov. 2, 1807. 

rl96) o. 11 July, Slat y r * ot ' [nd * - 14 

By William Croswoll, as Author 
(Title of a Map) 

c ^ouweH > Ydlliaia. , . ,. .. 

A oelestlal Planisphere or Map of tho lion vena comprehending the whole 

•Phoro of the fixed stars except the parts Within the polar oiroles oon- 

•truoted according to Meroator’s principles, Py WllliW OrosYrsll, 

®aolte r oJ* Navigation. 

A P 

> * 1 


Ho oopy looated; probably none published 

«• ThG P f CfaCe tc \ the author's "Description and explanation of the 
mercator map of the starry heavens; rath its application in the 

r * inin^ l0n Problems (Bostons From the press of John Eliot, June, 
1310) contains the following statements 

The idea oi a Mercator map of the stars having occurred to me 
some years since, I sketched ono in the year 1304" and published 
proposals for it at Boston in 1805. In 1806, I carried the map to 
Englanc. None similar v/oro seen, yet the dealers in such pro¬ 
ductions gave no encouragement* At my return, in the fall of 1309, 
the undertaking was patronized by some gentlemen of .Boston* . .. ,I 

t 197 1 c- 1- Aug., 31 s t yr. of Ind. 1806 - 16 

By f left vacant j 

An American primer including the V.estminster Assembly^ shorter catechism 
divided into forty six lescons vrith contents notes and hymns* Salem, 
Printed oy Joshua Cushing & sold by Cushing & Appleton, 
to copy located, 

f 193j c. 19 Aug., 31st yr. of Ind. 1806 - 16 

3y Nathaniel Lord third, as Author 

Harvard university. 

C&talogus. Eorum, Qui Adhuc in Universitato Ilarvardiana, ab Anno 
UDCXUI Alicujus Gradus Laurea Donati Sunt, lJaminibus Kx Litoraruia Ordine 
Collocutie. Salem: Typis Jo suae Cushing, 1LDCCCVI. Armoque He rum - 
Publicarum Americae Foede rat arum Summae Potostatis XNXI. 

*'H: edited by Nathaniel Lord. Salem, Jo suae Cushing, 1806. Imprint as 

Copyright notice as above, exoopt 14 Aug. 

Jnion catalog, 

A*1*I, Uss. cds*, 1806, 

Deposited l^ept. of Stato ? Jan. 23, 130/, 

rl99j c , 29 Aug., 31st yr. of Ind. 1306 - 17 

By Gottlieb Graupner, as Proprietor 

Graupner, Gottlieb. 

Rudiments of the art of playing on the piano forte containing elements 
of* liusic preliminary remarks on Fingering with examples, thirty fingered 
^ssons, and a plain Direction for Tuning, Arranged by Gottlieb Graupner. 
Ct ^S; Entered according to Law. Boston. Printed and Sold by G. 

Graupner, at his Musical Depository No. G Franklin Street ... 

i n • d, j 

. Verified by letter. 

J Veriflod by letter* 

1606 - 18 

, 200 , 

o. 8 Sept., 81at yr. of Ind. 

1^' Ensign Lincoln as Proprietor 

\ ft ‘ • 

a - h, « j * * 

The y oung o on ve rt T s o or ip ani on; b c i iir 
conference meetings. Original and 
Publishod according to Act of 
Lincoln, ftnter Street, 1806* 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I, liss. cds., 1806 (Boston) 

a collootion oi Ioanns for 

;rcss. lost on. Printed by 1*1. 

the vise of 






8 Sept., 


51st yr. of Ind. 

jamin, and Daniel Raynord. 

1806 - 19 

Benjamin, Asher, and Rayncrd, Daniel. 

The American Builder^ companion; or, a nevr system of Arohiteotures 
particularly adapted to the present stile { style 3 of building in the 
United States of America — containing fforty-four engravings, ropresont- 
mgj Geometric lines, trronty different designs for moulding -- the fivo 
orders of Architecture, with great alterations both in siso and oxponoe 
rexpensej — glueing up and diminishing of columns — How to find tho 
different brackets of a groind coiling base and sirbaso mouldings, 

-c:iitrares &c. — twenty' four different designs for cornices, both for 
external and internal finisiting — stono window caps and sills, showing 
tlio manner of setting thorn in a Brick tm.ll — sash frames, sashes and 
shutters, straight and circular stairs — roofs and finding the length 
*0*1 backing of hips, either square or bevo! — ornamental oapltals 
mouldings, friezes, leaves, and ceilings. Chimney piooos — Frontispieces 
^ rne i banisters, key stones, ko* -- plans and elevations of tlu^ee house* * 
^ or town, and trro for oountry r — plans and elections ibr trivo mooting 
bouses — plan and elsvation for a summer house — plan and elevation for 
a courthouse — plan and elevation and soction of the Branch Sank of 
Boston — with particular directions for executing all the above designs. 

y y Asher Benjamin, Architect and Carpenter and Daniel Kaynerd, Architect 
f; ld stucco Yiorker. 

Boston: Published by Ltheridgo and liliss. Proprietors of the boric. 
Etheridge, Printer, Charlestown, 1806. 

Copyright notioe as above. 

vT* MB. MH. 

I 8 0 ? ®*talo s . 

• x » i!ee. ode., 1806 (Boston) 




U • o. 10 Sopt., 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Messrs. Manning & Loring, 
as Proprietors 


B*p.. 9 Beptiam of Bolievoro only, and the partioular oouutumlon 
•t Churohe. explained and vindicated In three parte. The 

1800 - :>Q 

of the 



im s 

published originally in 1789* The second in 1794. Tho third on appendix 
containing additional observations and arguments, vrith strioturoc on 
several late publications, by Thomas Baldwin* 

Second edition, revised. Boston* Printed and Sold by Manning & 
Loring, No. 2, Cornhill. 1806. 

DLC, mb, m, WSL, m* 

Union catalog* 

A,1.1* Mss. cds., 1806 (Boston) 

Deposited Dept, of State, Dec. 30, 1306. 

r 203 3 

c. 10 Sept., 31st yr. of Ind 
By Messrs. Manning & Loring, 
as Proprietors 

1806 - 21 

Forbush, Abijah. 

The Psalmodist's Assistant; containing nn original composition ox psalm 
and hynn tunes, together v/ith a number of favourite pieces from different 

authors. To which is prefixed an introduction to tho grounds of music. 


3y Abijah Forbush. 

mi Ax Second edition. Boston, Printed and Sold by Manning <$* Loring, No. <2, 

Cornhill. 1806. 

Copyright notice as above. 

MB, MFi. 



: .etcalf. 

Union catalog. 

A.l.I. Mss. cds.. 1806 (Boston) 


c. 13 Pept., 31st yr. of Ind 
By Samuel Holyoke, ns Author 

1806 - 22 


' • Sam “ el *. ... , tIo I _ containing No. 1. The Grand Finale. 

i e occasional compan • jj 0 n tho rosurrootion and asoensi 

An Anthem. No. 2. Champlain. A K M I 1 |V W | 

sot to music by Parnuol Ilolyoke, A. ♦ . i ior, 

CtY-2JS: Printed for, and sold by the author, lJOG. 

Copyright notice as above. 

Verified by letter. Occasional companion at Mil 

l otcalf. Locates numbers 1 and 2 oi. ino 

not found thero# (July, 1* °) 


c 26 Sept*, 31®* y r * of n ' d ' . 

b; 0»®i.iS e i Appi°*°». “ 

1806 - 23 

By Cushing & Appier, 

Jr . . „„i.]dinr the Keotminstar Assembly's 

‘ Isprovod American Primer, inoxuuii, lossona with oontonts, note*. 

Shorter Catechism, divided into forty 

and hymns. d p or a alo by Cushing ft Appleton, 

1 Salem. Printed by Joshua. Cu«r U Copyright notloe a. above, 

n , the Bible and Heart, tssox St. xou - 

?f. IKaE. 

r \ 0n catalog. 

f* Mob. cds., 1807* 

*POQitod Dopt. of Ctato, Jan. 29 





c. 29 Oct., Slat yr. of Ind. 
By Daniel Belknap, nts Author 

- 24 

UslknAP* Daniel# 

•fhe vi llage compilation of oncred music [kj 
ft.Ai Boutont Printed for the author, by J. T. 
Copyright notice as above. 

Dlfl, MB, Mitt, HPB. 

Meitoal f « 

Union catalog# 

A,1.1* Mho* odn., 1006 (Bouton) 

Deposit# Dept, of Otato, Apr, 23, 1807. 

By Daniel Belknap 
Buckingham. 1306* 



o, 1 Nov#, 31st yr. of Ind 
By Ur I K. Hill, as Author 

1506 - 25 

Hill, Uri K» . D ■»p, 

The Snored Minstrel. No. 1 containing an Introduction -o Psalswu 

practical essay on modulation, and a collection of saaredi sic, suitabl 
for religiouB v/orahip selected and composed by Url K. mill. 

. ,lli I!oaton« Printed and Cold by Manning & luring, No. 2, Comhill. 1S06 
Copyright notloo as above. 

ini, jjtf**«y i ihn 11*^1 > • 


Union catalog. 

A.I.T. Mbs. ods,, luOC (Boston) 

t 20B 


c. 24 Nov., 31 st yr. of Ind. 
By Abijah Bigelor, as Author 

1806 - 26 

mgolow, Abijah. d uty and privileges of the oonstitu- 

Tho votoro 1 guidej or, o £ y a 6 S achusetts. To which are added, 

tional voters in the Common , from Historians, and the writing, 

original remarks, with various c litloa i characters in this and other | 

and public speeches of eminon P * qubcb of the rise and fbll of Republican, 
oountrioa, tending to explain 16 .. y a t Lav/. Quotation. 

Qovornmonta. 3y Abijah Bigo o.-, Wilder. Feb. 4, ld07. 

tttAi Leominster| (Mas.) Printed by 8. ^ 

Copyright notice as above. 

n LC, M, MH, MHi. 

^Bion oatalog. 

*••1.1. Mss. ods./ 1807. 

R tini 6272. 





c. 0^ 0 “; t0r 

1806 - 27 

By Lemuel Blalce 

^rqtiia, Arnaud, friond, being 

fho beau tins of tho >i Berquin, 

M°oo 8 from tluvt colobrated author, V. 

a selection of interesting 
intended to promote a love 


^ truth •■A virtue, ?&r the use of schools. By the author of the 
jMld's ^°°^» Quotation, 

l^sSi Bostoni Published by Mannar & Loring end Larne 1 Blake, Sold by 

Cushing * Appleton, Salem jeto. eto #1 1808, 

opyrigirc not 



o copy of an 1S06 or 1807 edition located. 

* — • 

* % T 

- v ! "‘* x * ~- 1 undated, 'swburvport editions, with variation in 


|W{ ( 

* ~ ^ * * 

r « 

c * 



Author : 
ed To it. of State 

An I 




Ik* % ‘ 


>i L 1 

c, 11 Doc,, cist yr, of Ind 

y Manning 1 lerir - 

as .'ropnotors 

1806 - 28 

Isrrill, IanirI* 

^ ^ il 

*.e ^ iris iiar. .amor. 

v lied 

* _ * * _ % «. _i % * 

A \ ari rtm fi^p o ’ ‘ , f'P 1 T 

O V _m. ^ _ J - — •* A* I m V Uiiv 1 a 

A fern.on preached before the Lincoln Bay 

request nade publio, 3y Daniel Merrill, A,a. 

Pastor of the Church of Christ in Sedgwick, 

Toe ton: Printed and sold by I vanning & Loring, Ko, 2 Cornhill, 1807, 

Verified by letter, 


taian catalog. 


16 Tec., olst yr. of Ind. 

:y hedidiah Horse, as Author 

% 9 

1S06 - 29 

, Jedidlah, 

The American Universal Geography : or a view of the present state of all 
the 2rol s Kingdoms States and Kepublios in tho known V, or Id and of the 

^nitod States of Anerioa in particular • 

-rests of Aatrontaioal Geography, and other useful preliminaries to the 
studv of Geomiphv in an enlarged ar.d improved introduction ^ of the 

^atom American continent 

In two parts. Tho first oart 

whence the 

of its discovory - its aboriginal inhabitants 
oana - its divisions - but r.ore particularly- of the TJ.S, 
cenerallv and individually - of their situation, extent, civil 

ikies, olimate, mountains, soil, produce, natural his- 

tory f 


population, character, curiosities, waters, 
ilitary strength, government, islands, his- 

-h*iti sh 


°f Ar-erica 

i*L * T J * * 


coaioeroe, nanufaotures, 

ings nines and minerals, mi . , , > u . _ 

tory of the to r, and the suooeeding events - olosinc with a view of 

Snanish French Portuguese, and other dominions on the continent 
n tho Vest Indies. H» second part descries at largo and from the 

-■‘teat and best authorities, the present state introspect to the above 

. >i •fix« Eastern Continent and its Islands as divided 

11 oned particulars oi tne aast/WA 

into nurooe T Asia and Africa and sr.b 


I r 

Asia and Arno a a,«u --Tided into topi res. Kingdoms and Re¬ 

ek, To Ikioh ftr e added an improved oatalo-ue of nemos, and places, 

•iSSlS'Sw S5SS .vim. fro. «. to th. prooont 

«- • • «0.n. >•“"*——- t “ d 

of all tiie monies or the world reduced to federal ourrenoj. 

- 4 . ~ P ‘. *" i *«*>“ 1 * 4 * — 

a tabla 
Tho wholo 

Calou 1 



a ~ S ft 

wf . kW 

ft 7 


~.vini:v~ v in r. sc . rati 11 '.* tolttli. 
1 the new discoveries to the present 


s in v 


» I 

* - 

j * »- * j 

w - ■*■ _ - f 

^ ^ * 


' J * 

C, 5LTX1 a Ti 

t - * # 

/ of C*a#h 

— - •»■ - u ■ 

S.K.S. Minister of the Congrega- 
art ftrst. The Introduction revised by 
ssor c: ;.i .; etios and Natural Philosopher 
Published according to Aot of Congress* 

- - ^ 

c c: 




x £ QC 

t cr*e 

csi Pert 1, 5th id.; Part 


4th ed*, 


-- ~ • *vv w . 


• — i 4. r 

• r - 

S V 

ct dopes 
rc cable 

a i 

ited at the Dept# of 
that Part 1 of this work 
•O, ISOS (although it. was published 

ii H 

it- * - » 

? 1 

p J rtp 

. C 

le 1 W — 

I ^ J 



- ^3 
X W lk‘ 


f/ - X 1 


: % ** 

t - 

i i Q'trO* 

m. _ * ^ ^ V -P 


a s F rO o r i c t o 




T* ' 

- ' ' - /T 

kp . ^ W V 


q ’ ijjj_olc; in three and four partss 

* ., i n ’ ,■*» ^ selectcd kVon tno 

ox ?cahi tunes and oooas^o i i ;-- vtS # ^' A ® uvt 

1 on of C.L 3 .ssicaA 

^ ^ a _ ^ - ~~2} fm rt _ _ _ 

w ' "" c . . l. »»«.w<\gor*e♦ .suited to all the nstros 

■jr 0 f * cosw eminent caiposersj c» aA , , D . . 

m o- prefixed, an introduotion to Psalmod 

^ _#» ,m *» * Mnm T —T. 7 1 T IT % e~l %«»*G ^ t" ^ 

^ 'tr k* 

r^x ubtj 

. : 

< f* ** 1 Q 

_s.- - * -* w 1 


i. — * 




XI the p 

W — w — J 

t I 

M» ^ ' “ ‘ " C l ^ ^ ^ 

^ w ^ -- ^- i^, -- -— j- ^ ^ — 

— b 1 ^^ 1 t *>Or t { S J2 G> 

«• — 

tan e . 

notice as above# 

ton# Fold 

hv MansinE « luring; for Cushing * Apple 
:•' ,, B° ntsto -e in Salsa; by Thonas ft Viliipple, 

* ot_a^ 1 S 33uxb # ., , . # 

Hre J ^al booksellers in the United 


W* » ** 


^ ^ fe i 



* . 

ior. catalor* 

T T l r r- ft, „ 

“♦■we# ^ w I f Jf 

£ 1 vCl _ i_ _ ^ 

^ c 

1806 ( 

*r iP- 

st on) 

Jan. 29, 


f 213 






5 Jan 
J o hr 

i r 


1st vr# oi Ind* 

^ell i others, ooirodttee 
st society of Oniversali sts 

as Proprietor* 

1307 - 1 




rs c 


' f 


_ list ohuroh. leo t«d *nd dcsigned for tSv 

is, and Spiritual ^ n fi, iT>t# Devotion. Quotation 

» church universal, in origin *3*°* o ltt f d l, \^* 

Kith an appendix, containing Franois, ft Parker, 130 

edition. Boston. -Motions the two previous editions 

Tj^ts j . j tJ A ,r i ISOb, nent*o# ^u B oanyright entry m 

Preface, dated -Aj a, * There fore, this copy*- 0 

published in 1792 and l 802 *.,^ in 1303. 

be for this third edition, P“ bli * W 



Union catalog* 

A.I.T# Author file. 

f 2l4j o, 5 Jan., 31st yr. or Ind. 1007 - 2 

By David Palmer, ao Proprietor 

Tho Middlesex Collection of Church Musio or Anolont Psalmody Havtvad* 
Containing a variety of plain poaln tunes, tho noot ou Until* 1 0 

used in Divino Servicej to which is prefixed a number of other pllWI 
of a more delicato and artificial construction, proper to bo performed 
by a choir of good muoio laris occasionally, in Schools and public re¬ 
ligious Assemblies, 
nils Boston, Manning & Loring, 1007. 

Pro Paco dated Jan., 1007. 

Mutilated title-page, but Information supplied by bI/>, Nli, and 

Union catol og. 

f215j c. 9 Jan., 31 ot yr, of Ind. 1007 - 3 

By Thomas h Androws, an Proprietors 

Pike, Nicholas. 

Tho nova complote system of Arithmetic* cornposod for tho use of tho 
Citizens of the U .itod States. 3y Nicholas Piko, A.M* ornbe r of tho 
American Academy of Arts and .' olencoc. Abridged for the uoo of Soliooln. 
MVVAt Sixth edition. Boston. Published by Thomas & Andrew#. Sold n.t 

their Oookntoro, No. 45 Nowbury St. May, 1J07. J. T. (luokinghnni. 


Copyright notioo as above. 

lUI-Ed. T., NN. 

Union catalog. 

A#I,I. Author file. 


[216] o. 20 Jan., 31st yr. of Ind. ' 1007 - 4 

Dy William Polham, as Proprietor 

Austin, William. , . 

An Essay on tho Human Charactor of Je«u. Christ. 
K ’As Boston. Printed for William Polhnn. 100/. 

Copyright notioo as above* 
n Verso title-pa|>;e» Printed by Ebonesor r-onoh, 

2 J» mhi. 

bion catalog, 
n ,Z * Author file. 

l; °posited Dept, of State, Juno C, lou/. 

By William Austin. 



nj L tf ) O. 20 Jan*, Slot yr. of Ind. 1807 - 5 

* Ity Thomas 0. flolfridge, as Author 

S§ 1 fridge, Thomas Oliver. 

^ oorroot statomont of th© whole preliminary controversy between Tho. 

0 t Stltridfl* and tten j. Austinj also a brief sooount of tho catastrophe in 
Stflto Street, [baton, on the 4th August, lQ06t with some remarks# By 
Tho, 0, Selfridge. Quotation. 

j/v./U Cliarl oat owns Printed by Samuel Etheridge, for the Author* 1807* 
Copyright notice ns above. 

Also a soooud edition with tho same copyright notice, and same date* 

DLC, MB, Mb, NE# 

Union o fit a log* 

A,1.1, Mss* ods., 1007. 

Sabin: 79010’. 

,218) c. 20 Jan., 31st yr, of Ind. 1807 - 6 

Ruosoll ft Cutler, Beloher ft Armstrong, 

Oliver ft Munroo ft William Blagrove, as 

Selfridgo, Thomas Oliver, do fondant. 

Trial of Thomas 0. Selfridge, Attorney at Law, before the lion. Isaac 
Pirker, Esq* for killing Charles Austin on tho public Exchange in Boston, 
August 4th 1806. Taken in Short hand by T. Lloyd, Esq., Reporter of the 
Debates of Congress and Geo. Caines, Esq. late Reporter of the State of 
New York and sanctioned by tho Court, and Reporter to tho State. 

ERA i Copyright secured. Boston: Published by Russoll ft Cutler, Belcher 
ft Armstrong, ft Oliver ft Munroe. fn.d.j 
Copyright notice as above. 

DLC, MH-L, MHi. 

Union catalog. 

A.I,I. Author file. 

Sabin* 79011. 

(219j c* 29 Jon., 31st yr. oi Ind. 1807 ~ 7 

By Somuol Worcester, as Author 

ancestor Samuel* . . 

Two Discourses on the perpetuity and provision of God’s gracious coven- 

with Abraham and hio seed. i*r Samuel Worcester, A.H. Paster ,Pastor, 

f the Tabornacle Church in Salem, Second edition revised. To which are 

finexod Letters to tho Rev. Thoms Baldwin, L.L. on his book entitled The 

l Ptien of Believers only, *0. Quotation. 

i: Galon: Printed by Havon Pool, lor the Author. 180C. 

Copyright notice as above, 

. MSaE, MW A. 

•1. Mb s• ods., 

Lb in; 10531 .v 

°* 12 Fob,, 31at yr. of Ind. 
By Ilnnnah Adams, as Author 

1807 - 8 

f 220, 

Adana, Hannah. 

Ail Abridgment of the History of New England for tho uso of young per** 
souk now introduced into tho principal schools in this town* By Hannah. 
Adana. Second edition. Copyright secured, Boston, printed at the 
tone raid press, by Belcher & Armstrong, 1807, 

NNt Boston: Published by Bolchor & Armstrong ... Belcher & Armstrong, 
Printers, 1807. 

Copyright notico ns above. 

UNAt Variant issuo: Boston: Published by Etheridge & Bliss. Sold also 
by S, Etheridge, Charlestown, Belcher & Armstrong, Printers. 1807* 
MWA and MH-Ed. T have both issues. 

Union catalog. 

A.1.1. Author file. 

Sabin: 207. 

f221j c. 23 Feb., 31st yr. of Ind. 1807 - 9 

By D. R. Preston, ns Author 

Preston, Daniel R. 

The vronders of creation; natural and artificial, being an account of 
the most remarkable mountains, rivers, lakes, cataracts, mineral springs, 
niscellsmoous curiosities and antiquities in tho world, compiled from 
Geographers, Historians, and travellers of the greatest celebrity. In 
two volumes. By D. R. Preston, Author of the Juvenile Instructor, &c, 

UEt Boston* Published by John M. Dunham, 1807. Greenough, Stebbins, 

& Hunt, Printers. 

Copyright notice as above. 
hua, M (v.l) 

Sabin: 65366. 

c. 10 Mar,, 31st yr, of Ind. 1307 - 10 

By Beloher & Armstrong, as Proprietors 

v «rgili UQ 

Maro, Publius. 

The Culex of Virgil; with a translation into English verso, by Luoius 
‘ • -argont. Quotation. 

’Wi Soston. Pr i "ted at the Emerald Press, by Beloher & Armstrong. 1807. 

msya, m. 

^on catalog. 

‘^*1* Author file. 

*22oj 14 2^ar., 31st yr. of Ind. 1307 — H 

By Manning & Loring, as Proprietors 

^^lll, Daniel. 

bo ^^ or ® occasioned by 
^otuity and provisi on 

hov. Samuel Yto roes tor's two disooursos on the 

ntm covenant with Abraliam and K 


s oed. Detecting, by plain scripture, stubborn facts and Bobor reason 
soii’iO of the gross inis representations, unfounded assertions and sophist! - 
ofited arguments* By Daniol Merrill, A.I.1, Pastor of the Churoh of Christ 
in Sedgwick. Quotation. 

JZHi* Boston i Printed and Sold by i fanning & Loring, Ho. 2, Comhill* 1007# 
Copyright notioo as above. 


Union catalog. 

A.t.I. Author file. 

t 224 1 c. 23 Mar., 31st yr. of Ind. 1007 - 12 

By Timothy Davis, an Author 

Davie, Timothy, 

Anti-Christian Religion dolinoatod, in a treaties (treatise) on the 
"illonnium; or tho fulfilment of 1 tho Old Testament prophecies completed, 

3y Timothy Davis (Of Townsend, Liasa.) Published by dosiro of nnny friends 

ITtVA: Leominstor: Printed by S. & J. Wilder, jfbr tho Author* 1007. 
Copyright notioo as above* 

Ii\.A lias also: Saino titlo. Harvard; Printed by S. Parker, for tho 
Author, who lias the Copy right. 1007* 

Union catalog. 

A.1.1. Mss. cds., 1007 
Sabin; 10893. 


c. 24 liar., olst yr* of Ind. 

By Robort Field, as Proprietor 
(Titlo of an Engraving) 

1807 -13 

Field, Robert. 

Thomas Jefferson. G. Stuart, Pinxit. R, Field, Soulpsit. 

Boot on. Published by Robert Field, 11? r. 14, 1807. 
Stauffer: v.2, p. 168s 

1001. Thomas Jofforson. 

Stip. (Stipple ongravingj. oval in root. Full bust 
face, 3/4 left* 

Ins. (Inscription! As above* 


c* 6 Apr., Sl 3 t yr. of Ind. 

Ey Kdmund March Blunt, as Proprietor 

1007 - 14 

3°v;ditoh, Nathaniel. 

The now American practical navigator j being an Lpitomo of Navigation; 
containing all tho tables necessary to bo used with the nautical almanao 
in determining tho latitude j and tho longitude by lunar observations; ixn<X 
beeping a comploto reckoning at 00 a; illustrated by proper rules and 
®tuples: tho whole exemplified in a Journal leapt from Booton to Madeira 

in which all tho rules of Navigation are introduced. Also the 


demonstration tho roost useful rules of trigonometry; many usoX’ul 

problens in mensuration, surveying and guaglng and a dictionary of ooa 
terns with tho manner of per forming the moot common evolutions at soa. 
jo which are added some general instructions and information to merchants, 
masters of vessels, and others concerned in Navigation, relative to mari¬ 
time laws and mercantile customs. % Nathaniel Bowditoh, Follow of tho 
American Academy of Arts and Soienoes, 

ITTAi Illustrated with copperplates, engraved by Hooker* Second edition, 
with many improvements. Nowburyport, (?^ass.) Printed by Edmund M* 
Blunt (Proprietor.) July, 1807. 

Copyright notice as abovo, 

DLC, UBAt, MSoEs feoond edition published Nay, 1807. 

Union catalog. 

A, I,I. i-sc. cds., 1807. Nay and July 1807 oditione. 

j227j c. 15 Apr., 31st yr* of Ind. 1807 - 15 

By Henry Brewer, as Proprietor 

Lathrop, Joseph, 

femons on various subjects, evangelical, devotional, and practical; 
adapted to tho promotion of cliristian pioty, family religion, and youthful 
virtue. By Joseph Lathrop, D.D, Pastor of the first Churoh in Vrost Spring- 

Springfield, Ls. Printed by Henry Brewer (Proprietor of tho Copy¬ 
right) Uaroh 1807. 

8hC, MB, NN. 

Variant issue: 

• Publishod bj H* Brower, Springfield, and . rthoridgo & Bliss, No. 12, 
Comhill, Boston. Printed by Henry Brower (Proprietor of the 
Copyright) March 1807, 


Union catnlog, 

A *I.I. Mss. cds., 1607, Both issues, 

(228j o. 15 Apr., 31st yr. of Ind. 1807 - 16 

By Belcher A Armstrong, as Proprietors 

Sargent, Lucius Manlius j 

No, 1 of the now-milk cheese, or tho ooml-Heroiok Thunderclap, a 
^-globular publication, without beginning and without end. By Van 
fronp (of the Honourable Society of Knights orrant.) Quotation. 
rB * Boston: Printed at the Van Trump Press. 1807. 

Copyright notice as above. 

At head of title: (April 18, 180/) , v 

Includes also No. II, dated at head of title: Uay 180/) 

1 I 

Jt n *°h oatalog. 

e.*^* 1 * Author file. 

* fa ini 77018. 

I ' xili. 




7> ,* 

— ■ 

*~ L *^*?^*»j 31 si; yr, of Ind* 
* - ■ ■ - c~- - n , ft. c A ^ v., *; - 

1207 - 17 


# - h 

ctix., C-samel* 

i view of the Sooncry of the Church of yod M it existed 
der the Aorahaalc ditcerxaticm and the Sinai 
der the r,ore luadnous dispensation of toe 
£ covenantc, Jy r.sirucl Austin a 

* + ®^®*- *"f sc&crc u o*ir r 4 j l ex* 

i * 



** «* * 

or the Act or, sold b • hin and by 

. a ;.o: 

^ t 

l by Tbonae L 7ap. 

* * 

™ 'r 4"' t- f"* 4' * f' #a r 
v J, j* ijj.b - .UQ U 

o roe s ~c r j ay 

4 * ^ 


!■>»• *-*■ »- fy 4-V 1 ' r»7 

* ^ * IkS* J 4 ^> * f ^ ^ y i ^ 

* *. 

^ 7 f* 

Liv ‘ 

* - *■| * *' # 

v ( 

lie - • 

T 7 t * _ _ * 

_ * r f* r 


4 P 

- - 

07 a 

5 7 ~ 


1 c 

-L - 



* - fc ^ 1 

71 -jL 

J, w L* 

4 - 

r? T ^ 

«* » * p — -■* 

r o - If, 

:e. orco 

i ” 


y* i, wv 

- c 

C V 

v* —. <_ 

x entitled 

_nd candid Lccccrc tc ch 

s--sr. -a 


& —» > pr *“ 

_Jw j a ^ « -■ 

rs only. 

^ 4 » 


» ^ • 


i. on his 



r £7 

v «.u fy • — — 


-** f 


& 1 

- c; _ l 

^ t 


*• +-? j 

^ 4 - 


#- • 


“•* ■ 

* a • 

- r 
H —-* 

* — y** * 

V : 

Pool, for the .. 

r 1 - y 7 

4 • -* w y J | 



* - * 



- u, J ■ 


*- > w 3J, V # 

* nd / 



b - 

2/ A;r ■ ( - — - ,- 


« » T-r -< 
s J. 

l» Procriecor 

ld07 - 13 

- --iv , Jcr^: foceley, compiler, 

A new claceioal select 

^ origiral product 

" c. o 

T AtT£ 


tersoer&ed ,iimcraoe 

v ■ W 

:'or t.cis rtor 



cn z:jb : ; _ 



8 , vit, buaiJicBS, duty. 

ons, deei^i 

^^■frier/iBidc, Icrre, cn.-ria?e, dc. wit: 


- ice s 


-, ** 

p *,. 


*- A ** 

nc Terse 

0 ir 1 oh 1 

r ^ 

coca piecee in proto . - 

zed nat ions on yarlous e. .acts, ooapUiflstary caraa, .ome in 1 

V 14 * -34 declaration of i/xiepe 
tecond editi cr.. 

k ^ 4 


*4" r, r 

.ji_/ n * J - • 

: *ion 

f C..4; 

C ^ r tfec for 

the Columbian Musetja. 1807* 
Copyrlg/it notice at aoove* 

l *- 

at of A -arlca 



** # ^ 

Hr t w r 

* by 3* True 


6t ^ 

^py oru u ; 

* x c* 1 i& n c m~+ i ft 

(July, 194 

r 23Z) 

c. 20 Apr,, 31st yr. of Ind. 

3y John D, Turnbull, a a Author 

1007 - 20 

in x 

;hroo acta 


Turnbull, D * 

Rudolph, or the Roboors of Calabria, a molo clrruno ,sio.j 
^ ith marohes, combats, and chorusoo ,ohoruBsoS] ao performed at the Boston 
Theatre, By John D. Turnbull of the Boaton Theatre* Author of the I "aid 

of Hungary. 

Printed by B* Truo, 75 9tute-Streat, Boston. 1007* 

Copyright secured according to law. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I* Author file. 

Sabins 97465. 


c. 23 Apr*, 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Oliver & llunroe, as Proprietors 

1807 - 21 

Hardy, William, defendant. . 

A sketch of the proceedings and tria i of William Hardy, oil an inaioU-* 

ment for tho murder of an infant, Hovombor 27, 1806, before thu Supremo 

Judicial Court, holden at Boston within arid for the Counties of Suffolk 

and Rantucket in tho Commonwealth of Masnaohusetts, on tho second Tuesday 

of March, in the year of our Lord 1G07. Reported from tho minutes of one 

of the counsel for the defendant. 

Li;A : Bostons Printed by Oliver & Munroe, Co. 75 State Sti'uot. .Loi /. 

Copyright notice as above. 


Union catalog. 

A.I,I. Author file* 
in s 30 359. 




c. 1 May, 31st yr. ui 
By Oliver Shavr, as Author 

1007 - 

o f> 

y Instrumental husio oalou 

^haw, Olivor. 

Q lor the U£j0 01 .jttan ohlofly In four part., vU, two 

fluto and violinoollo ,aio, 

or gamuts for tho sovural 

°f Marches, Airs, Minuets &o# wrixuon 
clarionots, fluto and baosoonj or too violins, 

LikfluH a** 4 -v,^ nbaraoters with tho sea as 

^ ujie musama. uu»* , 

instruments to which tho music is adapted 

So looted , oompoaod and ax*- 

Sold at tho book store 
and book-stores iu tho United State 

r *nged. By 0 . Shaw. „ 1T M(n , n 

Dodlmms From tlie Muolo-preaa ol H. Maiul - 
and at tiio various jttuslO"*ohops 


Copyright notice as l vo * nl . omfttloIl that cop, In 

the Sibley 

Verified by letter, 0 p j.uaio, linlvurolty of, 

ucioal Library, 


ia a photootat of tJio original in tho Mow York 
•ai. Mau. oda., 1007. 

Public Library. 

c. 21 May, 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Vfilliwn Burdick & Edvrard Renouf, 
as Proprietors 

1807 - 23 



Dean, Gilbert V. 

Tho only suro guide to Bank Bills, being a list of counterfeit oixis, 
alphabetic ally arranged with descriptions, list of all the banks in Massa¬ 
chusetts, Hew Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island together with the 
capital stock of each bank, us granted by the legislaturesJ denoninatione 
of bills issued; Presidents 1 and Cashiers T, and a variety of otner 
useful information, by Gilbert V, Doan, 

Ko copy located. 




c. 20 June, 31st yr. of Ind 
By Jolin Fletcher, as Author 

1807 - 24 

Fletcher, John. 

Observations on the law of ten commandinents contained in tne scriptures 
of truth, and likewise on the law of murder, and manslaughter contained in 
the books of Hoses j together with remarks on bhe case and trial of T. 0. 
Selfridge for shooting C. Austin with a pistol in otatc . troo^, Boston on 
the 4th of Aucust 1306, Chewing that, that part of the law of men by 

> J" 

which they cleared Pclfridge v/as not according to the law of^God, To which 
is added a number of poems — By John Fletcher, Boston, uotation* 

DLO: Published according to the Act of Congress. Boston, printed by the 

author, June 20th, 1807. 

Verified by letter from the Rare Book Collection, Li' 



u O 


of Ind. 

c. 21 June, Slot yr. 

By Abiel Jaques, as Proprietor 

(Title of an Engraving) 

1S07 - 25 

Jaques, Abiel, . ... . 

Views of Harvard University in Cambridge, .lassacnusotts. This plate 
ie respectfully dedicated to the President of the University. 

1° copy located. ... 

In Massachusetts Hell, Harvard University is an anonymous ensravxng 

* several buildinrs of Harvard University rdiioh was given to harvard by 
k African Antiquarian Society in 1930 when Harvard celebrated its Ter¬ 
centenary. The Archives Collection at Harvard has indexed tnis work as 
’ a nonynous" but has established the dato as 1307. There is no positive 

P r °of that this is the oopyright item above. 




o. 2C June, 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Jonathan Huntington, as Author 

1807 - 26 



Un ^ n ^ 0n * donathfi_ 

Tho Apollo Harmony, ooutnlnQ 

0 n °to, a universal oolluotion 

I vum Tuno 



res and - e l' s » a nunbor of set pieces and anther, s, proper for all 

occasions, together with the instructions for the lass Viol, and German 
Flute# Selected from the Most celebrated Kuropoan and Anorican Compo** 
gitions, with son© pieces entirely new, Polooted and set by Jonathan 

tjj. 7.5 Published according to Act of Congress, Printed typographically at 
Korthanpton, Ms. by Horace Graves* 1007. 


Ketcalf • 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Has. ods., 1007. 



o. 26 June, 31st yr. of Ind. 

By Hanning & Loring, as Proprietors 

1807 - 27 

Kerri 11, Daniel. 

The second exposition of some of the false arguments, mi stages, and 
errors of the Rev. Samuel Austin. Published for the benefit of the pub¬ 
lic, By Daniel Merrill, Pustor of tho Churoh of Christ in Sedgwick. 

■" Ai Boston! Printed and Bold by f anning '• Loring, no. 2, 1307 
Copyright notice as above. 


Union catalog. 

A,I,I. Author filo. 

(240 j 

c. 7 July, 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Thaddous Ha son Barr is, as Author 

1307 - 28 

Harris, Thaddeus Uason. 

Tho natural historv of the Bible, or a description of ul L the boasts, 
birds and fishes, insects and reptiles, trees and plants, metals, precious 
stones, oc. mentioned in tho sacred sorintures. Collected from tho best 
authorities and alphabetically arranged. By Tliaddeus J'ason Harris, A.11., 
A.A.S, and S.Ii.S. Ilinister o;l Dorcliester. A nevr edition, icvised, in— 

proved, and enlarged. Quotation, 
oopy of this edition loonted. 

o. 9 July, 22d yr. of Ind 

ftv Paul Jewett, as Author 

1007 - 29 

jQ vrett Paul 

TIjo’nov.' England x^rrierj being a compendium of farriery. In four 
P^ts. ^Therein nost of tho diseases to *uoh horses, neat cattle, sheep 
and BVfing - . . L .... ofi with nodical and surgical opera- 

re sujje , f mny years' experience. Intended for 

^use “ofpri^enSoJen and Ftmers. The second edition. By Paul 

Salenf Printed by Joshua Cushing. Sold by 

by Cushing & Appleton, Salem, and by Charles Metcalf, Bath. 1607. 

Copyright notice as above* 




Unio~ cttilog* 

&s £ « c ^ n «, 

Sabini 26116 * 

r 242) c. 13 July, 32d yr, of Ind. 1307 - 30 

3y Dudley Atkins Tyngj Esq,, 
as Proprietor 

Tvnr, Dudley Atkin8 * 

% O Jr w 

I F.e ports of oases argued and do to mined in the Supreme Judlolal Court 

of the Commonwealth of I'assnchusotts during the )tiar 1306* By Dudley 
Atkins Tyng, Esq* Counsel lor at Law. 

K#At hewburyport, Printed by Edmund M, Blunt, 1807, 

Copyright notice as above* 

Preface signed Boston, July, 1807* 


Uni on c a t&l o g . 

; Sabin i 97622, Rote. 

f243, c. 16 July, 32d yr. of Ind. 1807 - 51 

By William Homan, as Proprietor 

(Phillips, Sir Richard] 

An easy Gra:inar of Gaorraphy. For the use of Schools. With naps. 

**' the ;iev. J. Golds. ith* First improved edition. Carefully revised 
vitr 4 considerable additions ai d a rap of the United States. 

®-Ed.T* Boston; Printed for hilliam Soman, Book and Chart ellor ... 


Copyright notice c.s above. 

Author file. 



c. 17 July, 32d yr* of Ind, 
— iHlfl Cli.mtor as Aat or 

1 bO 7 - 52 

fr qq the ooripture* # trvat infanta 


Hinton, Isaac, 

** treatise on infant Baptism. Proving 
proper subjects of baptist-, were so considered by t h e, 
receive that ordinance under their ministry, By Isaac Clinton* 
^•tor of a Church in Southwick. Quotations, 

B| ‘Pringfieid« Printed by Henry Brewer. Copyright scoured, ( n*d.| 
i, Uopyrigilt notice as above printed ani pa^iod verso title-.-ace, 

**• cde. t 1007. 


o. 25 July, bed ft % c* 

By / or or Jonut>, us Author 


1 07 - $ 

° r t,u > 

•• Quotation 

i < > 

l 3 

AM f^i 9U0 tf V| 

i r»^ 1 # ua.d pi cachin ' 

u x ;. ijif 



jjgaE: Exeter* Printed by Norris & Sawyer, for the author ... 1807. 

Copyright notice a 3 above . 

1 >ni on 0 atal 0 t . 

A.I.I, Author file. 

t 246j c- 7 Aug,, 32d yr, of Ind. 1807 - 34 ! 

By Walter Jones, as Author j 

Janos, Walter. j 

The Harmonic Minstrelsey, containing a nev.' collection of sacred music — 
in three and four parts, comprising variety in stile r sic.j, tune, tine 
and measure; and well proportioned to all the different metres and keys 
commonly used in churches - Together, with a nunber of set—pieces, choruses, 
and anthems appropriate to ordinations, dedications, thanksgivings, ec, - 
Ciiiefly original* To which is prefixed - The necessary rules for learners. 
The whole being calculated and designed for the use of schools and public 
worship. By Walter Janes. Quotation. 

Tuis Dedham* Printed by II* Mann, and sold (Wholesale and Petall) at his I * 
Bookstore ... 1807. 

Copyright notice as above, 

MB, MHi, UN. 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Mss. cds. , 1807. 

Sabin: 35746, Note. 

c. 7 Aug., 32d yr. of Ind. 1807 - 35 

By Cushing & Appleton, as Proprietors 

Barber's Shop, kept by Sir David Kasor, Grand Secretary to the lior- 
Shipful Association of free and accepted Barbers; shaver to hi 3 
venorability the deputy scribe of the ancient and honourable Roust!— 
gouche Society Branch ]Jo, 174; V eathervd sc-gcncral to Ms own fanilv 
und neighbourhood; stor^ r Stellor (Tellcrj tt Cuessor a u observer of men 
> irianncrs; Joke-cracker; Sleeve Laugher, £ 0 , Do, Do. Quotation. 

‘SaEi Salem: Published by CusMng & Appleton; to v/hon communications 

(post paid) nay be addressed. Sold by them, and by every book¬ 
seller in the United States, who has taste himself, or whoso 
customers have it. (J. Cushing, Printer j 

Published in four parts: first part, Aug, 14, 1807; second part 
Sept. 4, 1307; third part. Sept, 29, 1807; fourth part, Nov'. 1(/ 
1807. - "Gazette Advertisement, ISOS” - Tapley, p. 411. 

®-pley, p # 410; Entry as above. Authorship attributed to John Sparhavrk 
Appleton, Essex institute. Proceedings, v. 1, 1848—1856, p. 176- 
177, contains the following statement: "In 1307 and 1808 Mr. John 
s * Appleton of the firm of Cushing and Appleton, who 'was known as 
Q ready wit rot out two or three small humorous publications 
which had a temporary run as periodicals. . *• Thon there was "the 
Barber's Shop ..." published by Cushing and Appleton, in 1S08, 
and printed by Joshua Cushing, a brother of Thoms C. Cushing.'* 


PLO (’Jo* l), KB and MH attribute editorship to Isaao Story* 

$ n ion list of serials; 2d ed, 1943* (DI£, HH) 

Union catalog* 

A,1.1* Mss. cds*, 1807 and 1800* 

( 248j o. 13 Aug*, 32d yr. of Ind* 1307 " 

% Mary Tap pan, as Proprietor 

Tappanj David* 

Lectures on Jewish Antiquities; delivered at Harvard University in 
Cambridge, A*D* 1802 and 1803* By David Tappan, D.D* Late Hollis Pro¬ 
fessor of divinity in that seminary. 

IIYJU Published by \7. Hilliard and E. Lincoln, and for salo at the look- 
store in Cambridge and at Ho. 53, Cornhill, Boston. 1807. 

Copyright notice as above, except 15 Aug* 

DLC, MB, MHi, NN* 

Union catalog* 

A.1.1, Lies* cds., 1307* 

r 249j c* 15 Aug., 32d yr. of Ind* 1807 - 37 

By Mary Tappan, as Proprietor 

Tappan, David* . 

Sermons on important subjects* By tho late Hov. David Tappan* Hollis 
Professor of Divinity in the University at Cambridge. To which are pre¬ 
fixed a Biographical sketch of the author, and a sermon pioaohecl au -^g 

funeral by Dr* Holmes* 

KVA: Published by V/. Hilliard and Lincoln k Kdmands, and for sale at the 
Bookstore in Cambridge and at Ho. 53, Cornhill, Boston* 180/, 

Copyright notice as above* 

MB, MB, MHi, HSaE. 

Bnion catalog. 

• Hss. ods., 1807* 


o. 25 Aug*, 32d yr. of Ind* 

By Belcher & Armstrong, as Proprietors 

1807 - 38 

5ro *a, William Hill. * . ^ , 

. I** and Isabella* or the natural children. A novel founded In fiction. 

* Posthumous -work. By the late William H. Boston. Quotation, 

' * Boston* Published by Belcher & Armstrong. 1 

. Copyright notice a3 above, 
f-. MBAt, im. 

J°J°n catalog. 

* Author file. 

c. 25 Aug., 32d yr. of Ind. 
By John West, as Proprietor 

1807 - 39 


vrrison, Mrs. Susanna (Haswoll) 

' X spelling dictionary, divided into short lessons, for the easier com¬ 
mitting to memory by children and young persons and calculated to assist 
youth in comp re heading what they read 5 Selected from Johnson's Dictionary, 

for the use of her pupils. By Susanna fiowsoa. t 7 

j.^Ai Boston: Published and for sale by John V/est, Ho. 75, Comhill* 1 '• 

David Carlisle, Printer, No, 5, Court Street. 

MB, KH~Ed• T. 

A, 1,1. Author file 
Sabin: 7 361C. 

1807 - 40 

c. 7 Sept., 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Thomas & Whipple, as Proprietors 

f 252j 

Parish, Elijah. 

A conpendi o\is system of universal geography, designed for schools, 
conpiled from tho latest and most distinguished European and American 
travellers, voyagers and geographers, ffy Elijah Parish, A.l;. Ilinistor 

of Rvfield. Massachusetts. 

Head, Harket-Squnre. in.d 0 j 
Copyright notice as above. 

Sabins 58599. 


e. 19 Sept., 32d yr. of Ind. 
By Aaron Bancroft, as Author 

1307 - 41 

Bancroft, Aaron, 

f G«?orft6 Washington, oonttaandor in chief ox the 

‘“ J J '"-' -* J ont of 


. An essay on the Life o 

Tt Copyright notice as above. 


2 n ;°-a Catalog. ' ' 

•h L - V'ftr* .. -> _ 1 f \f\<7 



25* j 



Oct., 32d yr. of Ind. 

®y Charles ?teams, as Author 

1807 - 42 

^ i ", r P* n ■ 


Principles oi religion and Morality* In four parts* I* Of tho evi 98 of Religion. II. Principles of Religion. III. Principles of 
morality} with four lessons on the cardinal virtues. IV. Lessons on 
the Ten Commandments . The whole in short lessons, in the form of dia- 
in-uess adapted to Schools, and private instruction in families. Third 

1 *« kA 

edition. Improved. With copy right. By Charles Steams,, A*M* Minister 
of the Gospel In Lincoln, Massachusetts*. 

Portsmouth, Hewham.p shire: Printed for the Author, and sold by him 
in Lincoln, and by Charles Pcircc in Portsmouth, wholesale and 
retail. 1S07. 

Copyright notice as above. 

At end: Printed by Hi Ilian Treadwell# 


Union catalog# 

| Author file, 
basin: 20856. 


I. T ! 

+ -* 4 ~ § * 

w « 


c. 16 Oct., 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Belcher & Armstrong, as Proprietors 

1807 - 43 


the man- 

No. 70, 

The Umar a Id, or Miscellany of Literature, containing sketches of 
r_ers, principles and airrusorients of tne age* Quotation* 7ol. 

Boston, Mass. Printed and Published by Belcher o* Armstrong, 

State-Street* 1807* v. 2. 

felon list of serials# 2d ed* 1943. Locations recorded for entire file 


Ini on catalog* 

Author file. 





c. 26 Oct., 32d yr. or. Ind* 
•rv.^nnn & Andrews, as Pro 

1007 - 44 


>oston and the vicinity. 
1 Boston* Published by 

r !btc alf 

«»lon * 

fhoioa s A Andrews 


_ Newbury Street, 1Q07* • 

Copyright notice as above# 



^^tulog * 


( 257 1 c « 10 Nov # , 32d yr. of Ind* 1007 - 45 

S # & E* Butler, as Proprietors 

Halbert, James, Jr, 

The Complete Fifcr f s Museum: or a collection of marches of all kinds 
novr in use in the military (linej. Also a number of occasional tunes for 
the actual service, and the militia* With rudiments and lessons complete I 
for the work* By James Hulbert, Junior. Philo Musico. 
mh Published by Simeon Butler, Northampton, Mass. f n.d. 3 
Copy right secured. 

Verified by letter from the Music division. New York Public Library, I 
with information that the Division 3iad incorrectly established the 
date as f 1810? 3 . 

Uni on catalog* P'§| I 

r258j c. 14 llov., 32d yr* of Ind. 1807 - 46 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Proprietor 

Ho lyoke, Samue 1, I 

The vocal companion; containing a concise introduction to the praotico 
of music, and a set of tunes of various metres arranged progressively for 
the use of Learners, Compiled by Samuel Holyoke, A 0 M. 

hit; Exeter, JT.H. Prom the Mu sic-Press of Norris & Sawyer ... Sold , 

wholesale and retail at their Book-store* 1807* 

Copyright notice as above* 

MB, NN. 

Metcalf. I 

Union catalog* 

Author file* 

(259 3 c# 21 Nov*, 32d yr 0 of Ind. 1807 - 47 

By Elias Ilann, as Propi-ietor 


*Fno iMassachusetts Collection ox Sac rod Harmony; 

uoxxeuoxun wx u**w*^«- containing a plain and 

concise introduction to the grounds of music: also, a large number of 

Psalm tunes, selected from the most approved and eminent authors; udap- 

ted to the different metres and keys generally used in Churc 1 *^" m 

yith a number of Select pieces and anthems, 

$> r Ellas Mann, Quotation* r ,, , 

Boston: Pi’intod by Manning & Loring, ior tho Author, 1807, 



suitable for various occasions* 

VlT , -vyright notice as 

m M mu 



•J-* Author file, 

ah ove. 


o. 14 Deo., 32d yr. of 
By Russell 4 Cutler, as Proprietors 

1807 - 43 

Lady*® Cabinet *>? Polite Literature containing a selection of the most 
^ 4 e lioate anil re fined alrc, nongs, poena, and varloua otter miscellaneous 
uroduotionc In vorco and prose. 

M volume Ii Tito Lute. Conolntlng of songs. (Copy Right \ soured.) 

Boston: Published by Russell & Cutler, (Proprietors of the Work.J 
r>old by iithoridge & Bliss. Ho. 12. Comhill. 1807, 

Voluno IT x 

except 1B03. 

- . _ 1307. 

poems. (Copy I t Secured.) 

re Imprint, 

u V v —- * 

p; and Nil have Volume III only (1809) 

Union catalog# 

A.I.Ie Author file# 


c, 21 Doc,, j?A yr, of Ind, 

By Joseph Nowell, as Proprietor 

1807 - 40 

Carloton, Oagood. 

A rap of tho U.S, of America including part of Louisiana, part o~ 
Canada, and of net Florida and tho whole of est Florida on a much 
larger scale tlian any beforo published with groat additions, corrections 
and improvements, exhibiting tho poet towns with their respective dis¬ 
tances from Washington and the post roads through the several states# 

By Osgood Carlo ton, i 
No copy located* 

1307 - 50 


o. 26 Deo., 32d yr. of Ind, 

By Benjamin Dearborn, Pres, of the 
Nowon gland Association of Inventors 
and Patrons of Useful Arts in his 
Character as President aforesaid and 

for tho use of said asnoclarion, 

ao Proprietor 

Tho Useful Cabinet, published in monthly numbers for the Uo,«m E land 
Association of Inventors and patrons of Useful arts, /olume I for 

year 1303. , , ., p n_, *» 0 ^ ' t r ') 

MHi Boston, Printed for tho Association by h. C. -cals rl->9- 
Volume I includes noo. 1 - 6. Jan. - Juno, 1300. 



varum© i includes nuu. * 

Union list of serials; 2d ed. 1945. Locations recor 

^nion catalog* 

^•I • Autho r file* 

^Posited Dept* of Stato, ltey 2, 1308. 

'dZC « 


c# C Jan., 52d yr. of Ind 

■pti Tlnnnah Stillman, as Pr< 



Hillman, Samuel. 

r* ^ *a 

_ ©lect 


Sermons on Doctrinal ar,d ^^“'^o^before published. 
D.D. comprising several sen,u 1 - n- 

a .uel 


.Moh lo prefUod 
■>. Joeiont IV 1 

Ho, 2 , 

pt/3, MB, Ml, ■ 
Union c ritnlog, 
i ^x. Author fill 

Sabini Hj|^| 




;od by Unnnlnr *\ Lori 

of thf Ufll 

no LI n I; Lliffll* Mookil tor*#, 


11 f T 

J i U 4 


o, 0 Jan., 32tl yr, of Inti, 

JJy John C. Warren nnd Jmian *)uobnon.j 
Gonu'l hhM of the Main, Medioal Jlgototy 
In tholr capacity ol’ onimnibtfO ttforo- 
onl.d and Air Olio uno of wild fooioty. 
An Propriotoro 


- 3! 

Masflftohuoottfl medical society. 

The Pharmacopoeia of tlio fans, Modioal 
yp,i Boston, Published by E, l J. Larkin, 
and Btobblno, Printorn, 1800 , 

Preface slpried Boston, boo* 17, 1807, 

$:* « 

Ik). i7. Oomh.1 1 1 

\ men lour.h 

hv Jnokiton and barren, for 


Union catalog# 

Deposited Dept 

of T tt ttn, Mur* Id, 

•' * 






13 Jnji, 3Bd yr. of Ind, 

Jon hurt Spn.ldlnp,, un Author 

10 OJ - 3 




Tho Divine Theory, a ayatom of Divinity, foumiod wholly upon 

by one principle, offara a., axplanatlon of nil th, worknofOed, 
3 y Jo shun Spalding. Salon, n.aNohuaatt,, »r th, doopal of 

Joauo Chrlat. In two volume,. Vol. t. Quo . 

MHi Ellzaboth-Tovm, II.J. I’rintod by 8hopnrd Kollook, 1U08. (Vol. II 

1012 ) 

Copyright notice an abovo# 


Uni on catalog# 

A*I#I. Author filo, 

posited Dept, of State, fiopt, ( i u 


i 2 C 6 




13 Jan., 32d yr. of Ind. 




^nrjhttin, Calob. 

"ho /. .orloan Proof. 

opeolc lng, 

Author of tho Columbian Orator, 
y-aooond edition. 

boing n nor/ noloot 
for th, UN f SohOoln. 

Child 1 , Oomponlon 

of Loo noun for 

‘iy Caleb Bing 

& o 

roivd \ ivj; 

, A,W# 
, Tho 

A I 


Fublished aooarding to \ct of Congress. 
Loring, Ko* 44, Comhill; sold also b 


-w" > 1 fcTl ' p 

l « v - v VI ' • ■ 

t ■ 


Boston: Printed by banning 
the Booksellers in general. 


V P 

* '* * * f 

'I * 



t i m * i\ ^ m * ‘ « 

TV * W » » ^ •• Jv —( 



.? p. 

t- - J 

c. 22 Jan., 32d yr, of Ind, 

7"' jBmnin' h Lorinrr, r.c Fi*ooriotors 

* W V # 4k 

1808 - 5 

."■.o R's’ cr. Collection 3; facrod ar.d I optional 7 a 


cite Christians o:; special and stated occasions. 

- * * 

» >i 

«- m T—»i 4* A, —i*. Ilk. -* * 

A '“T 'p-* * 

V W4 -V 


V % - 

ri~ht notice 

V Q 

> ; 

i - N i 

'S » 'k * 

T - 

Vk . , 

„ * - * • 

P ' p — 

■»• "'k L . 4 , V 

■ * — fc> 

- vt 


V ’ fc_‘ ^ Nikr* ^ k* 

* - «m _ ■-■ -■- * * «_ a v 



Loring, 7o. 2, 

; intended to 
Quotations . 
Cornhili, 1003 

June 70, 1305. 

r* * — 

c. 25 Jan., S2d ;t. of Ind. 

1;ioux.s and Andrews, as Proprietors 

1808 - G 

- ' V 

~ .a. noue asr-rvnxiu vu awry sans or the American Clerks Ta~azine. 

* - r-. h X e 

ft\1 3 Q ^ * StSJlk tO _ _ 

ost useful and necessary Corns of writings which comonly 
vccur cerwee ,% nai' and ~ r.*unior the nanes or ~ .-.cij’j- - v 2 j»ccs, Agree.^en^s. 

** n * v* 
■ * _ 


V - * Sh 

A ^ 

- - i - 


% * 

-:.r: $ 

. c c _ 

^i-gair.s, sills, Ponds, Complaints, Conveyances, 
a.-ationa c- is, eofftaents, Fine and recovery, C-ifts and 



r nrvi P Q 

— - » ■■ jk *_ 

eutures, 1-' 


.i w 

' vs 

K, w _.*■ < 

I “ ^ 
■* P ^ » 

«- * kT p *' 

^ C 

■> *3 C 


cs. Lease and Release, Letters of Attorney, lort- 

ate Mitters, Receipts, Releases, 

- and other instrunonts* The whole 

€tl v- 


* * 

. * V 

y*' *■ q 

pci * > 1 r kX ~ 7 0 

i. » _ L v * U w > A \- 


c aio oc: loitmilc t 


rv ■ ■ . 

♦ ■. 

H *4 V 

ta?k -4 

* « - 
x “r 

r *- 2 use ox' t-.c oitisens of the United States 
-j vaw: f' Sanuel .reeran. Esc., conpilor of 

Sixth edition. 

Published _'jordinE to Act of Congress. 

«-. - j _.. Y : * ; arv pyiu lass. Justice, 

liccr Prorate cx-- t 

r* > * -s 

v V ^ 

■*v • 1 

u * 

r edition locatea. 

"*• * 



» jf\ 

- ^ m - * w * 

„ vl w ■*- »• y fc _ 

s.'rid Carlisle, as i 


1308 - 7 




. • 

1 cr ^ *t f o CQ * 

■hU vL % 4, ^ 4 * 

• \ 

7* £ 6- 



‘ P 
% v # 

4 « 4 ■* 

^ k 4 .1 ^ 

.. k. 

IV' \ 

* 0 ++ ^ 

n sued 6» r.twy 

duties o; nations relative to 
derxonstration: discovered and 


" argument. V "™r writers." 

C c t i t r*t no t i c o t s ^ o * £ * 
’a'ftil'sixth edition" said 

to be fictitious. 



Union catalog* 

i j t i. Author file, 
^abini 179 3* 


270 j 

c* 18 .eh., 32d yr. of Inti, 
fly Jodidiah Morse, as Author 

1303 - 8 

Uorse, Jedidiah. 

Geography nade easy] being an abridgment of the American Universal 
Geography^ containing Astronomical Geography, discover’/ and General de¬ 
scription of America, general viev; of the 1.2., 


t partic-_ar account of tho 

^ ^ k - 1 -tj* .ww uui>. v * viiv n, ... ., T ^ w w vw s ana -.euuolxcs i.n hno taio»nn 

rorla, in regal'd to their boundaries, extent, rivers, lakes, mountains, 
productions, population, character, government, trade, mnujaevures, 
curiosities, history, Ac. To which is added an inp roved chronological 
table of remarkable events from tlie creation to the present tine. Il¬ 
lustrated with a nap of the world acid a map of liorth-Amemoa* calculated 
particularly for the use and improvement of schools and academies in the 
U.S. of America. By Jedidiah horse, I.f*, A.A.S*, Minister oi the Con¬ 
gregational Churoh in Charlestown, Ifass. Author oi the American universal 
aography and American Gazetrt or. Eleventh edition, corrected oy the 
author. Published according to Act of Congress, -^uuu&uion. 

MH-Ed.T: Boston: Published by Thomas l Andrews ... September, 1307. 

J. T. Buckingham, Printer. 


Union catalog, 

A,I,I, Author 
Sabin: 50936 






o. 13 •eb., S2d yr. of Xnd. 

Bv Samuel Maokay, as Proprietor 

1808 - 9 

^ Groix, Irenee Amelot de. . . r T n 

*» | , t • * '« i Vv\▼ i'i'r bv Col. Xr. Anelou i a ija oro—.-, humbly 

Military arid political nm^s, , . * * _ 

oitted to the Hon. the Members of Confess and tho genen.1 o.floor, of 
» Militia of the United States. Digested and translated by J ™’" 
ihokj m ~ J ‘ 1 ‘ 

the Militia of the United States. Digested and translated -anuel 
fcc rey, A.K. late Professor of the r>«oh language « .££*** College. 

!o;.dach i. added AhiU. 

1>^A: ooston: Published oy hui^ndg r „ 

Greenough & Stcobins, Printers ... lo * 

Copyright notice as above, 
r^, MB, yu f {JR!. 

y-ion catalog. 

1 • I. Author file. 

^in* 5S49S. 



o. 20 

Lomuol Ilia! 

‘‘Pd Sfi\ Oi 




! Y(U i r l r» { m 

1 non 




ohort tiM 

ol‘ Lho 

ft In 

No copy 

Uio art of writing by wbloU 
f Ornift Lion o (' ovt>)*y lotiti 
fl vo booka. 

I I’lu M o ut 
Of Ol' l itt utphrlhr’l lit It 


v< try 


o- 2 

* i o8u yr, 0 C 1ml. 
ty budloy Atkina Tyit : ; 

Until - LI 

tin i rupt i u(.o r 



koporta oj oaoou argued and tUilormluod In Lho r mv> u- Judin 1*1 mmrii 

PBff oi Maciauohuaottfl (You fJt'roh 1110(5 i,» in u» 1. MOT 

both Inolucivo. Vol. II. h, Pmllav AtMn ' ' m /, 

* * *v nuaxoy nt . Mm iyu|; # } aij, Cnvm^ulor at Jaw* 

To which in ttmluu, a aupplogout oonUlnhij; aomu Cow dp(ilaU>u«i of t ho *nn\\\* 
court or a urlor date. 

court of a prior data. 

U Huwburyport, Pu iiahod by Wlllio 



Vo hi. 

I ’(l u l 


IT . 

r do, MOM 

Copyright notion un 


Union catalog. 

i2Y4 j u. 7 Pu 

r., d;:d ■ 




lly Will 

lull iVlIui 



An U lor 

Pelham, William. 

A Byatom of notations ro 

pro no i it 1 1 

l r. 


! mil u< n 0 u 11 

by a now applioatinu of tho 

no 09 vtut 

a 1 

ua 1 * 

ivu in 1 • i k>. 10 ut 

'• 1 c an vroro nouo^nary t 

0 ouppLy 

tloilol i ua u>tu 4>y t 

moo - ir 

> l l Ut \ . \j ! lmu. 

hoot on i Printed for Vlllluiu Poilituu, k o • fit, doruhi i !, inon 
rMunroo f i riui o 1 u , A> i ‘u rko r, l V V w U> r« * 
f;Lc # 15B, MIHSd.T, MHi, JIN. 

^uion oatalog* 

‘‘*M. Author file. 

l 276 






3 Mur., **«'d ,/r« 

Whittlnghau > »h>hu til Ihl&Qj 


UU>U - 1 3 


arv ooj 

v; j 


j wvjiipunloHj being a §yutom nl OompBuy dltOipiluo, nom\<nl «>u 
rogulatlOBB of iJaron U tio 11 i *» n I # Into .unjns'-i.onni'al iuu luunoo tor* 

floral of thu Anny of thd United ntuUm. fontmining, Uu» Mwmml 

0 X 0 roioo, ftioing«, tiLujnj, taminga* viiMudiu, uilaotliu * *uu evwluM 
Bnd firin[Mj. t\i uthur with duty »»r ofticorn and pr\vn..o, PoNVgt|| 

j ^ tho uoo oi' tno 1'lJLILtn. 

u -ooond edition with uthliUoim mul luprovoiuonua* Wi#bur % porti 

p utUt;hod by wl c; J. Oilman, IVlnUra nml atwtiom r«, aud Pnm 

Print ora of tho Oopy-IiiKht* f-old by thorn, who.lmnl, um\ tail, 

titoir iiook-otor© wad Printaur.-ornm., in hud oi' Ulddlt^ iv* 

*1 ^ 


'ht notloo uu ubovOft 


Ufl. . , „ 

rtnl on oataiog. 

A.I.X. Mss. ods 

1009 . 

o* 25 Mar*, 32d yr, of Ind. 

By Adonirom Judeon, Junr*, as Author 

1008 - 14 

judson, Adoniram, Jr* 

The elements of English g 
mkt Bostons Printed by Cushing 
Ho. 79, State Street; t oto 
Copyright notice as abovo. 
MH-Ed.T, MHi. 

A,1.1. Author file. 

• I}y Adoniram Judson, Jun*, A*S # 

& Lincoln, Sold by then at choir office, 
etc, 3 1808, 




c, 2d liar,, 52d yr, of Ind. 

By Yfright, Goodonovx, <1 Stockv/oll, 
as Proprietors 

1800 - 15 

I he minor hove Hist, a collection of Brief and interesting 
nances, tales, narratives* fragments c:c. t;c, Selected 
compiled from various works and publications* 

Ho copy located* 

Hovels, ro- 
and original; 



o* 31 Liar., 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Thomas & Andrews, as Proprietors 

1308 - 16 

Pike, Nicholas* 

A new and complete system of Arithinotick composed for the use of the 
Citizens of the United States, By Nicolas rsic.j Pike, A*M«, A,A,S, 
dotation. Third edition. Revised, corrected and improved and more par¬ 
ticularly adapted to tho Federal currency* By Nathaniel Lord, A*M* 

1 m ; 

^ 4 . V * - 3 —■ u 

Boston, Published by Thomas & Andrews, Proprietors of the Copy-Right 
“ Sold at their Bookstore, No. 45, Newbury Street ,*. April, 1808^ 

J. T. Buckingham, Printer* 

,. r Copyright notice as above, 

y. MU-Bd.T. 

. nion oatalog. 

n * 1,1 * Author file. 

e P08itod Dopt. of State, Aug. 31, 1003. 


IUr i* u ll, John D. 

c, el Mar*, 32d yr* ol Ind* 

By Jo)in D* Turnbull, as Author 

1808 - 17 

ti 0 10 1,,0 °d Daemon, or the clock lias struck! A grand, romantic, cabal! 
ajrt* Helo Drama in three aotsi intorsporsod vrith processions, pageants 

ao porformod at the Boston Theatre, with unbounded ap- * 
*^’A| 8 °V ^ Turnbull, Author of “Rudolph, 11 &o. tbo, 

^fiton. Printed by 11. True, at tho Columbian Museum Printing 
«c* 180 u. 

 notice eg .bovr*. 
, *B*t, »i, W. 


; , i. Author file, 
tablet 87466. 


o. 14 Apr., 3£d y r* of I I. 

tphmla I?* Allan, at Pro* iotor 

1 03 - 13 

rl ab§ flLl Jah • 

Puli'. or « € pc mil on (Separation) »Vri Ar.l -Christ* A smtooxi proaO hod 
at April , 1608, on t<>o annual fast In tho hoamonwealth of 

yr inachuectte. Quotation. ?y Elijah ?r rieh, .. . ’i.irrr of >/fl"ld. 

1: J« vhvr/,>ort f U .. A ... 3. Allan, Frlnhora, Vpr.l - 1306. Copy~rlf;ht 


HQ , its, vAAt, i 


4 A. 


Union cvuulo 

A. I • 1. M . odli, 11 

in 58609. Koto. 

*> r 



r,. 33d r. o I::d. 


.. li ... horxsro. , c.a -jt .or 

- 19 

:‘oric roj, Elijah. 

Clu Aoeic * t Anti 
l*r copy looawt>G. 

l*.t. j 

c. ZS hr., 32d yr. of Ind. 

1 iOci - 20 

,.o * r r ,(.ir^ a- 1 oyr3 .cirj 

* Ar ®o and mall round text, round and running band. Biographical coplo* 
vita tha ooBponant parts of letters. A i* Alphabet of Capitals, ar~ 
****(• c fcooorGir*£ to th^ir slid, lari ~o. 

! Published by hooker i >hi naan, Kowburyport 
Aot of Cjx^resa the Ebtn day of April, 
t, other data i Itch. 

A ' *l» f• s . ode., 1506. 

Into rod according to 
-y oox'ir v.. ainmn. 


# * 

i ^ 

o: I 


ldO d - 21 


■V -j 





* * v 


- e t> VI - * 

^ 1 «i a l r i t 



l‘rij i 4 *d 

* Auy* or iAiv, 


- ah 


a ^ . v 1 

>4 * 

* 4 *r 

v,. nhit ♦ 4-e ad-vi a u or r. 

r*» i ud 


# A v 

kL i a ~ .* vO . 


o. 13 May, 32d yr. of Ind. 

By Herman Mann, as ProDrie 

1008 - 22 

<"he Drufflswr^ Assistant Containing instructions for boating the English 
and Scoth duties. V?ith tho calls, marches, and t&toos. 

’; 0 copy located. 

c. 13 !!ay, 32d yr. of Ind 

1808 - 23 

By Thomas & Andrcrrs, as Proprietors 

- w 

f f _ 



Aldon, Abner. 

The Rcadors containing I. The art of delivery - articu 
pronunciation, emphasis, paubos, hey or pitch of the voioo, and tones. 

/ °oloction of Lessons in tho various kinds of prose* II, Poetiok num¬ 
bers Structure of English verse - feet and pauses, noe.s ;ro aid novomont, 
melody. Harmony and expression, rulos or reading verse, doing the third 

uJ-.ole oosaprisii an easy and systomatl 


part of a Coluribian Exercise. 
oal method of teaching and of learning the English Language. 

Aldon, A.TI. Third Edition, corrected and enlarged. 

Bucking) mm, for Thor-as l: Andr 

1000 . 

By Abnor 


* # 

If/fA i Boston: Printed by J* 

Howbury Street, July, 

Copyright notice as above. 

MH-Ed . T, MHi, HPJCD. 

Union co.talog. 

A*I,I, Author file. 

Deposited Dept, of ft ate, Aug. 31, 1338* 


No. 45 

o. 16 Hay, 32d yr. 

By Gilbert Fox, as Proprietor 
(Title of an Engraving) 

* * ** ■> r 


f Ind. 

1308 - 24 

Doylo • l)n- 

Pox, Gilbert. ^ 

- ls Excolloncy Janos full i vu *-, *-*scj. i **in e 
graved by Gilbert Fox. Printed by F. Harrison. 

Stauffer, v. 3 (Fielding' r, supplenont) p. 11; s 
Janes Sullivan. 

Oval in reot., bust head za left, 

t y.,_ ... u c nnvle - Engraved b’ Giioert i ox* 

i^s; Painted by im. 1 ♦ S. toyie «* r -i ■». r , 

Printed by F. Harnson. his .ji.oeixoi.vjr i 

Co Py located. , _ 

'237) c# 26 July, 33d yr. 01 In l. 

By Adoniram Judson, Junior, us ;i uu-aor 


s°a, Adoniram, Jr. 

1808 - 28 

,s - r b Jr * „ , n .T.i e to ''eronr.tilo System; or tho 

yung lady's Arithne the fair 8ex . 3y Adoniran Judson, 

A.B. Author Of "The Denshire Street. Sold by 

os^ons Printed by Snellin^ - 8e ii 9 re. Also, by henry Cushing, 

J* 9 ® at their offioe, and by tcfi^JOO Joseph Avery, 

Providence , oy Cushing & Appl®to , 1 * 

Plymouth. 1808. 


n 0 ) >y t 

mUw ' 

\rhi not t ‘M» n# fOmm 



o* ,1 

i '0 yr- of inti 

t\V 1 11 «»:vi»a f 4 S\ Auilnnj 

moo - ftt 

*'M I Vnprj n l)o rn 

fpttSMUAfi olU 

th« Tow* offioar, or tha powar and duty or Halaotman, Town ou. i 0# 

" TW" •'"’'*>»*«. - "v,m <rn of til in poor - A, ««,„•«, ,,i l.|n,, Q,.\ lao- 

,;0P * •» ™®** “ : UlRlowyn, lurvayora at IajitiIm r, fans* Viowora, 

V. rn, onniiiTra of ivoo.l. mnl ol.linr Town 

Ill'l l Horn na ii'inl,(i 1 nml 

Lei, U;lyt] 

li tL vnrb’ty 

of form 

fl Hnil tb* 

t 1 bni/i 1.1 tu 11 

i > fl r 1 0 1 * 


1 V H' »f » » "PM 

In till' Uwo or Will OonuwmwvH, ly, or l,lhminnlni*i»U«. 
forth. non or rmoli tK'Ooovn. To wliloli In 

1114 Ooanonwt min and of tho United fiui-mi, m„i i,iu>r«i,i. in ...m.mi u m 

.wwr mnl duty of Town*, Parinhon. mnl flantattoiia - » pini,. mnl regular 

> r 1 t «, 

Jn< il V vl 0 C U, V’ •'!. I'H.’ii nonountri nml n I'nltlu of' Cl'lniMh mnl pnnl tfltfiu 
A]#i\ Au A] vomit x OOntdlnlni-; m«nr> 1 nnpuotl on mid othur Inwa nf Jnr/oj 

with other useful unitor, fty Mstnusl ^VooWAn # ICsq* Author of Ute Mtxaa 0 

Jurl on f Probnlo 1M nvtory nml Amnrlotwi Olsrkl 1 no. fovonhh 


Honl.oni i t Inl,mi by *1* T, IHujlclupborn, for Tliomuo mnl Anti rowti, !lo„ \\i 

y r:i. Auk* ltlOU. 

u> rht notion In for t)»n nlxth mllLloj^ IM Huy, XfJtli t \ (lUO(j) 

SI though tllii SOYOntb mil li I oil \r pul) JlVfil loll In Anfr # MO0 ft f tor 

Hi'l.n ojf tb ib non H. of llblrt I it In for OOpyrifjht (Auf% ")* 

l.A i 

V4 tn 


A. 1,1 

bor f\ 1 o. 


o, 11 Aur *. * o‘i yr. of Imt« 

- 1 * ^ p | r 

Hy I no no b, Trout I wo 11,, an Author 

t vl tin o I* on 1 i'll| rnv l up ) 

UlQti - v;{ 



, Innno D » 

I I 

' «'v/ l.i j lfinti 1 1 |, mo to ry« 

® °Opy looi\'l.n(l t 


o, 1 Mopt#, yr. of Inti a 

rty Msuulnp; & I/»rlnj 9 mi i'roprlotnm 


i'tenadlot, David, 

War| or a pootloni, dorttiplpblou OX uW ojcI ntl, npj otni trovorsy 

^•sn jthoj rndobnpU nfu mill iV\pt)ntn # ml fbo rml.Jnot* und aio lti of 
iiin* j<y ,iolin of |non # (hu^rtUon* 

1 Bostont JYbifml tmtl bold l»y Miuinllift Ai burlnj;, No t S f 0omhtH f 1006« 

■Mu ^®l j yrlpht not loo nn stove# 

it* Bh, 

^ u ^^0r fils, 

" 4064 ami "Tim V/story Vlsr. 11 v» 2'/, p« 400# 


29 lj 

o* 6 Sept,, 33d yr. of Ind, 

By Samuel Mackay, as Proprietor 

1808 - 29 

Campaigns of the amies of France in Prussia, Saxony, and Poland, under the 

ocarxTBnd of Hi a Majesty the Emperor and King in MDCGCVII a work destined 

■gtd * wot great evente of that memorable era, and the brilliant 

achievements of the Generals, Officers and Soldiers, Accompanied with 

Biographical notices upon those who fell during that memorable campaign 

Also with historical and military details of the seiges and battles 

whioh have signalized the different Countries, through which the french 

fsio.) have just marched their armies. In four volumeg 0 Translated 

from the French by Samuel Maokay, A.M. Professor of French Language, 
Boston, Volume III, 

KJi Boston* Published by Farrand, Mallory & co. 1808, 4v. in 2, 

Volumes 3 and 4 are nagod continuouslv* 


Union catalog, 

A,I,I, Author file. 

( 292 ) 

c* 6 Sopt., 33d yr. of Ind* 

By William Emerson, as Proprietor 

1808 - 30 

Emerson, William* 

A selection of psalms and hymns, embracing all the varieties of subject 
and metre, suitable for private devotion and the Worship of Churches, By 
nilliam Emerson. A,L;, Paster rPastori of the first Church in Boston* 

Quotation. ' 

"'A: Bostons Published arid Sold by Itunroe, fVanoiSj & Parker, No. 4, 

Cornhill. 1808. 

Copyright notice as above, except 5 Sept. 


u nion catalog. 

i2S 3. 

c. 17 Sept., 33d yr. of Ind 
By Joel Read, as Author 

1808 - 31 


^ d . Jool. 

* Nev/ England Selection of Plain Psalwodist, containing a s.ore 
,faction to Psalmody, for the use of Schools? and a variety of tunes 
Yp 4 ^ public worship, original and selected. By Jool Head, 

11 ^tilatod title-page. Most of title and imprint tom out. 

^ a rd hass t Boston? 1808) 

^°tcalf rH ^ ace Attleborough, 

A.j > * 

• • Author file* MHi, only location given. 



10, 1308. 




o* 27 Sept*, 33d yr. of Xnd. 

By 0, Shav/, A. Alboe, imd H. Mann, 
as Authors 

1808 - 32 

. w Oliver, Albee, Amos, and T!ann, Homan, compilers, 
ri| ie Columbian Snored Harmonist* or, Collection of Grammatical Musio 

gy o# Shavr, A* Albee and II* Mann, 

Dedham, Pj inted, typographically, nt the Music Pross of H. Hann; 
and for Snle at his Book-Store, at the Book-Stores in Boston; by 
0* fhavr, Providence; and A. Albee, Medfleld* October 1B0Q. 
Copyright notice as above* 

, RPB* 

Union catalog. 

Metcalf • 

A*I.I* Mss. cds., 1808. 

r 295, 

o* 27 Sopt., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By Oliver £*. Ilunroo, as Proprietors 

1808 - 33 

The*nistory of Don Francisco de Miranda*s late attempt to effect a 

Revolution in South America in a series of letters. ^ By a ° 

vtclb an off icer under that General to his friend in the yii o a^es. 

To whioh is annexed the life of Miranda and a Geographical account r and 

Geographical noticesj of Caraccas. 



Boctont Published by Oliver and .. unroc, 1803, 
The copyright notico is dated 7 Oct. 32d yr. ^ 
"Pi rut published anonymously in Boston, ldU„. 

See 1308 - 36. 


^aion oatalo 




o. 29 Sept., 

By ( loft vacant) 

33d yr. of Ind 

1808 - 34 

Zedekiah, and others. 

The Meridian Harmony# By Zedokiah 
h Dedham* Printed for the author • 



r and others. 

Um Mann ... 1800* 

• MH. 

*^#I. Mes. cds. 1808* 

Pelted Dept, if State, Jan. 10, 1000. 



O # 



7 Oct., 33d yr. of 
Errand, Mallory & 


Co # I 

1808 - 36 


George Cheyne. 

Dissejrtiitiojie on 
By Oeorge Cheyne Bliattuok, 
,f VlEiton priKO ji. vai-ti adjud' 

^ of their ad Juoloutluiu 

lston PrlM Questions t'or the years 1800 and 

Being the dissertation to whioh 
To which is prefixed tlie public 

d judged 


Published by Far rand, Mallory & Co. (Suffolk Bldgs., Boston) and 

Etheridge & Bliss, Boston; by Hopkins & Bayard, Not*-Y ork; 
and Hopkins & Earle, Philadelphia. Belcher & Armstrong, Printers, 
1303. redication signed George Cheyne Shattuok, Ho. 13, F • - — 

Street, Cot. 3, ISOS. 

Copyright notice as above. 

tl£, HH, HHi. 

Cnion catalog. 

Author file. 

Sabin i 79S71. 

f 2v3) 

o, 10 Oct., 3od yr. of Ind. 

By Oliver & Kunroe, as Proprietors 

1808 - 36 

' The ’ hi st o ry of Don Francisco De Miranda* 8 attempt to effect a Revolu¬ 
tion in South America, in a series of Letters. By a gentleman who tms 
an officer under that General, to his inend in the U.S. o wiion arc 

Sketches of the Life of Miranda and Geographical Notices oi 

Caraccas. Quotation. . , , OAQ ' 

It!: The second edition. Boston: Published by Oliver and ^unroe * 

Copyright notice is dated 7 Oct., 32d yr. (as it is for first edit.on 

foe 1808 - 35) 

Also variant issue: *L , ms.,™ vain 

The second edition. Boston: Published by Eaward • * 

Copyright notice is also crvted t Oot. , 0tu .... 

§fm\ * % 

Sabin : 

5c Co, 

(1st, 2d, and 3d editions) 






11 Oot., 33d yr. ox' Ind. 
Hastings, Etheridge, & Bliss, 


1808 - 37 

Pii: ®' first book for Children. In which the 

The Columbian Orthograp^n Q tlomlly divi ded Into syllable, and 

are methodically arrange., ^ authorities. For the use of 

^ curately accented according to 

®« h ools. By James Pike. Quo^tlo n. Etheridge & Bliss, Ko. 8, State 

“on'H..d.«. 1800. 

Street, and at the YJasnin,,™ 


A,T T 

' •A, 


Author file. 

. ,r r , of Ind. 

c. 25 Oot. 33d „.r. p ropriet or 

By Isaiah Thomas, Jr.,.as rl » 

1803 - 38 

:;>• ^ tl 

SrSss^s ,ia “ 

el volumes. 


• I 

j t y 4>ii iitoi* of the Gospel 

rend Jonathan J of the College in Ne 

and afterwards f‘ tl81uu ‘ 


New Jui-sv^y 


?irst American edition. Published at V/orceste 
' tii-n. Isaac Sturtevant — 1Dftn 

_ _ _ , Printer, 1800. 

Copyright notice ns above, in volumes ono 

* R wo rvn>k y| * * * -' 

r, by Isaiah Thomas, 

u'o tiuuYe, in volume or 
Volumes 6, 7, 8 were published in 1809. 

pLCj MBAt, 

Onion catalog* 

l*I, Mss. ads,, 1808. 

Sabin; 21967. 




o, 26 Oct., 33d yr. of Ind. 

Py Thomas £• 'Whipple, as Proprietors 

1808 - 39 

Horse, Jedidiah, and Parish, Elijah. 

A compendious History of Nev/ England, designed for Schools and private 
tallies. By Jedidiah Morse, D.D. and Elijah Parish, D.D. Second 
Edition vrith improvements by the authors* 

A: Published at Newburyport, by Thomas and Yfhipple. Sold wholesale 
and retail at their Book-store, No* 2 State Street, 1809. 
rJoseph Cushing, Printer, -Amherst, N.K., 

Copyright notice as above, 

DLC, M, MB, MSaE, NN, 
inion catalog, 

A,I,I, Ilss* cds., 1809. 

Sabins 50932. 


c. 1 Nov,, 33d yr. of Ind. 

By Samuel Holyoke, as Author 

1800 - 40 

-olyoke, S amu e 1 


4 Make a joyful 
6 Hail Returning, 
Composed by 

-no occasional companion. Ho. Ill, containing No. 

^olse - An anthem. No. 5 Hail the day - An ode. No. 
o * - A Hymn adapted for Thanks giving and Christmas. 

H ° 1 y° ke > 

XI *HS: Exeter ... from tho music-press of Norris & Sawyer. f n.d,j 

Copyright notice as above. 

u. verified by letter, 


t303 3 

c* 11 Nov., 33d yr. oi Ind* 

By Hidad Lewis, as Proprietor 

1808 - 41 

pl a " ° eti oal Dictionary; or popular terns illustrated in rhymo, with ex- 
Parti °? ******** For the use of Society in general, and politicians in 
° ular - part 1st. By David Hitchcock. Author of the Shade of Plato, 

v t 




e ^ 0n Levdc’s Press, I.tmox. Henry Starr, Printer. 1808 

UD^H^ht notioo as abovo. 

Oftio ‘ B * wi 


0n catal 


i.i T.^oc. 

Bi - * !8 B. ca 8 . luoo 

n * 32239 ’ 




o. 16 Nov., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By Daniel Hardy, Jr,, as Author 

1806 - 42 

Wftrdy, Da niel » Jr * 

B a flmnlcsgiving Anthem. By Daniel Hardy, Jun, 
m Boston* Printed by Manning & Loring, for the 
Copyright notice as above. 

DLC • 

Union catalog. 






o. 23 Nov., 33d yr. of Ind* 

By Thomas & Whipple, as Proprietors 

1800 - 43 


USaEt Keirburyport* Published by Hooker & Dairman, 1003 




o. 17 Deo., 35d yr. of Ind 
By Elijah Bliss, as Author 

1808 - 44 



BXX SS m ' l § 

An*Essay on Han comprising a minute inquiry into iho nature and 
of Ms mental properties, with a poem delineating liis introduction 

Christianity. By Elijah Bliss. 

No copy located. 




o. 24 Dec., o3d yr« of Ind* 

By Lincoln & Edmnds, as Proprietors 

1808 - 45 

Tenple Samuel. _ . , , . 

An Arithmetical Primer, for young masters and mssess oon aining 

b imply the first principles of that most useful art. Designed for the 

u«e of schools. By Samuel Temple, A.M. author of A oonoise Introduction 

practical Arithmetic, and the Child's as^is an • , „ , . 

®As Bostons Printed by Linooln and Edmands, and sold ^ the i 1 Books lo 10 . 

Ho. 53, Cornhill. 1809. 

I.-. —, — - -- - 

Copyrigilt notice as above 
, MHi 

MB . MR, MHi. 

»*Iob catalog. 

A -M. Author file. 


c Jan., 33d yr. of Ind. 

% Robert Treat Paine, Junr., as Author 

1809 - 1 

^.Thomas. (Afterward, Paino Hati ^ a i Odo. Sung by Ur. Caulfield, 

"* H ***** Patriots by the Citisensjf^^^ 

bitten by Robert Troat laino, J un. 


printed and sold by Russell and Cutlor, for the author flJostonj 
m * j 

{ n*d.i 

Copyright notice as above. 

This is a four-page leaflet containing the Ode, 

0/A and other libraries have a thirty-six page pamphlet entitled 
"Spain, an Account of the Public Festival vrhich incl^aos 

the Ode 3 p, 20—23© 

* X I. Author file* _ . !t 

Sabin: 30852 (Entry for n Spain. An Account of the Public Festival... 

with esqplanation of the authorship of the Ode and its copy¬ 
right Proprietor) 

f 309j 

c. 6 Feb©, 33d yr. of Ind. 

By Mrs. Frances Ames, as Proprietor 

1809 - 2 

* * 


kmes, Fisher, _ , . , 

V.'orks of Fisher Anios. Compiled by a number of his friends. To vmic 

are prefixed notices of his life and character. Quotation. 

‘Boston. Printed and Published by T. B. Wait & Co., Court Street. Io03 

Copyright notice as above, except 0 Feb. 


Jnion catalog. 
l.I.I. Author file. 

Sabin: 1303. 


c. 8 Feb., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By Peter Bryant, as Proprietor 

1809 - 3 

Srj r ant, William Cullen. . - M , + , 

The Embargo; or Sketches of the times. A oa-ire. The second Edition, 

icorrectedj and enlarged. Together with the Spanish Revolution, and 
other poems. By William Cullen Bryant. 

®A: Boston: Printed for the Author, by E. G. House, -o. o. Court Street, 


Copyright notice as above* 

5 C ' ’®) MBAt, MHi, KH. 

'^-ion catalog. 

Author file. 

- a Mm 8815, 


o. 10 5Wb„ 33d yr. of Ind. 

By william Charles White, ns Author 

1809 - 4 

» William Charles, 
m ^°^perjdium and digest of the 

^Tiit© # Counsellor at Law, 
* * ^ston. Published by Munroe, 
|^#oro, ]Jo. 4, Cornhill, 
t ^°Pyrtght notioo o.s abovo, 

u‘ - L • 

Lams of Massachusetts. 3y William 
rruotation. Vol. I, -• 

Francis and Parker, Shakospoaro Book' 

Aa°j °®-talog. 

Author filo. 



c. 16 irec., 33d yr. of Ind. 
Georg© Schaffer, as Author 

loUS - 5 

Scbftff* r i 

r*|go sets of 

yid Bass* By G» 
Ko copy located 

new c 


ill or S „ ar*7-o 

y * * WA a^a 

• To be eonti 




.o : 

- fs 





c. 2 

f IL4A 

-3y n>p-jrai 

33d yr 






^ 1.7 

j as rropne ^/Or 

* conplete 


SS rTEt w 


* * 

South&ck, John © 

The life of John Southach, written by hicself. To vmofl w 

to court of the State Prison up to the pre 
on this institution© 

title to end of "hineelf." Added: 

oi* the Bri gar t 

in 15035 and an acccu 




iTX o 

* a 

“the si^^ r\ P -4-K 

Containing £ 


* ^ —-■ ^ "t© 

* A. . * - , W ■ «, O 

“ ■? * 1 
W s_A _ 

1 th 

tt - 

^T5 e+A 

* ^ v'J 

cn v*cre to nave o 

«- -*LJL. 




*o infor-ation couce.„ 

Q X 

rTison nn ^narxesno 

-hi 6 excellent institution. 

nr piece 

pub li s he x* but 


tlnor suffered 
ressels insured at dii*- 
i- «- * s added A 

■ on 


3 ^ ^ 



-n ooxo 

a «• 

---or. 1 

O A 

^ * 

n t 

■ - * 

i £l! 

r c 

* * 



• *, 

116 (1804 - 2} 

t>CL f^f-Er-LS 

- U i 


O * r 

» of printer, or 

o • J 


•u catalog, 

« _ w * 

JL f - ^ w- 

A. * * ■* 

* *•*£, OC 

* SROCo 




A — 




C * 

B^ t 


1 1 _ 
■ c 

i ft 

‘ w » 

Charles ~o1ii- 

lcO~ - 7 


as rro*"' 




* plan oft 

f Pa f* A 

&ae Street* 

^--r- ' 2 api 


one mill 

- in 

snon ntx u 

• ti 

F* #■ 

V * 

? * 

i * 

career , aaonneo 

s eujaceut exhibiting 

S^SC -r»a- f- - ’ ; ^; '. r 

* * 


Srv £ 



® plan hap v - 

een located in t 

* • *° - - - - O': _nz \fO r_: o :. on 1 as 

* j 

JXeric 1 s Qfx^ 

aQ d i^g.'* 

ring d 



H - 1 * 

• -i _ A 

r_£C 0 2 

C*+-». ^ 
* -v 0 

i copies of nhich 

aos c 

ion concer 

^ - 

V I 

f Bo 


A A * ^1 * 

uUlXtrVV^A C -- 

:osron p lisned betTreen 1600 

in tne posses si on of the 

e saxxe© ... J 

• ***^« ox’i * lan 7 t, 
B^l , ' XaU^. p. 

^* A -inch rv* ».t 

^ * 


I V 2 

r ^ 

inc v 

w * 4 > | 


fio 2 ^* n 

he vi11 oond 
! E.j. 

fax above. 

.1 _, 


6 dlJ X 

89 1/4 ir.che©. 


l© ( 

■* Ai gMlI 


txzpmei., 70 ft 

. v • 
VCity Cl 

- 4 


2. . 

xiledj “ltd xcoord indenture 'je 
oston IH11 ~crp oration© In the archives o 


QYk* n Office) — Engineering Dept© 

i r -, 
\ U 




315 j 

o. 15 Apr., 33d yr. of Ind. 

By William Collier, as Proprietor 

1809 - 8 

nier Will* 8 ®* . . , 

lolioanaj or Gospel Treasury'', containing a groat variety of in- 

ting anecdotes, remarkable providences, and precious fragments. 

^f^ted"chiefly from the London Evangelioal Jiagazine. By iillian 

® e iJJ er a.k. Pastor of the Baptist Church in Charleston, Mass* 

Sf* Boston i Published by Hastings, Etheridge and Bliss, Stato Street; 
and at their store in Charlestown. 1809. 

Copyright notice as above, . . . 

Verso titlo-page: Printed at Charlestown, By Hastings, nnheriage 

3liGG « 

Volumes 2 and 3 of this work wore printed at Charlestovm by Samuo 

T. Armstrong, 1310. The title of the whole work in three volumes 

is: The gospel treasury. 

Union catalog, 

A.I.I. Author file* 




c* 20 Apr,, 33d yr. of Ind. 
3y Jadidiah Horse, as Author 

1809 - 9 

Horse, Jedidiah, , ._TT^ w> . a ni 

Geography made easy; being an abridgment o e _ the use 

Geography, To which are prefixed elements oi geography. T^didlah 

Of Schools and academes in the United States of America. ***“£* 

Gazetteer. Quotation. Illustrated with a map of uhe world and p 

of pn1 7 * 

m't Bo atom i publi shed by Thoms & Andrews. J. T. Buckinghaa, Printer, 


Copyright notice as above. 

Preface dated Apr., 1809. Chailes own. 

'■•-•I. Author file. 



c. 21 Apr., 8 id yr. of Ind. 

By Samuel Haokay, as Proprietor 

1809 - 10 

R °gE*ul-WKarin, Jeon Baptiste Joseph Imooent^Philad^ | eg ^ ault _, Varin ^ 

a u J h ® ^dalen Church Yard, from the * strozzi eo . Translated by 

_ tuor of 'rymnr» a nr) Juliet, the as x __ i _ r!j->11cvn 




in Yfilliams College* 

y, cx-professor of sne ~ « 

13 , t7‘ W4# Volm I* , mhheridRQ &nt ^ hliea. No. 3, State 

* ± charlestovm, loUJ. c \ 9 m -l# 

Street, and at their oifioe m 3 

()>« ^°Pyright notice as above. 

1,1 ? ^talog. 

* X * Author file. 



518 j 

e. 11 May, 33d yr. of Ind. 

ISy Irene© A. De Lacroix, as Proprietor 

1809 - 11 

n r0 \% Irene© Am© lot de* ^ ^ 

Pules* and regulations for the Field Exercise and ranoeuvres of the 

(venoh Infantry, issued August 1, 1791. Abridged. And all the new 
•noeuvree added whioh have been since adopted by the Emperor ..aeoleon. 
In two volumes, The second to consist of plates. By Col. Irenee A, e 

Tr Z\HO - - -- ^ * , . 

La Croix, late chief of Brigate in the French service. 
Lo copy of this edition located. IW, and .-Hi have r 

copyrighted in 1010. 



c. 13 Hay, Sod yr. of Ind. 

By Edward Gillespy, as Proprietor 

iaos - 12 

M1 S riutTr^instruotor, or, ». «•*. of 

as now practised by the 3ritish any, accor. “S ' ilitia of 

comparative notes between the seno a:id the regu a early denon- 

the United States according to the system ^aron - . “ fa.oilitv 

facings, marchings steps, obliquing*, wheelings, turn s, 

for drill. Part II. The new manual ^ Pla-oon e.e - c * 

round o? platoon Lnoeuvres and evolutionss comprising the d.J o^a 

ooanander of a platoon, which revioJ? Ld inspection, 

battalion ■with the various salutes, pi .. . £ 2 ’llesp-'. 


Heconinended for adootion to the Hili^ia oX * * 

• 3s BoRtnn P^^n-hAd find Sold by Joshua Cushing* 


Boston, Printed and Sold b\ 
^opyrlpht notice as above* 

KBAt. HE. 

on catalog. 

Author file* 




r* t «« vid vr. of Ind* 
5 June, cm j * • 

1S09 - 15 

u ivar.d 

L.allory, A -o*, 


*^ty, Joseph* 

Practical treatise on Bills o: 

*7 notes, 

^ th© Tenplc. 

^*1 Lfln^AW 4-4 AVI 

xcL r 

t Checks on Bankers, prania 

m P , . fir A bank notes. ^ Joseph Ghitty, 

dsnlasrs* cash notes, „ x.\ ic sc oond corrected and an- 

A new edition * «\marnnt Snrlish and Aaarioan 
Unto, edition) «ith th. 

B,k* Joeaph story, Counsellor a , lQ ‘ ^ 0o„ 1W** 

^stonj Publislied by i'urran , p_< n fc.d by -Asting#, 

Verso title-page. Churlestownj mni.e . 

& Bliss, 

hio» ^°Pyright notice as above, 

•I t ° fttal - 0 E« 

* • W«». ode., lbOb, 

t bridge 




321 j 

o. 16 Juno, 33d yr. of Ind. 
By Thoms B. Wait & Co. 

1303 - 14 

scored extracts fro/a the Scriptures of the old and new Testaments for 
inoro convenient attainment of a knowledge of the Inspired writers » 
For tho use of fschools andj families. Quotation. 

'fA* Boston; Printed by Thos. B. Yfait & Co,, Court-Street, 1309, 

Copyright notice as above, 


Union catalog. 



322 „ 

c. 17 July, 34th yr, of Ind. 

By Rev. Daniel Oliver, as Proprietor 

1303 - 15 

Griffin, John. 

A child's memorial, or now token for children exhibiting the early 
piety and happy death of T^iss Dinah Doudney, of Portsea, arred S years, 
delivered to a congregation of Children, in Orange Street Chapel, on Near 
Year's day, 1305, To which is added an account of Hiss Sarah Barrow, who 
vms burnt to death April the 4th, 1305. By John Griffin. Second American 
Edition. With other lives, additions and corrections* 

I'BAt; Charlestown, (Mass.) Printed by Samuel T. Armstrong. 1803, 

Copyright notice as above. 

This is the only copy of the second American edition loo. 

I.A has the first American edition (1809) and r£3 has the 

American edition (1809) 


t 323 


o. 17 July, 34th yr. of Ind. 

By William Charles TJhite, as Author 

1809 - 16 

Vihite, William Charles. . 

A compendium and digest of tho laws of Massachusetts. By ..illiara 

Charles Yihite Counsellor at Law. Quotation. Vol. ?a ;. 

«B* Bound with Volume 1, Part I (See 1809 - 4) Separate title-page. 
Bostonx Printed by Thoms B. Wait ^ Co., Court street, -80.. 

Copyright notice as above. 

D LC, iffl-L. 

^tion catalog. 

( 324 , 

c. 27 July, 34th yr. of Ind 
By William Allen, as Author 

1809 - 17 

l/i -Uiam, ttj Diotionarv oontaining an 

ftcea f WGrioan Biographical and His . f th0 nos t eminent person. 

“ a of th0 s “ t ’“ 

{ffiuifSlSSl, •»* “ lWf * 00 

Boston. 1009. 

Co Pyright notio© as above. 

Verso titlo-pagoi Hilliard & Motoalf, Printers. 

DlXJ, M, MB, MBAt, MSaE, MW A. 

Union catalog. 

Mas. 1809* 

Uopositcd ^©pt. of State, Sept. 1809* 

f 328) ©• 17 Aug., 34th yr. of Ind, 1809 - 18 

By Thomas B. Wait & Company, 
as Proprietors 

The Civil Of floor, or the wholo duty of Shoriffo, Coroners, oonsiab Los 
and Collectors of taxes. 

MHAt Bostont Printed and publishod by Thomas B. Wait & Co., Court Street, 

Copyright notice as above. 

DLC, MHi. 

Union catalog. 

A.I.I. Author file. 

( 32G J o. 10 Aug. 34th yr. of Ind. 1809 - 19 

By Thomas & Whipple, as Proprietors 

Tho military companion; being a system of company discipline founded on 
the regulations of Baron Steuben, Into Major-General and Inspeotor- 
Gonoral of the Amy of tho United States. Containin'- the manual ox- 
orciso, facings, stops, turnings, vrheelingo, miooellanoous evolutions, 
& nd firings. Together with tho duty of of floors and privates. Orna-* 
Rented with handsome copporplatos of company evolutions* Posigned for 

fir U6 ° Third edition, improvod. 

1 Nov/buryport, Published by Thomas & Y/hipple. Goorgo Hough, Printe)r 
Concord April - 1810. 

l n \ on ^talog. 

**• ^ r; s. cds., 1810 (Entry undor Steuben) 



o* 2 Sept*, 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Isaiah Thomas, Junior, as Proprietor 

1809 - 20 


^ptod°f S ° n var l° us eubjoots, ovangolioal, devotional and practical. 

vi n U f) n the P romotion of plo^Y* fomily religion, and youthfn 

R PLathrop, D#B. Pastor of the first Church in West 
g Q °^* ^l v ° volumes* 

^oc°nd edition, revised, corrected and enlarged. Published at 
^roosteri 1 0 aiah Thomas, Jun. Sold at hits rospootlvo Bookstore 

Vol <OB ^ 0n Worcester* Thomas Didemon, Prlntor ... 1809-10, 

C 0 Ur ' l0rj ;/j , 4, 6 liavo 1010 on their title-pages. 

MB notice as ahovo. 


K 'l.l 




Bq * ods ## 1009. 



o, 8 Sept*, 34th yr. of Ind* 
py John Eliot, Junior, as Proprietor 

1809 - 21 

unt John* 

]U Bio^raphioal dictionary, containing a brief account of the first 
"v>rs°and other eminent characters among the magistrates, ministers, 

6 fk rary and worthy men, in New England* By John Eliot, D*D* Corresponding 
U rotary of the Massachusetts historical Society* Quotation* 
ir ? r published by Cushing & Appleton, Salem, & Edv/ard Oliver, State St., 

Jvl Boston, 1809. E. Oliver, Printer* 

Copyright notice as above* 


Union catalog. 

A.I.I* Author file* 

Sabin: 22168. 




c. 28 Sept., 34th yr* of Ind, 
By Jolin No man, as Proprietor 

1809 - 22 

Carleton, Osgood. 

The New American Pilot containing 9 charts of the coast of America on 
a large seal© from St* Alary 1 s river to the Banks of Newfoundland drawn 
from the best authorities, July, 1809, By Osgood Carleton, Esq* Teacher 
of the Mathematics, Boston, 

No copy located. 

1 330 3 Gm 30 Sept., 34th yr. of Ind. 1809 - 23 

By Daniel Belknap, as Author 

Belknap, Daniel, 

The Middlesex Songster; containing a collection of the most approved 
6 °ngs now in use* By Daniel Belknap. 

Dedham: Printed by H. Kann. 1809* 

Verified by letter from John Hay Library, Brown University* 

Union catalog* 

Mss. cds*, 1809, 

^posited Dept, of State, Mar. 28, 1810. 


c. 2 Oct., 34th yr, of Ind. 

By Isaiah Thomas, Jr, as Proprietor 

1809 - 24 

Sl *ldon, William, 

ad ! h E t ° ry of the Heathen Gods, and Heroes of Antiquity. To whioh is 
vrv l0 ? d ari eripinRl tmnslation of the battle of the Gods and Giunts. The 
n»< a '-'iy arranged coi*reoted and enlarged witn the addition oi 30 vcltd 

11,11 and valuable articles. Ry lVilliam Sheldon, F.A.S. First 
0 lamented with a number of elegant outs. 

' u ’»lishod at Worcester. 3y Isaiah Thomas, Jun. Sold at his book- 


*k i 


®tores in Boston and Worcester. 
|| ti °^ r ^Ght notice tic above* 

VL,’“»it. nu. 


Isaao Sturtevant, Printer* 

t' * * ^ * 3 




c. 17 Oct., 34th yr. of Ind, 

1809 - 25 


j5j. s , Eleanor (Read) 
.. p Hrr. Tllcanor Er 

of Mrs. Eleanor 

.1 ,o« of witin B8 

id* 11 nnnd bv nor 

lorsonj containing a brief sketch of her life 
To which is added the Rev. Mr. Y.orcester’s 

m°** " ocC asionod by her death. Second edition. 
°'> ) 5 ton, Printed by Lincoln and Edmands, 1809 , 


Copyright notice as above. 

„ m^oF 'A'; A . NT?• ■ | ■ ii | 

l)LC, 1-Sftfi, mu-, 

Ifni on C&talOE* 

S.I. Author file. 


o, 31 Oct., 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Sanuel Holyoke, as Proprietor 

1809 - 26 

H<5l The occasional companion; in twelve numbers; containing hymn tunes, 

odes, anthems, &c. Selected and composed by San ^ Hol gf®* 50 cents. 

'- A: Ha 3 No. VII. Containing a uynn, set throughout. d 

Copy Right secured. Boston: Printed by Th^f 8 ~ a 6 • * 

CtY-MS: Has No. V. Containing Three anthems. Two J, 

... Ten hymn tunes, and A doxology. from the -usio Press o 

H. Mann, Dedham, fn,d*j 

Copyright notice as aoove* T ., «rhv«h 

Verified by letter from the Yale School of Music Library, which 

also lias Ko. VTI of tnis title. 


Onion catalog. 


o. 1 Nov., 34th yr. of Ind. 

3y Joshua Belcher, as Proprietor 

1809 - 27 

rules and practice as established by the {beat; ^ 

Quotations. Pirst American edition with1& £< 

Boston, Printed by Joshua Be loner, 

Copyright secured, 

Ul iion catalog. 




c. 4 Nov., 34th yr. of Ind. 

% Thomas ft Vihipple, as Proprietors 

1809 - 28 

« 8 ^’ Elijah. _ „„ a coTifiral description 


1 tuevr, system of modern ComP iled from the latest 

considerable countries in the ^ travels. Designed for 


Geograpniefa, , i v , n Miristor of Btyfield. 

S”' md »■**>■. oy Bli : ah f 0 ” 1 "’• f.„ P V - to. n*. 

£*» °f ”A compendious system of universal C eo„rsp»y, 

Q nte<i with inaps* Quotation, 



. r-rport, (1-iasG.) Publishod by Thomas 
JtrtTt. 1310. G reenougii L St ebb ins, Pri 

copyi-iK ht notice as Rbove * 


®*°j jiss. cds., 1310. 

K:' 58604 . 


2 f State- 


o. 7 Nov., 34th yr. of Ind, 

By Thomas & Andrews, as Proprietors 

1809 - 29 

^ 3^, as 

»*■ Sew and complete system of Arithmetick, composed for the use of '-he 
...,. en8 of the United States. By Nicolas csic.j Pike, A.K., a.A.S, 
cventh edition. Abridged for the use of schools under the lireotion or 
V® fl , thor from the third Octavo edition rrhich was revised, corrected 
i^d improved and more particularly adapted to the federal currency. 3y 

^•Aj^Bostont Published by Thomas & Andrews, 1809. Buckingham L Titcomb, 
Printers . 

Copyright notice as above. 

DIC, MH-Ed.T# 

Union catalog. 

Deposited Dept* o f State, hay 1310. 

( 337 , 

c. 7 Hov., 34th yr. of Ind. 
By Joseph Emerson, as Author 

1309 - 30 

The Evangelical Primer, containing a minor doctrinal^catechism; and a 
minor historical catechism; to which is added the westainsxor Assem } 
shorter catechism; vdth short explanatory notes and oopxouss.rrkure 
proofs and illustrations; for the use of families ana schools. By Joseph 

Person Pastor of a Church ^ Severly. SajmM>1 T . Arastrong. ,n.d 

U ‘ As Clmrlestown, (Mass.) Printed ana b ^ (n0 doubt a typo _ 

graphical error) Recommendations in the work are dated lo09. 

tt^Ed.T, Nil. 
i'inon catalog. 

Mss. cds., 1809. 

• ] 


c. 9 Nov., 34th yr. of Ind. 

By Ezekiel Rich, as Proprietor 

1809 - 31 

°f 3 > Nathanael. . 

fh e Giv er more blessed than the receive!. A 

^negation in Franklin. By Natlianael Lmv.ons, 
' x Boston: Printed by Lincoln & Edmands, an 
i’o. CornMll. 1309. 
iopyrlght notice as above. 

discourse addressed to the 


Gold at their Bookstore, 


ntfi, m ' 


S.i. Author 



c. 17 Hov. f 34th yr, of Ind. 
By Hodolphus Dickinson, as A 



rjielrinson, Hodolphus, 

A Digest of the powers and duties of Sheriffs, coroners, constables, 
4 collectors of taxes. By Hodolphus Dickinson, Attorney at Law. 
ij^Aj Springfield, Hass, Printed by Thomas Dickman, 1810, 

Copyright notice a3 above, 


Union catalog, 

A.I,I. Mss, cds,, 1810, 

Deposited Dept, of State, July 30, 1810, 

t 340| 

o. 22 Mov., 34th yr, of Ind 
By Stephen Clubb, as Author 



Clubb, Stephen, ( . , 

A Journal; containing on account of the wrongs, sufferings, ana neg ec , 

experienced by Americans in France, By Stephen Clubb, late a prisoner iH 

that Empire. Published at the particular request oi a number of oitlsens 

of the United States who were in confinement and treated as British 

prisoners of mr when Mr. Clubb left France, which was in the month of 

July last, he being set at liberty by express order of the Fmperor. 


BBi Printed at Boston, 180b, 


^nion catalog. 

Author file. 

Sabins 13795. 


154 i 

o. 14 Deo., 54th yr. of Ind. 

josiah Goddard, as Proprietor 




, Josia!-.. „ v 

* ,„d °°^°“Vr p r^ teirtoa, dcsi^d for th. 

»» “’n\ a ? pr ? TOd ri„Jfc mrf oocion »t rutlio and 

' JL Quotation. 

Pittsfield, Printed by 

PH ^^ r lstians, e J 11 I II II 

- worship. By Josifth Goddard. 

• 8opywj*jL.ght secured accoidiug to 

Pliinehas Allen. 1809. 

>.if ve 

^ I Y 1 

* ' • cds., 1009. 

ified by letter. 


c. 23 Dec., 34th yr. of Ind« 

frr Hilliard c: Metcalf, as Proprietors 

1809 - 35 

. John Quincy 


» T * 

T^ctures OIL **.«**,„. ' 

" rvard College. By John Quincy Adams, Esq. late Pro lessor ox 
-_^ic and Oratory in that University. In two volumes* 
Cambridge. Printed by Hilliard and Metcalf. 1010. 

Copyright notice, 1 Jan., 34th yr. (Typographical error‘0 

I£B, MHi* 

rniott catalog,* 
i T T. Hss. cds.. 1310, 

v n 


ft® following Is eh index of 'the iuthors F copyright proprietor^ 

c{n?il« rc » oditon, and others primarily or seoondarily responsible for the 
fork* Titles are indexed when the entry was wade under title* To <11 stin— 

fftish the copyright proprietors from the authors, they ere design*ted as 
proprietor or author* If the proprietor is also the author, both desi£rta- 

tion* are givon. Reference is rade to the ontry in tho traisoript by 


Abbot, AMe 1, Author, 91 

Adin, Alexander, SO 

Adar.8 ( Daniel, Author, 4 3, 93, 107 

Adans, Hannah, Author, 48, 129, 161, 220 

Adams, John Quincy, Author, 342 

l&a, James, Author, 157 

Amor., Author, 174 

Jj”* Anoa, Proprietor aud Joint Author, 294 
gjjjjfe Abner, Author, 285 
*5 tn # Timothy, Jr*, Author, 283 
•sandsr, Caleb,Author, 14, 54, IcS 
. tphraim V**, Proprietor, 280 

All!! Author, 524 

H «u*y, Author, 161 

r -CL:. aevet / *f u*g B : A color..:« s and tb* test* ..s..-.r 3 hi*t >rio*J 

Moiety, Proprietors, 40 41 

primer, 197 
P'****, AutJior, 509 
*H t * * r> * Frances, Proprietor, 309 

Autiior, 89, 155 
^ 141 * i 1111 **' Proprietor, 18 

t, ■ to . Qn :: j r i . ts 


®4iV| ,* Jl *tural, moral and re 

‘“nu' Author, 172 229 

* * l Ills*, Author, 151, 91 

[ *1l r ^ 

Author, 158 

Sum Author. 802 

4 ^rbL7! r °f< Author, 263 

* Shop, Wf 

SIX roligioit. 

d duties of nations, 289 


jaha, Mi* 

. ' VN*vn*V*‘. 


a jire*itTWU Jjfojrtotori^ ^ 

■ItM* ***.7^ 4 U t>.W ts *0* S30 

Pwjri^tvv*, SI? 
jaahua, Proprietors 

''; •' £ - ' C5c 

*r ^ o > : 

;cr. W, IW, W 

."ropr letor •r.v’. Anchor, 16 

iutHW, S?Q 


Author, SO? 



V ^ V 


50 5 ? 

' v ♦ % * J 


1 * > >* ' \++ 

\ ^ *L V ^ 4 I 

'' /' ' 

Luther, Propri* V v\ HE 





4 V I 4, % V 

,,, 1 A ] 

lhe*A" D^ai^t 

1*tt**P» t * 

L-die*. Usvia, 
tojiain, A* Vr ' 

SJdn, Ar-.nud, 

I,* . Axithor, Svh, 

k<lw, H1U«, Author, 2, M, 

Mrlw ' .1U««, Proprietor a-J 

sifghw, Celeb, Author, 61, 65,^90* ISS * 1T1 » 

Bla^rove, Gillian, ; 

Sake, h&m& 1, I 

saute, Willie* F., A:\i Piece, L« 

?liss, Elijah, Author, 500 

lloeeflelA, .. . -, ... .. ; 

?l\mt, Ev ' -'.v'. March, Preps etor, IS, ^ 

Boston, First "niversal : . st Ohuro ’, ••’•‘■t ■'■ , ~ 

% _J J_,A 1 1 Si 

The Boston oolleotion of 

Ltoh, Nntluuxiol, Author, 2' 

Brotre r , ’ Iq nj*> * , Pro r r 1 <? t o r, 1^4, 

9 % * •• 

Rrowu, iarfeholonetr. Author, 51 
Swmn, miiu Kill, Author, 250 

h*N-ru'.t , Fetor, Proprietor, 512 
^y«at, Willies Cullen, A or, 510 
^Mkinghaa, J, T», Proprietor, 155 
Sulfinoh, Charles, Proprietor and Author, 3 

*»rdiok, 1 iliwa. Proprietor, SSS 

Asrrou^hs, Stechen, Author, 115 




? n ,. v i v ?>• \ ?• *"x \ \] ?, 


■ % ^ * 

- I 



^ ♦ 

a: id 

Proprietors. *8" 

_*^paigng of th« a rales of VV« 

Manuel, Author, iT8 
Q^ r J 6 ^ 0tt j 0«^ood # Author, 1^# "» 
^Ualo, David, Proprietor, 86S 

Oba*v^* Christopher, p«eud # , 180 

^beneier. Proprietor 18 

t? 1 v ^ atH * K mt io o 1 s Ui i ? te 

first book, 56 

c Mt^ n * G0or Ke> Author, 80 

»K. cL Jo «‘P h , Author, 3f0 

*^lau monitor, lf'8 

dohn. Author, 16 

% JJJ «ffl°er, 556 

®Urw . Ui»« T,, Projurietor, 8Y 

» Jutwnrd, Author, 104 

55, *0, 

41 ?4, 101, IN, 155, 

ie. 51 

Cl * 1 * 0 

Proprietor, 125 


John, Author, 125 
C 161 *^ Charles, Author, 
Cl« v#1 _ ■r-ftftO. Author, ’> AA 


C$^ t6ph,,n 



Colo 6 


Author, 57 

Co ohrWl j ohn( proprietor and Author, 134 

William. Proprietor and Author, 315 
5“ Author. 90. 117 

wll, Jonoph, Author, 96 
Cf0 ji*ll, William, Author, 196 

Cushing, Joshua, Proprietor, 02 

Cushing, Joshua, Proprietor jointly with Thoms C 

Gushing, Thomas C., Proprietor, 23, 24 

Cushing and Appleton, Proprietors, 105, 149, 153, 


Cushing, 24 
180, 205, 212, 247 

Dana, Daniel, Author, 84 

Davis, Timothy, Author, 224 

Dean, Gilbert V., Author, 235 

Dean, Henry, Author, 127 

Dearborn, 3Gnjeunin, Proprietor, 262 

Do Britaine, V'illl&m, 138 

Dickinson, Rodolphus, Author, 339 

The Drummer’s assistant, 284 

Dunham, John Mosely, Author, 79 

Dunham, John liosely, Proprietor, 31 

Dunriam, John liosely. Proprietor and Author, 231 

Edwards, Jonathan, Author, 300 

The Elements of chess, 188 

Eliot, John, Proprietor and Author, 328 

The Emerald, or J/Iscellany of literature, 25b 

Emerson, Mrs* Eleanor (Read), Author, 332 

Emerson, Joseph, Author, 337 

E^erion, William, Proprietor and Author, 292 

E^ong, Nathanael, Author, 10, 68, 338 
ae Essex hamony, 82 

'roprietor, 49 

- m a n 

etors, 297, 320 

, ,i^ nr , r1 nr.rir CUld Author, 1^0 

m3 Green, Proprietor «-u 
Proprietor and Engraver, - 


Author, 12 

J-fer’B oompanion no # 1 , 163 
lrrt Church collection of BWPed «u» 10 k, ^ 

•ooioty of Univeroaliota in Boston, r I * 

* Jolin, Author "* 

» B&tlui 




. t v 

*an # Proprietor and Author 

w 1 j i n tin. 


Poroz, Author, 135 
j'obe»> Author, 109, 205 

poirWflh* . Pr0 p r i e tor and Engraver, 286 

F<>*. Samuel, Author, 102, 154, 260, 238 

cygciaan, *- 

an d Doan, Proprietors, 126 
C - i mv Edward, Propriotor and Author, 319 
0i , „ Tlhittinghoa, and Gilman, Jolrn, Proprietors, 275 
f^rd Josiah, Proprietor and Author, 341 

Goldsmith, Sev. J., psoud,, 243 
Goodridge, Semll, Proprietor 130 
r-anror, Erederiok, Author, 1/8 
rrauoner Gottliob, Propriotor, 178, 1S4 
Graupnar’ Gottliob, Propriotor and Author, 74, 199 
Griffin, John, Author, 322 
Grout, Jonathan, Jr,, Aut.ior, 62 
Groves, Pott hour C., Author, 1C6 
Gurney. David, Author, 34 

Hall, Samuel, Proprietor, 23 
Hardy, Daniel, Jr*, Author, 304 
Hardy, hi Ilian, Defendant, 23- 
Harris, Thaddeus Mason, 83 

Harris, Thaddeus Mason, Author, 36, 110, 14G, ~'±0 
Harvard university, 193 

Hastings, Etheridge, and 31iss, Proprietors, 2.J 
Hayden and She ad. Proprietors, 131 
Koaton, Nathaniel, Jr*, Author, 21 
Hill, Uri X., Author, 207 

milliard, hi 111 on, Proprietor, 1-3 

Hilliard rjid Metcalf, Proprietors, 342 

Hitchcock, David, Author, 303 
Holmes, Abiel, Author, 173 
®°lt, Benjamin, Jr., Author, 88 
Holyoke, Samuel, Author, 3, 15, 33 , 70 , , . 

®°lyoke, Samuel, Proprietor and Author, 63, , » » 

®°okor and Pairaan, Proprietors, 282 

anuel, Propriotor end Author, 1 

v ~ -ftr^e and snail rnund te'^t copiOu, 

Hovre g 


141, 204, 302 


Howard ■ 

olonon. Author, 4 

a. John, Author, 87 

t ; u '' j -*rt,, Jr., Author, 257 
j. Ptreys, David, Author, 128 
Jfenry, Proprietor, 52 
1 '■•''•Eton, Jonntlnn, Author, ~38 

^ ‘Proved Amorican pri:*.cr, 205 
troduction to tlio ax*t of '*nri 

/riting, 272 





waiter, Author, 106 , 24 G 
Jitf® 8 ' ibiel. Proprietor, 8 S 73 &. IS 3 J 

***?•'. John, Author, 148 
*£ Stephen, Author, 182 
J eiu8> o^ 0 phen Proprietor and Author, 100 

fSt W, Author, 241 

Abner,. Author, 245 

/ Abnf’r Proprietor and Joint Author, 

2X Adoniram, Jr., Author, 276, 207 

Kiw bftll, Jao° b » Jr *» Author 

fa Croix, Irenee Amolot do, Author, 271 
Ta Croix, Irenoe Anoint de. Proprietor a'id Author, 31G 

o rnand 

U Grose, U&thurin Yeyaaiere dc, C5 
The Lady’s cabinet of polite literature), 250 
Larfe and small round text, round and running hand, 2 8 2 
Lathrop, Joseph, Author, 44, 144, 

Lathy. Thomas Pike, Author, 13 

w 9 - ^ 

Law, Andrew, Author, 111, 130 
Leavitt. Jonathan, Author, 11 
Louis, Eldad, Proprietor, 303 
The Life of Jason Fairbanks, 52 
Lincoln, Ensign, Proprietor, 200 
Lincoln and Edmonds, Proprietors, 
h)rd, Nathaniel, 278 
lord, Nathaniel. Author. 193 


107. 227. 327 


t ;o 
o o*. 


Josiah, Proprietor, 175 

facanulty, Barnard B,, Proprietor, 2, 7, CG, 137, 143' 

Haokay f Samuel, Proprietor and Translator, 271, 291, 317 
rj® 1 ! Silas, Proprietor and Author, 259 
Herman, Author, 108 
Z mn > Herman, Proprietor, 53, 140, 204 
Herman, Proprietor and Author, 77 
1Herman, Proprietor and Joint Author, 294 
; f anni ^C> James, 8G 

and Luring, Proprietors, 73, 39, 93, 117, 164, 191, 202 , 203, 210, 

KftroJ 23, Z39 ' 267 > 290 

lb, An 6^°r, Proprietor, 34, 167 
, •«f.aoh« 8 ott B Baptist rtisnioncry Tnngft'.'.lno, 109 
^Tr° tU ^-ptint missionary oooioty. Proprietor, 103 

hsetto Mstorioal society, Proprietor, 42 
U8et t* nodical soolety. Proprietor and Author, 264 
^ J ^ QnQzor , Proprietor, 92 
fhe Ujj* Author, 164, 191, 210, 223, 239 

*h% collection of ohuroh munlo, 214 

'% |<j„ tai 7 companion, 276, 326 

r n °volli B t 


GO, 110 

nmari'O Richard a. Author, 97 

Jttnot, Author, 58, 122, 135, 211, 270, 301, 316 

liars' 1 . T ,;. rEmo i c , Proprietors, 193 

Lindloy, Author, 73 

Krn &s Joaoph, Proprietor, 47, 
liw '?L samuol, Proprietor and Author, 163 

JJ German text copioo, 305 1 ** MP 

Jill jooeph. Proprietor, 261 
wILrland cicaociation of inventors and patrons 
Homan John, Proprietor, 329 
Foraum, William, Proprietor, 94, 120, 123, 243 
iioi-nan, William, Proprietor and Compiler, 108 

Oliver, Daniel, Proprietor, 322 

Oliver and llunroo, ’‘ropriotors, 213, 233, 295, 298 

of useful arts, 262 

Robert Treat), 



1. 300 

Packard, Hezeki&h, Author, 35 
Paine, Thomas (afterward Paine, 

Paine, Thomas (afterward Paine, *:ooei't Treat), 

Palfray, \1anviok, Autlior, 30 

Palmer, David, Proprietor, 214 

The Parent’s gift, 92 

Parish, Elijah, Author, 252, 280, 336 

Parish, Elijah, Joint Author, 58, 135, 301 

Parker, Vvi 111am, Proprietor, 67 

Pasquin, Anthony, pseud,, 152 

Peacock, Lucy, 65 

Pelham, William, Author, 274 

Pelhaia, Yiilliam, Proprietor, 131, 163, 218 

Perham, Benoni, Author, 6G 

Perry, William, Author, 112, 16/ 

Phillips, Sir Richard, Author, 243 
James, Author, 299 

J -/C0 1 hioholas. Author, 215, 273, 356 
Pinchbeck, Mlliam Frederick, Author, H-2 
*oneroy, Elijah, Author, 231 
°°1, Caleb, Author, 159, 160 
f j Tf ea ^ on j Laniel R. Author, 100, 221 

1,le Pulpit orator/118 

!ia)m° n ’ ^drow, Autlior, 67 
, UfXd or j. 9aniol, Joint Author, 201 

lto Qd * 'J°°l, Author, 293 

1 .to JO..PH I"»t MW***. P 

j —>» ’ rtth * iui “ ’ w4 “* 258 

^hr*L I'royriotor, 3o8 

» ^-rs, f^uunnna (llaowoll), 09, 71 


g«** ru * ' . ,, -V or, 27i, 

?*! ,f wrrfc. 1* 


i < i * \ t ' 

7 4 #r / / I 

6 , ,* 0 / v 

K * o r 



rr*yrt#i , /r *v / <v,vr 

,- -. ./"I#tffff, *'/, <i•':, 

r . 

'A ** # f 

TjJ, ^ </ # 

f / 

*» 0 * 

0 t r 4 

* 00 * 

> " 0 •> 

^ * # / r * i J “ j 

r ^ ^ ** * * f* m ^ mg * r * t 

* / •; , * „ . * -;7 / r f ;% 

aiWiet, ^rltpw#, k^.-.r, U’t 

A A m M 4 MS* 

*} * f § f * ' / / V r ✓* / f 

* ^ * 4* V* A r * A* * * 0 " a f * * P - ^ > 

1 "J | ^ * * 

fMilllfl UmV j^ >>> 

* * r , i 4 * 4 * * * t 4. * 0 * 0 * * * €* 

^ Tj.'T. »f? ■ * 

- <' * 

*. / / ■ 

^ , mVh^T $ %%> 

t», Aatiww, 

V *; ?t f, .T* VjOT ' ' * A /t 

S .# *■ * ** * m 0 S 9 

F 4 * 

4 4 

# f +f / *\ {* 4 0 ^ 

>$4^* 9 p0 ***' K+¥* 0 * * 




^ I * 0ks * * 4 *9 



i v ^ -9 A 

i 0 i t* /i 

^ #. ' ' ' ; V J 


- * * 1 * T// /# f * r 4 § * * A 2^ ^ 

/>■ M* *§ / | r • * | * 0 # *4 . f | M* S * * 

* A » 4 r ^ 

1 A 0 W P 0 | 

^or o ?h4Mi, 

! i 4» < />* 

^ y * 



^ r € 0 

y? j P 4, » 


A it or, 2V 

%:*x $ 0-' 

T ' r # 

.'/o;,r' '/vyr 

6 //! /. / v > 

'. 4. < fj ;.. 

' " | 4 | 1 

• * > 4, 4L 

r . A \ vr t 




W IM j 

r ft V 

V * ■* 

* if i J 

# I J 

# / 

- * m 

-4 , 

fi 4 J # i i ^ 

t t / -ir * *v» 

t > V | 

X .V; 

' ', / y r 


Vvt V ' ' <; 

*v* iUi r; 



r j n r , ,'; ( 

Mf - .V. 

^ofun l A r it vr. 

Johr; # Ajjthor, 212 

Jo ', P r crprlr v,r &*'.d h^.nur, 11 r 

w m _ 

A itaor, 15 


•bmifor^, U ->l’ A»6Ys,r, 22 

C,v rlvi^ I. \ .'/r, 25 


f f* f < 

■ # 

11 -i 

* \ * 

* % * 

*9 f S' 

i* ■ * , 9 

» "*/"»4<»1, /’it! 

^ v ' / 7, Jowph, ^20 
v f2r, Jo«e; t Ax, » f 1«7, K3 

^ ,■ ft .'.&4k muiUBc, 

J / -': J /v 

Jofar■ Jr* yr^/r’ f • r , W2 
^***^ r # DbcIaA/# A v or, 5 

# / / ' ; / 

4 4 » s s * 



r ^ 




. t 




J- f,} 




y { ■ r l * ! *', r *Tp ' t ^ • / 

f # ^ / r* 

* r t 

h n. 



*/ o tf '■ 4 .or 



24 9 



, L Msyfp 
*''{ )' * 4 r #■ / Cl It r v ; /. > * 

iftf/lb v ■* • <*' * v t 



' ' o i # Autto. 55 

» / # 

• '' 1'5 

■V / ( * / ' 

* */. # „ . ‘ ^ v * *"' > ' . .. i w» i rr 

y ,r # , r ", ,, ■» * , , * # ] '/> / . ,..or # -t J 'a 1 m . ___ 

**W« * ' -xx-«, 4 157_ JDO, 527, 

7, ■, t*e; t -;• f.-, ri*toy , 1 J » ■'®, 1 », * — 

m t -msi 0 ,t s i rvprj'W » * om/iH^ nri 14 . 

. . rri f, Mf.r 1. 1 . I VS 4 r to ' >4 x J * 

« ftrf * }jAr0H§ f /.,n./*zv* * * \ /r , 

21(5 2L' 2 r 273- 235. 206 # 836 

'/la t 7 W # 4U W Cj '* > * mn A Jo2v, BJV i > T0 

li. * At 9lA I t A 9*9*9tV *4 I _ - .. . •« 

< , 102, ISi 

^ 4 m,'n$, 208, 273, 280, 200 

^* r - - i j i)/ /r]rwe |J,)/ , jri**'>/ • l 

*“ fcnd WHlw/U, ; ropri«»fcor«, 

IftiAu j/, Ailoor, 2 f *^i 

Briot3ri # 


, *< 


252. »1, »6 # *26. 



f 0 hn, Author, 12;: 


Jpw--:! j 0 hn Author, 2o2, 
tarntul » 


Author, 121 

I * 

Ytkius, proprietor and Editor, 242, 273 

t* Si' 

n ''I} 

•hS VJ 

ill ion, Editor, 13? 

ISlliu# hnro, Publius, Author, 222 
!,!L-w Sukey. Author, 99 

, * v VQt*y ou&vjf j AUu w. i | 

Von 'la^en, Peter Albrecht, Proprietor and Author, 69, 71, 72 


1 Thomas 

. * 

liiohael. Author, 3, 119 

Proprietors, 321, 325 

barren, Carolino Ilatilda, see Thayer, Krs* Caroline I.atilda (..arren/ 

_ - f A II 1 I t ^ ^ A ^ 

hUiiVUf -- ^ * „ ■ . , v *" 

larron, Ts, Korcy (Otis), Author, 135 
karville, Gcorgo Augustus, Author, 354 
h later house, Benjamin, Author, 17, 05, 

, R % , Author, 175 


I ebbs r, Samuel, Author, 51 

lest, Join, Proprietor, 22, 50, 159, 179, 251 

Vest, Join, h* opr lot or jointly with Thomas and Andrew’s, ^1 

Host, John, Proprietor jointly with West and Greenlesf*, 30 

est and Greenleaf nn 

roprictors, 110 

est and Green leaf, and* John host. Proprietors, 

-heeler. Ephraim, 177. 1G9 


^ j ^-- ; w | 

'-dte, Janos, and Company, Proprietors, 

®dte, William Charles, 311, 323 
iiilfirri u. Proprietor, 177, 139 


Q , 5a Tae 1, Author , 

IE T; 


# JSphraim, Author, 170 
illians, Jolm flhj. Proprietor and Author 
iiliarason ri mu Author. 31 


^Ui&naon, William ! Author, 31 
"oodward, llathan. Proprietor, 68 
tester, Sarucl, Author, 25, 219, 

•arcs tor, Saaol, Proprietor o.d A 

nFlo-M* « . 9 . . n 


ter, Samuel, Proprietor e*nd Author, 55 
r -2^t, Goodenow and Ctockv/ell, Proprietors, 2 > 

?i *e Yn-ir>~ 

ouns: con 

nve rt ! s o onponi on. 


£ «ilUr 

°Ter, George Joaoliim, 

Author. S3 

I ■■ 

™ luv 

■ ■— 


Allen, 324 

Alllne, X81 

Bancroft, 2B3 

Burroughs, 115 
Dana, 54 
Eliot, 328 
EmarBon, 332 
Fairbanks, 49 
Jones, 245 

Southack, 116, 313 

VJheoler, 189 


Funeral Sermons 

Paine, 1 
Pussell, 5 
Sumner, 6 

geography ahd travels 

A ««tin, 131 

Harris, 146 
Hubbard, 87 

P° rao * 6o , 122, 21 

25 2, 335 
p^lips, 243 
: est on, 221 

J ^so n i7<) 

n»: ss 

US**" 12 « 

> 139 


Pilot Charts 

(Inoluding Cliarts of Harbors and Series of Oiarts in Book Form for ;so of 

Bowditoh, 194 

Carleton, 94, 101, 120, 123, 329 

I . 


Adams, 161, 220 
Biggs, 295, 290 
Bingham, 65 
Holnes, 173 
Horse, 135, 301 
2£inot, 97 
Tappan, 248 
barren, 185 


En glish Language 

iGramaar, Reading, Speaking and Spelling) 

Adam 8, 93, 107 

1 11: Aid on. A., 285 
Aidon, T*, 283 
■ Alexander, 14, 183 
Biglow, 2, 7, 59, 105 
Bingham, 132, 171, 26G 
Child's first book, 56 
Cochran, 57 

Fisko, 75 , 

Gurney, 34 
Heaton, 21, 37 
Judson, 276 
Mann, 77 * 

Hurray, 73 
Parent's gift, 92 
Pelham, 274 
Perry, 112, 167 
Pike, 299 
Raws on, 167 
Rowson, 251 
Staniford, 22 
Temple, 28 
Williamson, 31 

Latin Language 
(Including Works in Latin) 

Adam. 30 

1 irtv/ 39, 3° 
Bie * I*,,* 14S 

grillusti t 
Ver giliUB 


civ iX officer, 325 
Dickinson, 339 

Piolds, 12 

Froenan, 102, 154, 268, 288 

Perhan, 66 
Story, 143 
Sullivan, 42 

Tyng, 242, 275 
White, 311, 323 
Willians, 170 


Fairbanks, 45 
Hardy, 233 
Selfridge, 218 
Ytheeler, 177 


Croarwell, 96 
Groves, 1G6 
lathy, 13 
Turnbull, 232 


%*owri, 250 

^teaubriand, 61 

{i, °f Jason Fairbanks, 

^lrxor novel lx at. 277 

^Cnault-Y/arin, 317 
lermey, 43 



Tor, 165 

Oty, 99 

a novel. 

"^e*at, 228 

lj ° 60lJ io of entries undor Engl is) Language) 


Bit* 1 **' % 

Chipman, ^ 

Dunham Z *J 

tiffin, ^ 

Jwrton, 1“ 

„«» of literature 

Colli er 5 ^15 

fho Emerald, 255 

The Lady 1 s cabinet. 


Oratory , „ ,, , 

Tseo also some of entries under hngl is 

of speaking 11 and under iheology) 

Language wh i-oh include 

Adams, 342 
Bryant, 310 

Hitchcock, 303 
Paine, 303 

Story, 9, 137 


Massachusetts medical society, 

Shattuok, 297 
fcaterhouse, 17, 85, 151 



Campaigns of the armies, 

Gillespy, 319 
La Croix, 271, 318 

Military companion, 275, 

Smith, 19 

Instruction Books 

mer tg as sistant, 284 
0 r f s companion, 153 

nor, 199 




Al**» 17 7g 

"’elfeapj ^ 

F: rst universalist church, 213 




s^ston • 
fiton collection, 267 

rotn, 81 
Caper., 176 

Cooper, 93, 117 

Baerson, 292 

Is sex hamony, 32 

First church collection, 169 

Eorbu sh, 109, 203 
Goddard, 341 

Hill, 207 
Holt, 38 

Ed l"o;:e. 

Ea rd**, 


L. * ■!v 

38 S3. 70, 113, 141, 204, 258, 302, 

Urtr-js A 

Huntington, 238 
Janes, 106, 246 
Jenks, 182 
Sinball 23 


111. 133 


, —, 

n, 259 


Kiddlesex collection, 214 
Palfray, 80 
Pomeroy, 281 
Head, 293 

Salea collection, 180, 212 
Manser, 296 

Sn ith, 145 
Raiding, 156 
Suffolk selection, 256 

i0 ' ,Vl £ converts companion, 200 

^sg_an d Sons Books (except Store d Kusic) 


J^ger, 178 
j! , u Pnor 74 

j^yolce, 95 



n IIa Gon 69 


P,, 184 

71, 72 

3 33 


jtfT3Ol0° Y 


onlltXCAk science 

'politic and Government of the U*S,, Foreign Relations, eto.J, W 

Appendix to a la to 
£felo*, 203 

Clubb, 240 

Fessenden, 150 
Humphreys, 126 

Sulli^ n j 47 
flilliama, 152 


Games and Magic 

Elements of chess, 163 
Pinchbeck, 142 
Uarville, 334 


e 3 say, 269 

Aril line tics 

Ada-m, 4 3 
Alexander, 54 
Grout, 62 
Judson, 237 
Pike, 215 , 278 , 336 
Rules and tables, 83 
?esiple, 307 

Walsh, 8 
Webber, 51 


p °ol, 159 

2? Char t s 

Cro«»e U 196 

P °ol, 1G0 


5t °wiitoh 

29, 124, 226 

C&flvb&n, 27, 33 
Kay lor, 163 

Or la# and Criminal b 

Battue, 140 
rolfridr©, 217 

Chi tty, 320 
Dean, 236 

Tables of Duties, Money. etc # 

Cleveland, 24 
ffebb, 176 



larvard university, 198 

frunlisei, 7S 

Harris, 36 
Social Ethic* 

1 i ■ ! ..I h . i, 

pe 3rltaine, 188 
Wake. 32 

OomonB on 

Abbot, 91 


e, 40. 129 

«, 09, 

Auetin, s. # 172, 

**•**», W 216 


® alr Mn, 202 


5 l *», 306 
Cll *pUn, 76 



f 125 


Clinton, 244 
Davis, ^24 

Sdvmrds, 300 

^ons, 10, 68, 338 

Fletcher, 236 

Fobes, 133 

Harris, 240 
Hopkins, 114 

Lathrop, 44, 144, 187, 227, 327 

Leavit t, 11 

Merrill, 164, 191, 210, 223, 239 

Packard, 35 

Parish, 280 

Pulpit orator, 113 

Reed, 190 

Sacred extracts, 321 
Spalding, 265 
Spaulding, 162 
Steams, 254 
Stillman, 265 
Tappan, 249 
Thacher, 53 

Worcester, 25, 55, 219, 230 
Zoliikofer, 06 

! Catechisms 
' TPriirers) 

j •American primer, 197 
Person, 337 

Improved American primer, 205 

Willard, 64 

<tu rrri£Xn ino 

X / 


appendix e 






Copyright Records 

U«S. District court of Ilftosochusotts* 

Copyright record books, v, 1, 1790-1804: v. 2 1804-1806; 

v. 3, 1806-1814. 

U,S. Department of State. 

Register of copyrights received, v. 1, 1796-1322, 

Union and Imprints Catalogs (Listed in the order in which they v/ero used) 

Library of Congress. Union catalog. 

Rare book collection, American imprints catalog. 

_ Reading room. Early American imprints catalog. 

ITevr York. Public library. Imprint catalog, 

' ork projects administration. Service division, The American imprints 
inventory project, 

Rile of manuscript cards and slips arranged alphabetically undor 
each year, 1301-1810. 

Author file of manuscript cards and slips covering Massa¬ 
chusetts imprints from 1639 to 1876, 

_No, 40: a checklist of Massachusetts impr 1nts, 1801. 

hoston, 1942. (A published list) 

___ No* 45: a checklist of Massachusetts imprints, 1802. 
Boston, 1942. (A published list) 

harvard university. Libraries. Union catalog* 

Essex institute. File of Newburyport, Mass, imprint 

q i 1 O 

|J \ K '* 



Fr y Collections 

^®®**ican Antiquarian Soo 

'Elections consulted: 

Worcester, Macs* 

Dated Pamphlets, 1701 - 1820 ; Dated Nooks, 1696-1020; Oohool 
1746-1820; American Lav/ Books; Sheet Music; Psalmody; "ups; 




8t °n Publi 



Boston. Mass 

c Library, Bouton, Mass. 

^ Collogo Library, Brunswick, Ms. (Letter) 
University, John*Hay Library, Providmioo, K.'l. 



D~p' rfcrwnt St"t« Library, Tfc.hlnrto 

■•••x Institute, |‘ 

Harvard Musioal Assoolat ■ 



Harvard;-, Librarl*., C««brt4 r *** 
Collections oor*nlt*dj J 

, - - "' v,r *l Collect'.oni Edao 

Archive*, »'ap Collection. 

l ou^hton Llbn ryi Uw .'lohool Libra m A-d 

rt_i *•— v * * • * t AITQ 

£ami nary* 

Library of Cor* roc* t 'n§*<-Ingtor. D C 
! aacaohnr'itte 't’i etc riots 1 5oel*ty 5o«t>o 
I'oaaaohueatt* State Library, Stolon, Ua»* 
i«w York Public Llbrar/ How York K. Y* 

* r « York fooloty Library, X*r» York, I 
Vowberry Library, Cv!oa,~o, Ill. (Lottor) 
Jnivarsity o f Rochester, ] n r^^rjar. Teh 
K. Y. (Letter) 

■Jill /'’rflitjy of Texno Library, / Tox* 

Neatorn fiOQf»rve III/itortonl "ooit’tv Clsrol* 

.■i v 

* rf 






«% r 

nool of >j»$ 

! T — ► 


t i 

4 - a* 

Ya] o Univeraity, ' o 1 too 1 

o, raphica] Sourona 

Ghuroh, Blihu I>wip;ht t 
Octalo yio of book .1 rn 1 & . 
?.’orth and Couth AnorioR, 
and annotated b 

% i 

•j i Lo 

* i 

f I 

A *;F rv ^ 

* * 

.« Cl £ 0 

'3 r 



uoor e 

z o 



M « II V ru 

i !■ 9 t 1 ' * A' 

} .n>. 



V 1 7L 1 

* • ^ ^ 1 / J v 

wk Collootlon 
-- Theolof loal 


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i story of 
Cor pi l«d 
,oi. 1307, 

Diohtor. Harrv, and fhapiro. Ilio 

S mm 4 # 

- m 

”arly Ar/»rioi\n elieot . iciio: Its lu 
k'vr York, R. 1L oitker, 1-41. 

re a:.<s it*:; 



ivaji®, Charles. 

Ac yirioan biblio raphy. 
by tho Columbia pres®. 

Chloa o. Privately printed for tho author 

V. 12 , 

^ " I 

llanuscript notes for 1U00 ir.printa, 1 

antiquarian sooioty, .oroestor, -ass. 

* «k. » 


to American 

j - 


^sht r, WiIlian Am®. 

One hundred amd fifty 
Norton, Oliver IHtaon 

'rovoll, Adolph. 

^°QtC trado bibliography in 
°«nti:ry. Isr y o rV S. Syrnc 


1*3 J » JhllB * C - 

, i nc., 1SL . 

ic quells 

y *. .... ited States ♦ 

tlvj United Str 4 -:e 
Uackett, The Bri 


the nineteenth 

book shop, inc* 



other type* of 

l iHilivnl Pfcr’-.'j, 

> Imllnn piMmom, mynj primern, find 

HoU-lowMlvir.luqd yrVni'UVl l iiiinnd nrl-u* 

d, frlntad for Harry fl * Hu inn, 1936* 




Tho Now I’KiglfftA prlmor nnid prior 1»> lu.-oi a MM lographloaf 

ohoolcllst for tho more tmsy attaining thi truo I:. Of' this 

book# Now York, 11 * K, Iterator # 19M, 

111 Frank Piero®, 


ford university, Call i 

-1330 1 n blbllQftraphlou'l twiord 
Stanford unlvnrwlty i*r<um 

% I if 




Johnson, 11* ^nrlo, 

Y u s L c a 1 i nt o rlude 1 1 \ 
vo r p \ ty pro a a, 194 3, 

no. f> 


Boston, 17‘1!t-ld3G 4 tV-v/ Vor , Columbia unl«* 
(Columbia imlvorolty* fhudlc \ In muii 

Karplnski, Louis C, 

Bibliography of mathematical worlco 
Ann Arbor 



lioh. University of f lohtr 


f iin 

In A morion 

proas, 1940, 


lirough 1380* 

Mot cal f, Frank J 

List of books of saorod mualo print*-d In Liu- IJnitod ri^ton from 
1720 to 1830, 

A typed bibliography giving lo Ilona of titles* In 1942-1949 
tho titles of this Hat worn trattiifomul to 8 W x S 1 * nHoots and 
filed alphabetically by author, compiler, or title, tt-ny how 
titlos, taken from a variety of aouroaa wore added, Publioabi'o of 
the "Hotoalf Bibliography of facred Muiio 11 iw contemplated by the 
American Antiquarian Hooioty. 

Koaanbaoh, A, 

r 1 

V * 

\ I 

Marly American child ran® a books 
tion of tho books in hi a 

Sonthworth proas, 1938# 

*«# with biblio i'ii j oal do so rip 
oolltoUo.'u Portland, Mo*. 

¥ m W 

^in, Joseph. 

A dictionary of books relating to Ai orion ... Rsgur by Joseph 
* r ^hin, continued by Vdllnirforoo Kamo, amt oeupli'led »y V,. 
^uil fop the Bibliographical society of Amorloe, 

1a “. 29 v. ' ‘ 

iow orlc. 1833- 


°nneok, Oeoar George Theodore* 

ho biblio^mphy of American music, 

America* Proceedings and papers. 

(In Blhl lo; niphloal aoo loty 
v, 1, p, 80*64, 1 h») 



Uif, )rj havid i 

rio^ fjl|y rnvr rtJ U( V)U 

° lub , 1007, 8 v . 

copper and atm I 4 

v. 't or\ , The 3ro 11or 

>upplomont, by Mantlo Fleldln/;, Phi 1 -idolphlri, 1917 


ctmiffsr, David MoNeely, 

An artist index to Stauffer's American’ 
antiquarian society. Proceedings, n s. 

i /3 ^ 41 ^ i m | 

v. 30, p. 

(In American 
205-341, 1920) 

Taplny, Harriet Sylvester. 

Salem imprints, 17G8-1825. A history of 

printing in Salem, Massachusetts. With sono accou 
shops, oooksellero, bookbinders and the 

the first fifty years of 


U L O Oj 

f the book- 

Hass, The Essex institute, 1927. 

private libraries, Salem, 

Tingelstad, Oscar Adolf, 

Bibliography of American school readers up to 1330, being Chapt 
Ii in The^ Religious element in American school readers up to 
lb30j a oioliograpLicnl and statistical study* H A dissertation 
ubmittod to the fta.miltu- _ fu. reducation 

x,o *cne xaculty ... jof thaj rapartment of 
(University of Chicago) 1925* 

A typed list located at the American Antiquarian 


Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada* 
2d ed* Edited by Winifred Gregory* New York, lu E. Ex Ison, 1943. 

U.S* Library of Congress. 


A list of geographical atlases in the Library of Conyrcss* 
Y'ashington, Govt* print* off*, 1909. 2 v. 

A 1 

.asl in;‘ton. 

O J 

"1 ft' * 

X. J 


of maps of America in the Library 
• print* off., 1901. 

o " Congress* 

Vail, R. W* G. 

Susanna Ha swell Rows on, the author of Charlotte Temples a biblio¬ 
graphical study. Worcester, Ilass*, 1933. (Reprinted from the 
Proceedings of the American antiquarian society, Apr. 1932) 

bright, Lyle H. 

American fiction, 1774-1850, A contribution toward n bibliography, 
San Marino, Calif., 1939. 






^ list includes only the sources used in writing the text of tb 
oonolete list of the sources used in conpil- 5 tlie Transoript 

. r v.t Entries for the District Court of lisssaohuse 

0 f the Copyrigu» **“ 




9 *K0 foufid Appendix p# 194* 

rtl African catalogue • of books in print July 1 3 

Tl^O innrt rt _ 


1 I mr 

, n 


Armstrong l son, 1SSC. 

Z T. 

Bentley, Kirry 


Bentley, ■ 

Hi* V - 4 

C * and Lo oria i“d , 
of works on accounting bj 

i:;« authors, Boston. H. 0. 


2 v* 

Bibliojrapnl c r 1 
!Iews shoot of 

society of A erion* 
the Bib li o*rap hleal 

society o 1 Anerica. 

lio* ’23, 

January 1, 

Coulter, Edith Margaret* 

California copyrights, 1851-1356, with notes on 
(in California historical society* Quarterly, v 
Mar. 1945), 

. n ' ' 4 

v % ^ • 

•host books* 
22 , no. 1, p. 27-40, 

Be ITolf, Richard C* 

An outline of copyright lav: 

Boston, John T*. Luce L company f clS2o, 

Evans, Charles. 

African bibliography 
ISO 5-34, 12 v* 

Chicago, Privately printed for the author .** 

Manuscript notes for 1^00 imprints, 
antiquarian society, Vo rooster, Hass* 

its. located at the •>'< 

A vX 


Hartman, Charles F. 

‘fssicsippi copyright entries, 1050-1870, 
history, v. 2 p. 70-07, Jiui.-Oct. 1940) 

(In The Journal of Mi3siss 

(Ca Vo Hi nr, T 

# 1 i**ian l. «* <i a 11 

Jdcan copyrights, (in Miohlpm history ' ■ •» J* 7 Jo- 

**• ““l v. 13. p. ,121,420, ,505,-653,. 13221 V. J. ■ I ''0, 1061 



. 1920 

l lj-3l3 

I V. JL«J p # f 16A) „ 'y 

, 1330, v. 15, p. ,12G,-129, 1SM) 

pi ^ pi, a j 

lift * hoviio C, Amer'oa through 1880. i 

'>*bor i: f 1>hy of Mathematical works printed in Ap . 

" ' wroity of Michigan press, *■*»• 

tAA&r Robert W* 

Ki L« 'historice.l records survoy 
quarterly, 13 » P* 133-138, 


Apr, 1943) 

tod publications, (in Library 

^MUi-IIaupt, Hcllnut, 

The book in America; a history of the making the gell'n^ 
lecting of books in the United States ... in collaboration 
Shepard ••• and Lav.'renc© G, Wroth ,Norr v o v *k f? 
company, 1939, 

and the ool 

with Ruth 
R • Botvker 

HeMurtrie, Douglas C, 

Karly Illinois copyright entries, 1821 

society, Bulletin, v, 2, no, 2, p, 50 

p, 92-101, liar, 1937) 

1850, (in Chicago historical 
61, Juno, 1936; v, 2, no, 3 

Roberts, Martin A. 

Record b in the Copyright Office deposited by the United Rtrtes Diotriot 
Courts covering the period 1790-1870. Washington, D. C., Govt, 
print, off., 1939. 

Includes a complete checklist of the Copyright Records prior to 1870, 
The copyright ooord books referred to in the text of the essay are 
therefore not repented in this list of references. 

l'. c 

O » 

Copyright office 


yrlght enactments of the United rtutes, 1703—1906. Compiled by 
Thorvald Solberg* Washington, D* C., Govt, print* off*, 190G* 174 

(Copyright office bulletin, no. 3, 2d ed. rev*) 

Vir-inia. State library. 

A record of Virginia copyright entries (1790-1344) 

J. H, YUhitty* Richmond, Davis Bottom, 1911* 

VT i 

projocts administration* Service division* The American imprints in 

ventory project. 

Jith an introduction 


°* r - checklist of Uasoachusette imprints, 1801. Boston, ?_942* 



T o* 45: a checklist of Massachusetts inpirints, 1802. Boston, 

j. . • , fiit ;' 4 i..|» 1 jj ■ in* 1 1 *i ,l*t ' I ' 1 ■ ***'.' 

^ (>[Ut’S l)t llil’ 1 ' 1 ■ ‘ 

r 1 1 t ’ 1 , f4 .i v ill 1 oil*' li.m* I* 'i' 

i»f I oluml) .1 1 !l l ^ * IS- 1 ** 

, .. . v 1 1 1 lit* 1 ‘Nclu^ive »h* 

(U'UTel 1 n ,( ll 1 *t *'* 

„f Uuw< p.TU.ilf-1 I" Hinny to n-«l 

t 1 r* S»nir, fliul am not pull! Hull. 'Ilie uinlmr 
rraerves any un.l all ritfl.W 1" «!«»• i * c ' llldilur 

the right of reproilaction, in whole ur “* 

part, in auy f° r,n -